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501 Free New Room Escape Game 2 - unlock door 20.2
501 New Room Escape Games is a combination of point and click typeclassical room escape games of different locations and it isdeveloped and released by HFG Hidden Fun Games. These Escape gamesare logically developed with tricky puzzles, adventure location,messy clues, and obscured-hidden objects to enter into the clue ofBest Escape games. These games will surely test your brain logicaland analytical skills. These Free rooms and doors escape games aredesigned in the sense of real fun, hi-fi scenes, more thrillingtwist, challenging and exciting soundtracks to make you addictedand crazy for the escape game lovers. One of the best and populargrowing room escape game in 2019 with 501 mini-games bunch. Try tobreak the all doors and mysterious locks through your long memory.It will definitely give the huge challenge to your brain. Enjoythis full 501 games jolly journey mission If you like to solvechallenging puzzles then try it once. Once you completed all thegame that you impossible to forget the real escape rooms. Are youready to take this world best escape brain challenge, you willdefinitely find the difference from other escape game. If you arestuck any where humanized hint will help you to escape. The game isdesigned with mysteries stories and unique game play also filledwith logical brain challenging puzzles. It is suitable for all agegroup and also a family entertainer. Basically here you have tofind the hidden clues, identified the objects, solve the puzzles,find the key and escape. But it is not an easy thing it will givehuge challenge to your brain. FEATURES: 501 different style rooms.Fascinating fun Collections of 501 Games Polished animation andgraphics. Addictive easy Game play (250 hours) Riddling LogicalPuzzles. Picturesque Doors, Floors, and Rooms. Stuck in Game - GetHelp - Any Suggestion about the game, please contact us throughbelow social media links. We are ready to help you... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Can you escape the 101 room - Art of Escape 7.7
HFG Hidden Fun Games brings you this point and click type latestnew room escape games especially for the escape games lovers.Welcome to Can You Escape This 101 Rooms from different locations.All the games in this escape games will definitely test yourbrainstorming in various atmospheric rooms. All the games have lotsof puzzles and it will appeal to those who like the best escapegames. If you want to feel the ultimate escape games, surely youneed to play this 101 best room escape games. It's because of itsengaging storyline with unexpected twists. These Free escape gamesare designed in the sense of real fun, hi-fi scenes, more thrillingand exciting soundtracks to make you addicted and crazy for theescape game lovers. 101 games with lots of rooms and doors waitingto entertain you. The Huge amount of puzzles are waiting for thechallenge you... An adventurous mission will start at the timeplaying these escape games. You have to break each door and lockthen escape from every room. All the 101 games are completely free,we are giving more daily coins to the players. If you areintelligent and expert in escape games possible to complete all thelevels by free. The games are full of real fun and smart gameplay,hard brain challenging levels totally complete package of escapeaction. Let's start playing the game and enjoy How to Play: Tap onthe screen to find items, solve the puzzles and escape. FEATURES:101 Brain Challenge Games Picturesque Rooms and logic puzzles.Addictive Gameplay (50 hours). Realistic graphics and animation.Challenging Riddles with more fun Follow Us: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
50 Levels - Halloween Escape Game 5.1
50 Free New Room Escape Games – is a point and click type combopack of 2 Horror game series of 50 scary episode games developedand released by HFG Ena Game Studio. ENIGMA TREE is the first gamewith 25 episodes of complete horror atmosphere. The story of thegame is about a mythical tree and a grandson rescuing his grandsonfrom it and it gives a real fear feel. CREEPY PUMPKINS is thesecond game with another 25 episodes of moving you into the magicalworld, letting you scary. This game is about how to get escape froma challenge magical haunted world. Both these games will make youscared for sure. These ghost thriller games will make you the realfeel as if you are inside the haunted world and trying to escapefrom it. FEATURES: 50 level real horror locations Polishedanimation & Realistic graphics. Addictive Gameplay (20 hours).Thrilling twists of engaging stories. Challenging Puzzles Are youready now to enjoy these Horror sequence escape Follow Us:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
100 Rooms - Dare to Escape 6.0
