HEED 1.1
A duo powerful ball, leaving behind all odds, in the run to collectcoins and escape out of the danger.Play to fascinate yourself withdifferent variants of obstacles at each level.Play,enjoy and beaware of the HEED around you.How to play:- Touch and Drag anywhereto move the player.- Tap the color flip button to change ballcolor.- Avoid obstacles and get keys to reach nextlevels.Features:- Simple Touch and Drag Controls- Challenge yourFriends for the High Score- Stunning 3d art- Extremely Fun &Addicting
Puzzle Tap 1.6
Simple is beautiful, isn’t it?Puzzle Tap is a fun and addictiveblock puzzle game with a simple design and uniquegameplay.Features:- Four Gameplay Features- 80+ unique levels- Playand compete your friends- Stunning gameart- Hint system that willguide you through the puzzleIf you like the games below, you'lllove Puzzle tap too• Solitaire / Solitare - Relaxing andChallenging at the same time• Sudoku Puzzles - It's a number gamewhere you have to use your intellect to fill out the puzzles •Physics Puzzlers - Enjoy the physics brain teasers • Classic PuzzleGames - Classic and always fun• Block Sliding Puzzlers - Slide andsolve the puzzles• Family friendly game - Fun for the whole family•2048 -Love those number games, you'll enjoy puzzle tap too• BrainPuzzles - Tease your brain daily• fidget spinner- latest popularand new trending game keywordTake the journey and enjoy the puzzleyou have been waiting for.
How to play:-Left side of screen help to rotate-Right side ofscreen help to move forward-Get Points by colliding on boxes
One More Kick 1.16
Our Emporer's kingdom is being attacked by an army ofsavages.Warrior has to fight with opponent troop surrounded fromalldirections of the tower and need to protect his kingdom's flag.Anepic warrior will challenge your reflexes like never before.Areyou ready for the challenge? What’s your High Score? Play Ifyoufeel frustrated, bored or just looking for something fun,yetsimple, to pass your time with. It will relieve your stressandmake you compete with your friends for highest scores! Let'sbeginthe war in tap mode. Game Features: • Atmospheric & Serene3dsound design • Distinct & crazy flags • Colorful &vividgraphics • Compete with your friends on Google leaderboardThisgame has been conceptualized and developed by HEED GAMES.Forlatest updates, Like us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/heedgames and follow us onTwitter:https://twitter.com/heedgames