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Dolmus Driver 1.61
*** Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices ***"You have to drive as fast as you can, without crashing orgetting stopped by the police. Are you skilled enough to rule thestreets of Turkey?" - www.appadvice.comDolmus is a kind of shared taxi. These vehicles have routes withouttimetables, but instead departing when all seats are filled.4 Heroes called Genco, Dayi, Kral and Nebo3 Tracks in Istanbul; Bakirkoy - Taksim, Besiktas - Taksim,Kadikoy - TaksimTake more passengers and earn more money!-------------------------------Dolmus Driver features:● 4 Fancy Cars and Drivers● 3 Different Tracks● 6 Amazing Jetpacks!● 14 Unique Sets of Horns!● Colorful Decals● 1000 Turkish Voiceover● Super Powerful NOS Bonus!● Easy and Fun to Play● Lots of Funny Passengers● Leaderboards for You and Your Friends-------------------------------"The nation of Turkey has its own kind of taxi cabs called"dolmus," which will only leave from where they're parked whenenough seats inside have been filled by passengers. Dolmus DriverHD, then, is kind of like Sega's Crazy Taxi – only with a whole lotmore virtual people crammed into the backseat as you thread yourway through traffic at unsafe speeds."- July 19 Game Debuts, IGNI usually learn absolutely nothing from most of the apps I play,and credit the Dolmus Driver developers for teaching me a thing ortwo about the world outside my door.-, by Greg SrisavasdiEinsteigen, anschnallen und mit Dolmus Driver HD auf eine wildeTaxifahrt durch die Metropole der Türkei kommen.- www.appgefahren.deIl tutto per un gioco che, se non ha le caratteristiche perincollarvi per ore ed ore allo schermo dell’iPad, certo rappresentaun buon modo per ingannare il tempo divertendosi e “assaggiando” unpo’ del sapore della Turchia.-, Andrea GilardoniUn jeu de taxi partagé avec une camionnette jaune particulièrementbien équipée .... en fusées.- www.iphon.frDolmus Driver heeft een eenvoudige besturing waardoor de game ookerg vermakelijk voor kinderen kan zijn.-, by Amrish GayadienDolmus Driver HD is een bizarre racegame die zich afspeelt in…Turkije! Jawel in Istanbul, met een raket op je wagen… klinktbijzonder en zeker origineel!- YOU goes out to everyone who has played Dolmus Driver!
Neon Beat 1.7.9
*** Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices ***"Neon Beat" is a new generation breakout game, enhanced withstunning visuals and powerful sound design.JUMP TO THE CENTER!A neon ball is running on the edges of the screen. Tap anywhere onthe screen to make the ball jump towards the center. The objectiveis to clear all blocks in a given level, before the timer runsout.FRIENDLY BONUSESSome blocks contain bonus items which help you to clear moreblocks.- Diamond: Gives extra 100 diamonds.- Scale Up: Neon ball grows.- Time Wrap: Timer slows down.- Speed Up: Neon ball gains speed.- Clones: Summons two extra balls, which are destroyed onimpact.- Bomb: Blows blocks up in an area- Lightning: Generates four lightning balls that hit everything ontheir way.- Fireball: Neon ball is unstopable for a short time.However some blocks contains unfriendly bonuses.- Scale Down: Neon ball shrinks.- Speed Down: Neon ball loses speed.CHALLENGING LEVELSYou may say “How hard can it be to clear blocks with a ball aimedat the center?”It may look easy; but through 60 levels, each one is designed to beharder than the previous one.Every five levels, you’ll face pixel art bosses to clear. GoodLuck.NEON BALLSThere are 11 neon balls unlocked in order from smallest tobiggest.Rule of Neon Beat is that, "Bigger ball is faster".BACKGROUNDSThere are 11 different backgrounds with different colors andtiles.Neon Beat has started. It’s time to clear all blocks. Have Fun.Send us your level design, if it’s selected, we’ll publish itwith your name.Neon Beat Level Design Editor: Beat Facebook Page :———————Like Us: Us:———————
Jup Jup 1.0
*** Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices ***Jup Jup is a fast paced arcade puzzler. In Jup Jup, you have tomatch four blocks of the same color in order to pop them andprevent them from filling up the screen.With each new line of blocks, you will need to find newsolutions. Special blocks which clear clusters, whole lines orrandomize block colors will force you to create new strategies onthe fly.Jup Jup is a tense puzzler which can be played on the bus withone hand; and values improvisation over careful planning.Join the block matching mayhem and let the colors explode!--------Like Us:
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Drift Draft Destroy 1.1.0
