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Pick to Wake Screen On
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DESCRIPTION: The app switches on the screen when you pick yourphone and enables you to switch off the screen just by clicking theApp Icon. An essential feature of this app is that it eliminatesthe use of the power button to normally switch on and off thescreen. This can be particularly useful for people having a damagedpower button or to the phones in which it can be annoying to reachthe power button every time. ** Note: This app uses device adminpermission to turn off your screen. You need to provide thispermission when prompted to enable Screen off feature. However, theScreen On feature doesn't require any permissions. ** Read thefollowing instructions carefully to learn about the usage of thisapp: - Click on the enable button to enable the pick to wake ScreenOn feature. - Now as you pick the phone next time, you will seeyour unlock screen appearing without having the need to click thepower button. - Now click on the App -> Settings and Screen Offoption. You will see a Screen off Activation request. ClickActivate/OK. Now you will receive an everlasting notification. -From the next time when you click on this notification, the screenwill turn off. - From here on, you just need to pick your phone towake up the screen and click the App's notification to turn thescreen off. - Uninstall options: You may not be able to uninstallthe app directly due to restrictions (admin) imposed by Android.Thus in order to uninstall the app, go to the App UI->Settings>Uninstall. - You can adjust the sensitivity of thepick by going to Settings->Modify sensitivity->low/medium/high. If your device is too sensitive despite havinglow sensitivity, try advanced sensitivity. NOTE: For Redmi phones,after downloading the app go to Security->Auto start and thenchoose this app to auto start in order to experience the effectiveworking of this application even after clearing RAM. Features: -Two in one feature. (screen on/screen off). - Works even onclearing RAM - Holds the service on Low battery, automaticallyresumes when power connected. - Simple UI Design. - Extremelybattery efficient. -Combines well with face recognition. Anyqueries or suggestions, just mail it to growtons@gmail.comDeveloped by: 1) Roshan Kaushik : 2)Swatish Swaminathan :