Dare To Escape: Daring escapes is the hand-picked collections ofthree best amusing escape games of 37 levels from ENA Game Studio.These three games cover the different genres of escape games, whichwill be the best choice for the escape game lovers. The first gameof 8 levels is about the rescue of a bunny, which was kidnapped onthe day before Easter. You need to rescue it as soon as possiblebecause the bunny needs to deliver the easter eggs on the Easterday. The second game of 13 levels is how the thief is being honoredfor his brilliance. It's about how an ordinary thief becomes agangster. The third game of 17 levels is different games revolvingwith the compelling stories. All these free escape games include,the famous room escapes, best rescues, fantasy background,archaeological mysteries, horror and so on. Now all these 37 gamesare available for you to toss it to select. Now it is your choiceto play the games. So, there is no doubt that these new escapegames will easily make you realize that you are playing the bestescape games of 2017. These 'Point And Click Type New Escape Games'are developed and released by Hidden Fun Games(HFG). Need MORECOINS? Play Mesmerizing mini games Need to DOUBLE YOUR COINS?Challenge the puzzle Need UNLIMITED COINS? Play the game Again andAgain Want to Feel difference? Play the Hidden Games Need ELITEEXCITEMENT? Play all these Games FEATURES: Attractive Gameplays(More than 28 hours). Difference in storylines. Alluringvisuals in 2D Graphics Variety in Genres. 124 brain-teasingpuzzles. Amazing picturesque locations. Highly efficient Game inLow memory Usage.
Extreme Escape Room - Mystery Puzzle 4.5
HFG & ENA presents the Extreme Escapes of 3 three games ofadventure with 60 levels of highly challenging point and click typemust liking escape game for all the brain challenge game lovers.The First game is Evil Fiesta, where a lady with her child went toa carnival at the weekend. During their return, the door closed andremaining remains the mystery. Now, it is your mission to save thelady and the child by rescuing them and proving, impossible can bepossible. Use your imagination and analytics by the brain to solvesurreal tricks, riddles, and puzzles. If you really think that yourescaping skills are good enough, just download this scary adventuregame, that let your dreams for escape. These games guarantee fullexcitement. The Second game is The coffer box, which was obtainedby a fisherman, through which he got a clue to find a treasure. Theentire gameplay will be of finding the treasure by crossing severalhurdles and your brilliance will be recognized at the end of thisgame. These are the best escape games, collectively given to makeyou jolly. Especially the room escapes are extremely marvelous andthe puzzles are really the brain-teasers. You may find many keysfor a single instance, but the use of the right key for the correctlocks helps you to escape, else results in unlock. The third gameis the true Criminal, which is about finding the true criminalbehind a revenge story, of why John wants to kill the entire familymembers of Patrick. Each and every small event in this game arerelevant to the previous history of the story. These free escapegames let you move to the edge of the seat in escaping from theperson who needs to take revenge. Only if you have the guts toescape, you can be free from this pathetic situation. All you needto find, collect, combine and use the objects and then solve thepuzzles to ensure your escape. These new escape games are theconvincing and not the compromising games. GAME FEATURES: - 30Hours of Continuous Gameplay - Highly addictive game for all agesand Genders - Challenges your talent in escapes - Riddling puzzles& Excellent Game scenes - Different Missions in 60 levels -Extreme escapes from various environments - Easy and Fun to play. -Real Challenge for a Master Stuck in Game - Get Help - AnySuggestion about the game, please contact us through below socialmedia links. We are ready to help you... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Crime Suspects - CBI Investigation Detective Cases 3.5
Crime Suspect is a collection of 4 different stories to find thereasons for the crimes happening in the City and it is developedand released by HFG Hidden Fun Games. Can you find all the HiddenObjects and solve the challenging puzzles? Be the most anxiousdetective in the crime unit & solve the unsolvable Murdercases. Crime suspects is a puzzle and hidden objects game where theplayer has to find the evidence then goes and find who is acriminal. You are the adventurous Detective for the crime suspectsand you must find the serial killer ACTIVATE SPECIAL ABILITIES*crime suspects game is solving criminal cases in different cities.