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Open Chat in WHatsapp: Trick & Help 1.7
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With this simple help & hack app you can open chat in whatsappwith any number even if you don’t want to save it. Exquisite, light& easy to use whatsapp help tool that will serve the most avidusers and fans of the messaging platform. EXCELLENT TOOL &WHATSAPP - GREAT TIPNo contact is created on the device, so youdon't need to save the number on your contacts list in order toopen the chat. Simply open this text trick tool, enter the number,click the button and the chat will open. Perfect for the onessearching for whatsapp tricks and hacks to make the popularmessaging app work in their favor.SMART OPEN CHAT TRICKJust withone step you can open whatsapp chat of any phone number who haswhatsapp. Download for free and have no contacts to open messages.One of the best help and trick that can save you the hustle andfrustration in many different instances. HANDYIf you use thismessaging chat app frequently, you’ll surely understand howinvaluable & extremely handy this hack would be in youreveryday communication. Especially useful on situations like:☑️ Anunknown number called you and you want to know if they havewhatsapp?☑️ You need to send a message to someone but you don'twant to save it as a contact?☑️ You want to start a chat withyourself? (yes you can do it)☑️ You are frequently in contact withusers that you don’t know (selling services online, communicatingwith people from other apps etc.)☑️ someone is bothering and youneed to tell him/her to stop, but want to do it through message☑️when you don’t want to create a contact profile for short termusageHOW TO USE?- Just open the app and enter the number (withprefix).- Compatible with all android phones with the appinstalled.OPEN CHAT HACK & TRICK TOOL FEATURE:- Enter a phonenumber and open chat directly (you don’t need to save the contact)-Save numbers for chat to use later- Country code detectedautomatically- Option to change Country Code(useful when added anumber outside your country )- Delete numbers from your integratedlist- Easy and clean interface- Chat whit your self- Great help tochat & manage contactsWe think we created a helpful andversatile messaging tool – and we are sure you’ll love it!See whyare rated as one of the best tips for the popular messagingplatform given by many trusted users, websites andreviewers.Download now for FREE & manage your everydayconversations with no contacts like never before!NOTE:This chattips app use an official whatsapp API to open a chat with anynumber you enter without create it as contact on your device.
Social Messenger: Message, Text, Video, Chat 1.8
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Social Messenger is a connection of all your social apps, Give youan access to a world though Social Messenger . No more searchingfor social messenger apps when you want to use it, you just needone click to open your application app whenever you want to have amessenger with your friends and families. And it can show you theopen times of each messenger app, find the most used messenger app.⭐Features Included: - Manage all social Apps - Show your open times- Free app without install Trick With Social Messenger you canlogin 2 account in your device. What are you waiting for? DownloadSocial Messenger and enjoy the best free all in one messenger appsapp ever! We are always striving to provide the best userexperience for our users. We are also looking for your suggestionor recommendation. Please, feel free to email us and let us knowfrom you so we can continue to bring you the best experiences andupdates.
ClonApp Messenger 2018 1.0
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With ClonApp Messenger you can login 2 account in your device: 2fbaccount, 2 whatsapp account, ...ClonApp Messenger is aconnectionof all your social apps, Give you an access to a worldthoughClonApp Messenger .No more searching for social messengerapps whenyou want to use it, you just need one click to openyourapplication app whenever you want to have a messenger withyourfriends and families. And it can show you the open times ofeachmessenger app, find the most used messengerapp.⭐FeaturesIncluded:- Manage all social Apps- Show your opentimes- Free appwithout install
📶 Wifi Network Scanner Monitor ? Who hack my wifi 2.2
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Precise, detailed and extremely handy wireless analyzer wifimonitor app! A lot of times you don't know why your internet speedis so slow. There might be one reason that someone is stealing yourwifi network speed without your permission. And you want to detectwho hack your wifi or who is connecting your wifi withoutpermission? Using this wifi analyzer app, in seconds you know howmany and which device is connected to your router with IP, MAC IDand vendor listing. ❌ STOP SLOW INTERNET CONNECTIONS! With one tapour wifi scanner & monitor tool will scan every device that isconnected to your wifi network and tell you their ip and mac ipaddress of each device. Then you can analyze those devices and seewhether there are intruders that are stealing your network! 📶 IPSCAN & DETAILED INFO If you are looking for a wifi monitor appthat will also perform ip address lookup and mac address lookup,then you are at the right place! Our analyzer and scanner tool willtell you the ip address & mac address of each connected device.Then you can do your own analysis, see the provider & brand ofthat device and stop them from further stealing your internetnetwork. An excellent wifi securer & tool for secure wifi! 🚫WHYYOU’LL LOVE Who hack my wifi? • Scans All Network Devices InSeconds (blazing fast wifi scanner) • Gives You IP And MAC ID ofThat Device (great for ip address lookup and mac address lookup) •Vendor Address Database To Find Which Vendor's Device is Connected• One-Click Quick Re-scan • Wireless network analyzer With one tap,you’ll get your own wifi protecter, wifi security & wifiprotection. ☑️ Download Who hack my wifi? 📶 Network Wifi ScannerMonitor and permanently monitory your internet networkconnectivity!
