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IELTS Vocabulary 6.0
Vocabulary for IELTS: In this Module, available lots of Vocabularyas like various topics of Speaking and Writting.In the Today's era,Too many IELTS students and Tutor faces lot of problem in the IELTSexam. The Cause of not a much knowledge of Vocabulary. It followsthat, Student can not taken good band in exam. So, Don't worry, Wehave a available the solution of it. Prepare this App perfectly andReceive good.Thank you...!
IELTS - Preparation 2018 17.0
- IELTS Bach , Word power of IELTS english, English Talk, you canget band 7 - 7.5 - 8 - 8.5 - 9.- IELTS Preparation like Speaking,Reading, Writing, Listening . - In this app, available all modulewith the proper manner and user can self practice.- Firstly,students and worker can easily understand about IELTS cause of imention that step by step and from beginning of the IELTS modulesand all. - On the other side, available all tips forspeaking,writing,reading and listening. It follows that, Studentsor any other people can speak confidently with the suitableanswers.- Including available lots of vocabulary for differenttopics and pretty for writing. secondly, You can create goodcommunication with your stuff using it's all vocabulary words andReceive Good :)- I added lots of cuecards and answers with therecord practice secondly, available too much cuecards forself-practice.- Also i added lots of ideas of speaking and writingand Timer for answers. so, students can understand for own prettyanswer.- In the Reading module, Ideas for it also Techniques, Howto improve performance?, ad strategies for reading. Prepare like itand got brilliant performance.- In the Listening module, Ideas forit also Techniques, How to improve performance?, ad strategies forListening. Prepare like it and got brilliant performance.- User canself practice using record voice and play it.- User can check bandcondition for all modules.- User can check requirements for WholeIELTS modules so You can do pretty practice. - You can see list outof top countries in study abroad.- You can check band condition forsome of the countries.- Any students is new in English society, souser can practice with spoken English from beginning and make yourspoke strong.- Thanks a lot for used it . i'll try to improve toomuch knowledge about IELTS for all students and workers.- This Appis still in the experimental stage. We hope you, the potentiallearners, will try out and enthusiastically support this newlearning method. Your appreciation, support and your ideas, interms of constructive feedback, will certainly be a greatmotivation for us to make the most of our time updating more modelanswers in the App, to help you get ready for the IELTS Exam aseffectively as we can.- We wish you all the best in yourstudies!More Features: ~ ielts prep, islets, ielts practice, ieltswriting, ielts reading, cpaexcel, ielts practice test, ieltslistening, ielts skills, ielts preparation, ~ 剑桥雅思, 雅思听力, 雅思听力,雅思口语, eike, preparation for, 雅思, 雅思考满分 - 剑桥官方真题, hoc ielts, 雅思听力,best study app, ca preparation app,
IELTS CueCards 4.0
Lot of Students faces problem in cue-cards. It follows that, Idescribe so many thing in this app such as - How to followcue-card.- Simple Tips of cue-card.- What is the band condition ofcue-card.- Timer of Answers. in this case, i mention that, how muchspend time with the every answers in part1, part2, part3.- Lastly,You can test your voice regarding every cue-card. it just forself-practice.
Easy Make Cooking 1.0
Welcome Foodie Lover and Home made foods.* Available Vegetarian andNon.Vegetarian dishes in this app as like,- Special Italian Dishes-Special Chinese Dishes- Special Indian Dishes- Special FrenchDishes- Special Greek Dishes- Special Caribbean Dishes- SpecialAmerican Dishes- Special British Dishes- Special Mexican Dishes-Special Thai Dishes- Special Vietnamese Dishesalso available Lot ofHealthy Dishes.* There are available lot of different VegetarianDishes as like:- Different Soup- Different Pasta- Different Salad-Different Picnic Dishes- Different Pizza Making* In this app, Thereare available easily Steps for all dishes ( Vegetarian andNon.Vegetarian )* I try to best for all peoples and food maker alsoi'll try to improve different foods and special dishes update timeto time. and I'll provide easy to understand all steps fordifferent kind of Users.
Vocabulary Words - IELTS 1.0
Hello Dear Students and all, I have provide lot of vocabulary forspeaking and writing.In the Speaking, Provided vocabulary for toomuch of topics.and same it is for Writing.Nowadays, Lot of peopleare facing problem in his speaking and writing cause of his can'tuse new things word in speaking and writing during running theexam. so, don't worry students and employees because i have providelot of vocabulary topic by topic. It follows that, very use tolearn IELTS vocabulary and get too much of ideas.Thanks you forusing it. I'll provide new and new vocabulary for IELTS and all.
