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J Touch is a clean and simple assistive touch button. It has asmall size(less than 1 MB) , also it has No ADs and only requestsnecessary permissions. You can perform many actions by taping orswiping the button: * Back Key * Home Key * Lock Screen *Notification Panel * Recent Apps * Move Button Position * Switch tolast App * Quick setting panel (includes Power button, Volumeadjust, Ring mode adjust, Wifi, Bluetooth, Rotation lock, Screenalways on) * Lock Screen(Root required) * Menu Key(Root required) *Close Current App(Root required) Note: 1. This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission. This permission is only used in function"Lock Screen". 2. J Touch uses Accessibility Service to simulateBack Key/Home Key/Recent App Key etc for better usage of phoneswith big screen size. You can customize the style of floatingbutton, also there are several ways to hide the floating button.For more detailed info, please refer "Style & Position". Notethat for some bands of phones, some settings are needed in order torun J Touch properly: #. Grant permissions "Draw over other apps"and "Auto launch". #. Add J Touch to white list in Power Managerand Lock screen cleanup(if have). #. Lock J Touch in Recent apps.Any suggestions or bug reports, you can post comments in GooglePlay or contact author via: Thanks for yoursupport!