Demon Hunter:The Adventurers 1.5.75
“Demon Hunter: The Adventurers” (DH)is a 3Dglobal adventure action RPG mobile game. With the splendid 3Dgraphics, it offers you a visually stunning experience. At the sametime, you can hunt around the world and find the truth behind themystery with your friends, let’s GO!DH (Demon Hunter: The Adventurers) is available in most countriesof Southeast Asia, mobile game will offer 2 languages that includesEnglish, Simplified Chinese, and Thai will be coming soon. Callyour friends and adventure with us!*Customer service:*Get news timely on Facebook:*Watch DH Anime on YouTube:*Follow us on Instagram: Hunter features1. A top-class adventure RPG mobile game with 3D graphics.2.Fall in love with Demon Hunter's special effects and abundantgameplays.3.Collect hunters as your allies, call your friends and goadventure around the world.4. Practice shooting skills in different modes: Vehicle, Arena, andBermuda.5.Get more treasures by global adventure and unlock thesecret.6.Prove your worth in the PvP Arena and reach the top rank.7. Explore the mysteries in anime with the same time while playingmobile game.*Team Up Your Recruit HuntersThe most important thing in DH(Demon Hunter) is to create your ownteam on mobile, lead your hunters to explore your adventure map tothe world wonders’. Don’t forget to collect hunter fragments toupgrade your team, it may help you get more treasures, vehicle willalso make your hunter team bigger and stronger. The moreadventures, the more treasures you will get.*Hunt Around the WorldDo you want to adventure all over the world? There is a good chanceto achieve it. You can explore the mysteries of Egypt, America, andEurope in DH. The vehicle mode can help you easily reach everystage to adventure, we have prepared hundreds of stages and mapsfor you, devote to let each of your global adventure have a newexperiences!*Survive from the ArenaThis is a 3D action RPG mobile game with various gameplay, you’dbetter make your hunter team powerful as soon as possible, in orderto survive from the arena. Clash with enemy in PVP battles andbecome the king of arena, it is an important way to get diamonds,materials, weapons and treasures. Let’s go adventure now!*Unravel More Mysteries in AnimeGood news! The anime of the same name has already released in ourofficial YouTube channel. The fantastic plots will present you thebackground of Demon Hunter. Now all hunters can watch the animewhile playing mobile game. The anime will be updated every Friday.Remember to subscribe for the new updates: RecommendedCPU: Coretex A9+, 1.5 GHz dual-coreGPU: Adreno320/powerVRSGX540/mali 400MP+Memory:1G+
King of Warship: 10v10 Naval Battle 4.3.0
King of Warship (KOW) is the first 4D TPS naval battle game, freeto play now! Come and download to experience the most thrillingnaval battles. The Yamato sets sail, ready to battle now!   Tips:Remember to open the background music to enjoy the grand symphony!Invite your friends and go smash other countries!   ❖ New Warship:Yamato The most powerful warship in history ——Yamato participatesin the battle. More than 200 warships in the game will meet thestrongest opponent in history.    ❖ New Mode: Battle MOBA In thisgameplay, the player has three shore defense turrets in threelines. In this battle, players will break the enemies and guardthese turrets to the end to get the final victory!   ❖NewCommanders: Kuznetsov & Mahan Kuznetsov is a commander withcapability of anti-submarine. It will be greatly enhanced theplayer's anti-submarine ability and improve the player's combatability in facing of the submarine in battle. Mahan is arecommended commander for novice. The novice can get him for FREEand helps them to greatly improve and familiar with the rhythm ofthe new game in the early stage. In addition, he will help you topass more levels in the campaign mode and get more rewards toenhance your strength.   ❖Aircraft Carrier Landing King of Warship(KOW) combines shooting and naval battle perfectly, now aircraftcarrier is available, get stronger by using it, control yourwarship to shoot the enemies from all over the world! Moreover,also can learn strategy with global friends, the high quality 3Dgraphics will give you best experience.   ❖10v10 Real-time NavalBattle, Challenge Global Players In King of Warship (KOW), you canmake global friends and become allies. Up to 10 VS 10 naval battle,learn to cooperate with each other and win with strategy. Thepowerful social system will make your communication without lag!  ❖A Variety of Warships and Modes There are hundreds of warships arewaiting for you, you can drive the famous Bismarck, Admiral Hipper,Tashkent, HMS HOOD, experience different kind of cruiser,destroyers, even submarine! Variety game modes will satisfy yourdifferent fun!   ❖1:1 Copy History Warship Are you a military fan?Have you ever thought that one day you can be a captain of worldfamous warship? KOW can help you to achieve it! 1:1 copy historywarship, let you feel the real sea, enjoy real wave, aurora andmeteor. Find your own Bismarck now!   ❖Create Your ExclusiveWarship In KOW, you can collect warship fragments, choose &upgrade units, you can even build your own warship for free bylearning cutting edge technology, customize your warships withpowerful weapons and armors! Paint system allows you decorate yourwarship with national flags or other colors, I'm sure you willenjoy the fun of creating very much.   ❖Game Features❖ - Perfectcombination of shooting & naval battles - 10v10 Real-timeBattle, challenge global players - Hundreds of Warships, thousandsof strategies - High quality 3D graphics & smaller app size -Fast paced naval battles with famous historical warships -Customize your warships with powerful weapons and armors -Immersive Experience & Grand symphony background music  ======================== ❖Contact us❖ Follow us on Facebook: Official YouTube Channel: CustomerService Email:
街篮Street Basketball - Youth Dream 4.2.0
# Now, it’s our good time!🏀🏀🏀 Do you remember the young boy withred hair from DUNK? Do you remember the guy who was not giving upon his dream and kneeling on the floor and saying, "Coach, I wantto play basketball!" Time flies, do you still remember them?  「Street Basketball」game make you DREAM COMES TRUE!  ---------------------------- CONTACT: Official Website: Facebook: Customer Service Customer Hotline (Service Hours AM09:00-PM 21:00): Taiwan:02-2219-0701 -----------------------------  -Play fast-paced, Fight for MVP in 3 Mins Iconic 3V3 gameplaybasketball game, quick match in 2 secs and grab the MVP in a 3 minsmatch. You can just play a round of Street Basketball with yourfriends anytime and anywhere as you wish. Championship Mode, LadderMode, Career Mode, and Competed Mode to Enjoy the real freestylebasketball, you are the next MVP!   -Training & upgrade yourplayers, Unlock Real Sport Career Build club and create your owndynasty. Have you ever dreamed to be one of the champion team inNBA? Playing like an all-star? Yes you do, and, you can realizeyour "fantasy" in Street Basketball now. Hire best players andbuild star club to create legends!   -Immerse in Hip Hop, BeUnique, Rule the Court Basketball on mobile has never looked thisfreestyle: fantastic court, trendy fashions, rhythmic BGM, sexygirls! You can find it all in Street Basketball. Nothing is coolerthan playing freestyle basketball game with Hip Hop music.   -ShowSkills in Freestyle Streetball Show your freestyle skills in StreetBasketball. Activate your hip hop soul and equip yourself withcountless skills, Drop Step, Fancy Crossover, Basketball HoopShooter, Fadeaway Jumper & Power Windmill Dunk! Shatter thebasket and defeat your opponent in the battle of street!   -VirtualJoystick, Easy to Pick-up Sensitive joystick assist you to movemore freely and experience the most intense 3V3 sports game withoutbarrier. Freedom is the only rule.   -Find Your Position andDominate the Court C, PF, SF, PG, SG, 5 positions are free tochoose. Would you like to dig out your talent to win the MVP?Street Basketball game will meet your free soul. There is always asuitable position for you, shoot hoops and be a Dunk King!   -YouthBasketball Tournament, Road to Champion Winner take all tournamentwith a grand prize! Nothing is better than becoming the Winner inTournament. Don't hesitate, it's good time to create your ownlegend in Street Basketball.   Note: ※ Dino Games is mainly engagedin the development, operation and distribution of mobile games. Ouraim to build a world-leading interactive entertainment brand andcommit to providing players with a high-quality mobile gamingexperience. Create a new era of interactive entertainment forgamers upon Mobile E-sports entertainment methods.   ※ 街篮StreetBasketball -Youth Dream is free-to-play and offers in-gamepurchases. And please pay close attention to Game Addiction.
Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival 1.0
A survival mobile shooting game you never tried before –HopelessLand, which can support 121 players fight in one fatalsurvivalgame at same time. Many ingenious game features in HopelessLand:various of special Asian architectures locate in thebattleground;Drive the helicopter and experience the air-to-landmodern fightyou never tried before; Enjoy ultra-cool shootingfeelings witheasy operation; No devices barriers, no matter whatmobile phonesyou use, try to survive to the last in the fatalbattlegroundHopeless Land!   ======================== Contact Us:Like us onFacebook: usonYouTube: Email:  ----- Game Features ----- If you want totry more fatal and morestrategic battle royale game and enjoysimpler operation, don’thesitate, download and be a warriorHopeless Land for free now! Thecombination of randomness andenjoyment brings you infinitepossibilities. But remember the onlyrule is survival, be survivalto the last!   ※1vs100, Test YourStrength and Luck 121 playersparachute to perilous hopeless island,what you can believe areonly your teammates, your strategies andguns in your hands!Excellent strategies, strong execution and bitof luck constitutethe victory iron triangel! Let’s move to thefinal safe zone,terminate enemies, fight for the highest glory!  ※Special DesignedBattlefield and Brand New Vehicles Various Asianstyle buildings,which are inspired by really constructions, can befound inHopeless Land. Find the most suitable and the mostfamiliarbattleground, start your survival travel. Land Air SeaWarfare, thenew air vehichal – helicopter you never drived in othermobileshooting game before. The modern carrier ownsstrongmaneuverability can help you no matter in catching enemyorevacuating from battleground.   ※In-Game Voice CommunicationMakeYour Teamwork Better In-game voice communication and exactmapmarking functions help you make strategies with teammateseasily.No matter the real life friends or the new warriors meetinHoplelss Land, the tacit cooperation can be achived amongyourteam! Come to enjoy the team fight!   ※Suitable OperationMethodfor Mobile Devices Hopeless Land was made by the developmentteamwhich has rich shooting game developing experience. Allmovementslike running, hiding and shooting are designed with motioncapture.Simple operation and smooth control feelings help youdominate inHopelss Land, be the survivor king.   ※Low DevicesRequirment andEasy Control Low devices requirment make sure thatevery player hasthe best survival game time in Hopless Land. Nomatter you are aveteran or rookie in survial game, you can getstarted quickly inHopeless Land, because of the simple control.Enjoy the best freemobile survival game, download Hopeless Landnow!
Idle Arena: Evolution Legends 4.1.3