Drift Draft Destroy is a dynamic arcade racing survival game. Noleveling, no breaks, no health. Choose your car, drift to turn,draft to catch up, shoot to destroy and win the race. Improve yourstrategy and use devious tactics to destroy all your opponents andsabotage the race. There is no room for losers. Are you strongenough? “ I am not designed to come 2nd or 3rd. I am designed towin.” ( Ayrton Senna ) “ Auto racing began 5 minutes after thesecond car was built.” ( Henry Ford ) “ Race cars are neitherbeautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.” ( EnzoFerrari ) “ Winners win races. Champions make it look easy. “ (Anonymous ) “ You win some, you lose some, you wreck some.” ( DaleEarnhardt ) “ To achieve anything in this game you must be prepareto dabble in the boundary of disaster.” ( Sterling Moss ) Features— Online Multiplayer up to 4 people — 50 originally designed DriftDraft cars — Powerful weapons to sabotage the race, such asmissiles, mines and even meteors! — Easy touch screen controls —Watercolor sketchy colorful art style — Game Center support forLeaderboards; Total Destroy, Best Time & Total Points “Top-downracers with online multiplayer and the ability to shoot rockets atother racers to destroy them! That sounds quite interesting.Thankfully, Gripati has decided to bring this idea to life withtheir game Drift Draft Destroy” ( Carter Dotson - Touch Arcade )—————————————————— Like Us Us
Don't Drop That! 1.0.4
Don't Drop That! is a minimalist arcadegamethat will piss you off!Random shapes are dropping into the boiling plasma, causingacatastrophic chain reaction and overflow! You, pilotingtheultimate stick, must catch those unstable shapes to saveallhumanity. This is no easy task, as you will have to adjustyourthrusters to compensate for the mass of each shape you catch.Ifyou drop too many, the plasma will consume all!- Skill based, unforgiving gameplay.- Physics that give mass to every shape.- Compete globally via Game Center leaderboards.- No timers, energy or any other limits. Play as much asyouwant!- Dubstep soundtrack. Wub wub wub!———————Like Us: Us:
Corridor Fly 1.1
Your duty is escape! Get best aircraftandescape from the futuristic corridor. Fly in a futuristiccorridorand get coins and bonus items while avoiding obstacles.Unlock aircrafts by showing your ability (Do not crash as longasyou can). Pick up coins and buy new aircrafts. Better aircraftyouhave, more bonus items it can carry. Note that, each aircraftis indifferent style.There are three bonus items in the corridor;
• Weapon : Burst next obstacle! Each aircraft has itsownweapon.
• Shield : You don't need to worry about obstacles. Limitedtimeonly.
• Time : Slow down everything except for your aircraft.Escapeeasily and pickup more… Limited time only.Highlights;
• Your agility will be improved!• 3D Graphics
• 4 Different aircrafts• 3 Different environments• 12 Sectors• FREE
Love Cubes in the Dark 0.9
“Love Cubes in the Dark” is anaddictiveendless runner about endless love, hope and not giving upon eachother with progressive, easy to use touch controls.Dark Forest is a dangerous place with filthy monsters who feedonthe lights of other creatures. It certainly is not a place fortwolittle luminies, who lost their way while trying to meet witheachother at night.They may have found each other, but now they can not findtheirway back to home! These two luminies will never leave eachother,so you have to rescue them both!These woods may seem endless, but luminies will never give uponeach other; and you shouldn’t give up on them too. Helptheselittle creatures save their love. Escape from the darknessandcreatures that want to harm them!Features- Reflex based, unforgiving gameplay.- Fresh game mechanics with practical touch controls.- Compete globally via Game Center leaderboards.- Dark, visually pleasing 3D graphics to bring their adventuretolife.- Mysterious soundtracks & sound effects to completetheatmosphere!Don’t let their sparks go out. Help them now before it’stoolate!--------Like Us:
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Awake? 1.0.03
Awake? is a simple way to connect withnewpeople. Just ask him/her!If the answer is “yes” it’s time to chat via photosandemojis.After getting a “zzz” as an answer, conversation will be lockedfora while.I hope you slept well last night, because after gettingAwake?tonight will be a long one.Quotes from our lovely users;“Thanks a lot Awake? we met in a sleepless night in the app andfellin love with each other. We will be happy to see you at ourweddingceremony next month.“ (Bonnie & Damon)“You’re fantastic Awake? Waiting her 3 nights to wake upbutdefinitely worth it, we’re going on a datetonight.“(Matthew)“Are you serious! I can't believe that I found my soulmate inthatsimple app. You're my best Awake?“ (Svetlana)————————————————————Like————————————————————
Stress Monsters 0.7.1
Stress Monster is a multiplayer colourmatchinggame depends on your tapping speed.● ● “This is absurdly stressful and addictive.” ● ●The super Tap Tap Match game Stress is now available foriPhoneand iPod Touch!How far can you dig deeper?Reaching the core of the earth is not easy !Find twin monsters and tap faster than your opponent.Each players put an equal amount of diamonds into the centerofrockWinner will get all diamonds!-------------------------------Stress Monsters features:● Challenge to friends from all over the world!● Fluffy graphics● Swipe and Match bonus● Easy and fun to play● Leaderboards for you and your friends-------------------------------THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played StressMonsters!
