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Firefighter Simulator 2.0
Have you ever had the dream to become afireman? Now you can! Play firefighter simulator 3D and savecitizens from dangerous fires! Make your way to the fire point bydriving different fire trucks! Use your siren to aware everyoneabout the disaster! Pilot the fire Department Helicopter to put outbigger fires! Increasing your XP Points will give you acces tonewer trucks!Features:- 6 fire trucks- fire Department Helicopter- Interior Camera- Realistic damage- Cool Locations: city, countryside, mountain, desert andsnow- Lots of Exciting missions- Tilinting, buttons and steering wheel controls
Tram Simulator 2016 1.0
Tram Simulator 2016 is new exciting game forall fans of Train Simulators and Train Games! Have you ever dreamedto be a engine driver and had a whole tram? I bet it was thebiggest dream of your childhood!How To Play: Become a real engine driver in new tram! Drive yourown tram and reach your destination. Enjoy the ride and have a goodtime!Features:- Realistic 3D graphics- Speed ride on the tram- Dynamic gameplay- Pick up and drop of passengers- Closed and open barriersDOWNLOAD Tram Simulator 2016 AND HAVE FUN!
Truck Driver Russian SUV 1.0
Welcome to the world of offroad and RussianSUVs!Here is one of the most realistic simulator off-road SUVs toAndroid. Realistic physical behavior of an SUV while driving on adifferent offroad, whether boulders puddles, prolonged rises ordeep fords, it will make you believe in what you are driving a realRussian SUV. A realistic 3D graphics and large open maps chase lastdoubts. Engaged in the research of our world, find all sorts ofinteresting places, each of which may have their own history.Engaged in the research of our world, find all sorts of interestingplaces, each of which may have their own history. Working toimprove his car and buy new cars. Experience all the pleasures ofdriving off-road an SUV - climb a high mountain, drive along thenarrow rickety bridge, overcome ford finally get stuck in a narrowplace, so that you can not get out! Here it is a real off-road!Are you ready? Conquer the world!
Traffic Police Simulator 3D 2.0
Traffic Police Simulator 3D is the bestsimulator of police traffic DPS employer!Try on the role of the traffic policeman! Stop the drivers andviolators of traffic rules, discharge fines go to exciting chases,but do not forget to do other routine chores that every day isengaged in the traffic cop.Develop your character and raise it to the rank! Like anytraffic policeman employer you have two options - legal andillegal. It is possible to strictly penalize violators who fail tocomply with traffic rules, while at the next check your work willbe evaluated by the authorities and is waiting for you a promotion.And you can cheat a little bit and begin to take bribes. Only youcan decide which way to go: the right and long, or dishonest, butfast.Features:- Really exciting unique tracks- Cool gadgets- Traffic Cop ranks from privates to generalsLove the police chases? Always wanted to take a role of Trafficpoliceman? Then Traffic Cop Simulator 3D - your choice!
Offroad Jeep 3D 2016 1.0
Do you love to drive off road 4x4vehicle?Then get ready to have some mountain climbing fun in Offroad Jeep3D 2016!This game features one of the most awesome vehicles with realisticphysics in a mountain range where you are free to drive as youlike.You get the complete control of your jeep and being the off-roaddriver you need to do it all by yourself. Use brakes, acceleratorand steering to control your car. It’s easy with efficient controlsto learn how to play Offroad Jeep 3D 2016. You dont need toremember about run out of fuel. Don’t hit hills or rocks more oftenbecause this causes damage to your car.***** GAME FEATURES *****- Amazing Environment, hd Graphics- Efficient Controls & Car Handling- Brakes & Accelerator Paddle to Control- Vision of the area to help you drive better
Kamaz Simulator 3D 1.0
Kamaz Simulator 3D is the best off-road carsimulator of 2015, because of its advanced offroad real physicsengine.Ever wanted to try an off-road car simulator? Now you can drive thefastest 4x4 SUV - KAMAZ in this free game!Drifting fast offroad had never been so fun!No need to brake because of city traffic parking or racing otherrival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and runfull speed without the police chasing your 4x4 SUV truck!
Russian DPS Racer 3D 1.0
Modular DPS machine guard order. You catch anycriminal and read him his rights. After you block DPS police thiscubic world. You'll catch up with the car, with cubic people whoviolate traffic rules.What are you waiting for - it is unreal action at high speeds. DPSmachine is fully ready for the capture of criminals. Cubic worldwith its own laws of physics and entourage. All this in a gameRussian DPS Racer 3D !!! Download for free !!!