Java Programming 4.0
Java Programming:we are providing lot of awesome methods and topicsof Java Language as like_-> In the Basic Java, Overview,JavaEnvironment Setup,Java Basic Syntax,Java Object or Classes,JavaBasic Datatypes,Java Variable Types,Java Modifier Types,Java BasicOperators,Java Loop Control,Java Decision Making,Java Numbers,JavaCharacters,Java Strings,Java Arrays,Java Date or Times,Java RegularExpressions,Java Methods,Java Files and I/O,Java Exceptions,JavaInner Classes. -> Furthermore, we are providing OOP conceptswith his examples and output likeJava - Inheritance,Java -Overriding,Java - Polymorphism,Java - Abstraction,Java -Encapsulation,Java - Interfaces,Java - Packages.-> Last but notlist, provide advanced java as like Java - Data Structures,Java -Collections,Java - Generics,Java - Serialization,Java -Networking,Java - Sending Email,Java - Multi threading,Java -Applet Basics,Java - Documentation-> also Serialization,ObjectCloning in Java,Immutable in Java.-> Moreover, Students can doself practice about programs cause of we have provide lot ofexample about java programs.Thanks a lot dear, for using this app.I'll provide more and more awesome material and tips forremembering.
IELTS Writing 4.0
Hello Dear Students, I have seen that lot of students are facingproblem in writing module so no worries about that, causeof.....You can get lot of essays like Short essay and Long essay (part 1 - Part 2 ).including, Lot of Essay formats and ideas aboutessay.Moreover, I have provide Tips of Writing and Strategy forwriting module.Thanks a lot dear for interesting to my ideas. i'llprovide new and new for all students and others user.If you knowmore about writing module , of course you can send mail me."heroicinfotech@gmail.com"Thanks :)
IELTS Speaking - Grammer, Ideas, Tips 7.0
IELTS Speaking:- Short Questions- CueCards- CueCards with Audiopractice- Tips for IELTS- Ideas for Speaking Module- You can knowband conditions for speaking's all part.- Timer of Answer- RecordYour Voice and Play it.- Important Vocabulary
Spoken English 2.0
In this app, You can learn lot of modules like:- Lessons ofEnglish- Full Grammar of english- Full Tense with examplespractice.- You can get lot of Ideas and Tips about english.- Learnvocabulary for English.- get Help.
Java programming, core to advanced java examples 3.0
javatutor app . in this app you can learn lot of things aboutjavaprograms and lot of new new things - you can get lof of prettyideas about it- great tips for it .- great examples injavatutorFeatures as like: ~ core java tutorial, core javatutorials~ core java, java~ java programs, ~ practice java, ~ learnjava, java tutorials,~ java training, ~ java ide,~ download javaprograms,~ list of java programs, ~ codenza,~ java course...
IELTS Essays 1.0
In this app, - Students or other people can easily learn essays forWriting Module for IELTS.- Time to Time Updated essays.- Tips forEssays, Writing Module- Ideas for Essays - IELTS- Vocabulary forIELTS Essays- Strategies for Essays, IELTS- Structure for Essays
IELTS Buddy 2.0
-> full speaking module-> full writing module-> fullreading module-> full listening module-> Tips for allmodules-> Vocabulary for speaking and writing-> Ideas formodules
CSS Tutorials - CSS3 4.0
In this app, - You can learn full of the CSS design. with thedescription and examples.- CSS3 with explanation and examples.-Advanced CSS with Examples and ideas.- You can know about Importantresources like_ * How to remember CSS design and proper way ofdevelop?* Interview Questions and Answers.* Responsive CSS.
