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HealthTap 7.15.2(prod)
Get free answers and instant help from more than 140,000 topdoctors on your phone or tablet. You can also pay for a virtualconsult by video, voice, or text chat with a primary care doctor24/7. HealthTap: Simple access to instant healthcare from realdoctors. HOW IT WORKS SEARCH CONTENT from over 2.6 milliondoctor-answered questions and 700,000 topics and articles acrossover 850 conditions. ASK A QUESTION for free to our network of140,000 doctors and receive a brief, educational, confidentialanswer, usually within 24 hours. ASSESS SYMPTOMS using Dr. A.I.,the world’s leading, artificial intelligence-powered symptomchecker and receive personalized recommendations and guidance tocare. SEE A DOCTOR immediately in real time by video, voice, orchat. You can also get prescriptions or make an appointment to seea doctor on your schedule. GET A TREATMENT PLAN from a doctor withinteractive Care Guides that include reminders and notifications,follow-ups, and referrals. BUILD YOUR HEALTH PROFILE to collect allyour health data in one place. This includes medical, treatments,prescriptions, labs, wearable devices, and doctor visit notes - andit all works together to provide a more personalized experience.This app will ask for select permissions including location,network state, and system status to help offer you personalized,real-time health information. You can review the full list ofAndroid permissions at: WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING NewYork Times - “The App That Saved 10,000 Lives” PC Magazine - "Thenext time you have a medical question… try asking the doctors onHealthTap." Inc. - “HealthTap's diversity of patient tools sets itapart from competing tech companies.” "Best application ever.Amazing to see top doctors volunteer their valuable time andexpertise to give free useful tips on both medical and wellnesstopics. Huge thanks to these tens of thousands of super bright bighearted docs!" "A social network at its best: 3 answers in 3minutes from 3 doctors…." "[HealthTap] literally saved my life!HealthTap is the one app you MUST have on your mobile device -just-in-case!"
HealthTap for Providers 8.15.2-f64558
Provide answers and help patients from your phone or tablet and getpaid for providing virtual consults by video, voice, or text chatfrom anywhere — and all on your schedule. Patients can evenschedule appointments for open times on your calendar. Just be adoctor and let HealthTap handle the rest. HOW IT WORKS HELP PEOPLEby answering patient questions and reviewing cases from ourcommunity of over 350,000,000 users. PROVIDE VIRTUAL CARE topatients via video, voice, or or text chat and follow that up withtreatment plans, prescriptions, referrals, lab tests, or even asecond opinion (and get paid for doing it). ELIMINATE THE WAITINGROOM for your patients with smooth intake and pre-visit experiencescourtesy of automated patient triaging and integrated calendars foronline scheduling — all powered by the sophisticated artificialintelligence of Dr. A.I. FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS by taking advantageof intuitive tools such as task management dashboards andpredictive SOAP notes to save time and do what you’re best at -being a doctor! PROVIDE UNPARALLELED FOLLOW UP with thousands ofinteractive patient Care Guides linked to mobile alerts andreminders helping you and your patients easily and effectivelymanage follow ups and treatment plans. This app will ask forselecut permissions including location, network state, and systemstatus to help offer you personalized, real-time healthinformation. You can review the full list of Android permissionsat: WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING New York Times - “TheApp That Saved 10,000 Lives” PC Magazine - "The next time you havea medical question… try asking the doctors on HealthTap." Inc. -“HealthTap's diversity of patient tools sets it apart fromcompeting tech companies.” "Best application ever. Amazing to seetop doctors volunteer their valuable time and expertise to givefree useful tips on both medical and wellness topics. Huge thanksto these tens of thousands of super bright big hearted docs!" "Asocial network at its best: 3 answers in 3 minutes from 3doctors…." "[HealthTap] literally saved my life! HealthTap is theone app you MUST have on your mobile device - just-in-case!"
DocNow 1.0.8
Now you can get instant, affordable access to doctors via videochat 24/7, all at the tap of a button — for only $2.99 aminute!DocNow by HealthTap is the world’s first “Affordable-CareApp!”▸ INSTANTInstant, 24/7 access to doctors with just a tap!▸TRUSTEDVideo chat with top U.S. Certified doctors for advice,referrals, and even prescriptions (sent to a local pharmacy of yourchoice in minutes)!▸ AFFORDABLEAll for only $2.99 per minute (ourdoctors need at least 5 minutes to provide you with a delightfulservice)!▸ FAST & EASY1. TAP a button on your Android phone ortablet2. SEE and talk with a doctor instantly + PLUS:Save time andget better, more personalized care!With your permission, the doctorwho sees you can access the personal Health app data you collectwith the Apple Watch and can give you better, more personalizedcare!+ 20,000 LIVES SAVEDHealthTap has already served more than 2.8billion doctor answers to hundreds of millions of peopleeverywhere, and received millions of thank-you notes, among whichmore than 20,000 specifically thanked HealthTap and our doctors forsaving lives! + TESTIMONIALS:• "Best application ever. Amazing tosee top doctors volunteer their valuable time and expertise to givefree useful tips on both medical and wellness topics. Huge thanksto these tens of thousands of super bright big-hearted docs!"•"This was by far the best answer I’ve ever received for a verysimple reason — it literally saved my life! HealthTap is the oneapp you *must* have on your mobile device— just in case!"• "I loveHealthTap. My questions are answered with care by dedicated, goodproviders. I owe the HealthTap team a mountain of debt. Thank youvery much, and I wish you guys the best as you continue to do goodfor humanity. Blessings and good health.”+ WHAT THE PRESS ISSAYING:• WSJ — “...Our favorite...the quickest results, was thesimplest to use. Helpful advice.”• Good Morning America — "Doctorhouse calls are making a come-back with a high-tech twist."• Wired— “HealthTap is the only company addressing patient needs from themoment they have a question about a symptom to the virtualconsultation and, if necessary, all the way through to diagnosisand prescription.”• Business Insider — “The app that will changeeverything about healthcare.”--------------------NOTE:Foremergencies, please always call 911 (or local emergency services)immediately and/or go to the nearest emergency room. Available toeveryone (globally and across the United States) except for thefollowing U.S. states: AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, ID, IA, KS, ME, MS, MO,MT, NE, NH, NM, ND, OK, RI, SD, TX, VT, WV, WY.
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Bupa Touch is designed to help make your life easier. You can: -View policy information - Manage your health profile - Bookappointments with Bupa GPs - Store and review your medicalinformation Coming soon… the ability to talk to a doctor, anytime,anywhere. Using this app does not change the terms and conditionsof your health insurance policy and what you can claim for. Pleaserefer to your membership guide for full details. Bupa Touch is notintended for individual diagnosis, treatment or prescriptions. Ifyou think you have a more serious medical issue, call your localemergency number or doctor immediately. For more information aboutBupa Touch please visit