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Superhero Fighting Games : Grand Immortal Fight 1.5
Superheroes are fighting in grand immortal battle, a masterpiecefor those who love to play superhero games. “SuperheroFightingGames: Grand Immortal Battle” in which immortal superheroesareready to fight against each other using Kungfu techniques. Haveyouseen many super hero fights and grand battle. This time youwillplay by yourself immortal super hero fighting game incityenvironment where they will fight a deadly battle withincrediblemonsters in ring battle arena. There is a 3D real timefightingenvironment with amazing graphics where you can choosesuperhero ofyour own choice and real fight in the fightingsimulator.Superheroes fighting game brings a wide range ofsuperheroes squadto lead the amazing combats battle. SuperheroFighting Games is anawesome action game in which super heroes fightwith each other inimmortal battle and Kungfu skills. Fight withdifferent superheroes by using unique karate styles fighting,boxing, Kungfu andyou’re your flying kicking and martial artsskills in arena ringbattle. You have been played different fightinggames but this timeplay a race between super league champions infighting superheroeswar. You can choose your hero between monsterand ninja assassinand many others. Use your boxing skills and fightthe real fightwith monster hero’s. Show bravery and power tosabotage an opponentin assassin battle. Flexible smash attack inKungfu style is veryimportant for winning this champion battlebetween superheroes.Superheroes will prove their caliber in thisremarkable SuperheroImmortal Battle which is a great starter forreal boxing games.Choose between your Ninja assassin battles anduse your martial artskills to take this dual combat to a nextlevel. Join the superhero real fight club and test your ninjaassassin skills againstmartial arts in deadly combat battles.Discover the invisiblefighting techniques and be the legend hero ofyour monster.Superhero Fighting Games: Grand Immortal BattleFeatures: • Smooth& Easy gameplay • Amazing Superhero fights •New fightingtechniques for Super Hero’s • Amazing Background &EnvironmentChoose from highly skilled incredible fearless ringfighters to acethe arena. Show your breathtaking punching, utmostkicking andcombo of these super techniques to take down opponentsafterselecting your superhero fighter. Play a role of superheroandfight against other superheroes which are in this fighting gameandshow them who the super hero is. Feel the incredible methumanpower of warrior and flying superstars. It’s the combat gameofflying superstars and combo heroes so enjoy it with yourfriends!Download superhero fighting games now and enjoy fightingwithamazing features free of cost. Give us your valuable feedbackandalso rate us on play store.
Ninja Assassin Warrior: Stickman Shadow Fighter 1.6
Ninja Assassin Warrior the great combination of RPG Stickmanshadowfighting game in which you have to use martial arts andkung-fufighting skills. Get ready to fight in the street withwarrior ofshadow, Stickman, Ninja girl and Ninja Assassin warriorby usingskills in ultimate ninja samurai fight. Get into the actionandfight with 4 different characters against monster enemies inthecity environment. Use special attacks of ninja warrior to killthemeasily. You are the best shadow fighter, experience the bestactiongame just use the controls wisely. Unleash the fightingpassion andeasily defend the monster’s attack. Also enjoy to playwithStickman against these monsters in this epic battle and claimyourvictory. Step into the world of shadow fighting and reveal alldarksecrets and become the ultimate ninja warrior of your city. Inthisshadow fighting game the role of an ultimate ninja hero is tofightwith enemies. Choose from four different fighting stylesandexplore a massive world full of adventures in this assassinwarriorkungfu fight. Enjoy the beauty of a real Stickman fight andbe theshadow king of battleground or Stickman to have an epicbattle inthis Stickman fight. Choose the character from ninjawarrior,Stickman, ninja girl and ultimate Ninja Assassin warriorthat willrepresent your distinctive playing techniques andpersonality.Colorful graphics, smooth animations, realistic physicsand effectsin this battleground kungfu fight are creating a pictureofbreathing world that I am sure you have never seen before. Thisisthe Stickman reprisal in an epic battle with monsters in aStickmanfight. Get ready fight as a superhero hand to hand combatjust likeninja stickman warrior. Fly to survive in a shadow war asa legendhero and do anything with your counter-attack in Stickmanfightbattleground in this shadow fighting game. You have tocomplete 10different levels if you want to become the shadow kingof kungfufight. This battleground is the new world of street fightwhere youcan get the experience of ultimate Kungfu fight betweendifferentcharacters against monster enemies. Just take the lead asa shadowninja samurai and be a savage fighter and clean the streetfrommonsters with the great style of Stickman fight. What areyouwaiting for? Download now shadow ninja samurai fighting gameandenjoy while playing a role of the superhero of your ownchoice.Don’t forget to give us your valuable feedback so that wecan makeimprovements in future if required.
Counter Terrorist Squad Death : Commando Shooter 1.4
Counter Terrorist squad death commando mission is a FPSactionshooting game. In commando shooter 3D game, play a role ofanAmerican Commando in epic war against terrorists and performsecretmissions. Show your best combat skills to the world andbecome abattlefield hero legend of action games. In CounterTerroristCommando Shooter terrorists have occupied the area andkeptcitizens as hostages, your duty as a special trained commandois toeliminate terrorists from the area and free hostages safely.Youhave excellent shooting skills so pick up your weapons, go tothebattlefield and destroy all the terrorists by shootingthem.Various weapons like sniper, AK-47, stain gun, bomb and shortgunare present to destroy enemies. It is a great challenge for youtocomplete this incredible strike operation. The terroristshavecaptured the base area and land and made their ownbases.Terrorists are equipped with advanced weapons you need tobecareful while shooting them. Take out the waves of extremedeadlyterrorists and survive in the battlefield. Time has arrivedto facethe challenging & destructive FPS counter shootagainstterrorist in battle arena. Execute your best tacticalshooterattack abilities to shoot and fight with the terrorists inthiscritical battlefield. Go behind the enemy lines as a deathshootingcommando and be a tough soldier who has great strategicskills ofmodern warfare! Complete multiple missions each of themhavedifferent tasks that you need to complete for passing themission.Graphics are amazing with realistic battlefield environmentandeasy to handle controls for shooting. Download now thecounterterrorist squad death commando shooter and enjoy the gameplay. Dogive us your valuable feedback so that we can makeimprovements infuture if required.