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Space Defense 1.0
Herks Vision
SPACE DEFENSE a simple old-fashioned paper game,contains thosegraphics you used to make with your pencil, now you can have thosegraphics scribbled on your Android device! The Art work used inSPACE DEFENSE creates an immersive, fun, and addiction with hoursof play... all for freeYour Spacecraft will encounter manydangerous obstacles planets, asteroids which destroy yourSpacecraft in a matter of seconds. Are you brave enough to completethis? Your goal is to collect as many stars as you can to earn highscore and save your Spacecraft from obstacles.Your Space Missionhas begun!SPACE DEFENSE awaits you:• Numerous different enemies•Constantly changing Backgrounds in each game-play.• DifferentSpacecraft in each game-play.• State of the art 2D graphics andsound effects• Classic arcade action with impressive 2D visualsHowto Play:Tap left to move the spacecraft in left Position.Tap rightto move the spacecraft in right position.Double tab to move in midposition.It is a highly challenging and complex game. Only the mosttalented person can pass this challenge.
Boat River Crossing War 1.0
Herks Vision
Boat River War is the newest addictive and one of the mostentertaining and difficult brain and arcade game for mobile Phone.It is a new and attractive 2d game with extreme fun!Driftingthrough the river avoid the obstacles and picking up the flies toget scored. Explore different locations while travelling throughthe river.The Game objective is to Control both of the boats at thesame time avoiding the rocks in the river and picking up thebeautiful butterflies. This is your task to save many butterfliesas you can and bring them back to their home.Features:• AmazingBackgrounds and different boats await in each Game-play.• AwesomeGame Mode.• Smooth game-play.• Simple graphic.Boat River War is notonly for fun and entertainment, this game helps you to train yourbrain and develop concentration skills.Watch out though, it's notas easy as you think.
Bubble Candy Princes Saga 2016 1.5
Herks Vision
NEW GAME!Bubble Candy Princess Saga is the BEST free puzzle game and inan all-new and fantastic-addictive puzzler for the year 2016. It isthe Bubbles candy Bouncing Magic. Goal, fire and pop your waythrough this delightful puzzle adventure.Bubble Candy Princess Saga brings you this one-of-a-kindbubble-shooter matching based game on the new style and newdesigned play mode with amazing story of princess Rozeeta.and asmall cute Chameleon named Peter along with sweet bubblecandies.An evil and selfish old witch named Gemma wanted to get longgolden curly magical hairs of beautiful princess. Will you stop theGemma before it’s too late? Win levels and get the long hairs ofprincess and rescue all of the friends of princess from evil Gemma.Smartly burst matching bubbles candy to help princess and peter,beat cruel Gemma and return the long beautiful hairs and friends ofprincess.Bubble Candy Princess Shooter features:• Wonderful Kingdome Story.Explore the Candy map world withbeautiful graphics and enchanting music• Over 100 magical levels – more added soon.• CHALLENGE yourself with two different game Mode. Vertical andRounded.• Rounded Game Mode: Match and pop bubble candies to save PrincessFriends Bird, Alien, cat, chicken,ghost, monster, owl and score big• Bugs, Candies, Bubbles, Locks, and One friendly Chameleon namedPeter and lots more.• Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.
Run Cutie Run- Endless Runner 1.1
Herks Vision
NEW GAME!Running with the cuties! Enjoy the most crazy and cuterunning game of the year 2015.Run Cutie Run is free game in GooglePlay store. Dash as fast as you can and get more of the excitingrunning, jumping, turning and sliding experience and help the catand his friends turtle, flying owl and dog to run and explore thejungle, island and city environments. Explore the world with littlecuties and forget about subway stations and temples. Pass outdifferent obstacles and collect power ups in this runningchallenge. How far can you run? Let’s see!FEATURES:• Get the fourmost entertaining cute animals characters and their uniqueaptitude.• Load of contents and obstacles in this running journey.•Upgrades and get the interesting Power ups through the coins youearn in game.• Beautiful and attractive graphics.• Amazing 3D worldenvironment with realistic physic.• Unlock new animals and owl birdcharacters.• Enjoy the wonderful soundtrack!Run cute run is one ofthe greatest 3D running game with the cuties character. Now it’syour turn to join the most adventurous chase!
Bubble Princess Pet Saga 1.1
Herks Vision
Bunny Balls Shooter is made of bubble shootingstyle game with the new cubic flat design play mode and a cutebunny character named Chichu. It is one of the best bubbles andfree addictive puzzle game for the bubble shooter lovers.Help your cute Chichu to match and burst colorful Balls andsupport him to return his owl,cat,sloth,squirrel,bird and all otherfriends using crush matching bubbles.Balls-bursting powerups will help you and chichu to crush the ballsand win the level easily. You will Get the increasingly challenginglevels in this game so this is your task to pass the challenge.FEATURES:• 130 Magical levels more will be added soon, each levelcontains different challenge.• Strategic gameplay make for a challenging and adequate Ballspopping experience!• Loads of addictive puzzles like Rescue the Bird, Save the Owl andmany more.• Explore the flat exciting map with different beautiful dark worldand enchanting music.• Stunning flat cubic graphics & with attractiveanimations.• Special powerups for difficult levels.• Easy to play, challenging to master.Bunny Balls Shooter is completely free to play but some in-gameitems required payment to let you play easier.Get Bunny Balls Shooter on your Android phone or tablettoday..LIKE: On Facebook to get the latest news.https://www.facebook.com/Herks-Vision-807507579281421/
Fish Rescue 1.0
Herks Vision
Fish Rescue is the most addicted game for fish lovers, cute fish iscaught in Deep Ocean. With a tap you can help fish to swim but becareful from ocean obstacles. Help your cute fish to reach home bycrossing obstacles. Tap the screen to change the direction of theFish. Swim as high as possible and beat all the records. Rescue thefish.
Bubbles Princess Pixel Shooter 1.0
Herks Vision
Welcome to the world of Pixel Bunny and his pixel Bubbles. PixelBunny game is super addicted and entertaining.If you are lookingfor the new style game with old matching idea then you should trythis game as Pixel Bunny is the bubbles matching based game withthe new art style of Pixel Environment and new design Playmode.Enjoy the entertaining emotions of cute cubic bunny with clearanimations effects.Pixel Bubble shooter is waiting for you to takethe challenge of matching bubbles.Pixel Bubbles shooterFeatures:Beautiful Geometry Cubic Environment.Enhancing CubicChallenging Levels.Complete 130 levels.Cubic Bunny Friends.UnlockPower-ups to complete each challenging Levels.Like us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Herks-Vision/807507579281421
Fly Crazy 1.0
Herks Vision
Ready? Off you go! Fly as fast as you can through exotic scenery.Fly crazy is an Endless Flying Game.Help the crazy Butterfly tomove Sparkling wings and fly through the sky. Try to get as far asyou can.Fly Sparkling Butterfly game-play is very simple, click onthe screen to help the butterfly to flying up, otherwise it willquickly fall and die.Tap the screen to Fly your Butterfly and avoidobstacles by going through the empty gapes in between theObstacles.How to Play:- Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher!
Dino Hunter 2016 1.0
Herks Vision
Start the journey of a desert and kill the most dangerous animal ofthe world in this entertaining and dangerous simulator Dino Hunter2016.HUNT THE EXOTIC CARNIVORES:Experience the exotic dinosaurs andsave your life from being hunted by them.VISIT DESERTLOCATION:Explore a huge lush , beautiful and full of danger 3DDesert which contains hundreds of exotic t-rex dinosaur which needto be hunted soon. MISSION COMPLETION:Each Gameplay containsdifferent objective to shoot the dinosaur. Complete the mission bycompleting each objective of game and be an expert sniper shooterby shooting your prey.CAUTION!!Be Careful you can also be hunted byaggressive dinosaur (save your life).Are you ready for Dangerousand full of excitement journey of dinosaur hunting.Will you surviveand Complete the Challenge?
Fighter Jet Simulator 3D 1.1
Herks Vision
Jet fighters War 3D is the Ultimate Jet endless Fighting Game onmobile. It has three cartoon fighter plane and it is one of thebest and challenging 3D game. The challenging environment offantasy art make it one of the best air war game with cartooniststyle. It it’s a new style action game with fantasy art, includingbeautiful cartoon jet with fun for kids and everyone. It is anamazing air jet fighting game.Your task is to fly your beautiful 3Djet and shoot down enemies Plan in the air war. Collect Missilepower-ups and destroy all enemies.ADDICTIVE CHALLENGE WAR MODE:Jetfighters has awesome Challenge War Mode! Your task is to survivefighter plan and destroy as many as fighter Jets and set thehighest score. BEST CARTOON JET FIGHTER 3D SIMULATION:It is one ofthe best Jet Fighting Simulation Game provided you under one roof.All the fun to be had with unlimited bullets and missiles, amazingJet Plans, fascinating environment.How to Play:Shoot: Touch thefire button to shoot.Controls: Move the Joystick right/left,up/down to control the flight attitude of the fighter jet plane.
