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Ninja Girl: Throwing RPG
Ninja Girl: Throwing RPG-Action, Adventure, Weapon Throwing RPG, set in a mystical ancientland & brought to life with anime/manga inspired hand-drawnart!-Are you a skillful gamer?Rage-quitting is not in your vocabulary?Think you got what it takes to beat one of the hardest games onmobiles, ever?!Put your abilities to the test in this deceptively difficultgame!--[FEATURES]* Battle your way across many stages & unique locations.* Intense gameplay, put your wit & reflexes to the test.* Physics-based gameplay: Incoming enemy projectiles? Deflect &turn their weapons against them!* Encounter a variety of foes: pirates, exploding pigs, samurais,ninjas, geisha assassins & more.* Fight EPIC Bosses with uber abilities (Satellite Rain, Ki Lance& more) that will pwn you!* Acquire & unleash awesome Ninjutsu abilities.* Talent tree upgrades for both the Ninja Girl & her pet NinjaMonkey (yes, you too can own a Kawaii Ninja-monkey!).----------------------------------------------***Minimum Specs: 1280 x 720p screen resolution or greater.Designed for 4.5"+ devices.---------------------------------------------[Immersive Mode] Supported on many 4.4+ devices, but some custom UI(Samsung Touchwiz etc) may interfere with it. If it ever bugs out,go Home screen & switch back.--[In-App Purchase]In the latest update (v1.1.0), I've changed Ninja Girl by removingall consumable IAPs and replaced it with a single one-time,restore-able (Google will remember your purchase if youuninstall/re-install at a later time!) IAP. This is the fairestapproach, you can play a lot of content and if you enjoy it, spend~$1 once to unlock the rest of the game, forever.--Happy to receive feedback via email or Twitter (@AH_Phan).