Griffith University Apps

Griffith 5.0.3
The Griffith App provides students to Griffith University(Australia) with a diverse suite of interactive features to enhancetheir university experience. Features: - myGriffith: access tostudent's myGriffith account. - Maps: intuitive Maps that allowusers to navigate and find places of interest on each campus. -Email: access to Griffith’s student email. - Safety & Security:provides access to important phone numbers and websites, giving allcampus stakeholders peace of mind. - Timetable & Schedule:access to student's upcoming schedule and class timetable. -Learning@Griffith: a mobile friendly interface for usingLearning@Griffith to access on-line course material (Blackboard) -PebblePad: access to PebblePad e-portfolio. - Transit: Directionsto Griffith, Griffith internal bus and QLD Translink timetableinformation. - Fee's & Payments: Pay student fees or purchase arange of items required at the University. - Food & Shops: viewinformation food outlets, retail and shops on campus. - Library:library hours, search for resources, place holds, and checkborrowings and more. - Parking: information about parking oncampus. - Computer Labs: indicates where available computers are inLabs across all campuses. - Student Computing: information aboutcomputing and resources at Griffith. - Employment: access toCareerBoard and Unitemps for information about jobs and careeropportunities available to students - Ask us: a mobile friendlyinterface where staff, current students and future students caninstantly have their questions answered. - Social Feed: aggregatedfeed of social media and news from Griffith. - Events: providesevent information from a range of university calendars. -Phonebook: search the public directory for students, faculty, staffand administrators. - Open Day: information for prospective and newstudents about Open Day - Student Services: information andresources about student services and disability services -Textbooks - information about bookshops or trade, buy and sellsecond-hand textbooks on the textbook exchange. - Degree Finder -Access info about available programs and courses on degree finder.- International - information for international students. -Accommodation - information about options available to thosewanting to live on campus. - Alumni: information and links forGriffith Alumni. - Surveys: complete your course feedback survey onyour mobile and tell us what you thought of your course.
GC Dog Parks 1.2
GC Dog Parks provides information about dogparks on the Gold Coast. It currently displays on-leash, off-leash,and dog prohibited areas. Use the near me feature to find dog parksnear you. Dog parks can be further filtered by poo bags and dogagility areas.Developed by Griffith University - App FactoryWith funding from City of Gold CoastData provided by City of Gold Coast
A Matter of Perspective 1.0.0
A Matter of Perspective is a graphic novelintended to engage readers in academic theory and what it means tobe human - basically taking more complex theories and making themrelatable and easier to grasp. The content is enhanced by notesfrom the authors and illustrator which accompany key panels.Swipe or tap through the pages to read the story as you would anyordinary graphic novel. Click the blue swirls throughout the novelto access supporting notes and references from the authors andillustrator.The app is available across a variety of mobile and tablet devicesto allow you to view the novel during seminars and other classes.Downloadable pdfs of the novel and notes are included.
H2GU v2.1
H2GU is a product that is currently open onlyto Griffith University students studying Pollution Chemistry.It allows you to record water pollutions levels while in thefield which replaces the need for paper based forms. Locations canbe created as multiple tests are conducted they can be compared tosee if variations have occurred and need further investigation.Photos of each of the test areas can be taken as required as proofof potential contamination concerns etc. As this course is setup insmall teams, you can also add other students to your group so theycan access results.If this app is installed on a tablet, you can also record labbased tests to build a holistic view of each location, at eachstage of testing.A 3G connection is required in order to Work in outdoorlocations.
Impact @ Griffith Sciences
Impact @ Griffith Sciences is a suite ofcommunication products, including this magazine, a website and apublic lecture series from Griffith University's Sciences Group tohighlight our research and its impact on society.
The Eskitis Institute
Celebrating 10 years of drug discovery.TheEskitis Institute Griffith University, Australia.
Access GC 1.1
Access GC provides information aboutdisabilityservices on the Gold Coast. It currently displaysdisabilitycarparks, toilets, and access ramps. Colour-codedclusters indicatethe types of services within a cluster. Data isprovided by City ofGold Coast through their Open Data initiative.Also included areoutlines of carparks and toilet facilities.Our aim is to expand the data set and include extrafunctionalityin future releases. We would love to hear yourfeedback.Developed by Griffith University - App FactoryWith funding from Regional Development Australia - Gold CoastFor FSG AustraliaData provided by City of Gold CoastData for disability car parks was collected between 24/11/2009and30/03/2011
GC Heritage 2.0 1.3
Find all of the heritage sites on theGoldCoast!Heritage open data has been provided by Gold Coast Heritage.Browse and search complete list of heritage sites, viewtheirboundaries on the map, and view images and statementsofsignificance for each site.
