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High Noon™
Become the deadliest gunslinger on the planet in this first-personshooter (FPS) re-invented for mobile devices!***** "That rush you get when you headshot a complete strangerright before they kill you. Nothing beats it."***** "GREAT way to pass the time and get some angermanagement!!!"***** "Amazing I love how u get a freaking sniper at level3!!!"Challenge gunslingers around the world in real-time shootouts tobecome the most wanted gunslinger of them all! Your phone is yourweapon with live-action holstering, drawing, and shooting.Win duels and collect reward money, then customize your lookwith classy Western clothes, unlock deadly guns, and arm yourselfwith special items from the Indian Trading Post. As you build upyour Wanted Reward, the bounty will attract shooters from aroundthe globe!Form gangs with friends, and compete on the scoreboards -global, national, or just with those on your "shitlist".Earn money in fair bounty fights, or just pick someone'spocket.High Noon 2 features fully animated 3d characters and myriads ofweapons and character customizations.FEATURES- Real-time multi-player FPS PvP duels- Fully 3d animated and customizable characters- Made-for-mobile gesture controls - holstering, aiming,reloading- RPG style progression of your character and weapons- Many gun types, e.g., revolvers, rifles, shotguns, andscope/sniper rifles- Many additional weapons, e.g., dynamite, lasso, and various formsof pepper!- Upgradable weapons and skills- Create gangs and compete with other gangs- Authentic Old West clothing and other top items, only availablein the Gulch- Free to play FPSHaving fun? Like and follow us!http://facebook.com/highnoon2http://twitter.com/highnoon
Nut Slam 3.1.0
NOTICE: Nut Slam will be shut down and nolonger supported starting March 25th 23:59 UTC.Slingshot heroes into high speed battles with amazing skills andspecial attacks!Crack open rare nuts to discover the secret lives of fairytaleheroes and villains!Morph heroes to achieve their utmost MAX potential!Nuttin' but super slammin' features, like:- Super-simple slingshot aim & release gestures to smashenemies!- Magical storybook world filled with 70+ challenging levels oftwisted creatures and powerful bosses!- Daily and weekly air battles and nut events — try your luck andget some badass heroes!- Each hero has special skills, attributes and attacks — it's up toyou to choose the right team for the job!- Collect, enhance, and merge your own heroes to create bigger,badder, slam-bangin' heroes to help you defeat the Big Boss!~~~~~~~~SUPPORT~~~~~~~~Got nutty problems? Email [email protected] Policy:www.happylatte.com/legal/privacyTerms of Use:www.happylatte.com/legal/termsCopyright Dispute Policy:www.happylatte.com/legal/copyrightHappylatte and Warnuts are trademark of Happylatte, registeredin the U.S.