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Orbit - Playing with Gravity
★ Winner of Google Play Indie Games Festival2016 ★ORBIT is a gravity simulator at the heart of a puzzle game. Launchplanets with a flick of your finger, and try to get them intostable orbits around black holes.Can you make enough orbits to progress to the next level?New: ORBIT now features a Sandbox (premium) where you can createyour own levels! Control time, disable collisions, and paint withgravity. Publish your creations to the world for everyone toplay.• 45 free levels, with new mechanics are introduced over time —like repulsive black holes and planets with their own gravity thatattract each other• Play community-created levels — virtually limitless content madeby other players, all completely free• Launch as many planets as you like, and watch the mesmerizingorbital mechanics unfold• Planets leave colored traces, so that at the end of a level youwill have created a beautiful piece of art• See the future trajectory of a planet before you launch it• Play in an environment of smooth, minimalist graphics whilelistening to relaxing classical pianoFollow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/highkeygamesFollow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/highkeygamesNote: Upon launch, the game requests permission to access files onthe device. This is an optional permission to enable the feature ofsharing videos of gameplay (via Everyplay).
Sound Sky — Keep Calm, Drum On 1.7.3
★ Are you a music enthusiast that wants a uniquely immersivemusicalexperience? ★ Are you looking for a meditative game thateases youwith its relaxing soundtrack? ★ Or are you just lookingto expandyour toolbox on a percussion instrument with this game’suniquefinger drumming experience? Sound Sky — a revolutionaryindie gamefor all music lovers! Feel like a star playingmeditativesoundtracks with chill vibes, relaxing while becoming amaster ofrhythm! If you’ve always wanted to pick up an instrument— whetherit’s guitar or piano or an EDM producer’s drum pad —Sound Sky is amust-play. Whether you’re a star at listening tomusic in the gym oralready a percussion hero in your rock band,you’ll learn and masteran inner sense of tempo and rhythm as youlet the notes graduallyfade away, and calmly drum with yourinstincts. ♫ Over 50 levels,each with it’s own original,meditative soundtrack at various temposwith a rainbow of vibes. ♫The chillest unique songs you’ll everfind in a free music game —that’s a guarantee! ♫ Revolutionary gameplay! You won’t just beplaying along with the beat; you’ll beplaying it like a star! Allwhile you lose yourself to the relaxingsoundtrack and mesmerizingvisuals; meditation at its finest. ♫Accurate scoring! Do you playan instrument and pride yourself onyour tempo and timing? Validateit with Sound Sky! Challenge yourband-mates to discover who’s thereal rhythm hero! ♫ Explore theSound Sky universe! We’ve seeded itwith 50+ planets with unique,instrumental songs, with more musicon the way! Find yourself lostamong the planets of Sound Sky asyou tune your sense of rhythm. ♫For the most immersive audiovisualexperience, make sure to useheadphones! Start your journey as acosmonaut and a musician now!Keep calm, and drum on. Follow us onTwitter:https://twitter.com/highkeygames Follow us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/highkeygames