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Puzzle & Dragons 18.2.0
Multiplayer Mode has arrived in Puzzle & Dragons, the go-tochoice for the mobile Puzzle RPG experience. Team up with yourfriends and tackle all new enemies! Puzzle & Dragons is both anaddictive and FREE match-3 puzzle game with classicmonster-collecting RPG fun! - INTUITIVE AND ENGAGING Assemble ateam of monsters to embark in dungeons and challenge enemies!Combat is simple--just match 3 orbs of a particular attribute tomake the monster with the same attribute on your team attack. Ifyou can chain together multiple combos and attributes, you not onlyincrease your damage, but can attack using other monsters from yourteam! - DIVERSE MONSTERS WITH INCREDIBLE ABILITIES With over 2000unique monsters to collect, there’s virtually no limit to thenumber of different team combinations you can assemble. Monsterssynergize with each other, enhancing each other's abilities andmaking teams more effective in battle. Build the team that suitsyour playstyle! - RECIPES FOR EVOLUTION Monsters can evolve intonew and more-powerful forms. Choose between branching evolutionpaths to optimize your monster collection to your choosing. - BRINGYOUR FRIENDS INTO BATTLE Exchange IDs with friends andacquaintances to bring their monsters onto your team! In-gamemessaging and social features will also help to keep you engagedand active in the Puzzle & Dragons community. - MULTIPLAYERDUNGEONS! Puzzle & Dragons becomes even more fun withMultiplayer Mode! Cooperate with a friend and challenge MultiplayerDungeons once you reach a certain rank! With a thriving, activecommunity and regular social events/updates, the world of Puzzle& Dragons is constantly expanding. It’s also completely FREE toplay, so there’s nothing to stop you from building an awe-inspiring(or cute) team of dragons today! Note: Puzzle & Dragons is freeto download and play. However, there are in-app purchases availableto expand upon your gameplay experience. If you do not wish to usethese features, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’ssettings. In-app purchases are available via the “Shop” icon withinthe app. Please refer to In-App Purchases for the price tiers. *Anetwork connection is required to play.
パズル&ドラゴンズ(Puzzle & Dragons) 18.2.1
[Game introduction] It is a large adventure at a puzzle! This gameis a game which ventures by the power of a puzzle together with amonster. I will venture the dungeon in the world and will find outa legendary dragon! * A cardinal rule is an easy puzzle! About thedrops of the same color, it is a puzzle game arranged and erasedthree at length or width. I will move drops well, will erase at thetime of said, and will aim at a invigorating combo! * The battlewith a monster! If drops are erased, the monster of an ally willattack an enemy! Before being damaged by an enemy, I will defeattargeting a large damage in a combo! * I will construct a team bythe got monster! A new monster will be born if the egg gathered inthe dungeon is brought home! I will make only your original teamcombining a favorite monster! Gatsha can also get a monster inaddition to a dungeon! * It is Play together with a friend. Amonster can be rented by the friends which became acquainted withinthe game! It is still more pleasant if it ventures together with afriend's monster!
Dokuro 1.2.7
Arise, lowly skeleton, and rescue the Princess from the Dark Lord'scastle! You are a nameless skeleton in the Dark Lord's army. Aftera chance encounter with the Princess, who was abducted to becomethe dreaded Dark Lord's wife, you found yourself setting her free.Guide the Princess from the shadows in Skeleton Form, switching toHero Form when it's time to mount a gallant offense! Can you springthe Princess from the castle? ・The Game Aid the Princess in herflight from the Dark Lord's castle, guarding her from traps andenemies as you strike an artful balance between both Skeleton andHero Forms--each boasting a palette of unique abilities and traits.Can you safely guide your royal counterpart to the flower at theend of each area? Succeed, and the fairytale will further unfold!Deep gameplay and whimsical storytelling come together in aresplendent production you can pick up and play--as well as saveand stop--anytime you please! Equal parts action and puzzle, a newkind of fairytale awaits you! This application also supportstablets. You can change the key configuration from the OptionsMenu. ・The Story Once upon a time, the Princess of a faraway landruled in tranquility--until she was kidnapped by the scheming DarkLord. The Dark Lord was bent on making the unwilling Princess hisbride. Locking her away in his castle, he ordered a skeleton tokeep a stern watch over his prize. The docile henchmen kept to hisorders... at least at first. The weeping beauty before the skeletonconjured strange feelings. Yes, he wanted to return the Princess toher former life, away from the Dark Lord's marital machinations!And so it was the lowly skeleton betrayed his master and set thePrincess free. But can the pair make it out of the castle in onepiece? Our story begins...
サモンズボード 7.6.0
4×4マスの召喚盤の上で、モンスターを操って勝利をつかめ! キミの頭脳を熱くする、思考の戦略バトル「サモンズボード」-----------------------------------------------------------------「サモンズボード」のダウンロードは無料! 一部有料コンテンツもご利用いただけますが、最後まで無料でお楽しみいただくことが可能です。▼基本ルールはターン制バトル! ①モンスターをスライド操作で移動させよう! →モンスターごとに移動できる方向が決まっているぞ。②上手に敵に近づき攻撃しよう!→モンスターの移動出来る方向がそのまま攻撃できる方向だぞ!動かしたモンスター以外にも攻撃できるモンスターがいたら一斉に攻撃するぞ!③同時に沢山の味方モンスターで攻撃しよう!→1度に沢山の味方モンスターで同じモンスターを攻撃すると「コンボ攻撃」が発動!1体で攻撃するより沢山のダメージを与えられるぞ!▼獲得したモンスターで自分なりのチームを組もう! 敵を倒すとポーンをゲット!ダンジョンをクリアするとモンスターが仲間になるぞ!移動攻撃方向やスキルなどモンスターによってそれぞれ違うモンスターの能力を見極め、あなただけの最強チームを編成しよう! ▼モンスター育成モンスターを育成するとモンスターがパワーアップ! さらにモンスターを育成すると進化するモンスターも…!強力なモンスターを育ててバトルを有利に進めよう! ▼一致団結ギルド結成! ゲーム内で知り合った友達とギルドを結成!一緒にギルドを育てるとギルドメンバー全員のモンスターが強くなるよ! 友達と一緒にギルドを育てて手強い敵モンスターをやっつけよう!▼ランバトで自分の力を試しちゃおう! 自分の育てたモンスターでお手軽ランキングバトル勝負ができるよ!ランキングバトルの相手はなんとあなたと同じ冒険者! 育成した自慢のモンスターで簡単腕試しをしちゃおう! 【価格】 アプリ本体:無料※一部有料アイテムがございます。ご利用前に必ず利用規約をご確認ください。お客様が本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。利用規約:アプリケーション公式サイト:プライバシーポリシー: On top of the 4× 4 squares of summoning board, grab the victory by manipulatingthe monsters! Heated Kimi brain, strategy battle of thinking"Samonzubodo" ----------------------------------------------------------------- Download of "Samonzubodo" Free! Some paid contentare also available, but you can enjoy until the end for free. ▼ Thebasic rule turn-based battle! ① attempts to move by the slideoperation of the monsters! → it has been decided the direction thatyou can move to every monster. ② try to skillfully approach theenemy attack! → movement can be the direction of the monster'sdirection that can attack as it is! Tara monster purchase that canattack other than to move the monster to attack all at once! ③trying to attack a lot of friendly monsters at the same time! → Ifyou attack the same monster with a lot of friendly monster at atime "combo attack" is activated! Given a lot of damage from theattack in one body! ▼ Let spider the team of my own in the acquiredmonster! Get a pawn and defeat the enemy! Monster becomes a friendand to clear the dungeon! Assess the ability of different eachmonster by monster such as a mobile attack direction and skills,trying to organize your own strongest team! ▼ monster trainingMonster power-up and to foster a monster! Even monsters to evolvefurther to foster a monster ...! Advantageously Susumeyo Let thebattle grow a powerful monster! ▼ unity guild formed! Formed thefriends and guild, which met in the game! Guild all members of themonster becomes stronger and together to grow the guild! Letvictory against a formidable enemy monsters grow the guild withfriends! ▼ Let's try his power in the match championship! You arehandy rankings battle game in their own grown monster! Rankingsbattle of the opponent whopping same adventurers with you! Let thesimple test your skills in the pride of the monster that was grown![Price] Apps body: Free ※ There is some paid items. Please checkthe Terms and Conditions before you use. If you are downloadingthis application, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Terms ofUse: https: // Applicationofficial site: https: // Privacy Policy:
Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖) 18.2.2
◆◇Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖)◆◇ ※本遊戲的語言設定僅對應日文。 【遊戲介紹】 用拼圖來進行壯大的冒險!「Puzzle & Dragons」是一款玩家與寵物們一同奮戰、並且以拼圖的力量來進行冒險的遊戲。玩家們將走遍世界各地的地城迷宮,尋覓傳說中的巨龍! 「Puzzle & Dragons」遊戲本身為下載免費!本遊戲將會提供一部分的付費下載內容 但玩家也能從頭到尾都以免費的方式來享受遊戲。 ▼基本規則簡單明瞭的拼圖遊戲!將同樣顏色的寶珠以縱向或橫向的方式排列在一起,就能將它消去。巧妙地移動拼圖內的寶珠,來將所有相同顏色的寶珠同時消除,發動爽快無比的連段! ▼與敵方寵物們的戰鬥!一旦把寶珠消除,我方寵物就會對敵方展開攻勢! 目標是在被敵人打倒前先發制人,以華麗的連段來發動高損傷的攻擊!▼用獲得的寵物來組成新隊伍! 把在迷宮中撿到的各式彩蛋帶回去之後,就會誕生出新的寵物!玩家可以把自己中意的寵物編入隊伍,來組成屬於自己的原創組合! 此外除了迷宮,玩家也可以藉由轉蛋來獲得寵物喔! ▼寵物培育讓寵物們彼此進化合成之後,能力值將會大幅強化! 遊戲中也存在需要特定條件才能進化的寵物,以及經由強化來完成究極進化的寵物喔!▼與朋友們同樂! 在「Puzzle & Dragons」裡,玩家可以出借自己的寵物給予朋友!與朋友的寵物一起展開探險,迷宮冒險的樂趣也會倍增! ■■【遊戲售價】■■ 遊戲本體:免費 ※部份道具需付費。使用前請務必事先確認「遊戲使用條約」裡的使用規則。當使用者按下遊戲下載鈕,並且完成本遊戲的下載後,將視同使用者已同意本遊戲的使用規則。遊戲官方網站→官方Facebook→
ケリ姫スイーツ 11.0.0
蹴って、飛ばして、倒す快感! 「ケリ姫シリーズ」の最新作 「ケリ姫スイーツ」 ◇◆新コンテンツ「スタースイーツストーリー」を追加!◆◇蹴る順番がクリアへのカギ!? 属性やメンバーの特性を知り尽くし、 強さを極めたものたちが集う新たなストーリーの幕開け!『パズル』と『RPG要素』をプラスした 『アクションパズルRPG』のまさに集大成! 簡単操作で『触って納得!楽しさMAX!』奥が深い攻略要素が満載のバトル! ----------------------------------------●「Android4.1未満」は非対応です。 対応環境:Android4.1~9.0----------------------------------------●ケリ姫スイーツが正常に起動できない場合には、下記をご覧ください。●アプリ起動時に表示されるメッセージについては、下記をご覧ください。 ◆◇◆更新情報◆◇◆※イベント・キャンペーンの詳細情報・実施期間は公式サイトをご確認ください ◇◆ケリ姫スイーツ公式サイト◆◇ ◇◆ケリ姫スイーツの最新情報はコチラ◆◇ 【価格】 ▼アプリ本体:無料       ※一部有料アイテムがございます。 【特徴】 ▼触っているだけで楽しいゲームプレイ! ▼ルールは単純!しかしゲームは奥深い!▼自分好みに育てたキャラが大活躍! 【ゲーム説明】 ▼モンスターを全滅させればステージクリア! ①『姫』を操り『兵士』を飛ばそう!姫を指で引っ張って放すと蹴っ飛ばすぞ! ②攻撃を当てる場所によってダメージが変化! 弱点にうまく当てると大ダメージ!③1タップの戦略性! 兵士が飛んでいる間に『画面をタップ』すると 武器に応じた様々なスキルを発動するぞ!▼色々な武器を装備してパワーアップ! 経験値は武器にためることで主人公が成長するよ! 経験値が満タンになったら、新しい武器に持ち替えてキャラクターをドンドン成長させよう! 【ストーリー】 ▼今回の冒険の目的は『イケメンの救出』宇宙人にさらわれたイケメンを救い出すため、 ケリ姫は宇宙へと旅立った!...が そこで始まる宇宙一のスイーツと宇宙一のイケメンを探す壮大なストーリー! ケリ姫は目的を達成できるのか!? ケリ姫と兵士達が宇宙で大冒険!!※ケリ姫中毒にはくれぐれもご注意ください。ご利用前に「アプリケーション共通利用規約」に表示されている利用規約を必ずご確認ください。お客様がダウンロードボタンをクリックされ、本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合には、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。アプリケーション共通利用規約アプリケーション公式サイト Pleasure to kick,fly, and defeat! The latest work of "Kerihime series" "KerihimeSweets" ◇ ◆ New content "Star Suites Story" added! ◆ ◇ The order tokick is the key to clearing! ? Know the attributes andcharacteristics of members, The beginning of a new story wherethose who are extremely strong gather! Added "Puzzle" and "RPGelement" The culmination of "Action Puzzle RPG"! Easy operation"Touch and understand! Fun MAX! 』 A battle full of deep captureelements! ---------------------------------------- ● "Android lessthan 4.1" is not supported. Supported environment: Android 4.1 to9.0 ---------------------------------------- ● If Kerihime Sweetsdoes not start properly, see below. ● For messages displayedwhen the app starts, see the following. ◆ ◇ ◆ Update information ◆◇ ◆ * Please check the official website for detailed informationand implementation period of the event / campaign ◇ ◆ KerihimeSweets Official Site ◆ ◇ 最新 Clickhere for the latest information on Kerihime Sweets ◆ ◇ 【price】 ▼ App body: Free *Some paid items are available. 【Characteristic】 ▼ Fun gameplay justby touching! ▼ The rules are simple, but the game is deep! ▼Characters raised to your liking are very active! [Gamedescription] ▼ Clear the stage if you destroy monsters! ① Controlthe "princess" and fly the "soldier"! Pull the princess with yourfinger and release it to kick it off! ② Damage changes depending onwhere you hit! Great damage when hit against weak points! ③ One tapstrategy! "Tap the screen" while a soldier is flying Activatevarious skills depending on the weapon! ▼ Power up with variousweapons! The hero will grow by accumulating experience points inweapons! When your experience is full, switch to a new weapon Let'sgrow your character! 【story】 ▼ The purpose of this adventure is"Rescue of handsome guy" In order to rescue the handsome man whowas kidnapped by aliens, Princess Keri has traveled to space!...But The best sweets in the universe starting there An epic storylooking for the best handsome guy in the universe! Can Kerihimeachieve her purpose? ? Kerihime and the soldiers have a greatadventure in space! ! * Please beware of buttoned princesspoisoning. Please be sure to check the terms and conditionsdisplayed in the "Application Common Terms and Conditions" beforeusing. If you click the download button and download thisapplication, you are deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Service.Application Common Terms of Use Application officialsite
DivineGateZeroJP 5.5.3
Key Features: 1. Sensational pleasure is coming in 5 sec... Speedypanel action battle! Rule is so simple! Draw the “Energy Panels” toevoke the powerful skills! Give huge damage by chain combos! 2.Over 2000 stylish characters! Noble dragons, man let by fate,beautiful maiden... The mysterious world is full filled with uniqueand gorgeous characters.
퍼즐&드래곤즈(Puzzle & Dragons) 18.1.1
AWARD WINNING #1 JAPANESE PUZZLE RPG! Adventure meets dynamicpuzzle gameplay! Explore dungeons with Monsters and Friends! The #1social puzzle role-playing game from Japan is now available in theUS! *Originally released on February 22, 2012 in Japan. - SIMPLEYET ENGROSSING GAMEPLAY Match 3 or more Orbs of the same color toattack your enemies. Unlike most puzzle games, you can move an Orbas far as you want. Try to make as many Combos as you can! -EPICBATTLES WITH TONS OF DIFFERENT MONSTERS Match the mystical Orbs andwatch your Monsters attack. String together as many Combos as youcan to unleash a devastating attack! - MONSTERS ASSEMBLE! Collecttons of unique Monsters and assemble the best possible team. Youcan use 1 Leader and up to 4 Ally Monsters as you explore dungeons.Obtain new Monsters by completing dungeon or by utilizing the EggMachines. - POWER-UP AND EVOLVE Monsters grow stronger by “Fusion.”Using different combinations of ingredients, you can Power-up yourMonsters or try Evolve Fusion to make your team incrediblypowerful. - EXPLORE DUNGEONS WITH FRIENDS You can make Friends ingame or invite your real friends by using their ID. Everyone canenjoy the world of Puzzle & Dragons together!
Sangoku Tenka Trigger 4.0.0
I will enjoy formal Three Kingdom Saga by thenew field "Sangoku Tenka Trigger" easy operation of Three KingdomSaga which a cancer hoe cultivates!<1> Play time is from 1-time 10 seconds!If the city to attack is chosen and the general who goes to war ischosen, the rest will be as it waits for a result!Even if the waiting time of a train, a little recess, etc. arebusy, they can be enjoyed!<2> Full-scale Three Kingdom SagaThe battlefield based on the episode of Three Kingdom Saga isreproduced!A detailed story is attached to all the generals andbattlefields!Or getting used to Sangokushi geeks only by playing a game !?<3> The generals of rich individualityAll members of the Three Kingdom Saga fan's conviction more than300 generals appear! Famous generals are substantial!Or that the general whom you do not know also appears ? of course,henceforth is due to appear one after another!
