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Fruit Dash 1.12
Match 3 fruits to collect them. Blow up obstacles, such as woodenboxes and bush leafs to complete the goal. Your goals: * Pick givennumber of fruits * Splash squares of 3 colors from the dash * Crushwooden boxes, which block your way * Remove bush leafs to free thefruits * Splash all diamonds fall below the board * Match 3 fruitsof the same color to complete these goals. You can also collectpower-ups such as shovels, dynamites, rainbows and frogs by doingmatches of 3. These power-ups will help you when you start runningout of moves. When you do big matches, the magic wand will help youclear the board. Have fun picking fruits to collect all stars inevery world. You need 150 stars to unlock the next world. The wholestory has 396 levels in 4 worlds of the planet. Match 3 fruits forfun! The game is completely free. No option to buy anything. Noneed to join Facebook or contact your friends.
Match 3 Jewels 1.25
Match jewels and have fun! Eliminate all obstacles and let thecandy fall down. CLASSIC GAME MODE Match jewels on every square todestroy all the squares under the jewels. Then a magic candy willappear. Let the candy fall off the board to win. Sometimes, youhave to free the jewels from chains or destroy walls to completethe level. On every level, you can get up to 3 stars. Next worldunlocks, when you reach 160 stars in the previous world. To makethe game saga more fun, make matches of 4 or 5 to launch meteors,which will help you complete the level. Meteors will either crushthe squares under the jewels, or the jewels under the candy to letthe candy fall down. GOLD RUSH MODE If you still haven't enough,you can play the Gold rush mode and dig for gold and diamonds.Match 4 or 5 jewels to get bomb or magic jewel. Use bombs, magicjewels and flashes to hit more jewels. Match clock jewels to extendyour time. The whole game is completely free. No option to buyanything.
Corsair's Jewels 1.11
Corsair's Jewels is a free jewel match-3 game. It brings many newexciting features to the classic jewel matching game style.Together with briliant HD graphics, this is a must-have for all wholove diamond matching games. FEATURES: * Magic jewels - Match amagic jewel to crush all jewels around it * Flash jewels - Tap theflash jewel to blitz all gems in a column. * Joker jewels - Splashall jewels of a selected color. * Extra time - Get this sweetpower-up to extend your time by 20 seconds. * Hints power-up -Reveal all available matches in the maze available for crush. *Reshuffle power-up - Change positions of all the diamonds on thedash. * Share your score on Facebook and compete with your friendsand spread this game mania. GAME MODES: * Time attack mode - Reachtarget score while time is running out * Arcade mode - Time isrunning out, but you can extend it by doing matches. You win whenyou reach full time bar. ADJUSTABLE DIFFICULTY: * You can select 4levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard or Insane (Choose Insaneonly if you are a real star.) The candy on the top is, that thisdeluxe jewels game is free! You can crash the gems as long as youwant, until you become a hero legend. Big thanks to everyone forplaying! You are the heroes!
Marble Tap 1.05
Pop 2 or more adjacent bubbles of the same color. The larger groupof bubbles you pop, the higher score you get for every bubble.Highlights: * 396 free levels * Let diamonds fall to the bottom *Use bubble shooters to pop marbles in your way * Blast ice blocks,totems and spears which block your way. * Get 3 stars in everylevel Power-ups to collect: * Marble Breaker - Use it to break anymarble in the game. * Color Splash - Change color of all adjacentmarbles, so that they match the color of the marble in the center.* Magic Bubble - Drag Magic Bubble on board to break all marbles ofthe same color. * Marble Poke - Use Marble Poke to blast allmarbles in one row. Use the power-ups in a strategic way, in orderto help you to break all marbles and solve the puzzles. The game is100% free. There is no option to buy anything, no option to connectto any social network.
Fruit Farm Deluxe 1.09
Free legendary jewel matching game in fruit style. Connect fruitsof the same color on a hexagonal dash. When you connect at least 3fruits, they will blast and fly away from the dash. If you connectmore than 3 fruits, you will get a flash on the last connectedfruit. You can use this flash to blast fruits, which wouldotherwise be unreachable.The game is easy to play, but hard tomaster. It is not as easy to play as it seems at the first glance.In some levels you have to remove all the mud under the fruits, inother levels you have to free a way for fruit-seeds to fall downfrom the top of the screen and crash the bottom.The game gets morecomplicated when some stones appear in your way, or when the fruitsare trapped in wooden cubes. When you smash the fruits to juice,cubes will disappear. All this, plus the hexagonal board willsqueeze the fruit juice be a great challenge for your brain. Betterthan any other jewel matching games.The heroes of this game arethese fruits: apple, pear, plum, strawberry, watermelon, grape andevil wooden fruit cubes / fruit boxes, stones, and coffeeseeds.First 100 levels are available now, more levels will come infuture updates.Happy fruit juicing and jelly splashing!
Jewels 1.07
Play this original match-3 game with great new items!New game itemis introduced every 20 levels:* Trains which carry the jewels*Magic barrels which modify jewels* Color bombs* Flashes* Magicchests* Stones, cages, chains and ice* Slingshots, * Cloning slime*Jumping walls* Multipliers and many other bonusesThere are 400levels in 4 worlds waiting just for you!
Match 3 Gems 1.02
Match gems and jewels to complete all the puzzles. Get 3 stars inhundreds of free games on time, number of moves, or in untimedmode.CHALLENGE MODEMatch gems on time. Catch the time booster toextend your game.PUZZLE MODEBeat the gem game on number of moves.Win 3 stars in every quest.UNLIMITED MODECrush jewels and get 3stars in an untimed game.Thanks for playing Match 3 Gems!This gemmatching game is completely free, with infinite lives.