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Free Tarot Card Reading - Daily Tarot 1.0.67
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★The best “Free Tarot Reading” App which contains 10 types of Tarotin 1★ Free Tarot Reading is a free application for Tarot inEnglish, very complete and easy to use, designed by the team of It is available for all of theAndroid devices, such as mobiles, smartphones and tablets. Itsoperation is really simple: 1º You choose between the 10 differenttypes of Tarot that we have according to your preference anddesire. 2º Focus on the question or doubt that you want to ask tothe Tarot cards. 3º Select the cards and read the meaning andinterpretation that these make about your question. 5 Advantagesabout: Why should I use the “Free Tarot Reading” App? ✓ 10Different Types of Tarots in just 1 App. Tired of having todownload different cartomancy apps to know the answers that theTarot cards provide us? With “Free Tarot Reading” this is going toend. A magic solution in a single application. We currently have 10types of Tarot, each and every of them present in our application“Free Tarot Reading”. 1. Tarot of Marseilles – Discover the meaningof the 22 Major Arcana from the Tarot of Marseilles: The Magician,The Papess or The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, ThePope or The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Justice, TheHermit, The Wheel of Fortune, Strength or Fortitude, The HangedMan, Death, Temperance, The devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon,The Sun, Judgment, The World and The Fool. 2. Love Tarot – Get toknow all about your loving doubts: breakup, separation, dating,getting back with your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. 3. Health Tarot– Health is the most important thing. Will my health improve? WillI get pregnant? Am I getting sick? 4. Work, Money and Study Tarot –Problems at work, money or studies? Am I going to find a job? Am Ilosing my job? Am I going to get promoted? Is my salary rising? 5.Celtic Tarot – This is going to show you the 10 fundamental aspectsof life according to the Celtic culture and cycle: concerns, past,relations, health, work, friendships, fortune, and future, amongothers. 6. Egyptian Tarot – Read and learn about the Tarot cards ofthe ancient Egypt, based on the writings and the book of the godThoth. 7. Gypsy Tarot – Explore the gypsy esoteric world and learnabout the 36 cards which comprises the Gypsy Tarot deck. 8. Tarotof the Angels or Angel Tarot – God’s messengers of great energy andlight come represented on their own cartomancy with 78 cards ofangels and archangels. 9. Osho Zen Tarot – The life and philosophyof the Zen lessons is in this deck of 78 cards. Get to knowyourself, reflect and look inside yourself the path to follow. 10.Yes or No Tarot – Ask a precise and specific question, wait a fewseconds and you will have your immediate answer: affirmative (yes)or negative (no). ✓ It’s FREE! Yes, as you read, the 10 types ofTarot, their meanings and interpretations are totally free and arein English. ✓ Easy to use, Fast and 100% Secure! The Free TarotReading app is optimized and tested by professionals so that theuser experience can be outstanding. If you have any trouble, error,bug while using it, please feel free to write us [email protected] and we’ll do all the possible to help you. ✓You can use it daily and as many times as you want. There are nolimits! ✓ Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram orWhatsapp with your friends and relatives. Sure they will thank you;) Please, if you liked this App leave us your “feedback”: amessage, a review and/or the rate that you think that we deserve.It will help us a lot to keep growing. Thanks a lot and we hope youenjoy our app! :)
Menstrual & Ovulation Calendar 1.0.28
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*** Menstrual Calendar, the Best App to calculate your MenstrualCycle *** Menstrual Calendar is a free application that providesinformation about each woman's menstrual cycles (fertile days,ovulation and period) to help her monthly monitoring using theOgino-Knaus method in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy.Calculations and criteria used by the application to set the cyclesare the ones made by the Princeton University, in the UnitedStates. According to different studies, the effectiveness of thismethod as contraceptive reaches 80% in cases where used properly.It is available for all android devices such as phones, smartphonesand tablets. Its operation is really simple: 1. Enter the requesteddata. 2. Track and keep updated your cycle data. 3. Enjoy the"Menstrual Calendar" application. 5 Benefits on, Why use the"Menstrual Calendar" app? ✓ Calculator + Calendar = 2 in 1 Tired ofdownloading apps which only have a pregnancy, fertility orovulation calculator but do not have a calendar to keep tracking?With our Menstrual Calendar app, you will not only calculate yournext day period and ovulation, but you will have a schedule thatwill allow you to keep a good tracking with the ability to addnotes with everything that happens every day and keep a record ofyour menstrual cycle. What does this app includes? 1. OvulationCalculator - Whether if you are looking for a pregnancy or want toavoid getting pregnant, it is necessary for you to know what yourday of ovulation is and therefore, the most likely days to carrypregnancy. 2. Menstrual Period Calculator (Period Tracker) - Wantto know when is your period coming? When will your next period be?It takes an exhaustive and detailed following so you don’t getcaught out of guard. 3. Pregnancy and Fertility Calculator - Wantto get pregnant? Looking for a baby? Know your most fertile andbest days to conceive and get pregnant with more probability andeffectiveness. 4. Menstrual or Period Calendar - Just one clickaway from your menstrual or period calendar. It will help you tokeep all monitored and controlled. 5. Notes and Menstrual CycleHistory - You do not need a diary, or a personal agenda on paper.Take this app everywhere and you will be able to add notes on eachday about anything you want to emphasize: symptoms, moods,temperature, taking contraception (pill), etc ... You can alsofollow your graphics and menstrual cycle history allowing you tosee the regularity of your menstrual period. ✓ It's FREE! Yes, asyou read it, an app with ovulation, menstruation and pregnancycalculator with calendar completely free and in English. ✓ Easy touse, fast and reliable! The Menstrual Calendar app is optimized andtested by professionals so the experience of use could beoutstanding. If you had any problem, error or bug while using it,please write to [email protected] and we will do our best tohelp you. ✓ You can use it daily and whenever you want. There areno limits! ✓ Share it on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus with allyour known, family and friends. Sure they will thank you ;) Thisapp is for guidance only and it should never replace the advice andindications of a medical professional. Please, if you have anydoubt or problems, consult your gynecologist. Please, if you likethis app, leave us your "feedback": a message, review and/or thescore you think we deserve. It will help us a lot to keep growing.Thanks a lot and we hope you enjoy our app! :)