*Are you ready to prove your detective skills? *Investigate crimesuspects in corrupted cities. *Examine clues and analyze samples tolook for evidence *Interrogate the witnesses and suspects *Catchthe killer and bring in front of justice *Investigate all new crimecase scenes. *Exercise your brain to find more hidden objectsfaster *New murder case detective game include at all levels.Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring the suspects in forquestioning and analyze evidence to catch the killers. There are alot of criminal cases needed to be solved and to arrest thecriminal. Now it is your responsibility to give the justice to thefamily who lost their members, go and start to find the realvictims! MAKE YOUR CHOICE: And live with it! Throughout yourinvestigations, you’ll face several moral decisions that will havea meaningful impact on the characters and the stories. Features: 1.4 Different Categories and realistic stories 2. 68 Levels and allthe levels are unlocked 3. You can play any levels no restrictions4. Best-filled graphics and animation 5. Simple UI but interestinggame play 6. Various locations of great attractions 7. Hints helpto find the hidden objects. Stuck in Game - Get Help - AnySuggestion about the game, please contact us through below socialmedia links. We are ready to help you... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Escape Room - Mystery Of Circle World 4.2
HFG Hidden Fun Games brings you the best collection of 51 Levelsfantasy-based horror touch puzzle escape games. Each fantasy roomswill test your intelligence through brain challenge at the time ofescape so don't miss this opportunity. You will travel throughoutthe game with imaginary Adventure world. The game with full ofchallenging puzzles collection helpful to grow up sharpness andmemory power. 51 Levels are combined with mysterious stories anddifferent fantasy locations. Here you have to find the hiddenobjects, solve puzzles, break the locks, open the doors and finallyescape. You think the way of escape is very easy but is notpossible. Once you start the game then the mission is to begin. Ifyou like a challenge then don't miss it. Every level begins withmore thrilling and twist, so you will be busy for next few days.Let's start to escape once committed the real magic will happen inyour life through improvement of memory power. If you choose onlybest escape game, this one is the right choice. If you like a freegame then try this once. If you want latest new genre games, it isthe correct place. Game Story: In the 6th Century “The Monkey God”One who is the king of Island in Indian ocean, Had a Golden Stick.It has given some power to avoid the fear of death, In the War ofpearl, the golden stick was stolen by the man one who is cursed bythe priest. The Boy Started the Adventure To find that Golden Stickto avoid the death FEATURES: 51 Levels with fabulous real funstories Addictive Game play (More than 20 hours) Challenging logicpuzzles User-friendly tips for the players Explore differentpicturesque rooms and locations Next Level of Animation andGraphics Complete achievement challenges and earn rewards. Earnbonus rewards by solving mini-game puzzles Stuck in Game - Get Help- Any Suggestion about the game, please contact us through belowsocial media links. We are ready to help you... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Santa Christmas Escape - The Frozen Sleigh 4.2
HFG Hidden Fun Games brings you the best and latest collections ofpoint and click type Christmas & New Year celebration games forall the escape games lovers. Get ready for exciting Christmas andNew Year games this 2018 year to feel the fun with eliteexcitement. Game Story: The Frozen Sleigh lets you combine yourstrategic and puzzle-solving skills in a vibrant and colorfulChristmas themed fun guaranteed with filled of Santa & Bunny.It is based on three major game threads, each on a differentscenario and timeline. The adventurous first game lets you embark ajourney to find a 5th-century religious book untempered in itsoriginal form. You must hurry as powerful people are planning tohide it from the public forever. The Mystical second game puts youin the shoes of Tom, a super-human born to super-human parents. Youmust find why your parents went missing one day in a thrilling 'Godvs Earthling' storyline. In the emotionally driven third, you mustfind and bring back your grandmother, who left home after a quarrelwith your mom before New Year's Eve. Highlighted thing is suitablefor all age group so you can enjoy through playing this game andshare happiness with your family. Exciting 50 escape games waitingfor you to celebrate this Christmas 2017 and New Year 2018. In thisChristmas season, we hope you definitely try the new varieties ofcake and sweets. Same time you want to taste the new varieties of agame then try this 50 Levels of Santa & Bunny, it will givemore satisfaction and full fill your expectation. An addedadvantage we added a bunch of New Year celebration games also forour players. So it