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Hand Talk Translator 3.0.3
Hand Talk
Led by Hugo, the world’s most lovable 3D interpreter, the Hand Talkapp automatically translates text and audio to American SignLanguage (ASL) [Beta] and Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) throughartificial Intelligence. If you’re interested in learning a newlanguage in a practical and fun way, the Hand Talk app is the rightchoice for you! There are over 466 million deaf and hard of hearingpeople in the world, and Hand Talk, elected the World’s Best SocialApp by the UN, emerges as a pocket translator with the goal ofbringing people together through technology and communication. Youcan rate Hugo’s translations and save your favourite ones, adjustHugo’s speed, customize his clothes and background in Hugo’s Storeand much more! The Hand Talk app is a powerful tool, used in themost diverse contexts: • In the classroom, by teachers, studentsand interpreters as a complementary communication resource; • Athome, by families with deaf and hearing people; • By sign languagestudents that want to improve their vocabulary with Hugo’s Help.Download now!