Health Promotion Board Apps

iDAT 2.2.0
Use the Singapore HPB iDAT (interactive Diet and Activity Tracker)as a free partner to help you balance your Calories Consumed versusyour Calories Burned.iDAT combines Activity, Diet and Weight Tracking to keep you ontrack to meet any Weight Loss Goals you may set.The Diet Tracker uses an extensive food database with the mostpopular Singaporean meals for you to track your daily consumedcalories.The Activity Tracking uses your phone's built-in GPS to trackyour fitness - running, cycling, walking and any other distancebased sport, or you can enter the (time based) activitiesmanually.You can also use your iDAT app login on the website to view and analyzeyour activities further.Please note: You must be 18 years old to use iDAT!Please note: Continued use of the GPS running in the backgroundcan dramatically decrease battery life. The GPS is only used if youare tracking a workout, so please ensure that you stop the workoutwhen you are done, so the GPS can power off.Diet Tracker features:- Add diets from Singapore Food Categories list- Copy diets from Most Used and from Previous Days- See Diet History overview seperated into Meal TimesActivity Tracker features:- Track any outdoor sctivity including duration, distance, speedand calories- Enter an activity manually, e.g., a treadmill run, spinning orweight training- Get audio feedback for every mile or km while exercising- Set a distance or calorie goal and have the audio coach speak tothat as your target- See your route on a map- Compete on a specific route nearby and Race against the routechampion- Customize the main screen to show the information that you findmost valuableWeight and Goal features:- Track your weight over time- Set a weight loss Goal and see an estimate of the number of weeksit will take- The goal is used to calculate your needed estimated daily calorieintake- You can easily see on a graph how your current weight changesrelative to your goal
HPB I Quit 1.5.5
Saying "I Quit" is not easy, but with this app, it can be easier.The I Quit app, developed by the Health Promotion Board, aims tohelp those who have decided to quit along their journey to becomingcompletely smoke-free.Share your reason for quitting, choose your preferred quitmethod and let this smoke-buddy help you track your cigarettecravings and lapses, and monitor your progress towards quitting forgood.Want tips and coping strategies to manage that craving? Need tospeak to a Quit Consultant or visit the nearest Pharmacy? This apphas all the advice and support you need.What’s more, earn badges as you advance through the days, weeksand months, and share your achievements with your friends onFacebook and Twitter. The app also tracks how much money you’vesaved and what you can get with your new found savings!To further help you along your quit journey, join the I QuitClub on Facebook at I Quit Club is a social supportnetwork where quitters, ex-smokers and other like-mindedindividuals can come together to motivate, encourage and supporteach other on their journey to quit smoking.
HealthHub Track 4_26_1
Take charge of your health with HealthHub Track. Achieve yourhealth goals with our suite of tools, action plans, and healthylifestyle guides, specially designed for Singaporeans. Simply signup for a HealthHub account and choose a health goal: Live HealthyPrevent Diabetes Living with Diabetes Quit Smoking HealthyPregnancy Connect with over 100 popular health and activitytrackers such as Healthy 365, Fitbit, Nokia Health, Garmin, SHealth, Google Fit and more. Once connected, you will receiveregular health tips and insights on the activities you do every dayand learn how they impact your health. Start your personal healthjourney with HealthHub Track today.
hiSG+ Health Insights SG 1.0
The hiSG+ mobile application is brought to you by theHealthPromotion Board (HPB), exclusively for participants of theHealthInsights Singapore (hiSG) study. The hiSG+ mobile app isdesignedto provide hiSG participants with a more seamless andengagingstudy experience by allowing them to respond directly tostudyquestionnaires on the app and log their meals taken via theapp’smeal logging tool. Participants are also able to tracktheirprogress in the study, earn Healthpoints for participation instudyactivities, as well as gain deeper insights on their healthvia theapp.
Healthy365+ UAT 0.0.1338
This is the UAT test app for Health365+