HcomLab Apps

Prism name 1.0.1
Check baby names in pythagoras fortunemethod
Bat Attack 1.0.2
A fort was attacked by a group of vicious bats, red eyes andpoisonous. I wonder where it comes from this mysterious bat. Butthere was a brave officer who held him up there with the bow. Butthe weakness of this officer is only able to work with the help ofyour commands such as switching positions for the right above thebat and command when the arrow released from a bow in the directionof the bat.
Flyduck 1.0.9
Ducks fly through the obstacles put on the plane. This time theydid not use the wings to fly into space but rather use a plane,maybe they were tired. In the game we have to help the duck throughthe obstacles. Touch the up and down many times that the plane rideup or down. A failure avoiding obstacles, sea and space would makethe plane fall. Shoot the box to add points.Play if you are able toget through every obstacle until it reaches the highest value.