Bear Hunter 2017 1.0
Herks Vision
Hunt or Be Hunted !!! Bear Hunter 2017 is one of the greatesthunting experience for hunt lovers. Hunt the Grizzly bears in snowyenvironment before they come toward you to attack. Hunt them orelse they will hunt you. It is a new real hunting and snipershooting experience.Hunt bear 2017 lets you enjoy the mostentertaining experience to kill the most dangerous animal in theworld.PERFECT SHOT WITH DIFFERENT WEAPONS:In this First PersonShooter FPS game you will experience your self to take the perfectshot for hunting animals and try out different weapons to kill theaggressive bears.EXPLORE A SNOW ENVIRONMENT:bear hunter 2017 helpsyou to explore a beautiful snowy world which is filled withthousands of polar bears and black grizzly bears and some of thebears are very angry from which you have to save your life.BIGGESTSURVIVAL:you are a survival with special sniper gun to take theshot in perfect time to become a survival in that snow jungle.BearHunter 2017 Features:Ultimate and real hunting experience.Uniquegameplay with different challenges.Gorgeous 3D snow world.Efficientgun control.Enhancing sound effect.
Fly Up Christmas Chick 1.0
Herks Vision
Christmas is near, meet the cutest Christmas chick of the year2015. It is the most entertaining game of Christmas. Chick flyChristmas includes all-NEW STUNNING ART, a SUPER COOL Gifts,CHILL-BREATH chicks that die if you're not careful, and much, muchmore!Help the cute small chick to fly and collect all the gift.Hurry-up and collect as many gifts as possible in the given timeframe and enjoy the snowy hill environment. At the end of the gameSanta will assign a grade to you and the person with the goodgrades will be presented Christmas gift by Santa.Attention: Keepthe bouncy chick in the sky and do not let him touch the ground. Ifthe chick fall off and touch the ground the gifts will be reset tozero.Game Features: • Simple one touch control: touch to fly•Challenging game-play.• Amazing Christmas sounds.• Pleasing FlatGraphics art.How to Play: - Tap on the chick to jump fly higher!•Collect gifts as many as you can, without fall off the ground.• flyto the end of the time frame• Collect more than ten gifts to passthe game.• Get many entertaining gifts and grades from the Santa bycollecting many gifts as you can.• Get the high position bycollecting more than 30 gifts in a minute.
Jelly Tap: Hardest Hold Ever 1.0
Herks Vision
Jelly Tap is the hardest tapping competition. It is an excitingmini game that measure your tapping and brain experience inseconds. Sweet Jellies need your help to keep them safe and stopthem fall off the ground. See how fast you can tap and how fast youcan hold a jelly in the air before it fall down and touch the floorin seconds.Your mission is to stay on the wall and do as many tapas you can. Just tap the screen to hold the sweet jelly on thewall. Try not to fall off and touch the ground! The more tap youjelly, the more scores you have and easily you can measure yourtapping and brain ability by getting the Grades and Medals. Themore you score high then more chances to get the high grades andMedals.Warning: you will get back to 0 sore if the jelly touch theground. That’s is the big challenge to keep the jelly hold and getthe highest score.Features:• Simple tap control.• Simple yetaddictive gameplay• Unlock new characters.• The amazing jelliesgame with coolest emotion! Enjoy the game,A fantastic adventuresgame filled with mixed sweet and tasty jelly.Challenge your familyand friends and see find out who's got the fastest tapping reactionon Android!Jelly Tap is completely free to play but some in-gameitems such as Unlock new jellies need payment.Would you like tochallenge these games now?