will more be addicting you and we give anassurance for giving tough challenge to your brain during thisfestival season. Especially children are more liking the Santa& Bunny. But we not made for only children it suitable for thewhole family. Once you completed these levels it will definitelyimprove your memory power. Are you ready to break this doors andlocks through this challenging escape journey? Features : -Unique135 riddling puzzles - Over 50 different strategicallocations. - Exquisite Game scenes - Fun for all ages and Genders -Fantastic Festival Celebration Floors & Rooms . - Real brainChallenge for a Master - High scores and Achievements Enabled -Earn daily gifts and rewards. - Alluring visuals in 2D Graphics -Extravaganza Game plays So tighten your buckles and hold on to yourreindeer to experience a seasonal Christmas escape-game like neverbefore. Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Room Escape Game - Dusky Moon 3.7
Dusky Moon is a point and click based escape game with interactivepuzzles and strategic game-play challenges, spread over threestory-lines. In the thrilling mystery first part of the game, youneed to step in and find a way to destroy the new King of Hell,before his arrogance destroys the balance of the universe. In theadventurous second part of the game, You must travel through theparallel realms of ghosts, witches and the unknowns in search ofyour friend Sam, who was abducted because of his supernaturalpowers. Find the secrets of these spectacular worlds while findingwho took your friend and what are their plans for him. You are on aresearch-expedition in this emotionally charged story. You mustfind the truth about a mysterious person, who lived and died withan iron mask on his face, in a prison, during the 18th century. Doyou wanna get into the real horror in escape games. Just play andfeel it. Game Features: More than 130 unique puzzles Three engagingstory-lines Over 50 levels of fantasy and adventurous game-playMade easily understandable for beginners Have challenginggame-plays for the pros Earn coins through daily gifts Challengeyourself by completing unique achievements. Check and compare yourprogress on the leader-board Stuck in Game - Get Help - AnySuggestion about the game, please contact us through below socialmedia links. We are ready to help you... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Escape Room Jail - Prison Island The Alcatraz 2.5
HFG Ena Game Studio released new point and click type escape gamewith two Prison Break Challenge. Using your brain and try to runaway from this prison. Game story: PRISON ISLAND-The Alcatraz: Thisgame is inspired from the famous prison Alcatraz. In this thrillerescape game, two prisoners are planning to escape from the darkAlcatraz jail located in a remote Island. In Prison escape 1-Marshall, the prisoner, tells about how he got arrested, and how heis planning to escape from the jail. In Prison escape 2- PrisonerHoffman tries to break out of the prison just like Marshal did. Inthis prison game, you get to play the role of the mastermindedprisoners to escape the Alcatraz, the world's secured prison. Thisis a perfect chance to prove your intelligence, and deductionskill. While escaping the jail, you will be fighting the trainedcops, and cunning fellow prisoners. Use all the resources you findfor way out , and try to escape from this prison. Can Marshall andHoffman escape the Alcatraz? Will they meet their families? Well...it's up to you! Get ready and prepared your escape plan Executeyour escape plan in step by step and prove your intelligence.Assume you are escape from the world most dangerous jail. Duringthis mission you should be careful because each move is very hardand challenge. An amazing adventure prison escape game waiting toentertain you. Solve the puzzles, identified the hidden objects andcollect the clues then trying to escape from the jail. Use yourintelligent skills and try to identifying the escape path. Breakout the prison then break the rules and discover the escape route.You need to build up your escaping tool in your cell first. You areexpert in playing prisoner games and jail game then try it once.New survival thrilling mission starts here and try to breakout eachand every doors, The game is filled with fun and the story conveyhow the criminal escape from the prison. The backgrounds are surelyconvey the real prison life. At the time of escape you have tocross lots of mystery room and run away. Game Features: * 30 breakout challenging levels. * Addictive Brain Power Increasing Jailbreak Game * Riddling mind bending puzzles * Fight with cops, findclues and solve puzzles * 4 hours of thrilling game play. * You'llneed to break locks, vigilant cops, disable the surveillancecameras. * Now do you believe that you can escape from Alcatraz? *One of the best Criminal escape game in this category.
