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Kodugallur OKAY Yogam 1.0
Onnu Kure Áyiram Yogam (Malayalam:ഒന്നു കുറെ ആയിരം യോഗം), alsocalled OKAY, is an association of members of the Nair society inthe Kodungallur region of Kerala state, India. Literally Onnu KureÁyiram Yogam means an association of one minus one thousand. Theyogam (association) was an organisation of Nairs of the region andvarious sub classes of the Nair community had representations inthe yogam.The members of the yogam were the administrators of theKodungallur Bhagavathy Temple. The yogam used to be held on thefirst day of every month before the Kodungallur Bhagavathy templeand considered all matters pertaining to the subjects who arewithin their jurisdiction and took appropriate decisions..
VegetableHub 1.0
VegetableHub android app is the way to order the best and goodorganic vegetables. Orderd products will be deliver at home