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Age Calculator 3.0
Age Calculator : Know How old are you?Find your age in years,minutes and hours.Next Birthday Calculator: How many days are leftfor next birthday, upcoming friend's birthdays.This handy toolanswers “How Old Am I?”.Just input your date of birth (DOB) andfind your age.You can save your friends and relatives birthdayswith this tool.You will be notified on your friend's or any of yourdear one's birthday.
Tiny Make Line 1.0
Make a vertical line by simply touch thescreen when the dancing cell on each row meets together in 30secs.
HIOXINDIA.com Mobile App 3.0
HIOX INDIA Mobile App using which customers ofhioxindia.com can access their account details, get renewalnotifications, search for new domain and place orders for newdomain registration and web hosting.
Tufing : Share and Enjoy 1.6
Tufing app is where you can view and share entertaining, hot sharesfrom around the world. This is brought to you by Tufing.com of HIOX
RBC Distribution Width Calci 1.1
The Red Blood Cell Distribution Width (RDW) Calculator is tomeasure of the variation of red blood cell (RBC) width that isreported as part of a standard complete blood count.
Activity Points Calculator 2.2
Online health calculator which helps tocalculate the daily activity points of weight watchers (ww).
Pre-Diabetes Mellitus Criteria 1.1
This online medical calculator is used to calculate thePre-Diabetes Mellitus Criteria (ADA)
FiO2 Estimation Calculator 2.3
FiO2 Estimation Calculator is used to (FiO2) fraction of inspiredoxygen in a gas mixture.
Bruce Protocol Stress Calci 2.2
The bruce test is the commonly used treadmill exercise stress test. Vo2 Max Calculator tests the athlete's health in terms ofcardiovascular fitness and resistance levels. Treadmill Stress Testis calculated based on the principle of Bruce protocol. BruceProtocol Treadmill Stress Test is used to monitor the developmentof the athlete's general endurance.
Glomerulonephritis Calculator 2.2
Glomerulonephritis calculator to calculate the presence of acutechronic renal disease.Renal failure is caused by inflammation ofglomerular and this calculation is done based on the Urine Sodium,Serum Creatinine and Urine Creatinine.Glomerulonephritis RenalFailure calculator provides you the renal failure index, which isessential to take preventive measures.
Body Shape Calculator 2.4
Use this online body shape calculator to find what type of body(straight, pear, spoon, hourglass, top hourglass, invertedtriangle, oval, diamond) you have.
BISAP Calculator 2.3
BISAP - stands for Bedside Index of Severity in Acute Pancreatitis.The BISAP score helps you find the mortality risk due toPancreatitis in your body. BISAP score calculator predicts patientsrisk of increased mortality within 24 hours of severe pancreatitis.Determine Pancreatitis Score BISAP by entering your blood ureanitrogen, impaired mental status, evidence of SIRS (systemicinflammatory response syndrome), pleural effusion and age usingthis medical calculator.
Fluid Resuscitation Calculator 1.2
Burn, Trauma Fluid Resuscitation Calculator is used to estimate thefluid resuscitation in burns and trauma based on the slater'sestimate. 
com.hiox.FoodRecieCaliecounterANutriCalcul 2.2
Do you know how many calories are present in your favorite dish?Online Recipe Calorie and Nutrition Calculator helps you to knowhow much calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats present in yourfavorite food recipes. Enter your favorite recipe in this FoodRecipe Calorie Counter to know the nutritional content of yourrecipe.
Hemodialysis PCR Calculator 2.2
Protein Catabolic Rate Calculator is used to find protein catabolicrate for patients suffering from kidney failure and undergoingdialysis.
Cardiac Output Calculator 2.3
Cardiac output calculator helps to find the volume of blood pumpedby heart.Fick cardiac output calculator calculates the volume ofblood pumped based on Hgb, SaO2, SvO2 and BSAM2.This cardiac outputcalculator will be a useful tool to know the cardiac output in asimple manner.Cardiac output calculator stroke volume: Blood pumpedby heart can be found by stroke volume or blood plumped by leftventricle.Cardiac output calculator echo: Cardiac output can befound using echo across any structure.
Blood Sugar/Glucose Converter 2.4
Blood Sugar Glucose Converter to convert blood glucose level inmg/dL to mmol/L Blood sugar levels and concentration of glucose inthe blood are usually measured in mg/dL and mmol/L. Blood glucoselevel conversion is done based on mg/dL (Milligrams per 100millilitres). Blood Sugar Glucose Converter for Diabetes : 1 mg/dL= 1/18.15 mmol/L (i.e) 0.055 mmol/L (Millimoles per litre).
