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Man & Woman -Fight 3D 1.0
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The two genders are obviously complimentaryand neither is superior. But both sexes have been claimingsuperiority over the other since long. The notion of who is themore powerful and superior sex has taken an unexpected turn in ourgame Man & Woman where two fighters have been itching to goagainst each other in an epic never seen before battle of genders.For a fighting experience unlike any other try Man & Woman.We know that deep inside you there lurks a fearsome warrior waitingto be unleashed. So let him loose! The game lets you choose andcontrol a character (Either male or a female).Your hero battlesone-on-one against his/her opponent in a unique addicting gameplaywhere loosing is simply not an option as a lot of pride is atstake.The game story revolves around two characters a male and afemale. The game Man & Women makes us finally determine whichof the two sexes is the best; when it comes to fighting for yourpride and honor. The first fighter to knock out an opponent and wintwo rounds is the winner. Input fight commands on the screen toperform special attacks and deal serious damage to your opponent.The beauty of the game stems from how approachable the game is andhow it can be enjoyed on so many different levels. The game has alighter side to it that plays very much like a purified, simplefighter. The actual gameplay boils down to the age old rhetoricthat who’s better, male or female.Neither Takio nor karia is willing to back down from their claimand have decided to finally settle the dispute once and for allthrough a fair fight. With a robust and action-packed combat systemcoupled with immersive and impressive graphics, any fighting gamefanatic would definitely have a go at Man & Woman. The actionis sequenced masterfully, with every jab, punch, hook and kickfeeling natural and realistic. The game offers a compelling 3Dfighting experience.The game is super simple to play and the players use only threebuttons for block, kick and punch. What makes the game even moredistinctive is that it pits two opposite sexes against each other,who want nothing less than admittance from his/her opponent aboutunequivocal superiority of their sex. So gals and guys give upfighting in the streets and blow off your steam with Takio &Karia.Features:- Most robust and intuitive fighting game- Most satisfying gaming experience- The odds are decided by technique and skill- On top of all that, IT”S FREE- Impressive visuals- Beautifully realized world and high kicking martial artsaction- Hours and hours of uninterrupted fun- Creative and downright fun- True 3D HD graphics- An awesome fighting game for android smartphones and tablets
Girl Fight in School HD 1.0
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Prepare yourself for the School Girl Fightingchallenge! Fight your way to become a martial arts master of theSchool! Learn all the moves and beat your opponents in thisintensive action fighting game. Whether your style is karate,kungfu, tae kwon do, or boxing, just swipe your moves and startthrowing some kicks and punches!- FEATURES- Great fighting action!- Lots of different opponents- Find and learn new smashing moves!- Free to play- A cool mobile fighting game in the style of Street Fighter andTekken, but also suitable for anybody looking for a casual fightinggame* Please note that Girl Fight in School HD (like Fire Pro)depicts a fictitious universe and is not affiliated with any realwrestling shows such as WWE (Wrestlefest), TNA, NJPW, or UFC. Andobviously not NFL (Madden), NBA, or FIFA.
Battle Machines Robot Fight HD 1.0
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Battle Machines Robot Fighting 3D - Real steelrevenge in your mobile device. FREE to play brutal hand to handcombat.Robot wars have begun - the only way to stop it is to kill therobot gangster and save the world. Crazy box competition withfighting machines! Welcome to robotic planet.Arcade style fighting and action. Use all your Ninja, Taekwondo,Mauy Thai, Boxing and other fighter skills. You need to be a terrorfighting ultraman and professional killer to play this kill himgame.Fight the robot opponent and win! Use various kicks andpunches to gain the advantage. Do not also forget about blocks.Good luck!Robot killer game with extreme fights and monster warriors.Start the mortal combat and stay on the battlefield as long as youcan. The great robot defense punch hero game where you play therole of gladiator warrior who is going to hit his opponent like apunching bag. Survival tournament has begun! Use defenses andattack techniques in this EPIC ACTION ADVENTURE!Be fast like a fighting tiger. Prepare your fists for fightingin great robo revenge 2 player fighting game free Robot Fighting3D. Participate in robot academy boxing mania and try to become aboxing champion. Use your thai boxing skills when you are battlingin the street fight combat.
Cats Fighters 3D Fighting 1.0
HeeWoup Games
Cats Fighters is an epic game of free fightgirls fighting in bikinis in the best beaches in the world, playingthe world of women's wrestling or if you prefer can depute in hisquick fight mode, ye dispute a fight training, fight against 12amazing girls and feel the power in your fists, performs amazingspecial attacks, improve your fighter and skills.Enjoy an incredible fight simulator designed for lovers of mma,wrestling, wrestling, kung fu, karate, muay thai, boxing, and otherdisciplines used in street fights.In Cats Fighters, you will use one of the most advanced 3Dengine fight, enjoy the adrenaline of battle managing these amazinggirls in bikinis fighting for the world championship.Game features:- Incredible 3D graphics.- Immersion game.- Play FREE.- Easy control.- 13 fighters.- 5 exotic mats.Feel the sweat of your opponent to hit, not let that impact onyour body as you may get a KO in seconds, feel the sand under yourfeet and the temperature rises with the most aggressive fighterspanorama of street fighting.Enjoy street fighting in a way that you've never actually feelthe power in your fists, your opponent hits the hard as you can,get a KO and goes to the next round of the world championship ofstreet fighting, do not let anyone get in your way.Play all best female wrestling game without fear of spendingmoney