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Kewajiban Perpajakan Dokter 1.0
Aplikasi Kewajiban Perpajakan Bagi Dokter Aplikasi ini memberikangambaran mengenai beberapa hal berikut:1. Definisi Pajak2. SubjekPajak3. Objek Pajak4. Kewajiban Perpajakan Bagi Dokter5.Sumber-sumber penghasilan dokter6. Cara Pendaftran NPWP7.Perhitungan Pajak Penghasilan Dokter8. Cara Pelunasan PajakPeghasilan DokterSemoga bermanfaat.Tax Liability Application ForDoctorsThis application provides an overview of some of thefollowing:1 Definition of Tax2 Subject Tax3 Object of Taxation4 TaxLiability For Doctors5. Resources physician income6 Waysregistration of TIN7 Calculation of Income Tax Doctor8 Ways taxpayment Peghasilan DoctorMay be useful.
Pajak Pertambahan Nilai 1.0
Buku Peraturan Pajak Pertambahan Nilai Terbarusesuai dengan Undang-Undang PPNBook Value Added TaxRules Latest in accordance with the Law on VAT
Kisah Shahih Nabi dan Rasul 2 2.0
Kisah-kisah Shahih Nabi dan Rasul Bagian 2Aplikasi memaparkanmayoritas kisah-kisah dari hadis Nabi. Keutamaan kisah-kisah darihadis nabawi berada di bawah kisah-kisah dari Al-Qur'an. JikaAl-Qur'an adalah kalamullah, maka mayoritas kisah-kisah hadisadalah wahyu dari Allah. Oleh karena itu, keduanya berasal darisatu sumber dan satu sasaran. Target-target dari kisah-kisah dalamhadis adalah target-target di dalam kisah Al-Qur'an. Sama-samamenyuguhkan bekal untuk para dai dan orang-orang shalih, bekalrohani yang dikandung oleh kisah dan menyirami ruh, hati dan akalorang-orang yang beriman. Kisah Al-Qur'an dan hadis Kisah-KisahShahih Para Nabi dan Rasul 2 .Stories of Prophets and MessengersSaheeh Part 2Application describes the majority of the stories ofthe traditions of the Prophet. The virtue of the stories from theHadith Nabawi is under the stories from the Quran. If the Quran iskalamullah, then the majority of the stories Hadith is a revelationfrom God. Therefore, both come from one source and one target. Thetargets of the stories in the Hadith are targets in the story ofthe Koran. Equally deliver supplies to the propagators andrighteous people, spiritual provision contained by the story andwatered the spirit, heart and mind of people who believe. The storyof Al-Quran and Hadith Sahih Stories of the Prophets and Messengers2.
Monster Zombie 1.0
Free Monster Zombie Arcade Games Monster Zombie Game is a reallysimple game, very suitable played by anyone.This game is an arcadetype game.This game consists of 8 levels of the game that must becompleted before time runs out.We hope you can be entertainedpremises of this game. Thank you for downloading Monster ZombieGame.Level #1Tap The Zombies only when the heads poking outLevel#2Jump on The Zombies only when the heads poking outLevel #3CountHow Many Barrels on The ScreenLevel #4Tap As Many Zombies AsPossible and Don't Tab The BomsLevel #5Escape From Barrels' AttactAlso Beware Of The Minesweerers On The FloorLevel #6Tap The ButtonThat Matches The Next Barrels' ColorLevel #7Tap Anywhere on TheScreen to Shoot A Ball, Shoot As Many Barrels As PossibleLevel #8Jump On The Zombie Only When The Head Poking OutFor More GamesPlease Visit