ForChem 2.0
Forensic Chemistry Virtual CrimeScenesimulates the processing of a basic crime scene. From theinitialstages of forensic documentation and presenting initialinterviews,the students then move around a crime scene laid out bytheconvening academic.Students scan samples via QR codes laid around the sceneandusing electronic manuals they determine how to collect thesamplescorrectly. Once completed, they check to see if samplesarecorrectly collected and if not, they will need torecollectsamples. Unlike the real world where samples would bepotentiallydestroyed or lost, students repeat the process untilthey aresuccessful. Of course we don't want to createan endless cycle, so after 3 incorrect attempts a tipsheetappears so students can quickly identify where they havegonewrong.Twenty-four hours after the submission of theirsamples,additional information regarding coroners' reports, witnessandsuspect statements is released to the students. From thispointstudents are given physical samples to process in labs andthenwrite reports in group wikis. These reports are shared amongsttheother participants in the course and together with theinformationin the application students must write forensicjustifications asto why they believe a particular suspect isguilty. While the appsmain focus is on the initial stages of thecourse, it sets a scenethat is played out throughout thesemester.
CliniHelp 1.0
CliniHelp is a comprehensiverecord-keepingtool specifically designed for patients sufferingfrom:- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS);- Multiple Sclerosis (MS); and- Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).CliniHelp helps you to record your symptoms and trackyourcondition on a weekly basis by keeping detailed recordsofinformation relevant to CFS, MS and RA. Your recordsareconveniently stored in your mobile phone as PDF documents andcanbe accessed anytime. You can provide these records to yourhealthpractitioners who can use this to make better informeddecisions inmanaging your condition.The information entered by you will be sent toGriffithUniversity, Brisbane / Gold Coast, Australia. Thisinformation willhelp our researchers to better understand CFS, MSand RA. Weultimately hope this would lead to better treatmentsanddiagnostics. The information sent to Griffith University willbeanonymous and not include any personal identity details suchasyour name or address.
GrowsAtGriffith 3
This app is designed to assist youinidentifying 200 species of plants in 6 different plantcommunitiesacross all 5 Griffith University campuses. The appiseasily-accessible, compact and lightweight and is aperfectcompanion for fieldwork, environmental studies as well asgeneralinterest. It provides an interactive, modern and excitinginsightinto the green world around us, be you a student, staffmember orvisitor. We hope you enjoy discovering just what does growatGriffith.
Coastal Life of SE Queensland v1.0
This app is designed to assist youinidentifying over 540 species of plants and animals from avarietyof coastal communities and habitats across South EastQueensland.The app is easily-accessible, compact and lightweight,and is aperfect companion for students, fieldworkers, thoseundertakingtertiary environmental studies, and for the interestednaturalistor beachwalker. It provides an interactive, modern andexcitingavenue to explore the incredible variety of strange andbeautifullife forms that inhabit this diverse stretch ofcoast.
Griffith MBA 1.0.0
The Griffith MBA app gives youup-to-datebusiness tips and ideas based on GriffithUniversity Business School’s progressive set of values:responsibleleadership,sustainable business practices and global orientation withanAsia-Pacific focus. Thisapp connects you to the Griffith MBA through regularupdates,invitations to events andsocial media. The Griffith MBA app is available to everyone.Key Features:• Business management tips and ideas* – regularly updated andreadyto inspireyou to think deeply about how you do business• Updates from the MBA Director about the Griffith MBAprogram,current research,industry insights and general food for thought• Upcoming events – for prospective, current and alumniMBAstudents, as well asindustry professionals• Details on the Griffith MBA program and courses – find out ifourprogram alignswith your interests and business requirements• Links to social media, including an active Griffith MBA forLifeLinkedin Group,Griffith Business School Facebook and the MBA Director’sTwitterfeed.The Griffith MBA app allows you to plug into the Griffith MBAandour contemporaryvalues, our research and our practical tips, which we hope tosharewith as many peopleas we can. Our values are embedded in all that we do and ensurethatanyone whoengages with us is equipped for business and leadership in the 21stcentury. We want tohelp as many individuals as possible learn how to run aprogressive,forward-thinkingorganisation with a focus on responsible, sustainable andglobalsolutions.At Griffith, we don’t believe the latest thinking should onlybeavailable to those signedup to study with us; we think our MBA is an MBA for life.*Tips and ideas are also searchable by category (value), tagandkeyword, for ease ofuse.Griffith University is located in Brisbane and the GoldCoast,Queensland, Australia.The Griffith MBA program is available at the South Bank andGoldCoast campuses.From 2014, the Griffith MBA will be available for flexible studyoncampus and/or online(including fully online). Learn more about the Griffith MBA.
GroNATIVE 4.20
GroNATIVE will promote the use of native plantspecies in gardens and urban landscapes and show people how speciescan easily replace garden plants that often become weeds. It willallow users to select distinct gardening styles and looks and howto match this using native planting palettes. This will essentiallyreduce the costs of managing local ecosystems by stemming the flowof exotic plants into neighboring vegetation and therefore reducethe need for remediation efforts.It will also reduce impacts on the ecosystem, maintainenvironmental health and even allow gardens and urban landscapes tofunction as significant 'green corridors' that help retain localbiodiversity. In the face of changing climate, reversion tonative-dominant gardens is a sustainable initiative and will keepplaces looking beautiful in times of adversity.GroNATIVE is a joint initiative between the Queensland Government(funding), Natura Pacific (content development and photography) andGriffith University (Product Design, Development, andImplementation)
Access GC 1.0.3
Accessibility access for the Gold Coast updated graphics andmorelocations!