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Machine Gun Simulator FREE 2.0
Looking for weapons with great firepower with a lot of ammunitionand durability and efficiency? Machine Gun Simulator is just foryou! Come on to try this powerful weapon and feel an unforgettableexperience.  App contain light and medium machine guns, withmuzzle flash, cartridge belts, smoke and sound effects. To play youonly need to choose a weapon, set mode to burst, semi-auto orfull-auto, pull the trigger and you'll feel realistic sound andshots. You can also set options to slow and guns will shot in slowmotion. If you run out of bullets just tap on magazine or click onreload button and ammunition belt will reload automatically. Thereis an option that allows you to shoot in burst mode, full auto andsemi-auto. With counter of burning bullets you can know exactly howmuch you're fired bullets, also you can compare the number of firedbullets with your friends and compete who will more.  Weaponsincluded: - AK Rpk 7.62mm - FN Fal (LMG) 7.62mm - Fn Minimi 5.56mm- M240B 7.62mm - Hk121 7.62mm - MK46 5.56mm and more... -Features-* More then 8 most used machine guns in the world * Selective fire* Slow motion * Counter of burning bullets * Shell drop down *Unlimited Ammunition * Easy to use interface * Smoke effect *Device light flashes * Realistic sound * Widget to fire at any time* Offline access to lots of weaponry You can also add a widgets onyour home screen and use gun sounds at any time. Transform yourdevice in to firearms! About Machine guns: A machine gun is a fullyautomatic mounted or portable firearm, usually designed to firebullets in quick succession from an ammunition belt or magazine.They are divided into "light", "medium", "heavy" or"general-purpose", even the lightest machine guns tend to besubstantially larger and heavier than other automatic weapons. Somemachine guns have in practice sustained fire almost continuouslyfor hours, other automatic weapons overheat after less than aminute of use.
Gun Simulator FREE 1,3
Gun Simulator Free! The collection of most powerful guns in theworld. If you are interest in modern weapons, pistols, guns, withhigh caliber, powerful sound this app is just for you! In this appyou can find a lots of popular military and police guns withdifferent caliber, sound, bullets! To play you only need to choosea weapon, pull the trigger, or shake it and you'll hear differentsounds of shots! Shells will drop down! If you run out of bulletsis just click on the reload button and ammo will reloadautomatically. Application contains most popular pistols in theworld Guns included: - Austrian Glock 9x19mm - German HK Usp -American Colt 1911 .45 - Russian TT pistol - Desert Eagle .50cal or12,7mm gun, - Italian Beretta M9, and many others like IMI, SigSauer, CZ, Hk, Walther Arms! Download with friends , play in thewar at home, in the car, in the yard and elsewhere. --Features-- *More then ten most used firearms in the world * Slow motion * Shelldrop down realistically * Realistic Sound * Offline access to lotsof weaponry * All screen supported * Unlimited ammunition * Easy touse interface. About guns: Pistol is a firearm lightweight,portable, short barrel, designed to be operated with one hand. Apistol is usually a small weapon good grip and quick handling,originally made for personal use in stocks of small-scope. Pistolsare generally semi-automatic - a projectile fired by each time thetrigger is compressed, replacing another cartridge in the chamber,ready for the next shot. There are also some models fully automatic- that can fire several shots while you hold the trigger down. Thepistols are graded by size, defining in several countries of thepermitted use or not, differentiated by their powers. Guns of thesame caliber may use different ammunition, increasing its power toimpact, puncture or internal damage to the target. Any content notowned by this developer belongs to their respective owners. Ifthere is an issue with this app contact us via the email address.
Ultimate Weapon Simulator FREE 1.5
Ultimate Weapon Simulator Free! The collection of most powerfulfirearms in the world such as snipers, assault rifles, pistols,shotguns, machine guns and rocket launchers. Take one of this greatguns at your hands and feel how this looks like in real life. Toplay you only need to choose a weapon, pull the trigger and you'llhear different sounds of shots! Shells will drop downrealistically! If you run out of bullets just click on reloadbutton and ammo will reload automatically. Transform your device into shooting rifle or gun! Large arsenal and more awaits you in thegame. Weapon Included: - AK-74 - AR -15 M4A2 - FN Scar - BarrettM82 .50cal sniper rifle - German HK417A2 prototype - RPG7 - Banellim4 shotgun - Uzi gun and silencer and more..! Download with friends, play in the war at home, in the forest, in the car, in the yardand elsewhere.  -Features-- * More then 15 most used Weapon inthe world * Shell drop down realistic * Slow Motion * Muzzle flash* Unlimited Ammunition * Offline access to lots of weaponry *Realistic Sounds  * Widget that's allows you to fire at anytime! * All screen supported. You can also add a widgets on yourhome screen and use gun sounds at any time. Set as Widget. How toset: Go to home screen > Long press on desktop > FindUltimate Weapon Simulator > Choose a widget. About Weapons:Weapons are used to increase the efficacy and efficiency ofactivities such as self-defense, and warfare. In a broader context,weapons may be construed to include anything used to gain astrategic material advantage over an adversary.