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101 Free New Escape Room Game - Mystery Adventure 17.7
101 Free New Room Escape Games is a collection of new games invarious genres. After playing all these games, surely you will havethe feel of escaping in reality. The games are full of logicpuzzles and make an exit room challenge to your brain. butdefinitely, you feel it's not an easy thing that kind ofexperiences gives at the time of play. The game is one of the bestin this locked room category that covers all genre from Roomescapes, horror,scary, fantasy, adventurous, indoor, outdoor and soon. You might have read out great escapes from books, novels andalso have watched in movies. But you could gain the real excitingmysterious journey experience once you play these "New escapegames". HFG Hidden Fun Games brings you this point and click typelatest games especially for the escape games lovers. All the 202games are one of the popular in 2019 escape games category. Eachgames having thrilling twist and multiple doors to exit. Once youenter the room exit is not an easy thing, so you have to assign ahuge challenge to your brain and try to escape from each lockedroom. Here we created with logic puzzle games concept and entertainall age groups. The riddling puzzles are mind-blowing, and not aneasy to solve without increasing your brain memory power. Be readyby using your intelligence find the hidden objects, try to breakthe doors, and locks by using a key. Once you play this mysterygame definitely feel the difference from other games. All timefamous game with crossed over a million players. The full journeyis more adventurous having lots of mission and riddles. Are yousearching for new escape room near you then this the right choicefor you. Can you escape from all the 202 rooms? Fun Brain Teaserand definitely test your intelligence, memory power, observationskills. FEATURES: 202 adventure mystery levels Tricky unblockedChallenging Puzzles. Endless doors, rooms, and floors Incrediblegraphics and music. Addictive easy Brain Teaser (100 hours) AmazingLogic with hidden objects. Explore different themes and roomsPolished different animation. Stuck in Game - Get Help - AnySuggestion about the game, please contact us through below socialmedia links. We are ready to help you... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Can You Escape this 151+101 Games - Free New 2020 15.5
Can you escape this 151+101 Games is a bang of 151+101 games ofvarious themes? All these 151+101 games are the complete pack ofvarious genres covering "room escapes, outdoor escapes, bankrobbery escapes, Train station escapes, castle escapes, Tunnelescapes, Adventurous Treasures, Indoor traps, escape frommysterious places and so on. As the genres vary, the correspondinglocations also vary accordingly to meet the demands andexpectations of the players. All the games in this 151+101 bestmini escape games will definitely test your brainstorming. Thefantasy games available here are the very best room escape games,that will make you the real feel as if you are inside the fantasyworld and trying to escape from it. HFG Hidden Fun Games brings youthis point and click type latest new escape games especially forthe classic escape games lovers. FEATURES: Challenging 151+101Games Waiting Picturesque Locations. Riddling Puzzles. AddictiveGameplay (75 hours). Polished animation. Free coins are given dailyRealistic graphics. Stuck in Game - Get Help - Any Suggestion aboutthe game, please contact us through below social media links. Weare ready to help you... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Criminal Files Investigation - Special Squad 4.5
This season, engage in mysteries of crime cases in the city, in oneof the best role-playing point and click type room-escape game in astory-driven narrative and it's developed and released by HFGHidden Fun Games. Are you ready to solve the criminal cases? GAMESTORY Special Squad – Crime Mysteries is a detective story. Mr.Ervin is the lead secret agent in a special squad. The governmentappointed top five unidentifiable cases to Mr. Ervin. You are anassistant to him. The reason for the death of sprinter, rescuingthe agent, murder of a female victim, untraceable case of ManagingDirector and reveal the reason for the death of your colleague. Thegame is totally in the latest form of room escape game and filledwith tricky challenging puzzles. Lot's of thrilling twistthroughout this full journey. During this journey, you have to findclues and suspect through your detective skills. Escape games arefully filled with crime and investigation stories and having manythrilling rooms waiting to escape. But they are easy to play andgive more challenge to you. Various location waiting for yourinvestigation. Try to find out the hidden clues, solve somepuzzles, unlock a few rooms through your intelligence. If you aresearching a best investigation based escape game then this one isthe right choice. Are you ready to face the challenge of escape andsolving the mysteries? GAME FEATURES 101 Brain Challenging LevelsMore than 250 logical puzzles to challenge. Gameplay consists ofmore than 30 Hours Examine clues & analyze evidence Bring thekiller to justice. Challenge yourself with mini-game puzzles andachievements to earn extra coins. Stuck in Game - Get Help - AnySuggestion about the game, please contact us through below socialmedia links. We are ready to help you... Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google +:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Santa's Homecoming Escape - New Year 2020 2.1