Santa Bee 1.0
Control "Santa Bee" to match thecolorfulchristmas gifts with each other. Number of gifts areslowlydecreasing. Match the same colored object to increasetheirnumber.…Finished objects are turning into obstacles. Your time and lifeislimited, so be careful with the obstacles.Hurry up! You have to match christmas objects before themooncomes over… !There are five colorful christmas objects on the ground;
• Yellow - Christmas Bell
• Green - Mistletoe
• Purple - Christmas Sock
• Red - Candy
• Blue - Gift BoxFeatures:
• A lovely family game
• 3D Environment
• 3 Different camera options : Standard, Indie and Action!
Space Cauldron 1.0
Get on your cauldron! It's an amazingjourneyto outer space.Be careful. Your cauldron's shield is so weak againsttoasteroids.Don't Touch the Asteroids!Features-Amazing Pixel Art Graphics-Super Powerful Cauldrons-Awesome Visual and Sound Effects-Easy Control System-Six Different Shiny Medals
Fen.O.Bot Fen Bilimleri Testi
Sınavlara hazırlanmanın en eğlenceli yolu olan "Fen.O.BotFenBilimleri Testi" öğretim ve oyunu bir araya getiren yenilikçibiruygulamadır. Fen Bilimleri Öğretmeni Halil Pehlevan'ın 40yılıaşkın tecrübesi ile sizler için özenle hazırladığı 5000'denfazlasoru içeren bu uygulama ile eğlenceli test çözüm tekniğiilesınavlara hazırlanabilirsiniz. Yeni müfredata uygun resimliveyaklasik metin sorularının bulunduğu Fen.O.Bot'ta soru çözerkenoyunoynayacak, oyun oynarken soru çözeceksiniz. Sorularıçözmeklekalmayıp uzayda keşfe çıkacak ve önemli biliminsanlarınınformüllerini toplayacaksınız. Bu sayede yeni biliminsanlarını dakeşfetmiş olacaksınız. Çok gezen misin? Yoksa çokbilen mi?Soruları doğru bil gezegenlerde bayrağını dalgalandır. Çokgezenlerve çok bilenler sıralamalarında üst sıraları zorla.Biliminsanlarını keşfet! Formül X gezegeninde gelen bütün sorularıdoğrucevaplarsan yeni bir formüle ulaşacak ve o formülün sahibibiliminsanıyla tanışacaksın. İçeride çok önemli bilim insanlarıvarhepsi seninle tanışmak için sabırsızlanıyor. Merak etmeyanlışyaparsan geri gelip şansını tekrar deneyebilirsin.Gezegenkoruyucularına dikkat! Gezegendeki soruları koruyucularsoruyor vesoruya yanlış cevap verirsen gezegeni saklamak için gerisayımbaşlatıyorlar, tek yapman gereken geri sayım bitmeden başkabirgezegene gitmek. Sınıfını seç! 5. 6. 7. veya 8. Sınıfsorularındanistediğini seçebilir veya hepsi seçili iken kendinitestedebilirsin. Robotlar dosttur! Robotunu seç ve keşfe başla.İleriseviye robotlar daha uzağa uzanabilir ve daha hızlıhareketederler. Doğru cevaplarla altın kazanır ve yenirobotlaralabilirsin. Böylece keşifdeki hızına hız katabilirsin.SüperÖzellikler - Dikkat ölçen, bilgi ve yorum içeren 5000'denfazla FenBilimleri Sorusu - 3 farklı droid; B-REE, C-LEE, K-VEE - 5Farklıgezegen tipi; Benitoyit, Garnet, Jadeit, Formula X,Krizoberil -Sevimli ama bir o kadar tehlikeli gezegen koruyucusuMei Hui - 21farklı formül ve Bilim İnsanı - Çok bilenler ve çokgezenlersıralamaları - Bilim İnsanlarının hayat hikayeleriSınavahazırlıkta yardımcı bir uygulamadan çok daha fazlası, FenOyunRobotu Fen Bilimleri Testi, hemen şimdi indir ve eğlencelitestçözmenin tadına var. İyi dersler, iyi eğlenceler.
Egg Fight 1.5.3
Description Join the battle and immerse yourself in thefrantic,fast-paced, shell-shattering action with Egg Fight! Due toanexperiment gone wrong, the eggs of various animals haveevolved,and now they are battling among themselves for worlddomination.Pick your Egg, join the battle and prove your worth asthe worldsstrongest egg! Features: - Show your skill anywhere andanytimewith single touch gameplay. - Pick from 7 types of animalswithover 20 eggs, each with their own super moves, unique artworkandvoice acting. - Compete with people all over the worldvialeaderboards with different categories. - Complete objectivestolevel up and unlock more powerful eggs. - Your gameplay willbeaccompanied by the voice of Hidayet Can Özcan, frontman of thebandcalled "80 Kalibre"! - Enjoy the unique soundtrack withthattechno-rock vibe! Facebook: ——————— LikeUs: FollowUs: