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Logica - Logical Reasoning 5.4
Looking for new ways to train your brain? A unique intelligencetest? In Logica our free iq test app you will find 3 differentkinds of riddles that are completely new. The app will generatecompletely new challenges every time you play, so you can keepsolving new puzzles for ever. What are you waiting for? Give it atry! Train your brain with Logica! The free logical reasoning game!Try to beat your own highscore on all 3 different game variationsof Logica. Compete against your friends when trying to beat theirhighscore, or compare your performance with players from all overthe world! Play Logica, the advanced logic game! Try to solve asmany levels as you can as quick as you can in this game of logicand conclusion! In 3 different iq tests you will have to solvethese kind of logic problems: Logica 1 You will have to tell if acertain statement is true or false. There are special ways tocombine single statements. The levels will be getting harder andharder Logica 2 Logicals - Test your smartness when you have to saywho is living in what city and whats their profession Logica 3Syllogism - another one of our logic puzzles for free! In thisbrain logic game you will have to deduct statements from otherstatements. What is the consequence, what statement is wrong?Beware of fallacy. Drawing Venn diagrams may help to solve thisriddles Logica 4 Here you will have to process an algorithm in yourhead. You will have to tell what is the result after running thisalgorithm. A unique challenge! Logica - The best iq test ever! Testyour intelligence and your ability for logical reasoning with thissmartness test and riddles!
Team Principal Racing Manager 3.14
Always wanted to be the leader of ourownracing team? This is your chance, in this game YOU will be theteamprincipal! Your decisions will make the team succeed orfailagainst the other players online!First you will have to take care of your teams staffing. Hirethebest engineers that you can afford. The skills of a driver arenotso obvious. Arrange a driver test in order to find out who isthebest. You can try to find a cheap and talented young driver oryoutry to have a contract with the defending world champion.In the races you as the team principal of your racing teamwillhave the chance to prove your strategic abilities. Have asetupthat is optimised for one quick lap to be ahead in thestartinggrid? That could be a reasonable strategy for a race on acitytrack where overtaking is a lot more difficult. Or try to getaheadof the field with a clever pitstop strategy? If you feeluncertainyou can simulate the race on the computer to find the beststrategyfor the upcoming race event!Watch every race lap by lap and by that learn how to improveyourstrategy for the next race. If you are doing good you canadvance toleague 1 and battle the other players online for theworldchampionship titleAlways be aware of your finances. Additional to yourconstructorspremiums you can gain some money with a sponsor.Choose the rightsponsor for your team!The game is completely free2play. Our servers are funded byads.For a small fee you can remove the ads from the game ifyoulike