Legendary creatures, easy setup, dungeon explorations, andbrain-boosting fun in a brand new card evolution and collectinggame! ##Game Features## [Summon Unique Legendary Creatures] Fromwasteland goblins to hell-born skeleton soldiers! From waterelementals of legend to Mecha T-rex in ancient ruins! Summon yourvery own creature entourage! [Hands-Off Casual Setup Mode] Nobarrier to entry! No controlling required! Discover and summon yourcreatures, and upgrade and evolve them. [Dungeon Exploration &Brain-Boosting Fun] A dungeon mode with rogue-like elements. Lootglittering treasures guarded by bosses. Play anytime, stop anytime.It’s up to you! [Global Arena—Be No. 1] Team up for battles,exploring, and adventuring on a global server. Sit back and enjoythe fun, or fight for the top spot in the Global Arena. It’s allgood! [Complex Strategy & Battles] Bonds, races, suits,counters, formations, skills… play however you want. The only limitis your imagination! ##Community Feedback## Facebook:
Last Island of Survival: Unknown 15 Days 3.7
Last Island of Survival Unknown 15 days is a multiplayer survivalsandbox mobile game that is packed with action and adrenaline. Onthis remote and post-apocalyptic island, your only goal is tosurvive. And there is a lot of threats, that will try to stop youfrom achieving this goal! From hunger and dehydration to dangerouswildlife, opportunistic players and other mysterious dangers. Youwill need to gather resources, build your own bases, craft varioushandmade weapons and ensure that nobody’s going to steal your hardearned loot. Explore the island Last Island of Survival Unknown 15days is set on the remote island that was brimming withcivilization. Now, there is only ruins, strangely walking peoplethat are covered in blood and military choppers snooping left andright. How long has it past since then? Does it have something todo with that mysterious lab in the center of the island? What aredoing here and how long can you last? Only one way to find out!Explore huge open world map to uncover the secrets of the island inits last days of civilization, but, most importantly, scavenge forvaluable resources and blueprints! Find your own way to play thegame In this online survival mobile game only you can choose theway you play. Find trustworthy teammates and build a clan that willdominate the island, or be a loner, who’s name will terrify theisland’s netizens. Make new friends and enemies. Build sky highfortresses or blow up your enemies with explosives and raid theirhomes. Only you decide what to do. Build whatever you want,wherever you want Explore this huge island and claim the place,that you can call your home. Will it be a cozy hut in the snowy IceFields, a formidable fortress, guarding the outskirts of theDesert, or a conveniently placed outpost for expeditions, buildwhatever your heart desires. But beware of your worst enemy – rustand decay. In this last days on earth, you will need to maintainyour structures to protect them from rust and defend them againstyour enemies. Last man standing Last Island of Survival Unknown 15days is a PVP focused online mobile game, and only players decidewhat new day brings to them. The unification of the whole islandand a brutal bloodbath is only one step away from each other. Allthis online survival action is on your mobile device! So be readyto fight! Craft your trusty weapons or find ones that covered inrust, gather a group or be a lone wolf, fight for your life, orperish. Raid enemy forts and steal valuable loot from them. Fightoff military, who answered their call of duty. Build impregnablefortresses and defend them with your clan. The opportunities arevast, you only need to survive and take them. Custom Follow us at
Utopia: Origin - Play in Your Way 2.9.9
When I woke up, I found that I was no longer stay in the familiarroom, a world as beautiful as heaven greeted my eyes. "Where am I?""Welcome to the Utopia land, the land of Beia," a voice said. "I amyour guide, Xiaxia." Looking up, a flying sprite was talking to us."You are the first adventurer to be recruited. Take this manual andstart your adventures!" No one could have imagined that mineadventure legends was about to begin.   ❖ If You don't Build theHouse Well, You'll be Caught Xiaxia Tips ①: There will be a littledemon and skeleton soldier at night, and it is very dangerous ifdon’t have your own campfire and house! "Let’s build our housetoday! There's wood and stone everywhere. Come on!" No one ever didchopping, mining or carpentry, but it was as if we have been giventhe magic by the land, and everyone learned to master all sorts ofskills. Wood and stone were transported to the worktable, craftedinto boards and bricks, and a two-story building slowly formed withthe sweat from everyone. As night fell, a mysterious mist filledthe air. As Xiaxia said, a group of small demons with green flamesappeared in the mist, but the fire in front of their homes madethem dare not go further. But survival is only the first step, moreadventures are waiting for us! Hope we can build a big clan someday!   ❖ The World is so Big, I Want to Explore it with You! XiaxiaTips ②: You can ride a dragon in this world, but first, tame apony! After the home was built, everyone can't wait to explore theworld. In order to bring the wild horses back to clan, let’sprepare horse feed first. There was a faint smell of carrot andwheat balls baked with a soft fire, and several horses came to us,rubbed our hands and ate happily. Lightly on the back of the horse,let the sun shine on the shoulders, we planned to go to explore thewilderness tomorrow! Can’t wait to ride a dragon in the future!   ❖The Best Sights in Beia is that We Fight Side by Side! Xiaxia tips③: Treasure often accompanied by danger! Mount and weapon areready, and nothing can stop us from exploring. It is said that inthe islands, forests, deserts and snow-capped mountains, thetreasure left by the creator gods is now guarded by monsters,dragons and Evils. For about half a day north, a ruin was visible,and a troop of skeletons wandered through the wreckage, with agolden chest in the middle. The clash began, the seeminglyvulnerable skeletons were so powerful unexpectedly. Finally we beatthem, after opening the treasure chest, a gem appeared with itssoft light, as if healing our wounds.   ❖ Play in Your Way! I haveclimbed the most remote ruins, sailed to the most romantic heartisland, even cut off the teeth of the dragon, but I still need morefriends, do things we enjoy together, do you want to come together?  Contact Us Customer Service Email:
戰雙帕彌什:末世科幻3D動作遊戲 1.16.0
◆遊戲世界觀 故事發生在不遠的將來… …人類對基礎科學的究極探索觸碰到了禁忌領域,「帕彌什(punishing)」懲罰突然降臨。人類脆弱的肉體被迅速破壞,而被侵蝕的機械則被操控,化身為狂暴的屠戮機器。曾經高度繁榮的人類文明在地球上幾乎失去了痕跡。倖存者被迫逃離家園,流亡深空。而你,將扮演一個“拯救”者,帶領人類文明最後的希望「構造體」,踏上回歸地球的征程。指揮官,請和我一起戰鬥,拯救人類文明! ◆遊戲特色 ——二次元ARPG,三消與動作的完美結合流暢精美的動作設計,真實爽快的打擊手感,自由隨心的場景旋轉,搭配獨創的三消技能施放,讓普攻與技能的輸出組合變得更有策略性。同時,極限閃避帶來超算空間效果,構造體QTE支援戰場,隊長技實現戰力提升,帶來全新美妙的戰鬥體驗。——極致畫面,定義戰鬥美學新概念安靜空靈的配色,宏大壯麗的戰鬥場景,精美細緻的人物塑造,再配合構造體們在戰鬥中用一招一式劃亮的希望之光,打造華麗靜謐的主機級視覺效果,最大限度地還原出了人們腦海中的末世科幻世界。——豐富劇情,末世中最後的希望性格各異的構造體,神秘危險的升格者,艱難求存的人類組織,在帕彌什降臨的末世中,支持、堅守、猜疑、溫暖、信任、利用、守護,一幅幅浮世繪卷徐徐展開。人類,將何去何從?豐富飽滿的劇情故事,帶來更具沉浸感的遊戲體驗。——聽覺盛宴,日本頂級聲優集結石川由依、茅野愛衣、田中美海、松岡禎丞、川澄綾子、福山潤、戶松遙、細谷佳正等日本超人氣聲優前來助陣。除戰鬥和問候語音外,還可以透過提升好感度解鎖更多親密語音和劇情。====== >>聯繫我們 Facebook粉絲團:頻道: 官方網站:※本遊戲軟體內容因涉及性、暴力之情節,依遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔15級,您需滿15週歲以上始得使用本遊戲。※本遊戲部份內容涉及性(遊戲角色穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾或裝扮,但不涉及性暗示)※本遊戲部份內容涉及暴力(角色於打鬥、攻擊中凸顯受傷流血、血液飛濺等血腥之畫面)※本遊戲為免費遊戲,部份內容或服務需另行支付其他費用,請依個人興趣及能力適度消費。※請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷,遊戲虛擬情節請勿模仿,遊戲時間過長容易影響作息,建議適度進行休息。 >>遊戲內使用的權限說明: ※READ_PHONE_STATE 使用原因:獲取設備ID以生成和保證遊客賬號的繼承性。移除風險:我們會根據您的設備為您生成可體驗的遊客賬號,刪除此權限将無法為您提供穩定的登錄行為※READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE 使用原因:讀取配置文件以檢測遊戲數據包的完整性。 移除風險 :刪除此權限會導致數據分析異常,有被篡改數據的風險,甚至無法正確進行遊戲。 ※WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE使用原因:無法正常下載OBB擴展文件時,將手動為您下載到存儲中。 移除風險 :刪除此權限會使玩家在某些情況下無法獲取數據文件或更新文件,導致遊戲無法正確運行。
Cùng Đua: Tặng Xe A Hạn Giờ 2.1.1
Cùng Đua, siêu phẩm game đua xe số 1 Việt Nam với hình ảnh 3D vàâmnhạc đỉnh cao. Phiên bản mới với nhiều hoạt động đặc sắc vàvuinhộn, mang đến những trải nghiệm chân thật và mới lạ. Game vớihệthống đường đua đẹp mắt, thời trang đẳng cấp và tính năng đadạng.Tài năng Drift, Bắn Nitro, Bứt Tốc... của bạn sẽ được thể hiệnmộtcách xứng đáng. Một lựa chọn tuyệt vời dành cho người đam mêTốcĐộ!   ---- Đặc Sắc ---- 🏁Đua Rank Hấp Dẫn Hệ thống Đua Rank cựckìhấp dẫn, phần thưởng giá trị giành cho những tay đua kiệt xuất. 🏁Nâng Cấp Siêu Xe Siêu xe được nâng cấp toàn diện từ động cơđếnnội ngoại thất, hãy mang đến đường đua siêu xe mang bản sắc củabạncùng với những chỉ số khủng.   🏁Bản Lĩnh Tay Đua Boots, Driftthảga, bắn Nitro đỉnh cao, tận hưởng từng khoảnh khắc đua xe 3Dtuyệtvời!   🏁Đội Đua Vô Địch Cùng đồng đội chinh phục những cuộcđuakịch tính và giành lấy vinh quang!   🏁Quảng Trường Lãng Mạn RamắtKhu Giải Trí, bỏ qua những phút giây đua xe căng thẳng, nghỉngơigiải trí nào!   🏁Quà Khủng Bất Ngờ Chức năng Vòng Quay May Mắn,MaHộp Kỳ Diệu...đầy hấp dẫn! Cơ hội nhận xế khủng và những phầnquácực giá trị!   🏁Đường Đua Hoành Tráng Đường đua với phong cảnh3Dtuyệt đẹp, với những giải đua đặc sắc như Rank, Map thách đấu…chờbạn chinh phục. Trải nghiệm ngay nào!
MU: Awakening – 2018 Fantasy MMORPG 9.0.2
There is a big update for MU world, new hero Holy Priest can’t waitto join in the battlefield to fight against evils with her holyblade. Can she help us break the darkness? What is the story behindher? Let’s find it in the new version!   New PVP mode IllusionTemple has been opened. The extremely intensive 8 VS 8 fighting iswaiting for all warriors in the mysterious temple. The first teamgets the Relics can win the ancient treasures!  ------------------------------------- Contact us Customer ServiceEmail: Official Facebook: Official YouTube Channel :   Game Features New GameSystems to Support Warriors Fashion wardrobe was opened to allwarriors, now we can collect all redundant fashions into thewardrobe, and these fashions can still provide great power towarriors; Wings, as one of the most essential power source, alsomeet a breakthrough. Keep enhancing it to help to challengestronger evils. Items refining system can help to create more solidarmor and sharper weapons. Make efficient use of these new systemsto break the darkness!   Be Stronger Easily with Idle ModeInnovative idle mode make sure that that you can be strongersteadily. When players go offline, the character will fall intothis mode , which can help you gain experience and itemautomatically. Don’t be afraid you will fall behind with busy worksor studies, always stay in the adventure frontier.   Free Trading,No Service Charge at All Players are always need to pay highservice charge to auction house when want to sell some great itemsafter beating bosses. But in our MU, all items can be tradedfreely. You can also join in the guild auction when your guild wina war or conquer a dungeon too. The normal auction is open too, ifyou want to sell or buy some really rare items, this is the bestchoice. Diversified trading modes to help you become stronger inMU.   Graphic Innovation Rebuilds the MU World New techniques wereused in our game developing to help us create a better graphicquality. Items, wings are more glaring, trees and buildings aremore distinct, you can even see the water flowing. We hope that allplayers can have a visual feast after the cruel fighting withmonsters in the magic world.   Note: This game is free to play,though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. Thesoftware is classified as the 15-years-old grade according to theclassification management method of game software of Taiwan. Somecharacters may wear the clothes which can prominent the gender,some story may refer to violence.
