Flying Bird 3.7b
With every flap of the bird, you can feel the boredom disappearing.Try to reach the the highest point in the sky, avoiding theobstacles.
Knife Up 1.1a
Knife up is a time killer game where you must go up andcollectcoins. Buy all the knives and get as high as you can. Youcanpersonalize your knife, adjust it's power or you can buy anewknife from the store.Also, there is a multiplayer mode, whereyoucan play with a friend connected to the same WiFi and seewhichknife is the best? Will your knife be the quickest? Get readytojump as high as you can! Get your KNIFE and JUMP!
Furry, the ball 1.0d
Have fun with the fluffiest creature, Furry, in his world. Jump,runand enjoy having time with the fly.
Spacecraft II 0.1
Spacecraft II is a spacecraft fighter game in which you controlanepic aircraft kitted with space-age weaponry and features. Thisisthe sequel to the much loved Spacecraft and provides evenmoreaction to keep you at the end of your seat. You can jumpstraightinto battle with your friends or players from around theworld. Youwill need to push your flying skills to the max as youspeed aroundthe cosmos taking down enemy pilots at everyopportunity. Take fulladvantage of the laser beam guns that causedevastation at thetouch of a button. Have fun!
Fresdoka 6
Run, shoot, punch and fight against great enemies. Enjoy PVPandgain the best rank. Choose your favourite character, thebestweapon and become the best player in Fresdoka! You can alsoenjoyplaying solo, shooting zombies and hiding from soldierenemies.