Rally Hill Climb PRO 1.0
An ideal game for those who like cars andracing! Buckle up and accelerate nonstop for rally tracks. 3Dgraphics and simple gameplay make this one of the most entertainingrally racing games.* Do not worry, do not sell anything in this game, you can playfor fun.* It's not a game "pay to win".* Many people who enjoy racing games love this game because theraces are fun and challenging at the same time.Do not waste time, download now. Thank you for yourfeedback.
Parkour Simulator 3D Free 3.0
Watch fantastic parkour anywhere any time! Nowparkour can really happen anywhere whether you like to do it orjust watch it!Parkour Simulator 3D Free is very easy to use. It comes with the 6preset video categories: Best Of, History, Wild New, Ads With,Learn, and Crashes. For each of the 6 categories parkour comes witha "Suggested Playlist" containing 8 - 10 videos.Whether you are an expert, a learner or just like to watch,Parkour Simulator 3D Free enables you to take everything you mightwant to see about parkour no matter where you go in a fun andcolorful application on your mobile phone!
The X-Ray Scanner 4.0
This app is intended for entertainmentpurposes only and does not provide true X-ray functionality.Welcome to "X-Ray Cam"! The first X-Ray Camera with differentfilters.Capture your photos LIVE and let them look like xray Photos.Just one simple click and save your photo to your photoalbum.It's easy and it is real fun.Prank!!!
Cannon Simulation 2.0
Fun physics system with explosions.Uprade your cannon - Get upgrades, health packs, mortar supportand a telescope to help you in battleBite sized exciting historical arcade gameplayPlay as either Union or ConfederateRebel YellThe south has seceded from the Union, and The War Between theStates is raging. You're in charge of a high-tech (for the 1860s,that is) fast-loading cannon. Your job is to take out the enemy asthey charge Pickett-style over the hills.The action is spread over five locations: The Mine, Cross Keys,the Harbor, and Fort Sumter. You'll be aiming your cannon atsoldiers, other cannons, cavalry*, and boats. With the chaos you'llcause, you just might save the day.cannon Defense: american civil War is an unusual tower defensegame that features a front-view, 3D perspective. Roll your cannonfrom left to right, forward and back as you aim and mow down theenemy. cannon Defense: american civil War uses ragdoll physics andhas plenty of explosions. Choose to play as the Union or theConfederacy.Keep your aim steady and see if the south Shall Rise Again or ifthe Union Shall Be Preserved.
Hill Climb UAZ 4.0
hill climbing: is a perfect game for everyonewho is into racing games. All you have to do is to climb uphill tothe very dangerous roads. Just use accelerometer to turn, touchright side of the screen to accelerate, left to brake or reverse.You can use hand break even to stop your van/truck on the road /sloop. Upgrade some parts of your truck to boost the speed andpower. Go up and up as much you can and earn bonuses.Face the challenges of unique hill climbing environments withhummer truck. Gain bonuses from daring tricks and get coins toupgrade your truck and reach even higher distances. Watch outthough - the gasoline crematorium will easily run out offuel.You Mad Max!!!Game Features:- Amazing 3D graphics- Physics-based racing game- Upgrade-able parts include engine, suspension, tires andfuel- Both technical and very fast stages- Intuitive steering (with accelerometer)- Different updates, to boost the vehicle racing performance- Designed both for iPhone and iPad phones- Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine!Its Ads supported version, if you don't like ads, you can trythe Pro version.
Spider On Hand: Simulator 1.0
This app is intended for entertainmentpurposes only and does not provide true spider.Spider On Hand: Simulator - this application simulation game joke!Raffle friends and relatives! Very scary and try it yourself!This game is designed to draw a joke and fun!