Business Grow 1.0
in this app, you can learn & know about how to got success inyour business? Management Skills skills1">Managerial Skillsskills2">Type of Skills skills3">Type of Managerial Skillsskills4">Management Skills in IT skills5">Managing ConflictBusiness Grow business1">Business Management Toolsbusiness2">Topics of Roles business3">Levelsbusiness4">Training business5">Legal personalitybusiness6">Corporate governance business7">Organizationbusiness8">Society Self Management self1">Strategies ofSelf-Management self2">Self-Management self3">Personaldevelopment self4">Workers self-management self5">Rules forSelf-Management Management Types and Performance type1">Types orUses of Management type2">Management Styles type3">Functionsof Management type4">Technical Skills in Managementtype5">Liaison in Management type6">Managerial Skillstype7">Political Factors in Business type8">DisseminatorDifferent Field-wise Management field1">Airport Managementfield2">Hospital Management field3">Hotel Managementfield4">Library Management field5">Human Resource Managementfield6">Operations Management field7">Sales and Marketingfield8">Banking Management field9">International Businessfield10">Capital Market field11">Corporate Managementfield12">IT Management Ideas about Business idea1">IDEAMANAGEMENT idea2">Communications Plan for Idea Managementidea3">Knowledge management idea4">Idea manager Leadership1">Define Leadership 2">Leadership Emergence 3">Styles4">Performance 5">Traits 6">Ontological-phenomenologicalmodel 7">Contexts- Organizations 8">Historical views9">Myths - Leaders 10">levels of 11">qualities of a leaderExecution Management Execution – Part 1 Execution – Part 2Execution – Part 3 Strategy Execution – Part 4 MotivationManagement Motivation and Type Psychological theories Ways toMotivate Your Employees Highly Effective Ways to Motivate EmployeesSuccess in a business Important Factor for Successful BusinessCritical Success Factors for Business Successful Strategic PlanningMost Important Factors of Business Success Secrets of SuccessfulBusiness Business growth Key Management Factors Complaints andGrievances Handle Employee Problems
Animal Planet 1.0
~Animal planets~Australian animals~Wildlife animals~nationalgeographys~different birds, snacks, crocodiles, kangaroo, lizards,Mammals, frogs, butterflies, sweet animals and more learneasily~special for animals lover people, also child :)all birds"b1">Australian Brush Turkey "b2">Australian King Parrot"b3">Australian Magpie "b4">Black Swan "b5">Black-NeckedStork /Jabiru "b6">Budgerigar "b7">Cassowary"b8">Cockatiel "b9">Emu "b10">Galah "b11">Gang-GangCockatoo "b12">Gouldian Finch "b13">Kookaburra"b14">Lyrebird "b15">Satin Bowerbird "b16">SuperbFairywren "b17">Wedge-Tailed Eagle "b18">Weebill fish"f1">BARRAMUNDI "f2">GIANT BLACK MARLIN "f3">BLUE,BLACK-STRIPED MARLIN "f4">MACKEREL "f5">SWORDFISH"f6">TUNA "f7">YELLOWTAIL KINGFISH "f8">GIANT TREVALLY"f9">PERMIT, BONEFISH-GOLDEN TREVALLY "f10">SNAPPER-SOUTHERNREEF FISH "f11">KING GEORGE WHITING "f12">MURRAY COD snack"s1">Eastern brown snake "s2">Western brown snake"s3">Mainland tiger snake "s4">Inland taipan "s5">Coastaltaipan "s6">Mulga snake "s7">Lowlands copperhead"s8">Small-eyed snake "s9">Common death adder"s10">Red-bellied black snake kangaru "k1">Red kangaroo"k2">Eastern grey kangaroo "k3">Western grey kangaroo"k4">Antilopine kangaroo lizards "lizards1">Varanidae"lizards2">Gecko killed animals "kill1">Box jellyfish"kill2">Honey bee "kill3">Irukandji jellyfish "kill4">Bullshark "kill5">Eastern brown snake "kill6">Saltwater orestuarine crocodile "kill7">Sydney funnel web spider"kill8">Blue-ringed octopus "kill9">Coastal taipan"kill10">Common death adder sweet animals "sweet1">KANGAROO"sweet2">COCKATOO "sweet3">PORT JACKSON SHARK"sweet4">SUGAR GLIDER "sweet5">QUOKKA "sweet6">KOALA"sweet7">WEDGE-TAILED EAGLE "sweet8">WOMBAT"sweet9">PLATYPUS "sweet10">TREE KANGAROO butterflies"butter1">Ulysses Butterfly "butter2">Birdwing Butterfly"butter3">Regent Skipper "butter4">Hercules Moth Mammals"mammals1">Long-nosed bandicoot "mammals2">Giant white-tailedrat "mammals3">Lemur-like ringtail possum"mammals4">Monotremes Frog "frog1">Northern Barred Frog"frog2">Dainty Green Tree Frog "frog3">Striped Marsh Frog"frog4">Giant Tree Frog
Rich dad - The business of 21st century 1.0
Rich dad - The business of 21st centurysuccessful businessmindpowertips ideas ~ Create something of real value~ Improve the livesof others~ Focus on positivity~ Understand Finance~ Follow the80-20 Rule~ The Importance of Family~ Grow As A Leader
Splashy - ball games 2.0