飛車派對 - 極限競速,警匪追逐 2.0.1
全新3D熱血飄移競速手遊「飛車派對」炫酷登場!最in潮流男女人物,交友戀愛不耽誤。百變服飾造型,隨心搭配,給你最美的個性化裝扮。4種不同操作方式,為你定制專屬的飆車駕駛體驗,營造身歷其境的狂飆快感!和好友組建豪華車隊,為榮譽而戰! 可愛系卡丁車racing遊戲,競速相遇、熱戀狂飆。間單操控玩法,組隊公平對戰。百種賽車滿足你的收集欲,還可任意改裝!經典全民飛車遊戲玩法移植,全球主題卡丁車賽道為你營造夢幻浪漫、速度與激情。臺港澳玩家盡情交友狂歡,用競速搭訕,用道具邂逅,成為萬人矚目的情侶組合,綻放最具活力的戀愛青春。 ---------------------飛車派對粉絲團:飛車派對官網:客訴郵箱客訴電話:臺灣專線-0222190701(上午9時~下午21時)---------------------   【燃擎競速狂飆一夏】 —浪漫交友的情侶戀愛系統,找到你的Mr.&Miss.Right一起熱戀狂飆!—實時線上賽車競速飄移體驗,多種網路同步對戰實力甩尾,個人賽、組隊賽、道具賽、競速賽,6人實時飆車競速一起全民飛車!—4種不同操作方式為你量身訂製不一樣的全民飛車遊戲。連噴、雙噴,空中加速,QTE一鍵釋放超級奧義讓你隨時表演你的RacingSHOW。—組建榮耀車隊,參與精彩活動打造自己的王牌車隊!在豐富的活動中與最強敵手角逐冠軍,爭奪飛車榮譽!   【無限氮氣全球飄移】—連續甩尾、無限氮氣、極速狂飆,加速視覺效果連續給你窒息飆車快感!—飛車就要拋棄規則,全球復刻經典賽道,平原、沙漠、海洋、山丘...趣味隱藏路徑等待你的發現,帶你環遊全球體驗不同精彩賽道。這就是全民飛車的時代! 【道具激戰歡樂組隊】—經典的3D歡樂全民飛車手遊,為你呈現趣味無窮的卡丁車道具賽模式,炸彈、水泡、飛碟、墨汁、香蕉皮等等歡樂道具,與好友對戰,開啟屬於你的飛車派對!—Racing速度不是唯一的法則,充分釋放你的智慧,搶奪道具盡情甩尾。單打獨鬥,還是與隊友互相掩護,完全由你抉定!  【海量賽車任意改裝】—全球經典超跑的3D視覺盛宴,讓你隨時舉辦自己的超跑聚會!炫酷造型、華麗視效,可以任意角度與自己的愛車合影拍照。—用TOP級的賽車豐富你的車庫,對你的愛車改裝升級,突破機械與速度的極限,收集別人的視線!使用中華電信,臺灣大哥大,遠傳電信,亞太電信網路,下載遊戲暢通無阻! ※ 友情提示:遊戲中的飛車無極限,現實中可要乖乖遵守交通法規哦~※本遊戲為免費下載使用,部份角色涉及穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾、並有虛擬戀愛與結婚等內容。依遊戲分級管理辦法分類為輔12。您需滿12週歲以上始得使用本遊戲。遊戲內容另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。
Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA 1.1.81
❖Contact Us Follow our website and SNS for exciting eventsandlatest in-game news! Facebook:❖Classic5V5 Battle Team up with your friends and carry the wholeteam.Choose from Assassin, Support, Ability Power, Tank and so on.Tryvarious play styles and powerful heroic skills. Crush yourenemiesin a real time 5vs5 combat. Get more penta kill and conquerthearena!   ❖56+ Legendary Heroes Master a roster of 56+heroescombining eastern myths and modern art. Dozing goddessChang’e witha muscular rabbit fighting together with her, punkMuqam who has anawesome Motorcycle and a magic suitcase, gentlemanArthur withsilvery hair and white suit. More amazing heroes withvarious superpower are waiting for you to pick up!   ❖InnovativeHero AwakingMode After upgraded to 12th level, Heroes will beawaken withstrengthened skills and items. Even the monster andminions getinto stronger awaken stage. Beat your opponents with theawakenedskill and become a legend in the arena!   ❖All-starJapanese VoiceCast 48 top-level Japanese voice actors including AkiToyosaki andKoyasu Takehito present distinctive characters of eachhero. Sweet,narcissistic or whatever, you’ll find your ideal heroat firsthearing! You may hear voices from: 明坂 聡美、阿澄 佳奈、雨宮 天、伊藤 静、上坂すみれ、内田雄馬、内山 昂輝、榎木 淳弥、逢坂 良太、岡本 信彦、小倉 唯、木村 良平、桑原 由気、小清水 亜美、小西 克幸、子安武人、斎藤千和、佐藤 利奈、下野 紘、諏訪部 順一、関 俊彦、仙台 エリ、高野 直子、竹内 良太、種田 梨沙、寺島 拓篤、富田美憂、豊崎愛生、中島 ヨシキ、生天目 仁美、野島 裕史、能登 麻美子、野中 藍、野水 伊織、花江 夏樹、速水 奨、日笠 陽子、保志総一朗、細谷佳正、堀江 由衣、増田 俊樹、松岡 禎丞、三木 眞一郎、村瀬 歩、山下 大輝   ❖Academy Style3-Lane MapBeautiful academy style design combines with classic3-lane layout.Beat monsters in a library or basketball court. Moregimmicksbehind them! Get additional buffs or even a mount bybeatingspecified monsters. Open the Treasure Box for unexpecteditems likeCurse Eggs or Angels. Oops! Take care of the Ice Gun fromyourenemy!   ❖Hero Intimacy System. Want to build a closerrelationshipwith your hero! Set your beloved hero as homepage heroand interactwith him or her by shaking or sending a gift! Unlockmore skin, CVand facial expressions with higher intimacy! Storagepermission iscritical to game initialization(Save game file tophone storage),please grant access after game starts. Camerapermission isrequired if you want to take a photo and upload to thegame, pleasegrant access if you need this function. Locationpermission isrequired to play with players nearby, please grantaccess if youneed this function.
