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RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster (Memory Booster) 1.1.0
Super Booster & RAM Cleaner - New and FREE Phone Speedupapplication for Android. The software frees the memory to optimizethe ram and speed up the phone with one touch. Phone Booster &Booster is a free Android app that cleans up RAM and manages phoneapplications. It helps you to increase your phone memory and extendyour phone's battery life. When you use your phone for long periodsof time and you often experience a slow, lag-busting situation onyour Android devices, you have to reboot your phone to get yourphone running faster. With Speed ​​Booster you will not have fearof slow or lag after a period of use. Phone cleaner and acceleratorwill make your phone run smoother and faster by freeing up phonememory.Speed ​​Booster will help your phone optimize CPU, RAM andmemory, help speed up the phone faster and free up the ram memoryto increase the ram memory. It frees up and increases the amount ofram available for your device to boost the ram for android, makingyour phone run faster and more stable.The mechanism of operation ofSuper Booster is that it will monitor the process, the applicationrunning underground on your phone. And when it detects that yourdevice is using excessive RAM, Super Booster & RAM Cleanerautomatically closes unnecessary applications that are not neededto improve the performance of your device.Especially for gamers,the Gamer Booster + feature is indispensable on your phone. GamerBooster + accelerates and optimizes games for a great gamingexperience. Download the application to remove the ram right touse.Not only helps speed up the android phone, but Super Boosterwith "Application Management" helps the manager of games,applications on his phone. Especially, this feature also suggeststo users the applications that can be "disabled" to increase theefficiency of the phone to help speed phone calls fast.Functions:-Free up 50% more memory than most similar applications- Forcingclosing of memory consumption on unused applications, frees morememory to speed up mobile devices, more stable.- Close applicationsrunning underground to cool the phone- Supports applicationoptimization, game acceleration- Supports ram testing, rammanagement- Help me to love my battery- Intelligent applicationmanagement- One touch to accelerate and transform complexactivities becomes simple and effective;- Booster + makes smartacceleration.- Free (with ads)Download the phone speeding softwareon your phone to use and evaluate the 5 * Super Booster & RAMCleaner application to support your developer.
Super Cleaner - Cache Clean, Delete Photos, Cooler 1.1.0
The android garbage cleanup applications # 1, junk files cleaner,speed up phone to run faster, phone cleaner and optimizer withcooler, increase memory to make phone run faster and smoother.Super Cleaner helps to clean junk files, boost cleaner for android,cache cleaner, speed up phone performance and cool your phone down,boosters for android ram booster and memory cleaner to improve yourphone's performance! . Features of the Super Cleaner: phonecooling, application management or phone acceleration, smart memorymanagement are integrated. Cleaner and booster for android, phonebooster speed up and cleaner. Functions of Super Cleaner - Speed​Booster ►Cache and Junk CleanerYour phone after a period of useoften appears redundant files that increase the memory of the phonemakes your phone slow and jerky. With optimizer master cleanersoftware for android will help you sweep the garbage and deletejunk files quickly, clean all cache files, clean junk files andboost my speed. ►Speed ​​Up Your Phone Utilizing the specialcleaning technology of Super Cleaner - Boost & Clean, superclean master android phone boost mode can clean up the backgroundprocess, manage applications and turn off autostart applications tofree up memory space. It speeds up the speed of the phone, and canextend battery life, memory booster and cleaner. ►Manageapplications Helps you manage installed applications on yourdevice. Especially with the ability to categorize the nativeapplication and installed user applications, as well as give tipson uninstalling and closing with the application is not often usedto increase the phone memory. ►Cooling Master Phone Cooler With itsaccelerator and cpu cooler master phone cooler, it controls CPUtemperature and checks for hot applications, automaticallydetecting hot applications with special algorithms for efficientcooler for android, phone cooler for android. ►Manage StorageSpaceThe smart memory manager will help you browse: images, videos,music, documents, etc. To increase internal storage space, deletestorage space it will help you to delete duplicate files, duplicatephoto delete, delete watched videos, delete useless apk files.Cleanmaster storage space, clear up phone space and storage. Storagespace running out then clean storage free up storage space onphone. Highlights of Super Cleaner - Beautiful and user-friendlyinterface- Free up RAM and memory cleaner and speed booster.- Bestcleaning app for android, best cache and junk cleaner for android-Compact software installation package is only about 4Mb.- Memoryand storage space cleaner, phone memory cleaner- Displays real-timecharging status.- Phone memory and cache cleaner, phone cleaner andbooster and phone booster and cleaner.- Cleaner memory boosterclear cache clean all junk in phone app- Similar photo remover,duplicate photo remover from gallery with delete similar photosapp- Help to clean my android, clean up my phone- Space cleaner forandroid, space cleaner boost and clean- Free storage space clean upauto scan help to extra storage space for android.- Auto cacheclean- Clean phone memory and storage space, trash cleaner- Cooldown phone temperature for android, cooler master cool down phonewhen the device overheats- Battery optimizer for android, batterysaver.- Free junk file cleaner for android, junk file cleaner forandroid mobile.- Manage applications to uninstall unneededapplications.- One tap boost to optimizer for android, phonestorage cleaner, ram cleaner speed booster- Free (with ads) Wealways strive to develop and perfect new features for SuperCleaner. Please help us by commenting and commenting on theproduct. Do not forget to rate 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to support us !!