Splashy Ball - Ball Runner Free Game ! In this game, you can playwith ball on screen. There are available non-stop levels toplay.How to Play? Touch the screen and move your finger to move theball, smoothly moov the ball and play well.Features There are lotof features are available as like: ~ Free Coins to collect to playgame. ~ Many lavels ( easy to hard ). ~ good sound quality. ~ Toomany ball selection ( you can chhose ball which you want ). ~ Aperfect High-defination Graphics, so you play well.including: ~splashy, splashy ball, ball run, ball jump on tiles, jumping ball,sky ball, flying ball, ball bouncing, archade game, ball game, gamefor kids, game for young, game for old peoples, loves to play, easyto play game, free game, ball games. ~ bounce ball ~ ball on roller~ sky rolling ~ balance ball ~ ball helix ~ spiral jumping ball ~balls ~ ball racing ~ landing ball ~ twisty bounce ~ 3D ball games~ bouncing ball ~ red ball, green ball, pink ball, black ball, ballfalls ~ bouncing ballz ~ ball puzzle ~ hitting ball ~ ballwayFeedback You can do feedback us, if you like splashy-ball runnergame. Including, you have a any kind of queries inbox us on. ~heroicinfotech@gmail.com
Bible Adventures Learn - math, book 1.0
Adventure BibleReady for Adventure? Embark on a fun,excitingjourney through God’s Word with the Adventure Bible -- nowin fullcolor throughout! Along the way you’ll meet all types ofpeople,see all sorts of places, and learn all kinds of things abouttheBible. The #1 Bible for kids features:Full color throughout –makeslearning about the people, places, and culture of the Bibleevenmore engagingLife in Bible Times – Articles andillustrationsdescribe what life was like in ancient daysWords toTreasure –Highlights great verses to memorizeDid You Know? –Interestingfacts help you understand God’s Word and the life offaithPeople inBible Times – Articles offer close-up looks atamazing people ofthe BibleTwenty special pages – Focus on topicssuch as famouspeople of the Bible, highlights of the life of Jesus,how to pray,and the love passage for kids, all with a jungle safarithemeBookintroductions with useful facts about each book of theBible 5Benefits To Studying The Bible ExegeticallyWe get the bigpictureand the larger story. Historically (and currently),certainunfortunate groups have zeroed in on one chapter or even oneverseof the Bible in order to develop their worldview. Theseeffortspervert the meaning of scripture because it ignores theCanon infavor of a particular nuance found in a particular part.Once welook at the bigger picture, the larger story, that’s whenthe Biblegets interesting, my friend! We see shards of truth in thedetailsbut nothing can compare to the full mosaic of the Word as weseethe progression of Scripture.Exegetical study reveals what Godissaying rather than what we want Him to say. Exegetical Biblestudybegins with hands empty and open to God. If only wewouldconstantly have the attitude: “Lord, I’m going to go deep,readwith eyes afresh and heart open and allow You to speak truth.Iwill set my personal predilections aside and put on the fullarmorexpecting that You will shake my foundation.”We graspScripture andapply it appropriately. Most people, when they thinkabouttheology, envision demanding degrees, multisyllabic mysteries,andcomplicated conundrums. But the truth of God’s word is muchsimplerthan some make it out to be. I love this thought fromSorenKierkegaard:“The matter is quite simple. The Bible is veryeasy tounderstand. But we Christians are a bunch of schemingswindlers. Wepretend to be unable to understand it because we knowvery wellthat the minute we understand, we are obliged toactaccordingly.”You’ll enjoy the diversity of genres andstyles.Unlike a textbook that’s filled with codes, formulas andtheorems,God gave us a book of stories, poems, metaphors,sayings,commandments, laments, and prophetic reveals. Throughexegeticalstudy of scriptures the brilliance and clarity of God’sstory comesalive with dynamism and surprising depth. We breath deepthe truthof God’s character and the power of his grace. It’s aunifiedmessage told in a variety of methods and styles. Even thefourGospels blend together; telling the same story but doingsodifferently. John’s Gospel is poetic and teaming with symbolsandpurposeful progressions. Luke’s Gospel, the Gentile voice withavision of suffering humanity and those lost in the marginsofsociety. Luke’s orderly account is very different fromthe“fasten-your-seatbelts” Gospel of Mark.Organic discoveries arethebest kind. It’s great to bask in the wisdom and inspirationofDavid Jeremiah, David Platt, Tim Keller and other amazingwriters,but discovered truths from God’s word of the homegrownvarietyoften have a greater, more personal impression on my life. Ithinkyou’ll agree. There are times when I discover something sorelevantto my own crucible or to the struggle of those I love thatI can’tresist sharing it. It brings me to life. It wrecks me insuch avisceral way that I know it is the Holy Spirit at work.