Puzzdra Challenge 1.6.0
Be sure to also check out the main Puzzle & Dragons game!Searchfor "Puzzle &Dragons"!**************************************************************[GameDetails]Back again in updated form, PuzzChalle is an officialPuzzle & Dragons spinoff app!PuzzChalle offers the familiarPuzzle & Dragons gameplay, but with time attack challenges andother exclusive mini-games.This version adds a new dungeon for usewith the Puzzle & Dragons Challenge Cup 2018 tournament!Thegoal of the Puzzle & Dragons Challenge Cup 2018 dungeon is touse the team provided to rack up the highest score possible withinthe time limit. Double-Drum Demon Princess, Raijin has beenselected for the Leader and Helper slots.Your score will becalculated when you complete the dungeon. Getting a high score willrequire both a short completion time and high combonumbers.PuzzChalle is a free download! Test yourskills![Price]PuzzChalle is free-to-play.[About Puzzle &Dragons]Surpassing 47 million downloads in Japan (as of 11/8/2017),Puzzle & Dragons features an addictive combination of puzzle,dungeon-crawling, and monster-collecting gameplay. Recruit your ownteam from more than 4,000 collectible monsters and venture intodungeons filled with formidable enemies! You don't have to go onthis quest alone, however: team up and adventure withFriends!Please review the Application License Agreement's Terms ofService before use. Clicking the download button is consideredacceptance of these terms and conditions.Official Homepage:
ディズニー マジックキングダムズ 3.7.6b
------------------------------------------------ ◆ディズニーマジックキングダムズとは?◆ ------------------------------------------------あなたのスマホでディズニーのパークをつくろう!ディズニーとディズニー/ピクサーの仲間たちとともにあなただけのパークをつくれるゲームが登場!お気に入りのアトラクションを自由に配置して、たくさんのゲストに遊んでもらおう!アトラクションを建てるほかにも、かわいいデコレーションや好きなお店を設置したり、パレードを開催したりして、パークをどんどん盛り上げることができるよ!あなた好みのパークづくりにチャレンジしてみよう!▼おなじみのディズニーやディズニー/ピクサーのキャラクターたちとパークづくり&クエスト!人気のディズニーやディズニー/ピクサーのキャラクターたちといっしょにクエストに挑戦しながらパークを発展させて、ゲストに喜んでもらえるパークを目指そう!▼お気に入りのアトラクションがあなたのスマホに登場!たくさんのアトラクションを自由に組み合わせて、自分ならではのパークにしよう! テーマに沿って設置したり、好きなものでいっぱいにしたり、組み合わせはあなた次第!   ▼華やかなパレードはスペシャルタイムの幕開け! 夢と魔法の時間をプロデュースするのはあなた!ディズニーのパークには欠かせないパレードを開催して、パークを盛り上げよう! ▼ヴィランズからパークを取り戻す驚きと興奮のストーリー!邪悪な呪いでパークを支配しようとする悪者たち。その野望を阻止するため、ミッキーマウスたちと協力して呪われてしまったエリアを解放し、パークをもとの活気ある姿へと復活させよう!【価格】 アプリ本体:無料 ※一部有料アイテムがございます。ご利用前に「アプリケーション共通利用規約」に表示されている利用規約を必ずご確認ください。お客様がダウンロードボタンをクリックされ、本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合には、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。アプリケーション共通利用規約アプリケーション公式サイト ◆ The Disney MagicKingdom Damuzu? ◆ ------------------------------------------------Let's make a Disney park in your smartphone! Disney and Disney /Pixar friends with can make your own park of the game appeared! Thefavorite attractions are free to place, trying to get playing a lotof guests! In addition to build the attraction, or set up a cutedecoration and favorite shops, or by holding a parade, it ispossible to liven up the park more and more! Let's challenge to thePark making of your favorite! ▼ familiar Disney and Disney / Pixarcharacters who and Park Manufacturing & quest! And to developthe park while challenging the popularity of Disney and Disney /Pixar characters who and quest together, Aim the park people whatwilling to guest! ▼ favorite attraction appeared on yoursmartphone! Any combination of a lot of attraction, trying to ownunique park! Or placed along the theme, or to fill in what youlike, the combination is up to you! ▼ colorful parade of specialtime beginning! To produce the dream and the magic of time is you!The Disney parks have held the indispensable parade, will Moriageyothe Park! ▼ surprise and excitement of the story to regain the parkfrom the Villains! Bad guys to try to dominate the park in the evilcurse. In order to prevent its ambition, to release the area thathad been cursed in cooperation with Mickey Mouse us, trying torestore the park to its original vibrant appearance! [Price] Appsbody: Free ※ There is some paid items. Please be sure to check theterms and conditions that are displayed in the "applicationUniversal Terms" before use. The customer is click on the downloadbutton, if it is downloading this application will be deemed tohave agreed to the Terms and Conditions. Application UniversalTerms Applicationofficial site
An original competitive card game from GungHo!!Character/Skill/Card variety delivers unparalleled strategy! Battleyour way to the top of the world ranking YOUR way!---------------------------------------- **Game Features** -CHRONOMA:GIA: an authentic competitive card game that balancesapproachability with deep strategy! -Diverse characters, a wideselection of skills, and freedom in card selection ensure endlessstrategic possibilities! -Don’t let your guard down! Suddenreversals of fortune lead to intense card battles! -Compete againstplayers from around the world in online matches! -Verticalinterface specially designed for ease of use on smartphones!**Featuring the industry’s top card illustrators!** -Yosuka Adachi-Takahiro Araya -Ittoku -Yoichi Ito -ERAJIMA -Shishizaru -HideakiTakamura -NINNIN -Shinnosuke Hino -Miho Midorikawa -RARE ENGINE andmore... **Deluxe Voice Cast!** -Yumiri Hanamori -Tetsuya Kakihara-Soness Stevens -Kentaro Tone -Hiroki Takahashi -Soma Saito -AyumuMurase -Yukiyo Fujii -Chitose Morinaga -Shuu Uchida -Sayaka Ohara-Kohei Kaieda -Urara Takane -Douglas Kun -Nozomi Sasaki---------------------------------------- *Official CHRONO MA:GIAHomepage See the CHRONO MA:GIAhomepage for the latest news.
レジェンド オブ キングダム~王国騎士団の絆~ 2.0.10
◆ピコットキングダムが新章突入! 『レジェンド オブ キングダム』(レジェキン)! 集え!“伝説の騎士団”の旗のもとに!◆最大4人の仲間と同時プレイが可能!マルチプレイアクションゲーム!!▼▽ゲーム紹介▽▼指先一つで爽快アクション多人数ベルトスクロールアクションRPG!▼▽ゲームの特徴▽▼【特徴1】最大4人同時プレイ可能!スピーディーでド派手なアクションバトル!他のプレイヤーと協力するマルチプレイだけではなく、マイペースで楽しめるストーリークエスト、競い合うアリーナバトル、と様々なゲームモードが待っています。【特徴2】タッチのみの簡単操作!移動も攻撃もタッチするだけの簡単操作で多彩なアクション!緊急回避、打ち上げ攻撃、溜め攻撃等、簡単に派手なアクションが楽しめます。【特徴3】膨大な数のキャラクター、装備品!総数800種類以上の騎士達とその装備品はそれぞれ多彩なスキルを持ち、組み合わせによる戦略の幅はほぼ無限大!※『ピコットキングダム』のデータを持ちの方はアップデートすることで データを引き継いでプレイして頂けます。▼▽価格▽▼アプリ本体:無料※一部有料アイテムがございます。ご利用前に必ず利用規約をご確認ください。お客様が本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。利用規約:公式サイト:▼▽対応OS▽▼Android2.3.3以降----------------------------------------このアプリケーションには、(株)CRI・ミドルウェアの「CRIWARE (TM)」が使用されています。◆ Picot King dam newchapter rush!"Legend of Kingdom" (Rejekin)!Tsudoe! "Knights of Legend" to the original flag of! ◆It can be up to four companions and play simultaneously!Multiplayer action game! !▼ ▽ game introduction ▽ ▼Exhilarating action at your fingertipsMultiplayer belt-scrolling action RPG!▼ ▽ Game Features ▽ ▼[Features 1]Up to 4 people play simultaneously possible!Speedy and flashy action Battle!Not only multiplayer to cooperate with other players,Story Quest to enjoy self-paced, competing arena battle, andA variety of game modes are waiting.[Feature 2]Easy operation of touch only!Colorful action in the simple operation of only move also attackalso touch!Emergency avoidance, launch attacks, reservoir attack, etc., youcan easily enjoy the flashy action.[Feature 3]A huge number of characters, Equipment!The total number more than 800 of the knights and theirEquipmentEach have a variety of skills, nearly infinite width of thestrategy due to a combination!※ If you have the data of "Picot Kingdom" is to be updatedYou can play takes over the data.▼ ▽ price ▽ ▼Apps body: Free※ There is some paid items.Please check the Terms and Conditions before you use. If you aredownloading this application, you are deemed to have agreed to theTerms and Conditions.Terms of Use: http: // site: http: //▼ ▽ corresponding OS ▽ ▼Android2.3.3 later----------------------------------------In this application, the (stock) CRI · middleware"CRIWARE (TM)" has been used.
