Rogue Life 1.8.9
Rogue Life (Free to Play!)The ultimate crossover game is finallyhere!Embark on a unique and exciting adventure where you shootmonsters while you evade a barrage of bullets, projectiles andmissiles. Can you survive until the end?Put your dodging skills tothe test in this never-before-seen shooter x RPG crossover!Mix andmatch costumes to style your characters! Like ‘em cute? Like ‘emheroic? Like ‘em tough? It’s all up to you!Live the Rogue Life bychopping wood, mining, studying, planting, baking and more! Workyour characters hard, till they drop!Features:▶Easy to play andaction-packed!▶Defeat monsters and bosses in various single playermodes▶Real life simulation in your squad home – collect upgradematerials by working your squad members to the bone!▶Recruitdifferent characters▶Over 300 costumes – customize characters tosuit your style▶Exciting PvP battles – 3 vs 3 on the battlefield,max 12 members per team▶Tons of stages, quests and modes – there’sso much content to enjoy!▶Level up your characters from wanderersto elite rogues!Story:Once upon a time, brave warriors fought anddefeated the Demon King. The world finally embraced an era ofpeace.The age of tranquility continued for a long time that peoplehave forgotten what it’s like to be in danger. One day, monsterssuddenly wreak havoc and the world is once again thrown into chaos.So the brave warriors have gathered to begin their adventure inbringing back the peace that was lost.
Man or Vampire 1.5.0
Paradise: a mysterious world where dead souls gathers. Now that theend of the paradise is imminent because of the vampires who wereruling the frontiers, only the king of the paradise can save itfrom the crisis. Now, an adventure is to become the king of theparadise begins. [Game Features] ● Strategic Combat Your owncreative strategic battle by using the terrains in turn-basedbattles. The battles are carried out in a party-play basis, and theaspects of the battle will change depending on the positions andterrains of the party that you have configured. In addition, skillsof your companions are the main factor that affects in the battle.● Suspicious Dungeon Progress Man or Vampire contains variousdungeons that are created randomly. Map exploration is essential inorder to escape a dungeon. Beware of the dungeon boss, that appearsout of nowhere and threaten you from escaping. Don’t worry, itemsand equipment will help you progress throughout the dungeon. ●Recruit Companions with Various Skills Recruit your companions whowill go on an adventure with you. Different in skills and classesthat create uniqueness from each character. You can train yourcompanions to become stronger through various contents that includeaffinity, monster element, party research, etc. ● Develop MainCharacter Grow your Champion. Our main character is special, thatstates as both human and vampire. You can change job whenever youwant, and learn advanced skills from your companions. You can enjoythe game in various ways depending on how you utilize your maincharacter. #Top10: Google Indie Game Festival 2017 #Invited to: MWUFestival 2017 #Ranked 2: Game Creation Audition 2017 Thank you fromthe bottom of our hearts to everyone who loves Man or Vampire! Yourprecious reviews help us to develop the game. Email:[email protected] [Access Permissions Guide] ● Mandatory AccessPermissions Guide [Storage Space Permission (Required)] - Thispermission is needed to install the game and save the game data.[Audio and Camera Access (Required)] - This permission is necessaryto use the game recording & image attachment features in theNaver Cafe function. # How to revoke access - OS 6.0 or later:Settings> Application Manager> Select app> Permissions> Revoke Access Permissions - Below O.S 6.0: Cannot revokeaccess permissions, so you have to delete the app altogether torevoke access.