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DocNow 1.0.8
Now you can get instant, affordable access todoctors via video chat 24/7, all at the tap of a button — for only$2.99 a minute!DocNow by HealthTap is the world’s first “Affordable-CareApp!”▸ INSTANTInstant, 24/7 access to doctors with just a tap!▸ TRUSTEDVideo chat with top U.S. Certified doctors for advice, referrals,and even prescriptions (sent to a local pharmacy of your choice inminutes)!▸ AFFORDABLEAll for only $2.99 per minute (our doctors need at least 5 minutesto provide you with a delightful service)!▸ FAST & EASY1. TAP a button on your Android phone or tablet2. SEE and talk with a doctor instantly+ PLUS:Save time and get better, more personalized care!With your permission, the doctor who sees you can access thepersonal Health app data you collect with the Apple Watch and cangive you better, more personalized care!+ 20,000 LIVES SAVEDHealthTap has already served more than 2.8 billion doctor answersto hundreds of millions of people everywhere, and received millionsof thank-you notes, among which more than 20,000 specificallythanked HealthTap and our doctors for saving lives!+ TESTIMONIALS:• "Best application ever. Amazing to see top doctors volunteertheir valuable time and expertise to give free useful tips on bothmedical and wellness topics. Huge thanks to these tens of thousandsof super bright big-hearted docs!"• "This was by far the best answer I’ve ever received for a verysimple reason — it literally saved my life! HealthTap is the oneapp you *must* have on your mobile device— just in case!"• "I love HealthTap. My questions are answered with care bydedicated, good providers. I owe the HealthTap team a mountain ofdebt. Thank you very much, and I wish you guys the best as youcontinue to do good for humanity. Blessings and good health.”+ WHAT THE PRESS IS SAYING:• WSJ — “...Our favorite...the quickest results, was thesimplest to use. Helpful advice.”• Good Morning America — "Doctor house calls are making acome-back with a high-tech twist."• Wired — “HealthTap is the only company addressing patientneeds from the moment they have a question about a symptom to thevirtual consultation and, if necessary, all the way through todiagnosis and prescription.”• Business Insider — “The app that will change everything abouthealthcare.”--------------------NOTE:For emergencies, please always call 911 (or local emergencyservices) immediately and/or go to the nearest emergency room.Available to everyone (globally and across the United States)except for the following U.S. states: AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, ID, IA,KS, ME, MS, MO, MT, NE, NH, NM, ND, OK, RI, SD, TX, VT, WV, WY.