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Hebifa Rafiki
CAREDESK SMS is a small but powerful app thatenables users to send generic and personalized SMS Messagesindependent of their carrier network to their contact list in BulkMode.CAREDESK SMS can serve for mass delivery of holiday greetings,as an efficient marketing tool and more.Key Features:1 - Define Prefix and Suffix(Signature) to Messages sent out2 - Define Multiple Senders e.g HR Dept. / TeamX / John Doe /3 - Use of KEYWORDS to group incoming messages e.g MYSHOP ORDERwhich will help you separate orders to your shop from FEEDBACK e.ghave a separate MYSHOP FEEDBACK to receive feedback to yourshop4 - View available credits for incoming Messages and OutgoingMessages5 - Create and manage groups you communicate with e.g. your weddingcommittee and send them bulk SMS in a simple manner6 - Maintain you Address Book7 - View a list of all SMS Messages sent out with their status onwhether they were successfully sent or failed.8 - Access detailed functionalities from the website via login tothe website http://www.theserviceline.co.ke. These additionalfeatures are:+ Bulk Upload Contacts+ View Cancelled SMS+ Define Primary and Secondary KEYWORDS+ Transfer Credits+ Schedule SMS Messages+ Send Personalized Messages+ and so much more9 - Integrates with Online CAREDESK SMS platform.10 - Quick Messaging to large groups11 - Integrated to payment gateways such as MPESA, Pesapal andPaypal for users to make payment and get their CAREDESK SMS creditsupdated automatically on the fly.12 - You can buy SMS Credits from as low as 10 Shillings to as highas 1Million Shillings13 - CAREDESK SMS is designed to accommodate a multi-tier accesscontrol where you have a manager, a supervisor and workers doingseveral different functions from different locations.CAREDESK SMS is also integrated to e-Karani(http://www.theserviceline.co.ke) which is used to provideoutsourced support through six channels. The channels are: Phone,SMS (CAREDESK SMS), e-Mail, Web-Chat, Twitter and Facebook.CAREDESK SMS can be integrated to third party application tosend out messages. E.g Integrate your customer relationship andmanagement system to be sending out SMS upon a certain even toalert the user in your customer database.CAREDESK SMS can be used to send SMS within Kenya, East Africaand International at very competitive rates.CAREDESK SMS is used by:1. Sole proprietors2. Busy Professionals (Those who are employed but with business -side hustles)3. Start-Ups4. SMEs5. Businesses6. Churches7. NGOs8. Chamas and Private groups9. Social CLUBs10. Whatsapp GroupsCAREDESK SMS is used for:1. Sending Invitations to members2. Sending message updates to members3. Sending alerts to customers4. Send Offers and Promotions to Customers5. Send Birthday wishes to customers6. Send Church bulletins to members7. Send news updates to members8. Send Personalised messages to group members9. Send available farm produce/products to a customer list whosubscribe to your channel10. Offer content subscription services to your members/ yourcustomers
First Customa 1.5.0
Hebifa Rafiki
Imagine walking into a mall with 100Shopshaving different offers and promotions. How long will it takeyouto walk in all those shops, identify and buy the offers.WithFirstCustoma, you will just sit at a location, probablyarestaurant, enjoy a meal and swipe through FirstCustoma whowillenable you not only window-shop through all the shops but alsomakeorders and purchase. The items will be delivered to you beforeyoufinish your meal.-Know vacant offices/houses/accomodation near you..-Know promotions and hot deals near you..-Shop from locations near you..-Order food from restaurants near you
myServiceLine 1.0.3
Hebifa Rafiki
myServiceLine app is your personal assistant.Through the app you will be able to make direct and/or in-directrequests for services and products from various service providersand track all these requests from a single app.What this means============If for instance you are looking for a house, and you need packagingand transportation services as well as additional petty errands,then you could place a request or several requests throughmyServiceLine app from different service providersdirectly(contacting them) or indirectly(contacting The ServiceLinecontact center) and each time there is an update on your request,you can track from the same app.The Benefits==========This will give you visibility and real-time progress updates onyour support requests as you engage on other stuff. You get adedicated personal assistant working for you on almost any pettyerrand without even meeting you.Reliable, Convenient and affordableWorks with what you prefer to use (Facebook, Twitter, Email,web-Chat, Phone or SMS). It is currently working with Voice and SMSwith other channels under-way.Get access to several options giving you the bargaining power toget the best at an affordable price.24/7 customer support.The application is absolutely free.
Jiajiri.Today 0.0.24
Hebifa Rafiki
Having a Facebook Business Page without Jiajiri Inbox Assistant islike having a shop without a shop attendant/assistant. JiajiriAndroid App has an in-built shop assistant that once trained on howto attend to customers, will help in answering customer queries,registering customer complains, receiving and confirming paymentsfor goods and services purchased, dispatching goods for deliveryand so much more. Through Jiajiri Android App, you can also post toseveral pages at the same time saving you time from copying andpasting the same post to several pages. Jiajiri is about doing morewith less.