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Cookbook and Recipes - Free 1.0.0
The most delicious recipe cookbook on Google Play for FREE. Yourfood guide.More recipes added constantly like egg recipes or indianrecipes.Cookbook and recipes is your recipes lookup as you cansearch alle the delicious meals by name.Every recipe is describedin three sections: Introduction, the recipe ingredients and thesimple to follow cooking instructions.This cook book also providesingredients, calories and cooking time for every meal.This is yourrecipe manager as you can add your favorite foods and share recipesto your friends on Facebook, Twitter or other services.BROWSE BYCATEGORY:Explore the most popular recipes like in a cook book. Weinclude everything for free: -Breakfast-MainCourses-Desserts-Vegetarian-Salads-Soups-DietCooking is now simpleand we help you to prepare great food with simple ingredients andlow calories.-More! – New recipes and chapters added constantly andwe let you know when there is an update.-Coming in the next update:French cuisine and potato recipes, low carb recipes - now you areyour own masterchef in the kitchen.KEEP TRACK of the ingeredientsyou have already added in each recipe by just “tapping” them. It isvery easy.Download the FREE Cookbook and Recipes App today.
Jelly Funny Jump Reaction Game 1.06
Jelly Jump is a cute jumping and running game. It is indeed a cuteand fun game.Start your free jumping adventure and tap in thisgame!There is a adorable cute jelly who needs your help. He isrunning and jumping for something up in the sky.Maybe it issomething to eat, maybe it is a easter present even though this isnot an easter game ;)What is for sure: The cute Jelly will JUMP inthis game until it reaches its goal.Can the funny and cute Jellyrun fast enough?Can you save the Jelly?Find out now! How to play:*TAP the screen to jump
Potato Diet Loose weight fast 1.0.1
Loose weight fast with the potato diet. CALORIES for every meal.Themost effective diet on Google Play for FREE. Your food guide comeswith a fast diet.We also add more recipes constantly.Potato diet isyour recipe lookup as you can search alle the delicious meals byname.Every recipe is described in three sections: Introduction, therecipe ingredients and the simple to follow cookinginstructions.This cook book also provides ingredients, calories andcooking time for every meal.This is your recipe manager as you canadd your favorite foods and share recipes to your friends onFacebook, Twitter or other services.Explore the most popularrecipes like in a cook book. We include all these free potatorecipes.10 Recipes included now - more come with everyupdate.Cooking is now simple and we help you to prepare great foodwith simple ingredients and low calories.-More! – New recipes andchapters added constantly and we let you know when there is anupdate.-Coming in the next update: More potato recipes, low calorierecipes, simple recipes.Now you are your own masterchef in thekitchen and with this fast diet you will loose weight.KEEP TRACK ofthe ingeredients you have already added in each recipe by just“tapping” them. It is very easy.Download the FREE Potato Diet andrecipes App today.