Puzzle & Dragons Battle 4.0.0
◆◇Battle for Puzzle & Dragons supremacy!◇◆ Featuring familiarPuzzle & Dragons puzzle-solving game play, Puzzle & DragonsBattle lets you compete in intense battles with players from acrossthe country! This official Puzzle & Dragons eSports app iswhere the pros face off! ------------------------------ * AboutPuzzle & Dragons Battle * ------------------------------ Puzzle& Dragons Battle lets you battle other players with your ownmonster teams and use GPS to collect bonus items! * Enjoy FierceBattles! Form teams from the leaders and monsters you've collected!Test your skill in real-time online battles and various dungeons! *Search the Map! Tap the Search button to reveal nearby Orbs on themap! Touch Orbs to collect them. Collected Orbs can be exchangedfor bonus items! * Connect with Puzzle & Dragons! Link this appwith Puzzle & Dragons and enjoy various perks! Boost your dailyPuzzle & Dragons experience with Puzzle & Dragons Battle!(Official Site) (Privacy Policy)
Princess Punt THD 1.1.9
Thanks for a breakthrough of 2 million downloads!*Let the Princess kick “soliders” up high!*"Princess Punt THD," a new genre of game called "Action Puzzletype RPG," debut!This game is stage-based format released for smartphone andtablet play, which combines features of puzzle and elements ofrole-playing game.[Features]Interactive touching gameplay, is easy and fun for everyone toplay!Rules are simple! But the gameplay is well detailed.Surely addictive! Fighting battles with your own characters,which you raised as you wished, are so exciting![Description]1.Control the "Princess" to kick "soldiers" toward monsters!!=>Clear stages by eliminating all monsters!2.Amount of damage is influenced by a spot of monsters youhit!=>Aim and hit the weakness point of monsters to get massivedamage!3.One-tap strategies=>You can use specific skills according to the arms,by tapping the screen while soldiers launched in the air.This game needs to work out a strategy like a puzzle, by usingthe character you have raised, to beat monsters.In order to raise your character, you have to store experiencesinto arms, or to change your weapons to a stronger one.There are several kinds of weapons provided in this game, such asSwords, Bows, Spears, or Wands.In addition, you can use specific skills according to each weapons,by tapping the screen while soldiers launched in the air.Keep going to play the next area, you have to defeat a powerfulboss, at the end of each stages!"Special Boss," which appeares suddenly, is a chance to get rareitems!It is hard to defeat, but prizes worth it!○The following graphics enhancements are only available ondevices with NVIDIA Tegra processors. Powerful Tegra processors arecapable of processing high quality game contents withoutsacrificing the frame rate.1. High resolution textures (More than 4 times higher than regularversion)2. Glow and shadow around characters3. Graphics effects with rain, thunder and snow4. Lighting and Shadow effects on the characters○Producer's comments:Princess Quest THD harnesses the power of Tegra to bring richweather and lighting effects and high resolution texturesexclusively to this enhanced THD version.By downloading our contents, you agree to the following termsand conditions and the software license agreement.For PC users: Mobile users:
Freak Tower 3.3.3
------------------------------------------------------For users in Canada only!!!Notice for the service end of Freak Tower in CanadaFreak Tower will go out of support on 2013 June 30.If you install Freak Tower before the end date, you can play FreakTower anytime.▼The end date of the service.2013/June/30*Freak Tower will be not available in app store after the end dateof the service.*If you want to have Freak Tower, please download before the enddate.*In-App Purchases are still available until the end date.After the end date of the service, you can use In-App Purchasesitems in the game but we do not provide customer service such asrefunding In-App purchases.*Note that no more updates will be available after the end date ofthe service.Please make sure the concerns about the service end of FreakTower.The service of Freak Tower in Japan will continue.------------------------------------------------------Let's build the greatest tower of the world!It's the first monster hunting tower game of the world.New sensation tower business game has come!------------------------------------------------------What is Freak Tower?You are the owner of tower, anddo tower business with game characters.Monster huntings, which are secret business help tower business,andit allows taller tower effectively.------------------------------------------------------□■Tremendous game characters are available!■□・You can have 240 of very pretty game characters!・More game characters enable to better tower business and effectivetodefeat monsters!・Many funny events occur on floors such as fighting gamecharacters,playing Ninja, and so on.・Game characters can their clothes and accessory. Try to dress upwhat you like!□■Running business simulation tower game!■□・When commercial floor is built, you can stock or sell productsoffloor, and just wait.・Arrange game characters to appropriate floors for effective towerbusiness.・There are 320 different kinds of products to sell, and make morecoins!□■Monster huntings! Hot battle!■□・Game characters who work in commercial floors attack monsterswiththrowing floor products.・No heavy controls are required! Monster huntings are very simplebutprofound battle!・When you defeat monsters, hidden items, which are calledFREAKYgoods, and floor upgrade tickets will be given.□■Play and share with your friends!■□・You can hire your Twitter and Facebook friends as gamecharacters!・Compete with your friends tower floors, and share your towers!By downloading this application, you agree to the Terms ofuse.
Sengoku Tenkatrigger 2.0.1
Sengoku TenkaTrigger is an epoch-making formalsimulation game for a busy businessman.You need to memorize neither troublesome operation nor acomplicated rule.The Age of Civil Wars in Japan is a subject matter.When sending out combining a general, the rest is as itwaits.Let's carry out complete [ of the general card exceeding 150 kinds], and aim at world unification.
RPG ラグナロクオンライン【無料】 5.98.0
【2016年11月24日 掲載】『ラグナロクオンライン Mobile Story』は、2016年12月27日をもちまして、サービスを終了させていただきます。詳しくは下記告知をご覧ください。『ラグナロクオンライン Mobile Story』サービス終了のお知らせガンホーの大人気ファンタジー・オンラインRPG「ラグナロクオンライン」がAndroidに登場!!***世界に迫る『終焉』に立ち向かえ!***神と魔人が織り成す壮大なストーリーを体験しよう。「ラグナロクオンライン Mobile Story」(ラグモバ)は【基本プレイ無料】です。※不具合等ございましたら、下記公式サイトのお問い合わせフォームよりお気軽にご連絡ください。レビュー欄への報告に対しては十分なフィードバックができず、調査やサポート対応が大変困難になります。【公式サイト】▼冒険は終わらない!!冒険の舞台となる「ミッドガルド大陸」はとても広大です。森や砂漠、山脈地帯があり、危険なダンジョンも存在します。そして今後のアップデートにより、世界はさらに「拡張」されていきます。▼選べる職業は全部で13種類!!自由に育成して上位職へ転職しよう!戦う職業だけでなく、武器の生産や薬の調合ができる職業もあるので、あなたのお気に入りがきっと見つかるはず。キャラクターのかわいいグラフィックにも注目!▼仲間が見つかる!!多人数参加型(MMO)のオンラインRPGだから、他の冒険者と「リアルタイム」のコミュニケーションが可能です。チャットで仲良くなったら、パーティーを組んで冒険に出かけよう!☆公式ツイッターで最新情報を配信中☆■対応端末Android 2.1以上対応  ※一部の端末を除く(Android 2.3以上推奨)■価格アプリ本体:無料  ※一部有料アイテムがございます。ご利用前に必ず利用規約をご確認ください。お客様が本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。利用規約:■ガンホーの人気ゲームアプリ『パズル&ドラゴンズ(パズドラ)』TVCMでもおなじみ☆累計1000万DL突破の大人気パズルRPG『ケリ姫スイーツ』大ヒット250万DLのケリ姫シリーズ最新作が登場!『ケリ姫クエスト』兵士を蹴り飛ばしてモンスターを倒せ!大人気ケリ姫シリーズの第1弾!『クレイジータワー』育てたタワーでモンスターを狩る、新感覚タワー経営ゲーム『戦国テンカトリガー』有名武将も多数登場!! 1プレイ20秒の放置型国取りゲーム[November 24,2016posted]"Ragnarok Online Mobile Story" is, Womochimashite December27,2016,It will result in the termination of service.Please see the following announcement for more information."Ragnarok Online Mobile Story" Service Announcement fantasy online RPG of Gung Ho "Ragnarok Online" is!!appeared in Android*** Approach to the world stand up to the "end"! ***Let's experience the epic story of God and Majin weave."Ragnarok Online Mobile Story" (Ragumoba) is the[basicfree-to-play].※ If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us fromtheinquiry form below official site.Can not enough feedback for the report of the reviewcolumn,research and support correspondence will be verydifficult.