舞動節拍OL: 迪士尼正版授權 1.0
全球首款迪士尼正版授權社交音舞手遊《舞動節拍OL》終於與你相見!在這裡,與太空寶貝史迪奇沙灘熱舞,化身仙度瑞拉華麗變身,與小美人魚海底暢遊,和野獸王子共舞華爾茲…… 創新的拇指玩法和經典按鍵模式任意選擇,用最喜歡的操作成為舞池No.1!上千時裝、百萬搭配隨心裝扮,張揚你的時尚態度!獨有的主題派對模式,與志同道合的同伴一起揪團一起嗨。高精度舞蹈場景隨心體驗,幻想過的華麗舞台這裡都幫你實現!-------------------------------------聯繫我們官方粉絲團:  遊戲特色: 【迪士尼正版音舞手遊開啟童話之旅】世界催你成長,我們只希望你童心永駐!米妮波點套裝、仙度瑞拉夢幻藍色禮服、海盜船長探險裝備……穿上迪士尼正版時裝,隨時隨地都在迪士尼樂園快樂起舞!夢境館中,精心打造迪士尼主題場景沉浸式電影畫面,身臨其境享受童話舞台! 【童話主題館,360°複刻經典夢幻場景】啟動夢境連接!高精度夢幻舞台背景。仙度瑞拉在南瓜馬車旁華麗變身,美女與野獸共舞華爾茲,阿拉丁異域冒險,小美人魚深海唯美暢遊……精緻畫質還原童話夢幻場景換上裝扮,華麗變身迪士尼故事主角,隨音律起舞,完成最純真的童年夢想! 【夢幻婚禮,開始浪漫愛情之旅】緣分如此微妙,也許這裡就是戀情開始的地方……親密動作、情侶套裝、情侶舞蹈特效,恩愛就要秀出來!更有“教堂”系統為甜蜜情侶打造夢幻般的華麗婚禮!一舞傾心,以舞會友,快來遊戲中尋找心愛的TA吧! 【萬千華服,風格隨心搭配】上千時裝、百萬搭配隨心裝扮:萌系少女Lolita、街頭朋克、清純校服、輕熟佳人……掌控最in的時尚趨勢,張揚年輕個性,詮釋本我態度! ※注意: 本軟體依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔15級 遊戲為免費下載,遊戲內可能有部分商品需要付費購買
パニシング:グレイレイヴン 1.13.1
スマートフォン向け超爽快本格3DアクションRPG『パニシング:グレイレイヴン』。プレイヤーは「指揮官」として、人類最後の希望を託されたヒューマノイド「構造体」を指揮し、「パニシング」に侵蝕された機械に立ち向かう。あなたの指先で華麗なスキルを操り、人類の終焉に立ち向かう旅へ踏み出そう!今ならログインするだけで最高レアリティ【Sクラス構造体】5体から好きな1体を無料で選べる! ◆世界観 物語の舞台は遠くない未来。人類の科学技術への飽くなき探究が禁忌の領域に触れた時、「罰」を象徴する存在として「パニシング(Punishing)」と名づけられた厄災が出現した。パニシングは人類の脆弱な肉体を破壊するだけでなく、機械の論理回路にも侵蝕し、人間への強烈な破壊衝動に支配される殺戮兵器へと変えてしまう。1世紀に満たない抵抗の後、かつて繁栄を極めた人類文明はわずかな痕跡を残すのみとなり、宇宙空間に退避した人類に代わり、パニシングに侵蝕された機械である「侵蝕体」が廃墟と化した地球を彷徨う。人類は、人工物の体躯に人間の「心」を宿す「構造体」にパニシングに抵抗する最後の希望を託し、主人公(プレイヤー)は人間の「指揮官」として「構造体」を率い、地球奪回の戦いに身を投じる…。◆超爽快・新感覚3Dアクション 美麗3Dグラフィックで打撃感、スピード感抜群の超爽快バトル!本格アクションバトルの醍醐味にパズル要素が融合。バトル中にシグナルを消すことでスキルを駆使する、オリジナルバトルシステムを採用。「高速空間」で様々なスキル効果が発動、通常攻撃とスキルを連携させてコンボを決めよう!戦略性とアクション性を同時に楽しめる新感覚の超爽快バトルをご堪能あれ!◆終末感あふれるビジュアル全体的に低彩度の配色でポストアポカリプスな仄暗い世界を描写。構造体の一撃が放つ輝きが、絶望感の漂う世界に希望の明かりを灯す。◆個性的なキャラクター 戦闘の合間に「構造体」と仲良くなろう!構造体が暮らす「宿舎」のインテリアを自由自在にカスタマイズして、交流を深めよう。構造体の個性にあわせてプレゼントを贈ると絆レベルが上がり、特別な台詞や隠しエピソードが解放。味方だけでなく敵視点からストーリーを追体験して、さらに深まる物語を体験しよう。◆豪華声優陣(五十音順) 石川由依、茅野愛衣、川澄綾子、田中美海、戸松遥、福山潤、細谷佳正、松岡禎丞など。超人気キャストのボイスがあなたの意識にリンク! 「これは、反撃から始まる物語。」 母なる地球に帰還せんとする人の子らよ 勝利あれ====== ■『パニシング:グレイレイヴン』は基本プレイは無料になりますが、一部アプリ内アイテムは課金が必要になります。■『パニグレ』公式サイト: Twitter: LINE: ■対応端末 Android:8.1.0以上の端末メモリ(RAM):3GB以上、ROM:4GB以上 Snapdragon 665、Kirin 960、Exynos 9810、HelioG70以上 ■ご質問は弊社のテクニカルサポート(まで、メールでお送りください。
新三國志:コーエーテクモゲームス完全監修 2.6.0
『新三國志(しんさんごくし)』 【ゲーム紹介】 これが「新」の三國志、「真」の育成型戦略シミュレーションゲーム (SLG) !今までとは一味違う、王道にして超本格派三国志アプリ。 深い戦略性と、圧倒的な育成要素が存分に味わえます。戦略シミュレーションゲームの歴史を変える、文句なしの三国志アプリの最高傑作が遂に登場! この乱世の中、頂上にたどり着けるのか?  🏹武将を育成し、最強の部隊を編制 様々な技を持った武将を編制、策略や兵器を用いて戦乱を戦い抜く!部隊の組み合わせは千差万別。自分だけの最強の布陣を編み出そう。敵味方入り乱れての大合戦からドラマティックな一騎討ちまで、あらゆる戦いを制覇せよ!   ⚔内政を固め、城を発展させよ自らが君主となり、内政を固めて堅牢な城を作る事が最強への道!政庁、兵舎、兵器所、医療所、計略府など、20種類を超える施設を発展させ、自分だけの城を作り上げよう!  🌐軍団の仲間達と三国時代で中華統一を果たせ 他のプレイヤーと軍団を結成し、力を合わせて領土を拡大しよう!魏、蜀、呉100を超える軍団が同時に戦う大合戦を制し、仲間と共に三国時代で中華統一を果たせ!   💯歴史に基づいた三国志アプリの決定版コーエーテクモゲームス完全監修のもと、三国志の世界を再現! 武将達の戦いの歴史を余すところなく堪能できる三国志アプリの決定版!  🎤新三國志を彩る超豪華声優陣 玄田哲章、小西克幸、関智一、梶裕貴、喜多村英梨など、声優界を代表する超豪華メンバーが集結!曹操、趙雲、呂布、貂蝉、小喬…などの有名武将は豪華声優陣が熱演!ゲームを彩る豪華キャストの演技を楽しめるのも『新三國志』の大きな魅力! 声優一覧:板垣優稀、井上喜久子、岩田安宣、岩永賢之丞、小笠原仁、岡本未来、小野友樹、景浦大輔、梶裕貴、柏士文、喜多村英梨、玄田哲章、國分優香里、小西克幸、小林裕介、斉藤康史、志村貴博、関智一、橘諒、田中弘平、千葉繁、鳥海浩輔、中尾隆聖、中里将太郎、鳴海崇志、西村健志、根津貴行、朴璐美、藤原満、森田則昭、ロバート・ウォーターマン※五十音順 ※敬称略   🔥『新三國志』はこんな方におすすめ ・コーエーテクモゲームスの「三國志」シリーズファン・シミュレーションゲーム、ストラテジーゲームが好き ・歴史好き、三国志が好き ・自身で戦略を考えて戦うゲームが好き・ハイクオリティで本格的な三国志スマホゲームを探している ・写実的でグラフィックが美麗なゲームが好き・三国志のキャラクター収集や育成を楽しみたい ・豊富な対戦コンテンツで他のプレイヤーと対戦したい・軍団の仲間と一緒に大合戦を楽しみたい ・内政で自分の城を発展させたい  『新三國志』公式Twitterアカウント:『新三國志』公式Facebookアカウント:『新三國志』公式LINE@:『新三國志』公式YouTubeアカウント:『新三國志』公式サイト:『新三國志』お問い合わせ『新三國志』総合サポート   ©KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.All rights reserved. ©Shanghai TCI Entertainment Technology Corp.All Rights Reserved. ©HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO., LIMITED. ALLRIGHTS RESERVED.   【価格】基本プレイ無料(一部アプリ内課金あり) 【推奨および対応OS】: Android4.2以降 【推奨RAM】 : 2.0GB以上搭載のスマートフォンおよびタブレット端末 【必要RAM】 :1.5GB以上搭載のスマートフォンおよびタブレット端末※推奨環境を満たしていても、ご利用機種・や利用状況によっては、アプリの動作が不安定になる場合がございます。
Giang Hồ Kỳ Duyên: Gắn Kết Vĩnh Hằng 3D 1.0.5
Giang Hồ Kỳ Duyên là một trò chơi thư giãn kiếm hiệp tình duyênmangphong cách Pixel MMORPG 3D Mobile, câu truyện kể về sức mạnhhắc ámđang uy hiếp kỵ sĩ rồng cả thế giới Võ Lâm, bạn chính làdũng sĩ chủnhân của thế giới này và sở hữu năng lưc, trí tuệ. Bạnsẽ lựa chọncách nào để khiêu chiến dẹp tan bóng tối hắc ám mobilevà tìm rađược ánh sáng của sự tự do Tân Thiên Long? Hãy cùng thámhiểm mộtthế giới dũng sĩ ragnarok revival hoàn toàn mới! Tải ngayvà trảinghiệm những điều bất ngờ kiếm hiệp tình duyên!   ※4 ClassĐặc Sắc,Bắt Đầu Thám Hiểm! Muốn sở hữu dũng khí dũng sĩ và nănglực kỵ sĩrồng mà người thường Võ Lâm không có! Muốn có được sứcmạnh phépthuật hắc ám mobile, hoặc vẻ ngoài đáng yêu kiếm hiệptình duyên,tinh thông về trị liệu Võ Lâm dũng sĩ, nắm giữ sinhmệnh người khác!Hay bạn thích kín đáo chỉ làm bạn với bóng tối vàgiỏi về sử dụng ámkhí? Lãng Khách, Pháp Sư, Diệu Thủ hoặc Quỷ Ảnh4 Class sở hữu sứcmạnh riêng Tân Thiên Long và câu chuyện vltkmtiếp theo đang chờbạn!   ※Cốt Truyện Phá Cách, Trải Nghiệm Thú VịGame với cốt truyệnkỵ sĩ rồng phá cách đầy mới lạ, mang đến chobạn sự tò mò kiếm hiệptình duyên, kích thích tinh thần thám hiểmVõ Lâm, khám phá thế giớivõ lâm mới lạragnarok revival. Chiêu mộanh hùng dũng sĩ sẽ giúptăng lực chiến bản thân. Đồng thời cùngbạn bè VN tham gia hoạtđộng, nhiệm vụ, bang hội Tân Thiên Long vàkhiêu chiến Võ Lâm ngườichơi khác. Game mang đến những thú vị hoàntoàn khác với những gameVõ Lâm VN bạn từng chơi   ※Thế Giới RộngLớn, Tình Duyên Ấm Áp GiangHồ Kỳ Duyên, một thế giới kỹ sĩ rồngTân Thiên Long giao lưu khônggiới hạn! Cùng người yêu thương chinhphục võ tâm kiếm hiệp tìnhduyên, tình duyên bắt đầu nơi giang hồvltkm và cùng cảm nhận sựngọt ngào của tình yêu! Hãy mời bạn bèđến tham gia tiệc cuới kiếmhiệp tình duyên của bạn, kề vai nhautận hưởng khung cảnh tuyệt đẹpVõ Lâm và cùng xây nên những giaviên ấm áp, bên nhau trọn đời trongthế giới ragnarok revival.  ※Thú Cưỡi Siêu Dễ Thương, Chờ Đón HiệpKhách Game đã ra mắt hệthống thú cưỡi kỹ sĩ rồng, bạn có thể cưỡiĐại Bàng, Máy Bay... mộtcảm giấc mới lạ và đầy tự do thế giới dũngsĩ; cũng có thể chọn xethiết giáp ddtank, mô tô tung hoành khắp nơiVõ Lâm; Hoặc là phitrên những chú gấu, tuyết thú, tất cả bá chủrừng xanh sẽ nghe lệnhcủa bạn! Ngoài ra còn rất nhiều thú cưng nhưThỏ kute, Tôn NgộKhông...! Đồng hành cùng bạn, chinh phục giang hồVõ Lâm Tân ThiênLong!   ※Thời Trang Đa Dạng, Tự Do Kết Hợp Thờitrang phong phú, tựdo kết hợp, bất kể bạn thích phong cách cổ trangVõ Lâm, dũng sĩkute, football năng động... thỏa sức lựa chọn và thểhiện phongcách riêng trong Võ Lâm. Trong hôn lễ, bạn có thể khoáclên lễ phụcđỏ cũng có thể chọn áo cưới trắng, kết hợp cùng đôi cánhkỹ sĩ rồngvà bạn sẽ trở nên thật đặc biệt!   ※Liên HệYouTube:ộp thưCSKH: a>
魔物契約:進化真形態進化放置RPG手遊 8.5.27
##故事背景##女神與深淵之主終極之戰許多年後,世界在逐漸復甦,但是邪惡勢力也在重新萌芽,作為勇者的你能否再一次代表女神阻止世界毀滅呢,讓我們拭目以待。##遊戲特色## 【真形態進化,有多強力一眼看穿】正統歐美暗黑魔幻風格,硬核魔物外形,培養進化解鎖究極形態,親眼見證小猩猩如何成長為比蒙巨獸! 【300+傳奇英雄,統統任你驅使】深淵惡魔,神聖天使,史前巨獸,死亡騎士,巨龍,精靈...與300+傳奇英雄簽訂契約,遠征地牢!英雄羈絆、陣型設置、技能組合,策略過關拒絕無腦。【秘境探險,尋找傳奇寶藏】地城秘境、空中迷宮花園、聖樹,三大秘境。史詩裝備,傳說神器等待勇士去冒險發掘。限定開放,一鍵掃蕩,拒絕每日機械打卡,放置輕鬆玩。【掛機戰鬥,升級英雄無壓力】離線也可以獲得海量資源,進化材料掛機爽爽拿,戰鬥中強力技能自動施放,每天只用十分鐘,輕鬆推圖闖關,英雄覺醒不費力!【PVP競技,獲取至高榮譽】 高手同台競技PVP,是時候考驗你的配陣訣竅囉!技能搭配合理,陣營完美剋制,以弱勝強絕不是說說而已!##聯繫我們## Facebook粉絲團 客服信箱 ※本遊戲部份內容涉及性(遊戲角色穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾或裝扮,但不涉及性暗示)※本遊戲部份內容涉及暴力(打鬥、攻擊等未達血腥之畫面或有輕微恐怖之畫面)※本遊戲為免費遊戲,部份內容或服務需另行支付其他費用,請依個人興趣及能力適度消費。※請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷,遊戲虛擬情節請勿模仿,遊戲時間過長容易影響作息,建議適度進行休息。
퍼니싱:그레이 레이븐 1.7.6
'퍼니싱: 그레이 레이븐'! 지휘관이 되어 인류의 마지막 희망인 ‘구조체’를 이끌고 ‘퍼니싱’ 침식체에 맞서지구로돌아가는 여정을 떠나세요! 뛰어난 판단력과 터치로 다양한 스킬을 사용하여 구조체들과 함께 최후의 결전을벌이세요!=================================== ◆세계관 ‘처벌’을 상징하는 ‘퍼니싱’ 재앙이갑자기폭발하여 인류의 연약한 육체는 빠르게 파괴되고, 침식된 기계는 살벌한 살육의 기계로 변모했다. 불과 1세기 만에고도로번영했던 인류 문명은 지구상에서 거의 자취를 감춰버렸다. 생존자들은 먼 우주로 망명했고, 무수한 살육 기계들이지구를뒤엎었다. 인류는 퍼니싱에 대항할 마지막 희망을 ‘구조체’에 걸었고 유저는 ‘구조체’들의 ‘지휘관’이 되어‘퍼니싱’침식체에 맞서 지구로 돌아가는 여정을 떠나게 된다…… ◆뉴 패러다임 3D 액션 RPG 몰입도를 높이는 고퀄리티그래픽,타격감을 자랑하는 짜릿한 액션! 스킬볼을 터치하여 다양한 스킬을 사용할 수 있는 독창적인 전투 시스템을채택하였다. 뿐만아니라 극한 회피를 완성해 ‘초산 공간’에 진입하면 또 다른 스킬 효과를 일으킬 수 있으며, 일반 공격과스킬의 다양한조합을 통해 독창적인 콤보 공격을 할 수 있다! 전략성과 컨트롤을 동시에 즐기는 새로운 차원의 전투를느껴보라! ◆포스트아포칼립스 SF 세계 어두운 색채를 담아내며 퍼니싱이 퍼진 암울한 세기말 분위기를 연출하였고, 3D렌더링의 화려한 스킬효과를 결합하여 희망을 잃지 않고 인류를 지키겠다는 굳은 결의를 표현하였다. ◆개성있는 캐릭터 총집합전투가 끝난 후,구조체가 거주하는 ‘숙소’를 자유롭게 인테리어하고 그들과 깊은 교감을 통해 유대감을 쌓아라! 구조체들의개성에 맞춰선물을 증정하여 신뢰도를 업그레이드하면 특별대사와 히든 스토리도 개방할 수 있다! 또한 메인 스토리를클리어하면, 적을조종하여 색다른 각도로 플레이할 수 있으며, 이야기의 매력을 한층 더 깊게 느낄 수 있다! ◆초특급 성우캐스팅 이시카와유이, 카야노 아이, 카와스미 아야코, 타나카 미나미, 토마츠 하루카, 후쿠야마 쥰, 호소야 요시마사,마츠오카 요시츠구등 초특급 성우진 총출동! 「반격의 서막이 열린다...」 모든 인류가 지구로 무사 귀환하길기원합니다.=================================== ■ 퍼니싱: 그레이 레이븐 공식 사이트 ■공식홈페이지:공식네이버카페:공식페이스북:공식트위터:공식디스코드:공식유튜브 체널:■상품정보 및 이용조건 안내 ■ - 최소사양: 8.1.0 이상, RAM 3GB, ROM 4GB Snapdragon665,Kirin 960, Exynos 9810, HelioG70 이상 본 게임은 앱 내 구입이 가능한 아이템을포함하고있습니다. ■ 접근권한 안내 ■ 애플리케이션 이용 시 서비스를 제공하기 위해 접근 권한을 요청합니다. [선택권한]저장공간 (기기 사진, 미디어, 파일): 화면 캡처 및 영상 녹화 이후 파일을 저장하기 위한 공간. [스마트폰 앱접근권한안내] '퍼니싱: 그레이 레이븐'에서는 필수적 접근권한을 요구하지 않습니다. [접근권한 철회 방법] - 설정>개인정보보호 > 해당 접근권한 선택 > 접근권한 동의 또는 철회 선택 ■문의 사항은 고객 지원센터( )로 문의하시기 바랍니다.