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HaikuJAM - write together, feel better
The best stress buster app for learners and creatives 🙌 HaikuJAM isa social writing game that brings you inner peace. Create write-upstogether, make friends, have fun and relax. How to play 👌 Write aline and pass it on. Strangers around the world will write withyou, adding a line each to make a mirco poem, quote or story. Enjoythe magic of saying a lot with little - we’re inspired by theJapanese poetry called “haiku” which captures the essence of amoment in just 3 lines! Think of it as a challenge to train yourcreative thinking and writing skills by expressing yourself in asfew words as possible. Reduce stress and feel calmer in theprocess! Why you should try HaikuJAM 💛 Research shows that even alittle bit of creativity each day can boost well-being, be itwriting poetry, quotes or stories, journaling, dancing, drawing,anything you like! This is because creative acts help us to expressour thoughts and emotions, to reduce stress, to relax and findinner peace, to think clearly and to grow as people. If you everfeel like you need to calm down, let go of all stress but don’tknow how to relax, HaikuJAM is there to bring your mental peace :)Say bye to writer’s block 👋 HaikuJAM is here to help you makecreative writing a part of your daily life, with fresh creativewriting prompts and an inspiring creativity tracker. Plus, you'lllearn to express your thoughts, ideas and emotions and understandyourself better by using our mood tracker and personal insightsthat decode your thought patterns and emotions with HaikuJAMPremium. Not a writer or poet? Not to worry! 😁 Just write whatfirst comes to mind, unwind and let your thoughts and emotions free- HaikuJAM is designed to make creative writing super fun andcalming. You will collaborate with other people just like you,writers and poets around the world and help each other find innerpeace and feel calm, learn how to write better and make friends! Itwill feel good, trust us :) Other things to enjoy 😎 - Very lightand free writing app that doesn’t use up much space on your phone -Be creative and find peace whenever it suits you with personalisedwriting reminders - If you love word games, this one's for you!Without a doubt the most sociable, creative, calming andbeautifully designed word game around. - Practice writing inEnglish with the help of spelling and grammar checkers -Collaborative writing means that you’re always getting newperspectives from writers and poets around the world - Learn newvocabulary and writing techniques from millions of poems and quotes- Stay motivated with daily insights on your progress, creativitytracker, writing challenges, prizes, badges and earn Karma points -Set your own topics and get people writing about causes that matterto you - Chat with your favourite writers and poets, get to knowthem better and make friends - Write on photos of your choice andpersonalise your words - Use unique backgrounds and fonts and writesolo with HaikuJAM Premium - Share your beautiful write-ups withfriends on Social Media - Read and discover poetry, quotes, haikupoems, micro stories and shayari on any topic - Prevent burnout,manage stress, anxiety and depression by sharing your thoughts,worries, feelings and emotions without filters - take care of yourgeneral well-being - HaikuJAM creates a sense of belonging as thereis always someone who will hear you out, make you feel understoodand less alone Follow @haikujam on social media and DM us if youface any issues. Happy jamming!