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com.smellymonster.games.happychickenmoon 3.5.1
2019 is coming! Happy Chicken new Molly is coming! Happy ChickenMolly's friends are coming with Molly. You can touch the "Setting"Button at the top-right corner of the screen to choose yourfavorite chicken! Different chickens will lay different eggs whichwill hatch different chickens! You can also choose Molly withoutthick coat to play this game, but she may feel very cold~~~ HappyChicken Molly wish you be Happy! We hope you will like her🎁~ Thisis a simple and interesting game for everyone. We have designed alovely role: happy mrs chicken Molly. She has beautiful eyes andtail. Her husband is Happy Mr chicken Rogers. He loves jumping andMolly loves laying eggs. The game wants to tell us: life is like abox of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. And it'salso a stress relief game maybe good luck to you.The world isamazing. Everything is possible. Believe your eyes. Let's enjoyHappy chicken lays eggs - 2019!
Feed Happy Fish 1.6
Happy Fish Peppe Lee is a cute tropical fish. She is Happy mrschicken Molly and Happy mr chicken Rogers’ pet fish. Rogers has alot of candies and Molly used her magic from moon to change thecolors of the candies. The candies have many different colors andstyles. Peppe Lee will change her color and style after eatingthese candies.- Touch the foods, the Happy Fish will eat it!- HappyFish will change her color after eating foods.She lives in a miniaquarium: AquariumNo Ads ^_^
Balloon Pop - Balloon Game 1.0
Balloon Pop is a free balloon game designed for family, foreveryone. It's a stress relief and anxiety relief game without popup Ads. - The best cure for your excess energy! Use your finger topop the balloon! Just tap tap, you will see the balloons popping! -When you are bored or just with your family. Use finger pop balloonto help relieve stress, anxiety. - The game also helps to increaseattention and concentration. Tap your screen to pop balloon –that’s how easy it is to play Balloon Pop, the mobile game enjoyedby many families over the word! Highly entertaining for everyone.Don’t miss the best decompression artifact! Download now! Let'stouch screen and enjoy Balloon Pop - Best Stress Relief BalloonGame!
Ball and Ball 1.2.3
This is a difficult game. Control two balls at the same timejumping over all the blocks. - Use your two hands to control twoballs at the same time jumping over the Blocks on the Floors. -Touch left circle to let the top bounce ball jump. - Touch rightcircle to let the bottom bounce ball jump. - Save and share yourprogress on Google Play Game. Email: monster.smelly@gmail.comWebsite: https://www.facebook.com/moster.smelly
Happy Mrs Duck Lays Eggs Game 1.5
Happy Duck Gaga loves to lay eggs, because little ducks will comeout from the eggs. She is Happy mrs chicken Mollys' friend.The gamewants to tell us: life is like a box of chocolates. You never knowwhat you're gonna get. The world is amazing. Everything ispossible. And it's also a stress relief game. You can lay as manyeggs as you want.- Touch screen, then Happy Duck Gaga will layeggs.- Touching flying eggs will increase the probability of layingcolorful eggs.- You can compete with your family and your friendsvia Game Center. Our game will record your scores. You can see theleaderboards at any time.Now let's enjoy Happy Duck lay eggs game.Good luck!
Feed Happy Fish - Lay Colorful Baby Fish 1.3
Happy fish is happy mrs chicken Molly and happy mr chicken Roger'spet fish. She is growing up and can lay different colors of eggsafter eating different colors of foods. The colorful fishes willcome out from their eggs. It's your tap tap aquarium. You canchange it to your Fishdom.· Touch Screen to feed happy fish inaquarium.· Happy fish will lay egg after eating a candy. The colorof the egg is same to the foods.· Little fish will come out fromits egg. The color of the fish is same to the egg.· Touch the coralat the right-bottom of the screen can change the color of fishfood.· Touch the little fish and then the little fish will swim outof the aquarium.Now, build your own beautiful Aquarium and Fishdom.Let's enjoy Feed Happy Fish - Little Aquarium. Tap tap, and havefun!