Cache Cleaner for WHatsapp: Optimize Disk & Clear 1.0
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You are using whatsapp app to chat with your friends. Andwhatsappcreate many cache, document, file or images save in yourdisk.Cache Cleaner can help you clean useless cache files , it canfreeup your phone space and speed up your phone.★ What AreCacheFilesCache Files are temporary files created by applications.Forexample, when browser visit a web page, browser save theimagefiles as cache files.When app exits , cache files are useless, youcan save phone space and speed up your phone via clean thesejunkcache files.So you need a easy app help you clean cachefiles.Themain features of the Cleaner for Whatsapp app:★ AllWhatsApp mediain the same place.★ Delete a specified WhatsApp mediafile (image,video, audio, voice note, document...) or all mediafiles by aneasy click.★ Clean WhatsApp junk files by Category.★Preview allWhatsApp media files types before doing a clean.★Move/Backupimportant medias from WhatsApp to your device (Galleryfor imagesand videos, Music directory for audio files, and Downloaddirectoryfor document files...)★ Sort WhatsApp media files by sizeor bydate.★ Remove duplicate content.
Super Free Screen Recorder: Video Capture 1.0.0
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Do you want to record your screen to create a video? Are youinsearch of a high quality free screen recorder app? No matter ifitis an app screen recorder or game screen recorder, SuperFreeScreen Recorder: Video Capture is your best solution. It isastable, high-quality screen recorder for Android smartphones.Nomore searching for “apps to record my screen” – now you haveSuperFree Screen Recorder! 🔴 FAST SCREEN RECORDING Turn the screenvideorecorder app on and you can screen record and video capturescreenwith one tap. Perfectly optimized and with new 2018 design,thescreen recorder is fast, easy and efficient! No more clunkyvideocapturing apps, you are sure to get great results, no matterthetype of video you are trying to record. 📽️ RECORD FORNUMEROUSTYPES OF VIDEO The best thing about this free screenrecorder isthat you can use it on so many different things. You caneasyrecord screen video, live show, record livestream, videocalls,video game, and more - making everything simple! Extremelyusefulfor content creators, vloggers and any type of contentmarketingrelated to apps and games. ✂️ EDIT VIDEOS & SHARE Mostmobilescreen recorders are pretty limited with features, however itisnot the same with our app screen and game screen recorder. Withourapp you can also edit videos, screen capture video and sharethemwith everyone via social network. And there are advancedvideoediting features that will help you make the screen recordingsevenmore professional. The video screen capture app, is sure tobecomeyour #1 favorite video app. 🔥 SUPER FREE SCREEN RECORDERVIDEOCAPTURE amazing features: ★ Screen Recording You can easilyrecordvideo calls with family and friends, record popular mobilegamevideos, call record,.... --- Record external sound ---RecordHIGH-QUALITY video: 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS --- Backgroundrecorder--- Pause/resume screen recording --- Control screenrecordingthrough floating window or status bar --- Screen captureimage ★Video Editor You can editor screen videos --- Trim video ---Adjustthe volume of video --- Crop video --- Add effect intro forvideo ★Save and Share --- Easily preview screen videos viafloatingwindow. --- Manage screen video and capture video ---Settingquality video --- On/Off sound when record --- Share yourvideosand screenshots to video sites and social sites. Shareyourrecorded videos with friends! We guess we can call us one ofthebest screen recording & video capturing apps. Our screenvideorecorder is easy to use, perfectly optimized, fast andreliable..and it is also packed with powerful video editingfeatures.Everything is easily, now install app and start record tohavevideo fun!!!