HTS Entertainment Apps

Wifi sniffer 1.0
Wifi sniffer, android sniffer application. Internet connectionsniffer. Android professional security hacker sniffer applicationto detect, prevent and check sniffers, leechers, hacker, crackersand all kind of threats to your cell phone wifi, mobile internet orandroid phone.
Wifi Spy 2.0
Do you want to know if your neighbor is stealing your Wifi? Are yousure nobody is spying your Wifi communications? Do you wonder issomeone is using your internet connection without yourpermission?Wifi Spy is a tool to detect spies, search for intrudersin your wifi and internet connection. This security tool is intentto prevent and detect spies and intruders, do not use it to hackinto a computer or to scan surrounding wifi networks.
Grocery shopping List 1.0
Grocery shopping list, the application for android to help youremember the milk and all the things you have to buy at thesupermarket. Just simply add all the things you need to buy (as youusually do in a note on the fridge) and cross them out when you gotit, the application will tell you when you are good to go backhome.You can manage and create several lists (ej: supermarket,bachelor party, birthday, etc...), you can send the list by email,sync the data with other devices, clone list and much more.Youdon't like the grocery list appearance? no worries, you can selectanother theme.
R2D2 Star wars droid R2-D2 1.1
Get star wars R2D2 droid in your pocket. Thefunny R2D2 android of the saga Star Wars can go with you. Use theforce, your lightsaber and now R2D2 to rescue Princess Leia. Jointhe rebels, beat the empire. Star Wars is a trademar of Disney andLucasfilm.
Call4Free Pro 1.0
Better than any communication app. Call forfree to anyone, everywhere. You just need wifi or 3G connection tocall any of your friends around the world for free.Free calls, free international calls, call for free to any landlineor call for 0$ to any cell phone.Try it now and start Call4free pro versionWhatsapp integration, share facebook contacts, import viber friendsand tango
Rage guy fffuuu 1.0
Can't stand highschool, last minute exam,deadcell phone battery when you need to call, tv ads when youwatchyour favourite program, fucken talking with troll, Yao Mingand hislaugh, the computer guy, the cereal guy... let'scomplaint!!!fffuuu
Wifi Intruder Detector Pro 1.0
Nobody will ever steal your internet connection. Stop using WiFifor free. Wifi Intruder Detect helps you to find security leaks inyour wifi network internet connection. Any intruder in yournetwork, wifi or internet connection will be found.Check who arethe people in your network, who is using your wifi with or withoutyour permission.Find detect expose wifi hackers, internetconnection leechers.You can detect intruders and hackers inmultiple networks and wifi.Pro version