Happy Mrs Chicken - Dress Up 2.5
This is the sequel of our original game: Happy Chicken Lays Eggs.The main character is also our happy mrs chicken Molly!This time,mrs chicken Molly has come back from the moon to the grassland ofthe earth and had a dressing room! You can change the colors andstyles of her comb, body and tail. Little chickens hatched by Mollywould be also in the same style with her.🐔The rules are easy:1.Follow the guidance. You can obtain the yellow tail, then you canget mrs chicken Molly!2. Touch the grassland, Molly will lay an eggwhich will hatch a little chicken in the same style.3. There aremany colors and styles in the dressing room. But you shouldpurchase them by eggs or coins. If you lay enough eggs and obtainenough coins, you can buy everything you want.💰4 ways to getcoins:1. Happy chicken Molly may lay a red egg sometimes. Somecoins are in the red eggs! Touch the red egg to break it and getthe coins!2. With Internet connection, there may be parachute withegg falling down. Touch the parachute and break the egg to getcoins! (Internet required )3. Touch the purple ➕besides the numberof coins at the top of the screen, you can exchange 100 🥚 to 1 💰.Lay as many eggs as you can!4. You can also buy coins. Bypurchasing coins, the ads will also be removed!Well, let mrschicken Molly lay eggs and get more coins! You will obtain moredifferent and beautiful chickens! Have fun~~(Our happy chicken gameis a single-player offline game, all the purchases are only validin your local device. Please be careful if your want to delete theApp^_^ )
Math 24 - Mental Math Cards 1.1.0
Math 24 is a classical math puzzle game. The game is designed tohelp people of all skill levels improve their arithmetic abilitiesand mental math skills. Elementary school students can also playit. But you may not solve some questions even you are a graduatestudent!■ How To PlayThe rules are simple. Combine 4 numbers into24 by addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication(×) anddivision(÷). For example, try to use these 4 numbers: 2048 to make24. The answer is (2+0)×(4+8)=24. The question is easy, but somequestions are much more difficult. You can try this: 6 6 5 9 tomake 24. ■ Stage Mode15 stages and 300 well designed levels intotal. The stages are from "Baby" to "King of Math", from easy todifficult. Touch the help button at the top-right corner if youcan't solve a question. There are 3 chances to use help button ineach stage.■ Speed Mode10 random questions! Make 24 as fast as youcan! Touch the garbage button at the top-right corner to change aquestion. There are 3 chances to change a question in each game.■Game Center"Make 24" is fully integrated with Game Center -providing both Leaderboards and Achievements. The Game Centerfeatures allow you to test your skills against the rest of theworld and to share your scores and accomplishments with friends.■Features- Well-designed levels- Best user experience and graphics-Exciting speed mode■ The App is suitable for you- If you like braintraining, math game or puzzle game.- If you want to play withfriends or family.- If you want to improve you math skills,especially the mental math skills.Have fun!
Counting Ducks - Memory Training 1.0
It is a simple memory game. The rule is easy: remember the numbersof ducks in different colors and directions. But it will be themost challenging game to your brain! HOW TO PLAY:- Staring at thescreen, little ducks will appear and go to the left side or theright side.- Remember the numbers of ducks in different colors anddirections. - The app will ask you a question after all the duckshave gone. For example: "How many red ducks went to the left side?"- Answer the question in 5 seconds.- You'll get bonus points if youanswer fast enough.FEATURES:- It's easy to play and insanelyadditive. But it's not easy to get high score.- The ducks are verycute. Kids will also love this game.- It's very interesting if youplay this game with your friends and family. You can compete withothers via Game Center.1, 2, 3! There are 3 yellow ducks going tothe left! Try to remember all the ducks and answer the question asfast as you can!Remember the numbers of ducks in different colorsand directions - Duck mathHave fun!
2048 1.0
Welcome to play Jelly 2048!Merge the same jellies to get new prettyjellies, the number 2048!Simple gameplay with plentiful contents-Swipe jellies to merge them in advanced jellies.- Merge as manyjellies as you can to get high score.- The number 2048 is the signof your won.Exciting challenges in Jelly 2048- Try to merge theking jelly of number 2048!- 2048 is not the end. Pink Jelly ofnumber 4096 and Champagne Jelly of number 8192 are waiting foryou!Experience a new feeling of 2048 with totally different designwhile creating a Jelly empire of your own!Enjoy yourself~
Chicken Run - Happy Chicken Jump Jump Jump 1.2.1
This is Happy Chicken Rogers's Run Game! There are many candies onthe chocolate road. He should keep running and jump over thechocolate bar to cross road and get more candies. It's a Run Gameabout the adventure of Happy Chicken~Happy Chicken Rogers's wife isHappy mrs chicken Molly. He loves running and his wife loves layingeggs.We have designed a lovely appearance for Happy Chicken. He hasbeautiful colors, handsome tail and round eyes."Run! Chicken Run!Cross road! You are a Super Run Happy Chicken! "
Happy Chicken - Save Eggs 1.0
Happy Chicken - Save Eggs is our new game of Happy Chicken series,mainly for the fans of pigs and chickens. Adults will also feelhappy to play this game. Because it's so cute~Happy mrs chickenMolly is on the cloud now! She will lay eggs which will be fallingdown to the ground and broken. What a pity! Poor mrs chicken Molly,poor eggs... But you can save these eggs! Just touch them beforethey hit the ground! The eggs will hatch little chicks. What ahappy time!You will get 1 point for each egg saved. Don't miss anycolorful egg! Saving colorful eggs will get extra 4 points, totally5 points for each! If you let the eggs hit the ground, you willlose one life. You have only 3 lives. Please be careful~DON'T touchthe bomb! If you touch the bomb, it will explode and the chickenswill get dizzy. The game is over!Come on, save the eggs of yourhappy mrs chicken!