Phone Cooler CPU Cooler Master, Cool Down Phone 1.0.5
Every time you play games or watch movies online on the phone for along time, your phone becomes too hot and lag the phone. Manyapplications running under the sun cause your phone to be hot. Butdo not worry about app to cool down android cpu when our hot phonewill auto cpu cooler master, cpu cooler master phone coolerimmediately.Super Cooler keeps track of your phone's temperature inreal time, controls and detects your phone's heating applicationsand cool down my phone from heating apps with cpu cooler master ramcleaner mode. Not only is the apps to cool your phone down but alsosupports battery saver and fast charging and phone cleaner andcooler. Download phone cooler app for android to protect your phoneas well as speed up android phone and lower battery temperature.Webring intelligent CPU cooling with efficient matting, reducing CPUheat up to 9°C. with cpu cooler for android The lightestphone-speeding phone application and the fastest phone cleaner willscan the CPU to find out the cause of the hot engine to cool thecpu and optimize battery life.✪ Real-time CPU Temperature Monitor.Monitoring your phone's temperature and displaying it on your phonescreen will help you know when the temperature rises. Constantlycontrolling the CPU temperature and giving alerts when thetemperature is high, it is easy to clean and boost and cool downphone.✪ Find Overheated Apps. Automatically detect overheatingapplications with special algorithms, monitor and scan forapplications that consume resources and cause hot running and helpwith crashes and cpu crashes, reducing the phone temperature withphone cooler the best app.✪ One-Tap To Cool Down. Closeapplications that cause heat and quick cooling of the phone. All inone touch, it's easy to reduce CPU usage with just one button,cooler master –cooling android cool down.✪ Phone Overheat Warning.Warning when the phone overheats (device damage), the app to cooldown my phone, Phone Cooler Master will notify to save the phone.Highlights of the CPU cooling master phone cooler app: ✔ Scans theCPU to find applications running under the heat of the machine withthe phone cooling system.✔ Cooling down your phone with just onetouch with the convenience of voice and video calling✔ Real-timetemperature monitoring and cool down,battery cooler app forandroid.✔ Best cooler master pro, best cpu cooler for android✔Real-time temperature monitoring and find out applications runningunderground✔ Clean master with cpu cooler, cpu cooler to cool downthe phone temperature✔ Warn users, give out the list of heatingapplications✔ Cool your phone and speed up with one touch, coolerbattery.✔ Notice the result of phone heat down and speed up thephone✔ Cool down phone temperature for android✔ Fast chargerbattery, battery fast charging app for android mobile✔ Lower phonetemperature, device cooler for android phone.✔ Detects warm upapplications in seconds with phone accelerator software✔ CPUaccelerator application and cool phone simple, easy to acceleratethe phone✔ Speed up your phone the fastest, freeing up phonememory, cool master device cooler.FAQ:What causes phoneoverheating?Overheating will appear in these situations, such aslong time use of most resource consuming apps and games, or runningmany apps simultaneously. Some apps use excessive hardware accesscan also cause overheating. What are the bad effects ofoverheating?>/b>High temperature of phone may causes yourdevice running slowly, even malfunction. Long term overheating mayaccelerate the aging speed of your phone, reduce the battery life.Please rate 5 * cooler master cool down phone app to support thedeveloper! And do not forget to share the cooler master cpu coolerapp to your friends so they can cool your phone quickly, easily.