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Minesweeper 1.1
Minesweeper - all known and loved puzzle game. In it you have todemine the playing field of various sizes. The player opens thecell, trying to open the cell with a mine. After opening the cellwith a mine, he loses. If landmines under the open cell is notpresent, it appears a number indicating how many positions adjacentto the newly opened "mined"; Using these numbers, the player triesto calculate the location of the mines, but sometimes even in themiddle and at the end of the game, some cells still have to open atrandom. If by neighboring cells, too, no minutes, it opens some"not mined" to the cell area in which there are figures. "Mined"the player can mark a cell, you do not accidentally open them. Openall "not mined" cell, the player wins. Good game!