Piffle 3.400.18332
Discover Piffle a cute arcade puzzle game full of adorablecharacters and...cats! Put your cat onesie on, quest throughcolorful worlds, stop the nefarious Doc Block and craft adorablePiffle balls to collect. 🎮 How to play? 🎮 - Swipe or point withyour finger to aim - Choose the best possible angle to shoot -Release to bounce around and break all the blocks 🏆 How to win? 🏆 -Bounce as many times as possible to make combos and achieve highscores - Collect items, Piffle balls and use power ups to boostyour results - Use your strategic wit to beat your friends! ❤️ Whyyou’ll love Piffle? ❤️ Easy! - Play for free in the most endearingand colorful mobile game - Discover fun filled worlds with hundredsof levels to adventure through - Play whenever you want and at yourown pace - Challenge your friends at any time 😻 Anything else? 😻 -Yes! You can craft and collect adorable fluffy Piffle balls
Sling Smashing 1.0
Sling and smash your enemies in a unique new dungeon crawler!Throwyourself into this adventure full of tricky traps andmeanmonsters. Unlock new powerful weapons and cute but bravecharactersto sling your way up to victory! How far will yousling?!?Features: - Unique sling attack gameplay - Dozens ofcharacters andweapons to collect! - Goblins and Wizards await inthe darkness -Multiples themes to travel through - Casual arcadefun -Competitive leaderboard