[Official site]▼ adventure does not end!The stage of the adventure "Midgard continent" is very vast.Forest and desert, there is a mountain range, also existsadangerous dungeon.And the future of the update, the world will continue to befurther"extended".▼ choice of profession a total of 13 kinds !!Trying to change jobs to a higher-level positions are freetodevelop!Not only occupation to fight, because there is also aprofessionthat can Formulation of weapons production andmedicine,Found should your favorite is surely.Pay attention to the character of the cute graphics!▼ fellow is found!Online RPG So massively multiplayer (MMO),Other adventurers and enables communication of "real-time".Once you become good friends in the chat, go out to adventureformeda party!☆ in deliver the latest information on the officialTwitter☆■ corresponding terminalAndroid 2.1 or more corresponding ※ except for the part oftheterminal(Android 2.3 or higher recommended)■ PriceApp body: There is a free ※ Some paid items.Please check the Terms and Conditions before you use. If youaredownloading this application, you are deemed to have agreed totheTerms and Conditions.Terms of Use: http: //■ Gung Ho of the popular game app"Puzzle & Dragons (Pazudora)" popular puzzle RPG familiar☆total 10 million DL breakthrough even TVCM"Kerihime Suites" appeared Kerihime latest series of largehit2.5 million DL! the monster by kicking the "Kerihime Quest" Soldier!Thefirst installment of the popular series Kerihime! the monster in the tower, which was brought up"CrazyTower", a new sense Tower management game"Sengoku Tenca trigger" famous military commander also alargenumber appeared! 1 play 20 seconds of the left-type countryupgame
Princess Punt 1.1.9
Thanks for a breakthrough of 2 milliondownloads!*Let Princess kick the "soldiers" up high!*Princess Punt, the new genre of game called "Action Puzzle RPG",is now debut!The stage-based format game, the great combineationf of excitingfeatures of puzzle and elements of RPG, is now available for yoursmartphones and tablet play![Features]Interactive touching gameplay is easy and fun to play foreveryone!Rules are simple! But the gameplay is Not!!Surely addictive and can't regist! Battle with your owncharacters that you raised.[Description]1.Control "Princess" to kick the "soldiers" toward monsters!=> Clear stages by defeating all monsters.2.Amont of damage depends on where you hit on themonsters.=> Aim at the weak point to give even bigger damage! Eachmonster has different weak points.3.One-tap strategies=> Release special skills of the arms by tapping the screenwhile solders are in the air.To clear the stage, you need to work out strategies like apuzzle with your character to beat up the monsters.In order to strengthen your character, you have to level up yourarms and/or to change the weapons to stronger one.Different kinds of weapons with special skills are available, suchas Swords, Bows, Spears, and Wands.Special skills can be released by tapping the screen while a solderis in the air.Keep going to clear the one area to another. You need to defeat anawful boss at the end of each stage.Defeating the Special Boss, which appears randomly, is thechance to get rare items!◆XPERIA PLAY Optimized◆Princess Punt meets Heyzap! Check in to the Heyzap and see who's playing Princess Punt! Check in by tapping the Z button on the title. >About Heyzap, visit downloading our contents, you agree to the following termsand conditions and the software license agreement.For PC users: Mobile users:
セブンス・リバース 3.1.0
■【重要】サービス終了のお知らせ■セブンス・リバースは、2019年3月1日(金)をもちましてサービスを終了させていただくこととなりました。これまでのご愛顧に厚く御礼申し上げます。 詳しくは公式サイトをご覧ください。 ▼価格 アプリ本体:無料※一部有料アイテムがございます。 アプリケーション公式サイト アプリケーション共通利用規約 プライバシーポリシー
モジポップン 1.0.7
「モジポップン」のダウンロードは無料!追加課金なし。最後まで無料でお楽しみいただくことが可能です。▼基本ルールは言葉を作ること!①海底に現れた文字をつないで言葉にしよう!!→2文字ことばでチェーン、3文字、4文字とつないでいくとコンボが生まれ、たくさん潜れるぞ!②6文字までの文字の中にできるだけたくさんの言葉を含めよう!→最大6文字の中に5チェーン&5コンボを組み込むことが可能!驚異的な潜水能力を発揮するぞ!③アイテムを上手に使おう!→ハートを回復する「クリオネコ」、5ターンの間潜水距離が2倍になる「ブースターフィッシュ」などアイテムをうまく使って高評価を狙おう!▼100ステージにおよぶ難問・奇問のお題を突破せよ!それぞれのエリアには火の海や氷の海などの特色があり、さらに出題されるお題はチェーンやコンボ、「゛」「゜」を使った言葉など、多種多様な問題。海底の文字を頭脳を使って組み上げ、ステージをクリアしてスターを手に入れよう!▼海の主と潜水競争!勝利して財宝「情熱のかけら」を集めよう!経験値とスターを獲得すると主人公の「潜る力」がパワーアップ!さらに海の主と対決して入手できる「情熱のかけら」があれば主人公の能力が飛躍的にパワーアップするぞ!▼幻の情熱大陸グランロゴスを探し出せ!この世界のどこかにあるという「幻の情熱大陸」あなたは見つけ出すことが出来るのか!?▼総数19万語!辞書の老舗三省堂の「大辞林」が言葉を完全監修作った言葉の意味を読むことのできる「辞書ページ」を実装。初めて見たり、聞いたりする言葉も辞書コーナーで内容を確認できる。読むだけでも、遊びながら言葉の学習になるぞ!【価格】アプリ本体:無料※ 追加課金なし。ご利用前に必ず利用規約をご確認ください。お客様が本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。利用規約:アプリケーション公式サイト:
Freak Tower (English) 3.4.0
A whole new breed of simulation game hasarrived, and it’s all kinds of FREAKY!Using a unique blend of tower defense and business simulation,players can strive to build the baddest tower in Freak Town!-----So, what the freak is this game about?You are the proud owner of a shiny new tower, and it’s up to you tomanage your tenants (lovingly referred to as “freaks”) and theirbusinesses, ranging from “respectable” night clubs and high-risecar dealerships to psychic training schools and indoor golfcourses.Hunt both familiar and obscure monsters reimagined in a freaky funstyle! As your tower begins to scrape the sky, bold and bothersomemonsters will attempt to destroy it. If you can knock them off yourbuilding, you can level up your businesses and collect uniquegoods. Don’t worry; you won’t have to battle alone. Your freakswill defend their homes and business by tossing everything they canat the monsters (including their shoes and toilet paper). Betterkeep them in a good mood so they can fight for you!Raise your own twisted little pet and it will help your freaks intheir business endeavors. The downside, of course, is that you haveto clean up its lovely little surprises…----FREAKS MADE TO ORDER!Invite over 240 unique freaks to live in your uncommonly stylishapartments. The more freaks you have, the more help you havepummeling those pesky monsters who come to visit. Also keep in mindmore freaks means more cash once you put your tower-dwellers towork!Keep your freaks in check! If you turn your back for a moment, theymay break out into duels, get stuck in the ceiling, or begin somedecidedly unsafe ninja training.Don’t like the way your freaks look? Unlike real life, you don’thave to put up with any of their hideous faces (unless you are intothat sort of thing). With custom faces, accessories, and outfits,there are tons of combinations to try.----RUNNING A “RESPECTABLE” BUSINESSBuild some businesses and force those lazy slobs to work. If youassign them to their favorite spots, they will try a (little)harder at their jobs. If they still aren’t motivated enough, thehealthy nutritional supplement known as “doping” will definitelyput some pep in their step.Stock the freakiest goods to make the most cash. With over 300goods like beef stroganoff, telekinesis lessons, and jet boots tostock, your shops will not go wanting for variety.----RAISE YOUR OWN BUNDLE OF JOY (AND STINK)Build enough floors and you will soon have a freaky little pet tocall your own.If you can manage to raise it with some tender loving care, it willrepay the favor and take care of your tower. You can even have yourpet go on a rampage at your rivals’ towers! Raise hell and snagsome tasty snacks to make your lil’ buddy even stronger.Watch out though--if you don’t clean up its charming messes, itwon’t be too happy with you…----BATTLE FIENDISH FOESMonsters will sometimes come to visit, or you can goa-huntin’.Your freaks will throw junk at the beasts, and you can aid them bytossing some serious punishment off the roof. Make sure your freaksare in the best mood possible and they will be motivated to throweven more junk at your enemies. Each monster has its own uniqueweakness, so plan ahead for maximum pwnage!Defeat the monsters to unlock even more freaky goods and upgradeyour businesses.----THE FREAKIEST FRIENDS FREAK TOGETHER!Connect with your pals from [Twitter] or Facebook and (trick)invite them to work in your tower.Compete with your rivals and see who’s got the best tower intown!----By downloading this application, you agree to the Terms ofuse.
