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HealthEIndia Patients 3.0.19
Tools for providing better healthcare, Medical reference resources,Builds relationship between Doctors, patients and service providers
HealthEIndia Doctors 1.0.14
It's a nice way to manage end to end relationship with doctors.Managing patient data, track health records, getting anappointment, online consultation even many more facility availablefor the doctor. FEATURES: 1. Tools for providing better healthcare.2. Statutory Compliance. 3. Medical reference resources. 4. Build arelationship with patients and service providers. 'TRUE' EHR: 1.All medical records including handwritten prescriptions convertedand stored in data retrievable digital formats (not PDF files). 2.Medical data converted into useful reports/charts using thealgorithm to help doctors. "SMART" PRESCRIPTION: 1. Electronicprescription prompts - over/under dosage, drug interaction,duplicate drugs, allergy. Output BRAND and GENERIC. 2. Handwrittenprescription converted into 'True' digital. CONDITION MONITOR: 1.Variant medical parameter(s) triggers the Condition Monitor. Basedon data, the algorithm determines risk profile. 2. APP advises whatto do and when to test again with new data. Loop is enabled. DOCTORUSER RELATIONSHIP: 1. Doctor-Patient in constant touch betweenphysical consultation. 2. Reminder - critical medicines, nextappointment, diagnostic tests. FOR THE FIRST TIME: 1. Anytime Postconsultation follow up with favorite doctors on the onlineplatform. 2. Tools to assess 'emergency' condition and APP buttonto trigger response. 3. User-Doctor-Pharmacy-Diagnostics-Hospitalsin the same transparent loop.