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IBM Verse 201908261248
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**** IBM Notes Traveler is now IBM Verse! You're ready for thefuture. IBM Verse replaces Notes Traveler and will continue to workwith your existing Traveler servers. **** Get ready for mail thatunderstands you, for less clutter and more clarity, for connectingyou to the people who matter to you most. Cloud-enabled, designedfor mobile devices, and powered by IBM's analytics and advancedsearch, IBM Verse works for you, not the other way around. With IBMVerse for Android devices, you can: •See mail from people importantto you •Set people you interact with often as Important •Mark mailas Needs Action •Manage items that need follow up •Track who owesyou a response and when •Work with your calendar seamlessly•Interact with all of your contacts This app is compatible with IBMTraveler server version 9.0.1 and 10.x. To get started, contactyour administrator for your account and company configurationinformation. If you're interested in using this application withIBM SmartCloud, see this URLhttp://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/social/us/en/ for furtherinformation. If you do not have IBM Traveler deployed in yourcompany, but want to try it out for free, register an account onIBM Bluefizz, a free IBM product trial site:http://www.bluefizz.net If you are an end user and experiencing aproblem, please contact your company IT help desk. If you are anIBM Traveler administrator experiencing a problem, please open aPMR with your IBM customer number. In addition to rating the app,you can tell us what we have done right or what we can do better byemailing IBM mobile software engineering directly atheyibm@us.ibm.com. For more information about IBM Verse go to theofficial product website:http://www.ibm.com/social-business/us/en/newway/ This app uses theDevice Administrator permission.
IBM Connections Chat 9.7.10 20190827-2009
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IBM Connections Chat is the official app for presence, instantmessaging, audio and video chat,and telephony for IBM'saward-winning Connections platform. IBM Connections Chat brings tomarket new and exciting capabilities to give you access to yourpeople networks from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. IBMConnections Chat follows on IBM Sametime's footsteps to help youaccelerate your business processes, improve decision making and,ultimately, help you make the leap to the new way to work. IBMConnections Chat works with your IBM Sametime 9 infrastructure andfeatures built-in integration with IBM's Connections Cloud familyof offerings. Key features: - Rich presence including geographiclocation - Presence integration into IBM Traveler - One-to-one andgroup chat with offline messaging support - Chat history -Softphone - One-to-one audio and video chat - Broadcastannouncements - Powerful search capabilities - Send and receivephotos - Robust push-notification support - Support for multiplecommunities - URL-based, one-click configuration ConnectivityRequirements IBM Connections Chat for Android supports both the IBMSametime 8.5.2 IFR 1 Proxy, and the new IBM Sametime 9 Proxy.However, the new voice and video capabilities are only availablewhen connecting to an IBM Sametime 9 Proxy instance. For moreinformation on IBM Connections Chat, visithttp://www.ibm.com/sametime or join us at our Sametime Blog athttp://www.ibm.com/sametimeblog. A current list of IBM trademarksis available on the web ashttp://www.ibm.com/legal/copytrade.shtml. All references to namesin the images refer to fictitious company and ficitious persons,designed for illustration purposes only.
HCL Connections
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HCL® Connections (formerly IBM® Connections) is social software forbusiness. It enables you to build a network of colleagues andsubject matter experts, and then leverage that network to furtheryour business goals. You can discuss ideas, work collaboratively onpresentations or proposals, share photos or files, plan and trackproject tasks, and much more. HCL Connections is a server productthat is deployed on your company intranet or the IBM Cloud. ThisHCL Connections mobile app extends access to that server foremployees who are on the go directly from their Android™ device.This app can also be securely managed by your company administratorthrough server side policies. Features - Securely drop documents,presentations and photos to your colleagues with Files. - Findexperts in your organization and build a social network withProfiles. - Join together with others to accomplish business goalsthrough Communities. - Influence and share your expertise throughBlogs and Wikis. - Get everyone on the same page using Bookmarks. -Track your project progress to success with Activities. - Sharenews, links and status across your network at any time.----------------------------------------------------------------------In order to access your company Connections server, you will need auserid and password along with the URL address of the server. Theapp will prompt you for this information. In order to access yourConnections files on IBM Cloud Engage using the app: - When youstart the app tap IBM Connections Social for where you want toconnect. - Enter the userid and password for your account. If youare an end user and experiencing a problem, please contact yourcompany IT help desk. If you are a Connections administratorexperiencing a problem, please open a PMR with your customernumber. In addition to rating the app, you can tell us what we havedone right or what we can do better by emailing HCL mobile softwareengineering directly at heyhcl@pnp-hcl.com For more informationabout HCL Connections, go to the official product web site:http://www.ibm.com/software/lotus/products/connections. For detailsabout Connections Files on IBM Cloud Engage, go to:https://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/social. This app uses theDevice Administrator permission.