Blood Sugar Converter Calci 2.3
Blood sugar converter that converts glucose level from mg/dL tommol/L units.Blood sugar unit converter is essential for diabetespatients to monitor their blood glucose level.mg/dl to mmol/Lconverter is used in medicine for measuring concentration ofsubstances in the blood in different units.
Creatinine Clearance Calci 2.2
Creatinine Clearance Calculator is used to calculate the CrCl perminute by entering the weight, age and serum creatinine.
Bicarbonate Deficits Calci 2.5
Bicarbonate Deficits Calculator to calculate HCO3 deficits inpatients with metabolic acidosis. The HCO3 deficiency is caused byexcessive organic or inorganic acids in the body. Enter yourweight, desired and actual HCO3 to calculate your HCO3 using thismedical calculator. mEq/L bicarbonate helps to prevent blood fromacidic. Make use of this bicarbonate deficiency calculator todetermine your total body HCO3 deficiency.
Anion Gap Calculator 2.4
Anion Gap Calculator : Measure anion gap using the Na, Cl and HCO3.It is used to treat acidosis, a condition occurring when there istoo much of acid in blood.
GFR Calculator 1.1
Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) can be calculated by measuring anychemical that has a steady level in the blood, and is freelyfiltered but neither reabsorbed nor secreted by the kidneys
Caffeine Calculator 1.2
Caffeine calculator helps you to find your daily caffeine intake.This tool acts as an effective caffeine informer to plan youreveryday caffeine intake. Over consumption of caffeine can bedangerous to your health, this application will help to figure outhow much will kill you.
Aldrete Score Calculator 2.2
Aldrete Score Calculator : Medical Post Anesthesia Recovery ScoreCalculationAldrete Score Calculator is used to calculate therecovery score of anesthesia patient for discharge availability.
ASA Classification Calculator 2.2
ASA Classification Calculator - Assess the physical fitness statusof a patient before a surgery.ASA stands for American Society ofAnesthesiologists. This simple ASA Physical Classification Systemandroid app is useful for medical analysts to assess if the patientshould have a surgery or not.
WW Points Plus Calculator 3.4
Calculate the daily weight watchers (ww)points using the new pointsplus formula which takes into accountthe nutritional value rather than just its caloric value.
HardyWeinberg Equilibrium Calc 1.1
In this calculator, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium can be used tocalculate the expected common homozygotes, expected heterozygotes,expected rare homozygotes and the frequency range of the 2 (p andq) alleles from the observed genotypes.
Pregnancy Diabetes Calculator 2.2
Online health diet calculator, which helps women to calculate theBMI, IBW, ABW, BMR, Weight Gain, Calories needed during pregnancyperiod.
ARF Index Calculator 2.2
ARF Index calculator to calculate Renal Kidney Failure Index.RenalKidney Failure Index calculator for acute tubular necrosisevaluates the prerenal cause of acute renal failure.This healthtool determines the RFI value in patients who are suspect of acutekidney failure due to acute tubular necrosis.Estimate Renal KidneyFailure Index from Urine Sodium, Serum Creatinine and UrineCreatinine.
Blood Alcohol Content Calci 2.2
Blood alcohol calculator estimates how much alcohol you haveconsumed?This BAC calculator let you know the amount of alcohollevel you have drunk in a specific time.Estimate your blood alcoholconcentration (BAC) using this Blood alcohol content calculator,and know how much you are intoxicated.Note : The resulted BAC valueis only an estimate because, the value depends on the followingfactors ( body type, age, sex, if you’ve taken any medication, howmuch food you’ve had to eat, etc)
ABPI Calculator 2.2
A very useful tool to predict the severity of peripheral arterialdisease(PAD) in patients.The ABPI (Ankle Brachial Pressure Index)Calculator helps to know who is at risk of heart attack andstroke.The blockage of blood flow in arm can be predicted fromankle brachial pressure index test.This ABPI calculator answersyour question of " Am I at risk of Heart attack"
Urine Protein Excretion Calc 1.1
This calculator estimates the excretion of amount of proteins inthe urine in 1 day.
VO2 Max Calculator 2.1
Oxygen Consumption calculator to estimate the maximum capacity ofthe body to transport and utilize during incremental exercise
Live Cricket Score @ CricRuns 1.4
Fastest live cricket updates on your mobile from cricruns.com Appalso provides options to get wicket alert.
