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Griblers - rpg offline turn based game 3.57
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Three heroes are trying to survive in a mobile offline RPG gameGriblers make a perilous journey to revive Hardwood, the capital oftheir homeland. Upgrade your heroes in turn-based battles, craftitems, potions and weapons, build a city and survive in a fantasyworld. 👍 Who are the griblers? Griblers are not orcs or goblins, asit might seem at first glance, but mushroom trolls - the originalinhabitants of dense forests, with their own culture and history. Afascinating plot will take you through the adventures of heroes whohave to survive in a cruel world, using might and magic. 👍Turn-based mobile RPG offline game In addition to quests andadventures, this epic rpg game offline has an element of turn-basedstrategy. You will not have to mindlessly click on the "attack"button in a heap of monotonous locations, but think over thestep-by-step tactics of the battles. The word "strategy" is notjust used in the name, because each hero has its owncharacteristics, and in order to win, you will have to thinkcarefully about the actions in advance. 👍 Survival game with NOmandatory in app purchase If you love free roguelike RPGs withsurvival elements, then Griblers is what you need. Heroes will fallmany times in tactical battles, but the power of the treeresurrects them over and over again. To survive, you will have tostudy the craft book and create unique items to help your heroeswin the forces of evil, and not pay for boosts with a credit card.👍 Epic rpg game free offline without wifi or internet That is, noadvertising at all. Yes, it happens. And all because we, as authorsand connoisseurs of real classic story-driven fantasy role-playinggames, cannot afford to offend the player, interrupting theimmersion in the game's universe with meaningless advertisinginserts. Experience the painfully addictive offline rpg gameplaywithout paying a $1, without watching a single video. So are youready for the role play adventure? "Spring comes in The Everwoods,and three brothers - Croxy, Squashy, and Rusty - decide to go backto their ancient homeland ..."
Small War - offline turn based strategy 3.0.14
Grumpy Games
🎌 Free turn-based strategy about the war of civilizationswithoutinternet Challenge yourself in dynamic tactical battlesbetweenvarious civilizations. The main feature of this offlineturn-basedstrategy is the difference in battle tactics fordifferent races.Lead the defense of the base of zombie archersagainst monsters, orattack the ranks of soulless robots with tanks.The gameplay isreminiscent of chess or checkers, but the pieces arenot limited toclassic kings and queens. Instead, you can fight andcommand thetroops of one of seven civilizations with uniquecharacteristics:Humans, Aliens, Robots, Monsters, Zombies, SpaceMarines andAtlanteans. Small war is a squeeze out of the keymechanics ofturn-based strategies, while the game is free fromtheir mainproblem - long games. Instead of hours of chess battles,you takepart in quick missions, each of which has its own keycombatfeatures: ⚀ Tactics It can be compared to a very fast and fungameof chess, or other tactical games. The player and the AI​​aregiven several warriors. Their task is to destroy theopponent'stroops on a tactical military map, taking advantage oftheadvantages of the chosen races, bonuses and features oftheterritories. ⚁ Oil Capture Strategy Oil wells appear on themap,control over which gives the player resources to support thearmy.The winner is the one who captures more wells and buildsthestrongest army. ⚂ Survival Think over the tactics and strategyofdefending the base from the growing waves of the enemy. Timeaftertime, wave after wave of the rival civilization will try todestroyyour troops, but don't give up. Apply perks, think overattacks,bypass the enemy with skill and intellect. ⚃ Cities Newunits arecreated from the population of captured cities. The goalis to growyour civilization faster than your opponent. Combatstrategy boilsdown to preventing the enemy from capturing all thecities on themap. ⚄ Anomalies The pumping of units and theresources obtaineddepend on scientific discoveries. This mode isthe culmination ofthe game and combines all the previous ones. Towin a war, youshould focus on both defending the base and capturingoil rigs andcities. But the most important thing is scientificdiscoveries thatwill strengthen the warriors of your civilization.The leveling upis non-linear and differs for each race. ☠ Offlineturn-basedstrategy Small War does not require the Internet, doesnot containads and is suitable for both children and adults ☠ ⭐ TrySmall War- a mobile offline battle of civilizations - and you won'tregretit! ⭐
Small War - online multiplayer strategy game 1.53
Grumpy Games
⌛ 🎌Challenge your friends in online 5-min turn based strategybattle⌛ A fearsome and dynamic battle is taking place in thisonlinearena. The gameplay combines the chess tactics and the depthof 4Xstrategies. Use the traits of your soldiers to winmultiplayerbattles over and over again. 👍No ads or donate - onlyhonestvictories 🏆 Various tactical strategies🏆 You can win eitherbydestroying the headquarters of the enemy, or ahead of itinscientific development, or by growing the population torecordlevels. 📈 Level up units 📈 Each of the presented races isuniqueand differs from the others in a set of startingcharacteristics,which allows you to use various tactics andstrategies to achievevictory. For example, the Atlanteans will bestronger near thewater, and technological aliens are not afraid ofartilleryattacks. 🎌 Capture cities and resources 🎌 As with mostturn-basedstrategies, during the game you will capture cities andoil fieldsin order to get enough population first for defense, andthen forthe destruction of the enemy. ⚛ Explore anomalies andcollectbonuses ⚛ In addition, the game makes it possible to changearenasituation by studying anomalies and studying sciences. 🗻Takeadvantage of the terrain 🗻 But that is not all. Unlikechess,various cells of the playing field give certain fines andbonusesto your units. For example, hiding in the forest, you willavoidthe attacks of enemy aircraft. Use these features to winonlinebattles. ☠ Play turnbased multiplayer arena game with yourfriends☠ Having plenty of work in offline mode, you can go onlineandchallenge other players. After all, playing with a livingopponentis much more interesting. The rank system used in the gamewillhelp determine the level of the opponent with whom you havetofight. ⭐⭐⭐ In general, we are waiting for you in Small WarOnline!⭐⭐⭐