발차기공주 돌격대
■발차기공주 돌격대가 Nexus7의 TV CM에 등장!!발차기공주 돌격대가 즐겁다!!인기 절정의 발차기공주 돌격대의 세계에 빠져보자!!======================【발차기공주 돌격대】발차기공주님! ‘돌격 병사’를 발로 차서 우리들의 스트레스를 날려 주세요!!차고 또 차고, 우리 모두 신나게 빵빵! 신개념 액션 RPG 게임, 발차기공주 돌격대!한번만 플레이 해봐도 바로 알 수 있는 간단하고 쉬운 조작 시스템!“디저트 시스템” 도입으로 더 강력해진 베틀 모드 구현!발차기 스킬을 마스터하여, 막강 돌격대를 출격시키자!!【가격】▼애플리케이션:무료※일부 유료 아이템이 있습니다.【특징】▼정말 간단한 터치조작만으로도 재미있게 플레이 할 수 있어요!▼돌격 병사를 날려 적을 맞추면 공격 성공!▼돌격 병사를 육성하여 파티 플레이를 해보세요!!【게임 설명】▼몬스터를 전멸시키면 스테이지 클리어!①’발차기공주’를 조작해서 ‘돌격 병사’를 발로 차서 날리자!→ 발차기공주를 손으로 당겼다 놓으면 돌격 병사를 발로 차서 날려 보낼 수 있습니다!②공격이 들어가는 위치에 따라 대미지에 변화가 있어요!→ 약점을 잘 조준하면 막대한 대미지를 입힐 수 있습니다!③터치 타이밍으로 공격 전략을 발휘하자!→ 병사가 날라가고 있는 동안 화면을 ‘탭’하면병사의 무기에 따라 다양한 스킬이 발동됩니다!▼다양한 무기를 사용하여 파워 업!무기를 레벨 업을 하거나, 새로운 무기로 변경하면서캐릭터를 성장시켜 보세요!▼ 나만의 개성 넘치는 캐릭터를 키우자!모든 캐릭터를 다양한 방법으로 육성 가능!※ 캐릭터 종류도 전작보다 ‘2배’ 이상 증가!【스토리】▼발차기공주의 신나는 모험은 이번에도 계속됩니다. 이번 모험의 목적은 달콤한 ‘디저트’를 찾는 것! 그리고 훈남매니어와의 달콤한 로멘스~!발차기공주는 과연 그 목적을 달성할 수 있을까요!?그리고 돌격 병사들은 발차기 공주의 대모험에 동참할 수 있을까요?이용 전에 반드시 확인을 부탁 드립니다.고객님께서 애플리케이션을 다운로드 하시면이용약관에 동의한 것으로 간주됩니다.이용약관:공식 홈페이지:
크레이지 타워 3.4.0
★☆ 세계에서 가장 미친 타워를 만들자! ☆★세계 최초! 타워를 키워 몬스터를 잡는다!신감각 타워 경영 게임 등장!------------------------------------------------------□■크레이지 타워(CrazyTower)란?■□당신은 크레이지 타워의 오너이며,크레이지한 주민들과 협력해서 장사를 하거나비밀스런 일 '몬스터 헌팅'으로 돈을 벌며점점 타워를 높여가는 게임입니다.------------------------------------------------------■【가격】■어플 본체 무료※일부 유료 아이템이 있습니다.※□■주민이 쑥쑥 늘어난다!■□ ・징그러우면서 귀여운 주민이 최대 240명! 점점 늘려 상업 번성& 강한 몬스터 격퇴를이루어 내자! ・주민이 늘어나면 싸움이나 헌팅, 닌자놀이 등 바보같은 소동이 갑자기 일어난다! ・옷이나 액세서리 등을 바꾸는 것도 자유자재! 예쁘게 코디하자!□■방치형 타워 경영!■□ ・상점을 만들면 매입과 판매의 지시를 내리고 다음은 방치! ・주민의 개성에 맞추어 적재적소를 노리자! ・320종류의 말도 안되는 상품을 마구 팔아 두둑히 벌자!□■하다보면 불타오른다! 몬스터 배틀!■□ ・연달아 나타나는 몬스터를 주민이 ‘상점의 상품을 던져’ 쓰러트리는크레이지한 배틀! ・액션성 없음! 진짜 간단한데 심오한 배틀! ・배틀에 이기면 특별 메뉴나 상점 레벨업 티켓을 GET!□■전혀 귀엽지 않은 펫 육성!■□ ・지하실에 3마리까지 펫을 키울 수 있어요! ・가게 일을 돕게 하여 레벨업&진화! ・방에다 하는 응가를 청소해 주자!□■모두와 함께 즐길 수 있다!■□ ・Twitter나 Facebook의 친구를 타워의 종업원으로 고용할 수 있어요! ・프렌드가 되어 층수를 경쟁하거나 서로의 타워를 보여줄 수 있어요!다운로드한 경우, 소프트웨어 사용허락서와 기재사항에 동의한 것으로 간주합니다.★ ☆ Let's make thecraziest tower in the world! ☆ ★The world's first! Raised the tower to catch a monster!New style tower management game appearance!-------------------------------------------------- ----□ ■ Crazy Tower (CrazyTower) What? □ ■You are the owner of the Crazy Tower,Crazy by residents in cooperation with the trade orSecret work beolmyeo money Monster Hunting "Gradually increase the tower is going to the game.-------------------------------------------------- ----■ ■ [Price]Free Apps body※ Some items are paid. ※□ ■ The population increase Growing! ■ □· Jinggeu LOU cute while residents up to 240 people! Graduallyincreasing the commercial flourishing and powerful monstersdefeated   Naeja done!· After residents increased fighting or hunting, such as ninja gametakes place suddenly shaken silly!Clothes and accessories, also changing the way you want! Let'sbeautifully coordinated!□ ■ stand-alone business tower! ■ □· Creating a store down the instructions on the purchase and saleHere are leaving!· Norris loading place in accordance with the unique character ofthe population!· 320 kinds of products should not dudukhi beolja harness sellanything!□ When it rises burns ■! Monster Battle! ■ □· The residents of monsters that appear in succession, throw theitem in the store, down the treeCrazy One Battle!· No action sex! Real simple: Battle profound!· Battle Win a GET a special menu or store level up tickets!□ not at all cute pet foster ■! ■ □· I can grow up to three pets in the basement!· Level up and evolve to help the store work!· Clean the runners to eda room pooch!□ ■ You can enjoy with everyone! ■ □· Twitter, or I can hire your friends on Facebook by employees ofthe tower!· Friendship is we can compete with each other's stories, or showthe tower!If downloaded, you agree to be bound by the Software Licensebooks and entry.
Freak Tower (International) 3.4.1
A whole new breed of simulation gamehasarrived, and it’s all kinds of FREAKY!Using a unique blend of tower defense and businesssimulation,players can strive to build the baddest tower in FreakTown!-----So, what the freak is this game about?You are the proud owner of a shiny new tower, and it’s up to youtomanage your tenants (lovingly referred to as “freaks”) andtheirbusinesses, ranging from “respectable” night clubs andhigh-risecar dealerships to psychic training schools and indoorgolfcourses.Hunt both familiar and obscure monsters reimagined in a freakyfunstyle! As your tower begins to scrape the sky, bold andbothersomemonsters will attempt to destroy it. If you can knockthem off yourbuilding, you can level up your businesses and collectuniquegoods. Don’t worry; you won’t have to battle alone. Yourfreakswill defend their homes and business by tossing everythingthey canat the monsters (including their shoes and toilet paper).Betterkeep them in a good mood so they can fight for you!Raise your own twisted little pet and it will help your freaksintheir business endeavors. The downside, of course, is that youhaveto clean up its lovely little surprises…----FREAKS MADE TO ORDER!Invite over 240 unique freaks to live in your uncommonlystylishapartments. The more freaks you have, the more help youhavepummeling those pesky monsters who come to visit. Also keep inmindmore freaks means more cash once you put your tower-dwellerstowork!Keep your freaks in check! If you turn your back for a moment,theymay break out into duels, get stuck in the ceiling, or beginsomedecidedly unsafe ninja training.Don’t like the way your freaks look? Unlike real life, youdon’thave to put up with any of their hideous faces (unless you areintothat sort of thing). With custom faces, accessories, andoutfits,there are tons of combinations to try.----RUNNING A “RESPECTABLE” BUSINESSBuild some businesses and force those lazy slobs to work. Ifyouassign them to their favorite spots, they will try a(little)harder at their jobs. If they still aren’t motivatedenough, thehealthy nutritional supplement known as “doping” willdefinitelyput some pep in their step.Stock the freakiest goods to make the most cash. With over 300goodslike beef stroganoff, telekinesis lessons, and jet boots tostock,your shops will not go wanting for variety.----RAISE YOUR OWN BUNDLE OF JOY (AND STINK)Build enough floors and you will soon have a freaky little pettocall your own.If you can manage to raise it with some tender loving care, itwillrepay the favor and take care of your tower. You can even haveyourpet go on a rampage at your rivals’ towers! Raise hell andsnagsome tasty snacks to make your lil’ buddy even stronger.Watch out though--if you don’t clean up its charming messes,itwon’t be too happy with you…----BATTLE FIENDISH FOESMonsters will sometimes come to visit, or you cangoa-huntin’.Your freaks will throw junk at the beasts, and you can aid thembytossing some serious punishment off the roof. Make sure yourfreaksare in the best mood possible and they will be motivated tothroweven more junk at your enemies. Each monster has its ownuniqueweakness, so plan ahead for maximum pwnage!Defeat the monsters to unlock even more freaky goods andupgradeyour businesses.----THE FREAKIEST FRIENDS FREAK TOGETHER!Connect with your pals from [Twitter] or Facebook and (trick)invitethem to work in your tower.Compete with your rivals and see who’s got the best towerintown!----By downloading this application, you agree to the Termsofuse.