Lazors Simulator 2.0
This game is a laser pointer simulator. Youcan use it to play or pull a prank with your friends. With thissimulator laser application you can point laser straight to yourfriends and make a lot of fun with it.This laser pointer simulator is similar to any laser pointer inreal life. Just press the button and the halo flows, release thefinger and the halo stops.FEATURES- HD laser- laser light- Realistic laser effect- break bricks GameJust press the butto
Nightsight Night Cam Free 3.0
Nightsight Night Cam Free - transforms yourPhone touch into a night vision style camera. This app allows youto take authentic green view images that can be framed by variousborder styles to create that realistic night vision look.Features include:+Authentic green night vision effect+Ability to store captured images in camera roll+GPS location data included on image+Live time and date+Realistic sound effect when in operation+Swipe screen to change different borders+Look out for future updates***Also available is the paid version modern night Vision withmore exiting features!***
Off-Road MilkTanker: Simulator 3.0
Hi Everybody,We would like to introduce you with Off-Road farming MilkTankerSimulator !!There is an old truck which is the everywhere of it is dirty andrusty. But don't worry it's break is quite ok, and it is a verystrong and safety vehicle. Are you ready to be on a new adventureon land and hard roads with this old banger? You will be atransporter on hard and long roads. You must bring the loads to thearea you must bring without damage them anymore. If you can bringall loads on time and completely, you can get more points and morevirtual money.In the game, you must pass on hard mountain roads and left loadsto the wanted area. Every section is between 5 and 10 playingminutes far. Of course you will go on among very hard conditions asdifferent area, mountains, volcanos, lakes and seas. You wil carrysometimes military materials and sometimes hazadous materials. Soyou must be more careful according to the material you carry.Climbing up the steep ramps may not be as easy as you think.Your truck is in an old model and it won't be strong enough onsteep points or on muddy roads. If you are a master driver, youmust be know how to pass these kind of roads. Height level is in ascary point, so if you look at down you may have an accident.
Flight Simulator 3D 2.0
Ding... the pilot has turned on the FastenSeat Belt sign! Things are going to get dicey! Whoa Ho! Someoneleft the engines running and now you get to pilot your own plane!backyard pilot lets you have all the fun the big boys have byflying your plane from airport to airport delivering cargo andpassengers. No need to spend days in flight school. Twenty-eightlevels of mind numbing fun.We created 4 separate sets of planes:- learning aircraft- commercial aircraft- cargo and transportation aircraft- military jets
Real Racing Simulator 2.0
Become an elite underground driver inthisultimate street racing competition. Start with the basic setofwheels and upgrade it as you earn more cash from your rivals.TuneUp, Tweak, Unlock Extra Cars and Parts to get to the Top.MODIFY, UPGRADE AND WINSelect one of beautifully designed real cars. HotHatchbacks,Limousines, Super Sport Cars, Muscle Cars and many more.Each ofthem is fully customisable, including performance and thelooks ofthe vehicle.NO RISK NO FUNSometimes it pays to take a risk. Especially when the stakesarethat high! In fact you’ll be rewarded for the near misses andcloseovertakings. We also don’t mind some bullying of theotherdrivers.4 UNIQUE GAME MODESWhat’s your favourite competition? One or two way traffic?Testyourself in a 90 seconds time trial and try to go up the ranks.Ifyou want, you can always choose the free ride mode to hone upyourdriving skills!When you make up your mind, pick your favourite location(Suburbs,Airport, Forest and Night Desert) and leave all yourrivalsbehind.Game features:- Awesome real cars- Fantastic maps- 4 Game modes- 100’s of car modifications- Intense gameplay
Telepathy Simulator 2.0
Do you know you can read minds ofotherpeople?Yes of course you can read minds and impress your friendsveryeasily and all you need to know is a few good tricks and youareready to go. And remember there are a lot of tricks that willmakepeople believe that you are telepathic Telepathy MagicPrank.If you want to know these tricks and impress your friends byreadingtheir minds then all you need to do is download this appnow and wewill give you all the best information on mind readinginside thisapp.You will find very useful tricks that you can use to astonishyourfriends and let them know that you are telepathic and canreadtheir minds.Why wait…get this app for free now Telepathy Magic Prank!!!Here's a sneak-peak of the content you will receive insidetheTelepathy Magic Prank:"Mind-sight" or "empathic precision" is the apparentlyotherworldlycapacity to guide somebody's mental landscape fromtheir words,feelings and non-verbal communication.Those on the mental imbalance range or those burdened withinsaneissue battle powerfully to peruse minds.Download Now Telepathy Magic Prank!!Note:-This Is Content - Only App. It gives you informationregardinghow to read minds