Pixel Dino Hunter 2017 1.0
Herks Vision
Pixel Dino Hunt 3D is the top blockbuster game with cool modernblock world shooter. Download the new pixelated style game andexperience one of the best first person shooter in the appstore.Enjoy Death match & deadly FPS arena that will challenge yourskills and help you to become a master of the block survivalworld.HUNT IN THE MOST DEMANDING ENVIRONMENT:Journey to an unseen,Blocky forest models with lots of exotic 3D models and views suchas Sea View, Lava and exotic mountains, all of these combine tomake it one of the most beautiful pixel dinosaur shooting game.EXPERIENCE THE MAZING GAME 
Dino Block Survival Game is difficultto pass. It’s time to take challenge and hear the roar of yourenemy Dinosaur, Move forward towards your goal and bag the biganimal in the history. HUNT IN THE EXOTIC PIXEL LOCATION:KILLthe dangerous t-rex dinosaurs in the awesome 3D blockyenvironment and discover different beautiful sights like SeaWorld,lava and forest.HUNT OR BE HUNTEDThis is the perfect time to Killthe most aggressive animals in the history and take down the t-rexand predators before they hunt you and you become theprey.DISTINCTIVE SHOOTER CHALLENGE Practice through varied shooterseries in this game such as rifles, shotguns sniper. Experiencedifferent weapon to kill your enemy and make them dead.Download forFREE today move forward and search the exotic dinosaur andintegrate yourself into a world of standard FPS block gameFEATURES: A superb art style.Different styles of weapon likesniper, shotgun, and rifles to hunt Dino.Different objective ineach gameplay.

Pixel Gun 3D: Fish Hunter 2017 1.0
Herks Vision
Welcome to the Pixel Fish World!!!Pixel fish is the game for allfish hunting lovers. It is free game for you to enjoy the feelingsof block fish shoot.SURVIVAL CAMPAIGN Pixel Fish Hunting is a fishshooting game using different weapons such as sniper, rifle andshotgun. The goal of the game is to shoot the target pixel fish inthe given time. If you miss a target fish and shoot another fishthen you will lose your life points and once you get your lifefinished the game will be over. To survive in the game you shouldhunt and follow the target fishShoot the Pixel fish using yourweapon gun, develop and master your hunting skills and take theperfect shot.VISIT COLORFUL PIXEL BLOCK SEA WORLD:Kill pixel fishin deluxe and awesome sea environments and explore the modern blocksea world shooter with beautiful and cute pixel blockfishes.EXPERIENCE THE UNIQUE SHOOTER CHALLENGES:Skilled through thevaried shooting weapons: rifles, shotguns and different snipers andenjoy the best hunting expedition.ENJOY THE WONDERFULGRAPHICS:Awesome user interface, pixel block 3d models of forestand sea world with beautiful pixel fish 3d models, all combine tomake it the best fish hunting game.GAME FEATURES:
- Many ofadorable block fishes to Shoot.
- Block Pixel World with awesome 3Danimations
- Simple and easy-to-use and play.
- Beautiful andenhancing graphics
 Pixel fish hunting is one of the best fishhunting games. Download this top fish shooting game for free andenjoy this unique and amazing experience.
Flying Car Battle- Endless War 1.5
Herks Vision
Flying Car Battle is 3D Battle game with fast flying carssimulation. It is a unique 3D car shooter with a creative physicalpuzzle. Get ready to experience the endless flying Car Battle withthe simulation of city with high-rise buildings.Control flying Caras it fly through the tunnels and beat opponent’s highway cars byfiring them. See how far you can get Car to fly, finish enemies andearn score.Collect Missile to destroy enemies car immediately andkeep your Car Flying and alive...- Unlock new Cars and help them tofly and finish highway cars.Features:Realistic 3D Graphics. Threeawesome flying hybrid cars.Enhancing sound effects.Missile, Bulletsto shot down enemy cars.Like us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Herks-Vision/807507579281421
Bunny Dig 1.1
Herks Vision
New Game!! Dig or Die! Bunny Dig!!! Is a simple and addictiveadventurous exhilarating puzzle gameplay of year 2015. It is adigging game with simple controls. Digging with the cute bunny isnot an easy task. Get ready for underground adventure now. Let’sdig with rabbit to find out underground secrets. Bunny is superhungry and he needs the carrots to grow more attractive.Dig foryour life!Help bunny to dig ground, avoid obstacles in the groundand collect all the carrots. The more carrots you collect the morepoint you score. Dig as deep as possible and beat all therecords.Enjoy this exciting, fast-paced digging game featuring anincredibly cute and fluffy bunny rabbit. Make the fluffy bunny digand get carrots. Are you up for the challenge? Find out in thisaction-packed digger!Game Features:Beautiful underground worlds andenhancing music.Attractive visual effects and Smooth gamecontrol.Amazing real-time puzzle with real physics and cute fluffypink bunny.Great fun for any age, SIMPLE and PRECISE controls.Howto Play:Tap screen timely to let Bunny move and dig ground.GetMedals by crossing obstacles as many as possible.
