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Gem Quest 1.0.3
Do you like fast paced, high score chasingfun!?Gem Quest combines elements of hidden object, match 3, and fastpaced arcade action for a whole new style of gameplay!TONS OF GREAT FEATURES:• 25 types of VALUABLE gems to COLLECT• 5 colorful and exciting worlds to EXPLORE• Lots of upgradeable powerups!• Choose from 10 unique Space-Pods with Stat Boosts!• Play the addicting “Gem Catch” Mini-Game!• Find Amulets to SPIN and WIN GEMS from the Prize Wheel!• Complete over 50 Mini-Quests for BONUS Gems and Points, everygame!• More than 20 Challenging Achievements and 6 Leaderboards• Fun Cinematics and an Awesome 8-Bit Soundtrack.If you like exciting games, Download Gem Quest today andexperience the thrill of an intergalactic hunt for gems!
Hidden Egg Hunt 1.7
Find Easter Eggs and drag them into yourEasterBasket to earn points!❄❉ Hidden Object meets Arcade Action in a Race against theClock❄❉Play the mini-game and earn Tokens to spend on Power-ups!•Freeze Time•Reveal Hidden Eggs- The hunt is on to find Easter Eggs and fill your basketbeforetime runs out!•Collect as many eggs as you can in 1:00!•Find the rare gold egg, bonus game eggs, and time boosts.•5 colorful scenes filled with fun Holiday imagery &music•Never the same game twice with randomly placed eggsUpgrade to PREMIUM to Unlock:•Hidden Tokens•Stronger Powerups•x2 Mini-Game Bonusesand...•100 Point Platinum Eggs!- Keep playing to compete for a high score ... or just relaxandfind eggs in this springtime treat.We welcome your feedback for forthcoming updates, happyegghunting!