FANTASTIC POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE ESCAPE GAME FROM HFG HIDDEN FUNGAMES FOR ALL THE ESCAPE GAME LOVERS The whole world is celebratingChristmas without the presence of Santa Claus for the past 100years. What really happened to him? What's the mystery behind hissudden disappearance? Join hands with 'Steve' in this adventurousrescue mission by time traveling from past to the future. Timetravel to the past and mark yourself in history. Enjoy thisChristmas with our most exciting point and click escape game. Thisgame specially made for all age groups and combined with much morechallenging puzzles. In this festive season, you will take a funchallenge with your family members by playing this game. Enjoy thisSanta Party with 40 brain challenging levels. Colorful hand painteddecorative Christmas and New Year designs. Kids are most liked thisjourney and try to prove the brain power. SPECIAL FEATURES: Embarkon a grand journey against all odds to save your father! 80 trickyand challenging puzzles Exotic more than 40 locations with engaging40 levels 10 intriguing characters with exciting game plots A timemachine – change the history to your will Enjoy the futuristiclocations Nostalgic moments with Leonardo Da vinci High-end,immersive gameplay, optimized for tablets and phones!
Room Escape Game 2020 - Sinister Tales 2.5
SINISTER TALES - It is an epic combo of point and click type threeunique stories escape game that will pick your brain and test yourintelligence. Fight Asura, Destroy the evil puppeteer, and Win aprankster party this Halloween that, we assure, won't be an easytask. RISE OF ASURA - A kid who belongs to a family that worshipsTammuz is kidnapped by Asura. It's a sentimental, and thrilling faraway journey of his father who fights Asura with the help of Tammuzto get back his child. RAGE OF EVIL PUPPETS- An innocent baby girlis captured and turned into a puppet by an evil puppeteer who seeksdark power. PRANKSTER PARTY - It is a wicked tale of a group ofteenagers that plans a huge prank on Halloween that turns out to bea difficult journey. This is an epic journey of a father who fightsthe dark power to get back his daughter. Halloween room escape backto you! This time we have prepared 45 different locations - allstuffed with high-end puzzles, amazing graphics, mind-blowingriddles and much more! This game is suitable for kids, girls andall genders The game completely filled with scary themes and kiddygames combination. Find hidden objects, solve some puzzles throughplaying this mystery adventure Halloween party. If you love puzzlegames, you will not miss such a wonderful challenge. Let youconstantly observe, judge, calculate, until escape When you areconfused, hints help you to escape Game features: Best Room Gameswith 45 Levels Variety of 3 Different Stories More than 50 PuzzlesUnlimited Free Hints Localized in 21 major languages Best BrainChallenge Fun Game
Brain Games Mind IQ Test - Trivia Quiz Memory 1.9
HFG Entertainments released the new brain game for all the gameaddicts. Do you want to have fun playing games as well as sharpenyour mind and intellectual skills ?? Kill your time and sharp yourmind smarter and cooler than ever before. Challenge yourselfaddictive puzzle and enhance your knowledge. Sharpen your brain andtest your memory power, mathematical skill ability, concentration.Level by level Increase your mind active, sharpen and increasesyour thinking ability. Delight mind stimulating games but testsyour logical reasoning. It is fully free offline game so that youplay at your leisure time Mind games used to check your numericalreasoning ability and IQ test your mastermind knowledge. Bang–upyour mind with different kind of features to prove that you are abrainiac person. Its addictive free fun that improves your thinkingknowledge, enhances your reasoning ability, and finds thedifference between pair picture. Follow the pattern solve thelogical reasoning and improve attention to your mind. Aftercompleting each level you get rewards and share options and enjoythe fun math riddles It is suitable for all ages and reflexes yourmind and knowledge, and exercise your brain. Now we release thefirst 100 levels and much more levels are coming soon. Download thegame and start having fun. Features : 100 Brain Sharpening LevelsCompletely Free Fully Offline – No Internet Required Suitable forall age group. Test your skills innovative and creative brain gamesSimple and logical reasoning that test your IQ Unlimited Free GiftsDrain your mind everyday Easy and simple control Easy Addictivegame play More Levels to be added soon. Initiative User interface