TEPPEN 2.2.0
There’s only one way to Rise to the Top – playing TEPPEN! TEPPEN isthe Ultimate Card Battle game where units you command operate inreal time, featuring dynamic action with over-the-top attacksblowing up your screen. With astonishing graphics and acutting-edge battle system, TEPPEN is the card game to end allother card games! Command popular Heroes (characters) from MonsterHunter, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and otherseries in All-Star action from Capcom's finest!------------------------ ◆Game Introduction◆------------------------ ◆Story Eight iconic Capcom Heroes havebeen bound by fate, and must battle through the Land of Illusion tofind the truth. Journey with them across an inventive story modethat seamlessly melds Capcom’s universes. ◆Game Modes Solo Play,where you can enjoy each Hero’s story. Ranked Matches (Versus),where rankings are updated each month. Grand Prix (Versus), whereyou can participate in limited-time elimination battles ...and somuch more! ◆Battle System With TEPPEN’s quick-paced battles, youcould take part in the fight for your life wherever you are,whenever you want, and not miss a beat. Get hooked on killer cardaction as you expertly wield Heroes, Unit Cards, and Action Cards!◆Battles Overwhelm your opponent with Hero Arts (Special Moves) andgain control of the battlefield in epic real-time battles! Takeadvantage of Active Response (turn-based battles) and keep youropponent on their toes! ------------------------ ◆Game Highlights◆------------------------ ◆Dream Teams Battle with your favoriteHeroes from a variety of legendary game series! ◆Quantity ANDQuality Not only are many of your favorite Heroes here, they alllook amazing with eye-catching artwork and gorgeous animation!◆Game Series and Heroes Street Fighter Series: Ryu, Chun-Li MonsterHunter Series: Rathalos, Nergigante Mega Man X Series: XDarkstalkers Series: Morrigan Aensland Devil May Cry Series: DanteResident Evil Series: Albert Wesker More to be added later... ◆Takeon the World Once you're ready, contend with other players aroundthe world in Ranked Matches and vie for dominance! Price App: FreeNote: Some in-game items will require purchase. An internetconnection is required to play. Data rates may apply. Please readthe Application User Agreement before using the application. Byclicking the download button and downloading this application, youagree to the terms and conditions stated in the User Agreement.Application User Agreement Official Website Privacy Policy
妖怪ウォッチ ワールド 2.7.2
「妖怪ウォッチ」のレベルファイブと「パズドラ」のガンホーが強力タッグを結成! 「妖怪ウォッチ」初の位置情報ゲームをお贈りします!▼冒険の舞台は「日本全国」、主人公はあなた自身!ジバニャンやコマさんなど、「妖怪ウォッチ」シリーズの個性豊かな妖怪たちがリアルな世界に出現! 日本の各地に出現する妖怪を探してバトル!「自ら移動したり」「他のプレイヤーに移動してもらったり」して妖怪を集めて、妖怪大辞典を充実させよう! 【基本的な遊び方】▼まずはマップを「サーチ」で妖怪を探そう! 近くの妖怪を探すため、自分がいる場所でマップを「サーチ」。発見できる妖怪は、場所によりさまざま。 新しい土地に足を運んだら、「サーチ」をする事を忘れずに! ▼スマホ画面の中で妖怪を発見!「サーチ」で出現した妖怪アイコンをタップ。 すると、あなたのスマホ画面を通して妖怪が見えるように!逃げられないようにしっかりと追いかけて、妖怪を見つけだそう! ▼簡単操作で妖怪とバトルしよう! 妖怪を探しだしたらバトル開始。セミオートバトルなのでとっても簡単。 チャンスやピンチの時は「ひっさつわざ」を繰り出そう!妖怪とのバトルに勝てれば、「ともだち」になってくれるかも? 「ともだち」になった妖怪を育成して、さらに強い妖怪とのバトルに備えよう!【もっともっと楽しめる遊び方】 ▼周りのプレイヤーの力を借りて移動!周りのプレイヤーに自分の妖怪を「ヒョーイ」(憑依)させる事ができる。 「ヒョーイ」した妖怪は、その人と一緒に移動して、新たな土地に。自分では行けない場所の妖怪を連れてきたり、お土産を持って帰ってきてくれたりするかも!?※周りのプレイヤーの表示によって、正確な現在位置が他人に知られるということはありませんのでご安心ください。▼普段あまり行けない場所に「妖怪の木」を植えよう! 自分が現在いる場所や、ヒョーイで移動した場所に木を植えることができる。木の周りには妖怪が集まってくるから、新たな出会いのチャンスに! 「妖怪の木」をうまく使うと、妖怪をともだちにできる場所を増やせる!▼他にも楽しみ方が盛りだくさん。じっくりたっぷりまったり遊んでみよう! 妖怪ウォッチ ワールドは他にも楽しみ方がいっぱい!どこにいてもバトルが楽しめる「降臨ボス」、 旅の記録を振り返れる「おでかけマップ」など……楽しみ方はあなた次第! 自分なりの楽しみ方を見つけて自分のペースで遊ぼう! 【価格】 アプリ本体:無料※一部有料アイテムがございます。 ご利用前に「アプリケーション共通利用規約」に表示されている利用規約を必ずご確認ください。お客様がダウンロードボタンをクリックされ、本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合には、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。アプリケーション共通利用規約プライバシー・ポリシー【注意】 ※正確な位置情報を取得するため、3G/4G回線でのプレイを推奨いたします。※GPS機能及びジャイロセンサー非搭載の端末や、Wi-Fi回線のみで接続している端末の動作は保証しておりませんので、ご注意ください。©GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ©LEVEL-5Inc. Level Five of "Yokai Watch" and Gan Ho of "Pazdola" formed apowerful tag! "Yokai Watch" the first position information gamewill be sent!   ▼ The stage of adventure is "all over Japan",the main character is yourself! Sibanhaan and coma, the uniqueYokai in the "Yokai Watch" series appeared in the real world!Looking for youkai appearing in various places in Japan! Let'senrich the Youkai Dictionary by "moving oneself" or "getting toother players" to collect youkai!   【Basic way of play】 ▼Let's first find the youkai with 'search' map! In order to find anearby youkai, "search" the map at the place where you are. Theyoukai that you can discover varies from place to place. Do notforget to do "search" once you have visited the new land!   ▼Discover youkai in the smart screen! Tap the monster icon thatappeared in "Search". Then, so that youkai can be seen through yoursmartphone screen! Chase firmly so as not to escape, find youryoukai!   ▼ Let's battle with youkai with easy operation!Battle begins when you search for youkai. It is very easy as it isa semi-automatic battle. At opportunities and pinch, let 's giveout hints! If you can win a battle with a youkai, you may become a"friend"? Foster yokai who became "Friend" and prepare for battlewith stronger youkai!   【How to enjoy more more】 ▼ Move withthe help of surrounding players! You can make your surroundingplayer "Hyo" (possession) of your youkai. The youkai who "Hyo"moved with that person, to a new land. Maybe you bring a youkai ofa place you can not go by myself, or bring a souvenir back home !?※ By the display of the surrounding players, please do not worrybecause the accurate current position will not be known to others.  ▼ Let's plant "Youkai no Tree" in places that you can not goon very often! You can plant trees in the place you are currentlyand in the place you moved in Hyoey. Since youkai gather aroundtrees, it is a chance for new encounters! If you use "youkai tree"well, you can increase the place where youkai can be friends!  ▼ There are plenty of other ways to enjoy. Let's play aroundwith plenty of time! There are lots of other ways to enjoy YokaiWatch World! "Descending boss" where you can enjoy a battlewherever you are, "Odekake map" etc. to look back on the record ofthe trip ... ... How to enjoy is up to you! Find your own way ofenjoying and play at your own pace!   【Price】 App body: free ※There are some charged items.   Before using, be sure to checkthe terms of use indicated in "Application common use terms". Whenthe customer clicks the download button and downloaded thisapplication, it is deemed that you accepted the terms of service.  Application common terms of service privacy policy 【Note】 * Werecommend to play on 3G / 4G line in order to obtain accurateposition information. * Please be aware that we do not guaranteethe operation of terminals that are not equipped with GPS functionand gyro sensor, or terminals connected only with Wi-Fi line.  © GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved. ©LEVEL-5 Inc.
