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Griblers: offline RPG / strategy game 3.44
Grumpy Games
★★★Griblers - turn-based offline RPG game with strategy elements★★★ Plan, build, craft, fight and explore the world. Don't befooled by simple graphics – you'll find a challenge for both fansof classic role-playing games and turn-based strategies. 👍NO Pay ToWin 👍NO ADS 👍NO Free to play ☑ Exploration Explore the map of TheEverwoods. The mountains are rich in gold and sapphires. Fertilefields provide grasses and food. Dense forests are ripe with woodand precious acorns. Scorching deserts are rich in valuable sand.Everywhere there are secrets to attract an experiencedadventurer... ☑ City-builder Restore an abandoned town – the ruinsof an ancient gribler's kingdom. This may not be as big as inclassic turn-based strategy and role-playing games, but it’sperfect for unhurried gameplay on the touchscreen :) ☑ Battle Thelocal inhabitants you'll encounter are not happy with their newneighbors. To battle them, you will need weapons and magic potions.You will need to craft these in the workshop according to ancientrecipes. ☑ Craft Improvise to make your first simple tools, thenprogress to crafting more complex tools to ensure your survival inthe wilds of The Everwoods. ☑ Turn based tactics The game willbecome progressively more difficult – you will face new enemies,while the old ones remain familiar and safe. As in any RPG orstrategies, you'll level up your griblers through building thetown. As they level up, your griblers gain new skills and improvetheir strengths. Very often you will have to think 10 moves ahead –stave off danger from Squashy, lead Croxy, explore the fog of warwith Rusty... ☑ Random events Random events make the gamingexperience more diverse – you may run into a sudden treasure chestor even an old witch. If you're lucky, you might even findseven-league boots. But not everyone has this much luck... ☑Original Setting Griblers are unusual creatures, mushroom trolls,who are indigenous inhabitants of an area called The Everwoods. Wedid not copy tired, classic fantasy with dwarves and elves.Instead, you will plunge into a new world with unique characters,funny dialog and unusual gameplay. ★And the most importantthing...★ ☑ Simple funny pet project Griblers is a pet project, notaimed at getting money out of players. The gameplay is built in away to make you enjoy the RPG/strategy game, without having towatch the same ad a hundred times for things you don’t really need.★★★So, are you ready for an adventure?★★★ Spring comes in TheEverwoods, and griblers Croxy, Squashy, and Rusty decide to go backto their ancient homeland. Help them to defeat the enemies, restoreHardwood and bring back former glory.
Small War - turn-based strategy offline 3.0.8
Grumpy Games
👍 Strategy based on merge mechanics The game fills the popularmerge genre with a deep strategic meaning. It would seem thateverything is simple: in order to get a unit of the upper level,you need to connect two single-level ones. But add the control ofoil rigs for reproduction, the capture of cities, the study ofscientific perks and the variety of fighting races, and you getSmall War - a simple but unusual tactical turn-based strategy thatwill appeal to both beginners and hard-core strategists. 👍 Avariety of tactics and high replay value • 7 unique races that willnever be encountered in other games, here are fighting on an equalfooting • 35 types of units, differing in characteristics andtactics, will make each party unique • 5 game modes will find aresponse both among fans of dynamic tactical battles, and amongexperienced strategists Simple at first glance, "Small War" willchallenge the true connoisseurs of turn-based strategy 👍 Dynamic •Average batch length - from two to five minutes • The parties movein turn, as in chess, which excludes long pauses between moves •Replayability - you can replay again and again, because each gamewill be different from the rest-------------------------------------------------------- ★★★ GameModes ★★★ --------------------------------------------------------⚀ Tactics This mode can be compared with a very fast and fun chessgame. The player and AI are given several warriors. Their task isto destroy the opponent's forces, taking advantage of theadvantages of the selected races, bonuses and cells of theterritories. ⚁ Oil Capture There are oil wells on the map, controlof which gives to player resources to maintain the army. ⚂ SurvivalDefend your base from enemy raids. ⚃ Capture Cities New units arecreated from the population of captured cities. The goal is to growyour population to the target values. ⚄ Scientific discoveriesUnits modification and received resource type depend on scientificdiscoveries. ------------------------------------------ ★★★Civilizations ★★★ ------------------------------------------ ♟Humans Earth fighters. They have average combat characteristics,but their military bases are able to fire the enemy remotely. ♞ UFOAlien invaders. They have genetically modified soldiers and flyingships, and their military bases are able to move around thebattlefield. ♝ Robots Revived mechanisms. They are capable oftreating wounded allies, which allows robots to significantlyincrease their survival rate. ♜ Monsters The awakened ancientinhabitants of the planet are giant dragons and spiders. They donot have the ability to attack remotely, but they are extremelypowerful in close combat, and their bases have the support of Earthforces, which allows them to heal wounded allies at a distance. ♛Zombies A variety of living dead. They are distinguished by thefact that their rivals themselves become zombies after death. ♚Cosmo Rebel Space Marines. Steep and uncompromising fighters. Ableto repel remote attacks. Scary strong. ♚♚ Atlants Inhabitants ofthe underwater depths. Incredibly strong near water, but lose theirabilities in the distance.------------------------------------------------------------- ★★★So, ready to fight? ★★★-------------------------------------------------------------