Room Escape Mystery - Rivalry Tale Of Two Lives 3.7
HFG Hidden Fun Games released the new point and click type escapegames for all the game lovers. The game with two categories ofstory and 55 levels of a journey. Game Story: Beloved Queen -Tarrian, the king of Rosden Island, married a beautiful young womennamed Rachel Mericus. She wanted to visit Halmere, one of the mostattractive place on north side of the Crevor hills. When the coupleventured to spend some time near the cave something thrashedTarrian's head sending him to a sudden black-out. A masked manKidnapped Rachel. When Tarrian came to know about this he went onto find his beloved queen by facing many obstacles. Find out thereal history about the Crevor Kingdom by unlocking Each level.Rescue your queen and destroy the evil ruler of the Kingdom byfinding the Magical Arrow. Enmity - Feanor the King of Elves NationSearching for the young blood who can stand before his own death.Because his Ally Nation's king Renly Storm was captured by Orcs.King Mekhlon is the most powerful Orc in his kingdom. Finally,Feanor decided to sent Horace who can defeat Mekhlon and rescueRenly from their place. Horace disguised himself as an Orc to knowabout the Orc-Human War. Try to find the plans of Orc king Mekhlonby solving unique puzzles. Fight the enemies and rescue the HumanKing Renly. Game Features : 2 Different Stories in one Game. 55Stunning exit Levels. Feel the Story line in Each Chapter. UniqueFights. Solve more than 125 Puzzles Translated in 23 languages.Search for the Hidden Objects. Explore Astonishing Universe. FindClues in the locked rooms.
Room Escape Fantasy - Reverie 2.6
Hidden Fun Games released the new point and click type fantasy roomescape game for all the escape game addicts. Here we filled withclassical logical puzzles with lots of riddles. The amazing Dreamplay escape game full of baffles are waiting for you. Defy yourselfwith the wonderful fantasy world and logical puzzle. You have tosearch for vigorously to gather the inkling with which you canbreak the baffle. * Day dream takes you on incredible excitement invirtual reality. * Get ready to immerse yourself in new experience.* Defy yourself with the wonderful fantasy world & logicalpuzzle. You will never get bored up with this dream mystery escapegame as it has divergent levels and each level as different puzzleand themes. If you are a big fan of room escape games , don’thesitate to try our game! Very funny and relaxing! we promise tomake the most unforgettable game experience for you! You have tofind a way to escape from there by finding useful hidden objects,inkling and solve baffles, riddling puzzles. Use your skills togather the necessary items in the fantasy world to escape yourselffrom the riddles. We offer this game for all age group to enjoytheir free time with our fantasy world escape. Here we offer 130doors counts to escape so try to find the hidden keys then open thestrong lock and beat the mystery riddles through your brain power.GAME STORY: Story 1: Jim was constantly bullied at school from hisyounger days. He was also tortured by his step parents. Beinghelpless he always hides his feelings in his heart. The onlyconsolation for him is his stuffed teddy bear named as "REVERIE".One fine day REVERIE really comes to life taking Jim to his fantasyworld. Jim agrees to enter the fantasy world on one condition, 'Tomeet his dead parents'. The joy, sorrow, friendship and a lot ofemotions that JIM and REVERIE faces in the fantasy land of"Hamicorn" is the short context of the story. Story 2: BelovedQueen - Tarrian, the king of Rosden Island, married a beautifulyoung women named Rachel Mericus. She wanted to visit Halmere, oneof the most attractive place on north side of the Crevor hills.When the couple ventured to spend some time near the cave somethingthrashed Tarrian's head sending him to a sudden black-out. A maskedman Kidnapped Rachel. Tarrian went on to find his beloved queen byfacing many obstacles and bring her back. Story 3: Enmity - Feanorthe King of Elves Nation Searching for the young blood who canstand before his own death. Because his Ally Nation's king RenlyStorm was captured by Orcs. King Mekhlon is the most powerful Orcin his kingdom. Finally, Feanor decided to sent Horace who candefeat Mekhlon and rescue Renly from their place. Horace disguisedhimself as an Orc to know about the Orc-Human War. Story 4: EuanDermont Invented a portal device which will help us to travel fromone place to another. The Worldwide Automobile Association foundabout this and wanted to stop him. They appoint a spy named Scottto gather the required information along with a tiny robot Nova.Euan project was banned and as a revenge Euan fix a portal devicewhich makes Scott along with his son and Nova to be trapped inAndromeda Galaxy. How Scott survives and make an escape plan fromthe Galaxy makes the exciting part of the story. FEATURES: * 130Challenging levels * Riddling Puzzles are waiting * Amazinggraphics and game play. * Easy to play fun games. * FamilyEntertainer suitable for all ages. * Having step by step hintfacility * Unique four different stories.