Bubbles Princess Shooter 2016 1.0
Herks Vision
Bubbles candy dash 2016 is one of the best match 3 game of the year2016 with the new style and new designed play mode and amazingstory of princess Rapunzel and a small cute Chameleon named Peteralong with sweet bubble candies.An evil and selfish old witch namedGemma wanted to get long golden curly magical hairs of beautifulprincess Rapunzel’s. Will you stop the Gemma before it’s too late?Win levels and get the long hairs of princess and rescue all of thefriends of princess from evil Gemma.Smartly burst matching bubblescandy to help princess and peter, beat cruel Gemma and return thelong beautiful hairs and friends of princess. Bubbles PrincessShooter 2016 features:• Wonderful Kingdome Story.• Explore theCandy map world with beautiful graphics and enchanting music•Unique Levels.• Delightful graphics, Impressive and beautiful gamescenes and Five different world.• CHALLENGE yourself with twodifferent game Mode. Vertical and Rounded.• Rounded Game Mode:Match and pop bubble candies to save Princess Friends Bird, Alien,cat, chicken, ghost, monster, owl and score big• Bugs, Candies,Bubbles, Locks, and One friendly Chameleon named Peter and lotsmore.• Beautiful animation effects.Challenge your friends and clearall the addicted Levels.Like us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Herks-Vision/807507579281421
Flying Car Battle: Endless War 1.0
Herks Vision
Flying Car 2016 3D is another version of Flying Car Battle- EndlessWar game.Get ready to the thrilling and exciting flyingexperience!It's flying car Magic.Fly your super car throughbeautiful green environment and shoot enemies flying car.CollectMissile to destroy enemies car immediately and keep your super CarFlying and alive...- Unlock new Cars and help them to fly and killenemy cars.See how long you can fly car and destroy enemies andearn score.High speed super flight car features:✔ Stunning HDGraphics✔ Gorgeous jungle environment with extreme car flyingexperience✔ superb flying cars auto simulation✔ Enhancing soundeffects.✔ Missile, Bullets to shot down enemy cars.
Air Jet Fighter 3D 1.3
Herks Vision
Air Jet Fighter 3D is the best challenging 3D air War game. Getready for a dangerous battle and Shoot all enemies jet. Select afighter F-18 Jet, Fly your jet and shoot down enemies jets. CollectMissile power-ups and destroy all enemies jet.This is a realistic3D air war simulation. Fly your F-18 jet plane through the sky andget missiles and bullets into the war zone! attack your enemies andget them out of the sky.Like us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Herks-Vision/807507579281421
Deer Hunting Simulator 2016 1.0
Herks Vision
Welcome to the Most realistic and entertaining FPS huntingsimulator of the year 2016. Exotic Deer Hunting is an amazing andaddictive action packed game which helps you to feel real huntingand sniper shooting experience in wild environment. Deer Hunter isspecially made for First Person Shooter and hunting or simulatorgames lovers.Experience your sniper hunting skills , grab andreload your gun ,be a hunt-man and clear each objective of game.your goal is to shoot all the exotic deer animal and clear all theobjective.EXOTIC DEERS:The game let you experience hunting ofexotic deers with different colours and appearance.EXPLORE REALFOREST:Explore one of the most visually stunning forest 3Denvironment.Wild Deer Hunter 2016 Features:First PersonShooter.Ultimate Hunting experience.Efficient gun control.Awesomerealistic forest environment .Enhancing sound effects.Exoticdeers.smooth controls.
Santa Smash 2017 1.0
Herks Vision
Welcome to the Pixel Santa World. This is time to Play theBestChristmas app of the year. Santa needs your help to smashthemaximum gifts and pick them for kids. Dash Santa Claus aroundtheworld in his special pixel vehicle. Santa Claus is on his waytoget beautiful gifts for kids. Help santa to smash gifts in hispathand get scored! Smash your way through a beautifulfuturisticdimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your pathand Journeythrough a beautiful pixel snow world smashing gifts andtargets inyour path. This experience requires focus andconcentration to notonly travel as far as you can, but also breakthe beautiful giftsand avoid the objects that stand in your way.Test your skills inthe best adventure of the year and help santa tosmash gifts. PlaySmashing Santa and experiencing the bestdestruction physics onmobile devices.