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Spaceteam: ESL 2.0
Henry Smith
Spaceteam ESL (English-as-a-Second-Language)is a crazy and fun English learning game you play with your friendsand classmates using phones or tablets. Your team of 2-4 players isworking together to fly a spaceship. To survive, you must followthe instructions and press the right buttons on your control panelon your phone. But there is a problem with your ship—yourinstructions are being sent to your friends’ phones, and yourfriends’ instructions are being sent to your phone! This means thatif you want to survive, you must communicate and worktogether!How long will your team be able to keep flying the ship? Will yoube smashed by an asteroid? Will angry space dogs kill your ship? Orwill you get burned up by a star? It all depends how well you areable to work together…as a Spaceteam!For more information visit: http://spaceteamesl.ca/