Zombie Survival: Last Day 1.0
Explore the huge 3D Open World in thishighaction Zombie Survival: Last Day Game. How long you survivedependson your shooting skills. Trust me, you want to find thembeforethey attack you. Aim and shoot away.Play with friends, scavenge and loot buildings, find food,guns,weapons to survive in the massive open world map!Key Features!* survive through the day and night!* Next Gen 3D Graphics* MASSIVE 3D open world map to explore* Hungry ZOMBIES on the prowl
Vaz Russia Drift 2.0
Built with freedom in mind, there are no pointsystems, time limits, or rules simply because when it comes to carsand drifting, you should be free to do whatever you want!We've put in loads of smoke, skidmarks and dynamic obstacles toensure your drifkhana experience is as close to the real thing aspossible.Driftkhana lets you drift till your heart's content, interactingwith a variety of objects within the set. Moveable ramps, giantroad cones and beach balls are but a few of the fun props you'llfind yourself skidding around.Key Features:- World class physics- Multiple camera views- Dynamic props and obstacles- Movable ramps- Loads of smoke :)
Racing Police Highway 3D 1.0
Racing Police Highway 3D the best and mostrealpolice simulator.You can take turns at full speed as is sometimes needed inpolicegames that you can pull over people and get out of your carto getthem to jail. Making this a real cop simulator one of thebiggestchallenges ever.Racing Police Highway 3D offers up an action packed chasingcargames street battle for mobile gamers. As a cop you thunderthroughthe streets of this fictional crime city as you try to chasedowncriminals as a law enforcement officer. Getting yourselfintoRacing Police Highway 3D police chase smashing throughcitystreets, and the traffic on it!Chasing criminals should be on top of your list in RacingPoliceHighway 3DRacing Police Highway 3D chase is what you can expect for sure,asyou climb the career ladder in the best real cop simulator youeverseen. Make sure you close the criminal case and lock those badguysbehind bars as fast as possible.
Stun Simulator PRO 1.0
An application "Stun Simulator PRO" willletyou turn your phone into a simulator of the stun gun. An imageofthe real taser will show up on the screen. In the backgroundthecamera view will be displayed. Thanks to it, the phone will makeanimpression of transparent. You will have an impression, as ifyouwere holding a real electroshock device.You can turn off the virtual stun gun at any moment byremovingyour finger from the picture of device.Features of an application:- realistic animation of electricity- camera view in the background (transparent phone effect)- an interesting visual effect by using camera backlight- possibility of setting device voltage.This is not a real stun gun / stun gun but a way to have afewlaughs with your friends.
World War Warships 2.0
Go back in time to the 20th century, andbeprepared to take on your enemies on the high seas, bycommandingyour naval vessel and destroying your opponent’s ships.World War Warships is a battleship shooting game withseveraltypes of military ships fulfilling different roles.The game provides players with a huge naval fleet and grantsanopportunity to take command of legendary vessels and fightfordomination on the high seas. Each machine has its uniquerealisticcombination of firepower, speed, armor, and enduranceThe naval action game has several features to keepyouentertained, including a straightforward and clear gameinterface,as well as easy-to-maneuver game controls.Your mission is to take charge of a fleet of powerful andvariednaval ships, taking to the rough seas to seek out and destroyyourenemies in intense and bloody battles.Enjoy it!Features:- Varied and powerful weapons could be used inanysituation!-Cutting edge 3D graphic!-battleships in real history!-Beautiful environments!-Smooth and simple ship control system!-Easy to learn hard to master!-Exciting VFX effect!We will update and improve this air combat gameconstantly.Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement ofthesky combat experience.
Hologram horse simulator 2.0
Explore the Hologram horse simulator asyou'venever seen it before!Features:• 21 Fully Animated holographic Animals.• SessionM mpoints Rewards points (USA only).• Touch-to-rotate gesture controls.• Cool holographic Effects.• Stereoscopic 3D with red/cyan anaglyph glasses support!• Fun for all ages!
Artillery Cannon Simulator 1.0
Get high military rank handling a hugecannonartillery.Survive as long as you can during enemy invasion.Features:- 3 different maps, more comming soon,- different types of enemies,- enemies crumbling to pieces after impact,- opportunity to gain bonus shots,- free to play.
Uaz & Niva Racing 2016 1.0
Legendary SUV UAZ sent to anunprecedentedexpedition to the scenic,but the rugged regions of Russia. Powerful domesticcross-countryvehicles will go through a number of teststhe expanses of Russia!Explore the vastness of Russia, learn the power of thelegendaryUAZ!Features:- More maps.- Varied terrain (mountains, villages, fields)- Modern graphics and effects- Nice music.- Different weather conditions (fog, rain)- And much more!