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Sunkar English sikhe : Spoken English App 1.0
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Spoken English app has English audios to learn how to speakEnglish. 1. Learn English with Audios2. Strengthen your grammarswith Free Spoken English Course3. English words to improve yourdaily English speaking practice4. Conversation shows you how tospeak with other in English.The Free Spoken English course has easyinterface which helps to learn each topics easily and clearly.Start your conversation practice with friends.
English Spanish translator & Learn Spanish free 6.18
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Free English Spanish Translator app has outstanding translator. Youcan translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English as well.English Spanish Translator is very easy to use just copy anyparagraph paste in Spanish translator and in within seconds you getits translations. Sometimes if you are reading Spanish or Englishbook and some words you don’t understand then just type words andget Spanish translation. This English Spanish translator app allowyou to input voice, text, type and paste options. You can getSpanish translation and share it. Simplest way to get Spanishtranslation with speaking. In English Spanish translator app, thereis a speak button for pronunciation. It speaks both English andSpanish words. In English Spanish translator app you can findlisten and learn vocabulary, sentences and dialogs. Learn Spanishfrom English Course. There are English to Spanish translatorparagraph available for listening and learning. Free SpanishSpeaking course plus Spanish translator makes thin app unique. NewFeature: Now Learn Spanish by just listening. You can learn Spanishwords, sentences and grammar patterns. Practice Spanish with quiz.Summary, 1- Get Spanish translation with Voice 2- Free Spanishtranslator 3- Learn Spanish Free