Fortune Cookies 1.0.8
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“Fortune Cookies” is an app about Fortune Cookies in English, verycomplete and easy to use. It is available and can be downloaded forfree in all the android devices such as mobile, smartphones andtablets. Its operation is really simple: 1º Choose one of the 4Fortune Cookies in the plate according to your preference anddesire. 2º Read the thought and reflection that has the FortuneCookie. 3º Repeat as many sentences, proverbs and advice you wantto get every day. 5 Advantages over Why to use the App “Fortune andLuck Cookies”? ✓ 1 Cookie, 1 phrase...over 1000 phrases are waitingfor you to guide and advise. You want to know what Fortune Cookieshave to tell you? discover the proverbs, phrases and reflectionsthat will help you meet your day to day, present and future.Fortune Cookies will give you good and wise counsel on such diversetopics as love, family, friends, work, money and health. Letyourself be guided by the power of the fate of Chinese fortunecookies and get your life to improve. ✓ It is FREE! Yes, as youread it, over 1000 phrases contained in mini cookies / fortunecookies totally free and in English. Download for Free! ✓ Easy touse, quick and 100% Secure! The app of “Fortune Cookies” isoptimized and tested by professionals so that the user experienceis outstanding. If you have any problems, error or bug when usingit, please, write us at [email protected] and we will try tohelp. ✓ You can use it daily and whenever you want. There are nolimits! ✓ Share it in Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus with allyour acquaintances, friends and family. Sure they will thank you;)Please, if you liked the App leave your “feedback”: a message, areview and/or the score you think we deserve. It will help us a lotto keep growing. Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy our app!:)
Free Daily Horoscope 1.0.22
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★ The Best Free Horoscope App ★ Free Horoscope is a free,full-featured, easy-to-use horoscope app designed by the team at It is available for all Androidmobile devices, both smartphones and tablets. Discover all 2019will provide for every zodiacal sign: ♈ Aries ♉ Taurus ♊ Gemini ♋Cancer ♌ Leo ♍ Virgo ♎ Libra ♏ Scorpio ♐ Sagittarius ♑ Capricorn ♒Aquarius ♓ Pisces Check your Daily Horoscope: Today, Tomorrow,Weekly and all year round. Any topic about horoscope: love, work,money, health, family, friends and much more. Why you must use the"Free Horoscope" App? ✓ Zodiacal, Chinese and Maya horoscope all in1 single App Tired of having to download different horoscope appsto know the answers offered by the zodiac signs, stars andconstellations? "Free Horoscope" is just what you are looking for.A magic solution in a single application. We currently have thethree most famous types of horoscope: zodiac, Chinese and Mayan. 1.Horoscope of Zodiac Signs - It is the most famous and known. Thereare 12 signs, which strongly influences people’s development andpersonality of those who were borned under the influence of eachone. This determines traits, way of being, ruling planet, naturalelement, how it will influence in everyday life, love, work, money,family and of course, compatibility and differences with othersigns, among many other things. 2. Chinese horoscope - Follow theChinese calendar astrology. It is divided into 12 lunar cycles andrepresented by twelve animals, which mark people’s energy dependingon their birthdate. These animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit,Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Inaddition, these animals have an associated element: Metal, Water,Wood, Fire and Earth causing their personality to change in someaspects. Do you want to know which one is yours? Download the appand find out now! 3. Mayan horoscope – This horoscope is based onthe Mayan lunar calendar, divided into 13 lunar periods, each ofthese cycles is represented by an animal sign, which marks thepersonality of those born in every period. These are: Monkey, Hawk,Jaguar, Fox, Snake, Squirrel, Tortoise, Bat, Scorpio, Deer, Owl,Peacock and Lizard. ✓ ¡It is FREE! Yes. All the app content,including astrological predictions are totally free and in English.✓ You can use it every day and as many times as you want. There areno limits! You can read your daily horoscope in our app you. Checkout your horoscope today, tomorrow, follow up weekly and checkeverything you will find in 2019. ✓ Do not forget to check yourDaily Horoscope! - Notifications Would you like to receivehoroscope notifications every day? Activate them in the menu andset them according to your preferences: time, sound, vibration,light... many options to enjoy your horoscope without worryingabout anything. ✓ My Astrological Profile - All your astrologicalinformation on a screen. Do you want to know your complete astralprofile? Select the profile option in the menu, fill in your birthdata and the app will show everything you ever wanted to know:sign, astral ascendant, decanate, element, regent planet, Chineseanimal, Chinese element. You can customize your profile with apicture. ✓ Share with your contacts, friends and family on Twitter,Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Whatsapp. They will surely thankyou ;) ✓ Bonus: Please, leave a feedback if you like the App:message, review and/or rate. It will help us a lot to improve andgrow. Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy our app! :)