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Chess Time® -Multiplayer Chess
Chess Time - Free Multiplayer Chess!Play chess for free against real people!-------------------------------------Chess Time is an online global chess community for correspondencechess players.Chess Time is a long-distance online chess game. Find players inthe USA, UK, Germany and more! Communicate by an in-game chat, tagfavorite opponents as friends and more!- Play chess with anyone from anywhere with an internetconnection.- Play against your friends with the top three mobileplatforms.- Tag players as friends for easy re-invite.- Choose from different chess sets and themes!- Chat in each chess game against your opponent.- History of recent games!- Auto-calculated ELO rating for each account.- Train against stronger opponents with unrated games!- Export games as pgn and screenshots.- Leader Board by rating and countryAll opponents are human with available players every minute!Please note: This is a notification based system. Chess Time willsend a notification when it is your time to make a move for eachgame.
Reversi Time - Multiplayer 2.0.2
Play Reversi against the computer or playonline. Reversi is a strategy game where the goal is to capturemore squares than your opponent. You capture the squares bysurrounding your opponents disks and turning them into your coloreddisks. The player with the most colored disks is the winner of thegame.In our reversi you can play the computer or other players over theinternet.Features:Play online against other playersPlay locally against the computer ( 10 levels of play )Chat in gameLeader boardsFriend list.Three board sizes, 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10.and more.
Chess Time® Pro - Multiplayer
Haptic Apps LLC
Ad-Free version of Chess Time forAndroid.There are no other differences from the Ad version.============================- Play online.- Play against your friends, multiplayer- Game level chat!- Account based!- History of recent games played!- Rating auto calculated.- Export your game moves and share with a friend! Standard PGNformat for use in PGN viewers.Recent change history: - forgot username feature.on move screen can email image of board (and draw arrow onboard) - added option for expanded time format3.3.3.3 - added review of board for draw request. - enhanced friends list3.3.3.6 - re-added blue / white board colors3.3.3.7 - friends list will sort by name but can be changed in theoption screen for rating sort.
Checkers Time - Online 2.0.3
Play Checkers against the computer or playonline against other players !!Multiplayer, play many games at once, at your own pace.Notification based game play!!Try our chess time and reversi games!Features:Online / Offline modePlay online against other playersPlay locally against the computerChat in gameLeader boardsFriend list.======= versionsinitial version.. couple small fixes ...changed icon, fix for bug in move history screenChanged images to be colors of checkers .. thanks towordsauceV1.2.4+5 Fixes for "non forced jump games" ... thanks for findingit and all the help from hippstarV1.2.6 Changed Ad to Admobfew bug fixes.