Blood Volume Calculator 2.2
Blood Volume Calculator to estimate normal blood volume in male andfemale. Blood volume in male and female calculation is done basedon Nadler method. This method finds the average amount of male andfemale blood volume in litres. Body Blood Volume Calculator : Todetermine the calculation, you will need your height in inches orcentimeter and weight in kg or lb. Calculate total blood in humanbody in litres by entering patient’s gender, height and weight.This calculation answers your question of “How to calculate bloodvolume in human body”
Parkland Formula Calculator 2.2
The Parkland formula is used for fluid replacement of burn injuriesfor the first 24 hours.
Alveolar Gas Equation Calc 2.1
Alveolar Gas Equation Calculator to find PAO2 in mmHg.Find thepartial pressure of oxygen in the alveoli using this Alveolar GasEquation PAO2.Partial pressure of oxygen in alveoli relates thealveolar concentration of oxygen FAO2, Pressure of CO2 (PaCO2),Atmospheric pressure (Patm), Vapor pressure (PH2O) and RespiratoryExchange Ratio (RQ).Pao2 alveolar gas equation in this calculatoris given for your own personal use and is to be used as a guideonly. Medical and other decisions should not be taken based on theresults of this calculator.
Target Pulse Rate Calculator 1.1
Target pulse Rate/ Heart Beat Calculator calculates a very closeapproximation of a targetted maximum heart beat to be monitoredduring exercise.
APGAR Score Calculator 2.2
APGAR score calculator for newborn child care is a simple onlinetool for determining APGAR score.This pediatric calculatorcalculates APGAR score by adding points for appearance, pulse rate,grimace, activity, and respiration of newborn.This medicalcalculator provides APGAR score of a child ranging from 0 to 10.
Child Pediatric Dosage Calculi 1.2
Child pediatric dosage calculator is used to calculate child'spediatric dose level by using the Clark's rule . This pediatricdose calculator provides you the allowed dosage level based on theage of the children and the allowed level for the adults. Enteryour child’s age, average adult dose for the estimation ofpediatric drug dose.
Astrand Cycle Fitness Calci 2.4
Astrand Cycle Fitness Test Calculator : Estimate Vo2 and Vo2 Max.Astrand test calculator app to predict estimated VO2 and Vo2 Max asa result of Astrand-Rhyming Submaximal Cycle Ergometer Test.
Dextrose IV Fluid Calculator 1.2
Dextrose IV Fluid Calculator to estimate the dextrose IV(Intravenous) fluid target concentration. Calculate DextroseIntravenous Target Concentration from solutions such as D50, D70,D25, D10, D5 and H2O. Dextrose intravenous infusion is calculatedfor both Dextrose solution and concentration (cc).
Tiny Eye Color 2.0
A simple game to test your Brain. Brain processes the colors andwords in different region and here you will have to pick the colorspainted on the words and not the words..
Aortic Valve Area Calculator 2.2
Aortic Valve Area Calculator to find the area of the aortic valveof heart using continuity equation.AVA calculator is used topredict the severity of the Aortic stenosis (AS) in patients.Aorticvalve area is calculated using the principle of conservation ofmass — "What comes in must go out".Find the stroke volume (SV),cross sectional (CSA) and AVA by entering the left ventricularoutflow tract (LVOT), velocity time integral (VTI)
Incidence Rate of Disease Calc 1.0
Calculate incidence rate of disease based on total number of newcases of specific disease and total population at risk using thisonline calculator.
Metabolic Acidosis Calculator 1.1
Metabolic Acidosis Calculator is used to calculate the AcidosisCompensation in the kidney
Blood Type Calculator 2.3
Blood Type Calculator to fnd out the blood group of a child fromthat of the parents. Blood Type Child Parental Calculator : Thecombination of mother and father blood group results you with theblood type of the child. Determine the baby blood group fromparents such as combination of ABO and Rhesus blood group usingthis blood type calculator.
ETT Size Estimation Calculator 1.1
Endotracheal Tube (ETT) calculator is used to estimate the size ofthe endotracheal tube based on the patient's age by selecting thedosage.
Pregnancy Due Date Calculator 2.1
Want to find out when your baby is due? Use our online PregnancyDue Date Calculator.Pregnancy Calculator: Find baby's expected dateof delivery(EDD) by entering your last menstural date and averagedays of period per cycle.Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD)Calculator will tell you when you can expect to meet your baby!Findpregnancy conception date and EDD using this due date calculator.