ラグナロク マスターズ 1.0.15
世界が熱狂!みんなで遊ぶRPG!ラグナロク マスターズ(ラグマス)! やさしくつながるこの世界で、主人公になって冒険の旅に出かけよう!▼冒険している実感がここにある!広大な「ミッドガルド大陸」を舞台に、スマートフォンならではのお手軽な操作と重厚なゲーム性で構築された王道のファンタジーRPG(ロールプレイングゲーム)です!▼主人公はあなた自身!ノービス(初期アバター)から始まるあなたの冒険は、近接戦闘に優れた「ソードマン」、魔法攻撃が得意な「マジシャン」、遠距離から敵を仕留める「アーチャー」、商売やアイテムのプロ「マーチャント」など、様々な職業へクラスチェンジして育成させることができます。成長を重ねた後は、他の系列の職業への転職も可能!バトルマスターを目指すも良し!料理のマスターを目指すも良し!レアアイテム集めのマスターを目指すも良し!いろんな遊び方でファンタジーライフを満喫!▼いつでもどこでも友達と一緒に冒険!友達と一緒にバトルや育成をしたり、強敵のMVPボスに挑戦したり、ギルドを結成してチャットを楽しんだり、パーティーを組んでエンドレスタワーに挑戦したり、友達と遊べるオンラインゲーム要素が盛りだくさん!▼冒険の軌跡が積み重なる!冒険の実績をはじめ、撮影した名所や、戦ったモンスターや出会ったNPC、仲間にしたペット、調理した料理、入手したカードや作成した装備品など、あらゆる冒険の軌跡が「冒険手帳」に記録されます。▼こんな方にオススメ! ・ロールプレイングゲームをよくプレイする。 ・MMORPGが好き。 ・王道MMOの世界で有名になりたい。・友達と一緒にバトルをするのが好きだ。 ・オンラインゲームをよくプレイする。 ・ファンタジーRPGの世界観が好き。・友達との協力プレイやチャットが出来るゲームを探している。 ・アバター作成や、育成ができるゲームが好き。 ・チャット友達を作りたい。・かつて『ラグナロクオンライン(RO)』で遊んでいた。 ・海外で配信されている『Ragnarok M: EternalLove(ラグナロクM)』の日本配信を楽しみにしていた。 ▼『ラグナロク マスターズ(ラグマス)』とは 『ラグナロクマスターズ(ラグマス)』は、PCゲーム『ラグナロクオンライン(RO)』の世界観を踏襲したスマートフォン向けオンラインRPGです。これまで世界各国で『Ragnarok M: EternalLove(ラグナロクM)』として配信され、全世界で2,400万ダウンロード※1を突破しています。 ※1 アプリ「RagnarokM:Eternal Love(ラグナロクM)」の2019年3月末時点におけるグローバル累積ダウンロード数より 【価格】アプリ本体:無料 ※一部有料アイテムがございます。 【注意】 ※対応環境(OSや端末)については、必ず公式サイトをご確認ください。※クライアントのダウンロードおよびアップデートにはWi-Fi回線のご使用を推奨いたします。※インストール前にストレージ容量の確保をお願いします。ご利用前に「アプリケーション共通利用規約」に表示されている利用規約を必ずご確認ください。お客様がダウンロードボタンをクリックされ、本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合には、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。アプリケーション共通利用規約アプリケーション公式サイト プライバシー・ポリシー The world is crazy!Everyone's RPG! Ragnarok Masters (Ragmouth)! Let's go on anadventure journey as a protagonist in this gently connected world!▼ The feeling of being adventurous is here! It is a royal roadfantasy RPG (role playing game) built on the stage of the vast"Midgaldo continent" with easy operation and heavy gaming unique tosmartphones! ▼ The hero is yourself! Your adventures, starting withNovis (early avatars), include “Swordsman”, who excels in closecombat, “Magicians” who are good at magic attacks, “Archers” whokill enemies from a distance, and “merchant”, a business and itempro, etc. You can change your class to various occupations andfoster them. After growing up, you can change your career toanother line of work! Aim to be a battle master! Aim to be a masterof cooking! Aim to be the master of rare item collection! Enjoyfantasy life with various ways of playing! ▼ Adventure with friendsanytime, anywhere! Battle and nurture with friends, challenge astrong MVP boss, form a guild, enjoy chatting, organize a party andchallenge an endless tower, and have lots of online game elementsthat you can play with friends! ▼ The trail of adventures piles up!The adventure notebook records the track of all adventures,including adventure achievements, sight spots shot, monstersfought, NPCs encountered, companion pets, prepared dishes, cardsobtained and equipment prepared, etc. You ▼ Recommended for peoplelike this! ・ Play well role playing games. ・ I like MMORPG. ・ Iwant to be famous in the world of royal road MMO. ・ I like tobattle with my friends. ・ Play well online games. ・ I like thefantasy RPG world view. ・ I am looking for a game where I can playco-ops and chat with my friends. ・ I like creating avatars andgames that can be trained. ・ I want to make chat friends. ・ I usedto play with "Ragnarok Online (RO)". ・ I was looking forward to theJapanese distribution of "Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (Ragnarok M)"being distributed overseas. ▼ What is "Ragnarok Masters (Rugmouth)""Ragnarok Masters (Ragmus)" is an online RPG for smartphones thatfollows the world view of the PC game "Ragnarok Online (RO)". Ithas been distributed worldwide as "Ragnarok M: Eternal Love" andhas surpassed 24 million downloads * 1 worldwide. * 1 From thenumber of global cumulative downloads as of the end of March 2019of the app "Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (Ragnarok M)" 【price】 Appbody: free ※ There are some paid items. 【Note】 ※ Please confirm theofficial site for the compatible environment (OS and terminals). ※We recommend using Wi-Fi access for downloading and updatingclients. ※ Please secure the storage capacity before installation.Please be sure to check the terms and conditions displayed in the"Application Common Terms of Service" before using. If you clickthe download button and download this application, you are deemedto have accepted the terms of use. Application common terms of use Application officialsite privacy policy
Divinegate Encyclopedia 1.0.0
"Divine gate Encyclopedia", please enjoy the "Divinegateillustration book" where we display all the characters,andthe"Divine gate gallery" which is full of wallpapers andsettingpapers. Furthermore, in the "Divine gate sound" you willalso beable to listen to your favorite soundtrack from the game!
ラグナロク マスターズ(接続テスト)
世界が熱狂!みんなで遊ぶRPG! やさしくつながるこの世界で、主人公になって冒険の旅に出かけよう!▼冒険している実感がここにある!広大な「ミッドガルド大陸」を舞台に、スマートフォンならではのお手軽な操作と重厚なゲーム性で構築された王道のファンタジーRPG(ロールプレイングゲーム)です!▼主人公はあなた自身!ノービス(初期アバター)から始まるあなたの冒険は、近接戦闘に優れた「ソードマン」、魔法攻撃が得意な「マジシャン」、遠距離から敵を仕留める「アーチャー」、商売やアイテムのプロ「マーチャント」など、様々な職業へクラスチェンジして育成させることができます。成長を重ねた後は、他の系列の職業への転職も可能!バトルマスターを目指すも良し!料理のマスターを目指すも良し!レアアイテム集めのマスターを目指すも良し!いろんな遊び方でファンタジーライフを満喫!▼いつでもどこでも友達と一緒に冒険!友達と一緒にバトルや育成をしたり、強敵のMVPボスに挑戦したり、ギルドを結成してチャットを楽しんだり、パーティーを組んでエンドレスタワーに挑戦したり、友達と遊べるオンラインゲーム要素が盛りだくさん!▼冒険の軌跡が積み重なる!冒険の実績をはじめ、撮影した名所や、戦ったモンスターや出会ったNPC、仲間にしたペット、調理した料理、入手したカードや作成した装備品など、あらゆる冒険の軌跡が「冒険手帳」に記録されます。▼こんな方にオススメ!・ロールプレイングゲームをよくプレイする。 ・MMORPGが好き。・王道MMOの世界で有名になりたい。・友達と一緒にバトルをするのが好きだ。 ・オンラインゲームをよくプレイする。・ファンタジーRPGの世界観が好き。・友達との協力プレイやチャットが出来るゲームを探している。・アバター作成や、育成ができるゲームが好き。 ・チャット友達を作りたい。【価格】 アプリ本体:無料 ※一部有料アイテムがございます。【注意】※対応環境(OSや端末)については、必ず公式サイトをご確認ください。※クライアントのダウンロードおよびアップデートにはWi-Fi回線のご使用を推奨いたします。※インストール前にストレージ容量の確保をお願いします。ご利用前に「アプリケーション共通利用規約」に表示されている利用規約を必ずご確認ください。お客様がダウンロードボタンをクリックされ、本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合には、利用規約に同意したものとみなされます。アプリケーション共通利用規約アプリケーション公式サイトプライバシー・ポリシー The world iscrazy!Everyone's RPG! Let's go on an adventure journey as aprotagonistin this gently connected world! ▼ The feeling of beingadventurousis here! It is a royal road fantasy RPG (role playinggame) builton the stage of the vast "Midgaldo continent" with easyoperationand heavy gaming unique to smartphones! ▼ The hero isyourself!Your adventures, starting with Novis (early avatars),include“Swordsman”, who excels in close combat, “Magicians” who aregoodat magic attacks, “Archers” who kill enemies from a distance,and“merchant”, a business and item pro, etc. You can change yourclassto various occupations and foster them. After growing up, youcanchange your career to another line of work! Aim to be abattlemaster! Aim to be a master of cooking! Aim to be the masterof rareitem collection! Enjoy fantasy life with various ways ofplaying! ▼Adventure with friends anytime, anywhere! Battle andnurture withfriends, challenge a strong MVP boss, form a guild,enjoy chatting,organize a party and challenge an endless tower, andhave lots ofonline game elements that you can play with friends! ▼The trail ofadventures piles up! The adventure notebook records thetrack ofall adventures, including adventure achievements, sightspots shot,monsters fought, NPCs encountered, companion pets,prepared dishes,cards obtained and equipment prepared, etc. You ▼Recommended forpeople like this! ・ Play well role playing games. ・I like MMORPG.・ I want to be famous in the world of royal road MMO.・ I like tobattle with my friends. ・ Play well online games. ・ Ilike thefantasy RPG world view. ・ I am looking for a game where Ican playco-ops and chat with my friends. ・ I like creating avatarsandgames that can be trained. ・ I want to make chat friends.【price】App body: free ※ There are some paid items. 【Note】 ※ Pleaseconfirmthe official site for the compatible environment (OSandterminals). ※ We recommend using Wi-Fi access for downloadingandupdating clients. ※ Please secure the storage capacitybeforeinstallation. Please be sure to check the terms andconditionsdisplayed in the "Application Common Terms of Service"beforeusing. If you click the download button and downloadthisapplication, you are deemed to have accepted the terms ofuse.Application common terms ofuse Applicationofficialsite privacypolicy