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Patlat Bi Kelime: Kelime Oyunu 2.1
Bambaşka bir kelime oyunu!Kelime oyunu oynarken heyecanlanmak artıkmümkün!İnternet bağlantısı gerektirmeyen kelime oyunu!***Hiçbirözel izin gerektirmez***Oyun Hakkında:* Yukarıdan düşen harfler ilemümkün olduğunca uzun kelimeler oluşturarak puan toplayın. *Harflerden kelimeler oluşturup, kelimeleri patlatın.* Puanlarınızarttıkça seviyeniz artar ve harflerin gelmesi hızlanır. * Uzunkelimeler size daha fazla puan ve bonuslar kazandırır. * Efektlerve animasyonlarla sıradışı bir kelime oyunu deneyimi* Online RakibeKarşı oynama modu.* Hem siz hem de rakibiniz aynı harflerigörürsünüz ve hızlı olan kazanır.Facebook bağlantısı sayesindearkadaşlarınızla, Google+ bağlantısı sayesinde oyunu oynayan tümoyuncularla yarışabilirsiniz. Farklı bir kelime oyunu için hadi sende Patlat Bi Kelime!A completely different word game!It is nowpossible to get excited playing word games!Word game that does notrequire an internet connection!*** Does not require any specialpermission ***About the game:* Collect points as possible bycreating longer words with letters falling from above.* Createwords from letters, words explode.* You increase your score levelincreases and accelerates the arrival of letters.* Long words giveyou more points and bonuses.* An unusual word with effects andanimation game experience* Online play against rival modes.* Bothyou and your opponent, you will see the same letters and thefastest wins.Thanks to the link with your friends on Facebook,Google+ connection through can compete with all players playing thegame.For a different word games also let you whack B word!
Word Crush 2.1
!!! NOW WITH ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE !!!A completely different wordgame! Crush the letters by forming words!It is possible to getexcited while playing a word based game! A word game that does notrequire internet connectivity!***No special permissions required**** Form maximum possible length words by using falling letters andcrush the words.* Gather points by forming and crushing words.*Your level increases as you gather more points and letters fallfaster. * Longer words let you gather more points and bonuses.* Anextraordinary word game with special effects and animations.*Online Realtime multiplayer mode, with Cross Platform matchingpossibility (From iOS to Android and vice versa)* In MultiplayerMode, both you and your opponent see the same letters, faster onecrushes the word and gets the points.You can see your rankingwithin your friends by connecting to Facebook and within allplayers by connecting Google+.Lets try this extraordinary word gameand crush some words!
Zero the Tile 1.05
Got bored from 2048! Try this puzzle game out, where you have tothink twice before making a move! Challenging!*** No internetconnection required! ***Modified version of the 2048 puzzle gamemade by Gabriele Cirulli https://github.com/gabrielecirulli/20482048 is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzle game. Zero theTiles is a new version of this game.You need to zero the tiles oneby one. Start with 2 and once you zero it, your target will be 4,8, 16 ... and so on.You will need to think twice before making amove :) Challenging...Can you beat my best score? 128 :)
Maka - Word Crush Puzzle 3.06
Challenging word game. Improve your vocabulary level. Maka is theone of the best word game in the store. You will learn new wordswhile you have fun. Track the dropping letters and createmeaningful words. Letter boxes will blast if you create a word withthem. Words should be meaningful. Like scrabble you earn points ascreating words. Don't let letters to fill the screen. This wordgame will challenge your brain and your memory. This is a perfectbrain training method like crossword puzzles. You can make yourtime efficient with this word puzzle game. Enjoy.