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1775: Rebellion 2.9.1
HexWar Games Ltd
The year is 1775. The American colonies are outraged over new taxesimposed upon them by Great Britain. They begin to stockpile armsand organize militia. On April 18th, militia members ambush acolumn of 700 British Redcoats ordered to seize stockpiled arms.273 British soldiers are killed or wounded before they reach safetyin Boston. The American Revolution has begun! Now you and yourfriends command the armies of the British Redcoats, EnglishLoyalists, German Hessians, American Regulars, Patriots, FrenchRegulars and Native Americans to decide the fate of the Americas.Players from each faction cooperate to gain control of key townsand forts. Share the fun in this light and fast paced game vs theAI, hotseat or online! Key Features 1775: Rebellion features simpleand unique game mechanics and special attention to historicaldetail. Experience this critical time in American history, you willnot be disappointed! - 3 Scenarios – 1775, 1775 (Short) and Siegeof Quebec. - Play solo vs. 3 AI difficulties - 54 Cards (Movement& Event) - Cross-platform online play or up to 4 player hotseatmultiplayer. - Faithful conversion of the original board game.About the Game 1775: Rebellion is based on the award winning boardgame developed by Academy Games. The mapboard represents theoriginal 13 Colonies plus Maine, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. EachColony is further subdivided into areas over which factions willstruggle for control. A faction holds control of a Colony when onlyunits of its side are present in the areas of a Colony. Playercontrolled factions include the Continental Army, Patriot Militia,British Regulars and Loyalist Militia. In addition to this theAllied French and Allied Hessian factions, which are controlled byAmerican and British forces respectively, can be brought into thegame by event cards playable by each faction. Each game is playedin a series of rounds. Victory conditions are checked for each sidestarting on round three and each game ends with victory pointsbeing tallied automatically on round eight if no one has won beforethen. Each round is subdivided into four turns, one for each side,which happen in order determined by a blind draw of the turn markerfor each faction. It is entirely possible for a faction to go lastin a previous round only to go first in the next. Movement &Events Every Faction has a deck of cards consisting of Event cards,Movement cards, and one Truce card. Every turn, each faction willplay a movement card to maneuver their troops and any number ofevent cards. When both factions of a side (British or American)have played their truce cards, the game will end! Each deck has aspecific number of movement cards in it and managing them is animportant part of the game. Each faction has a Truce card whichserves not only as a timer for the game but as a powerful Movementcard. However, a game may end prematurely if both factions of aside are forced to play it early in the game. *** Please note:1775: Rebellion is designed to be played on a tablet. ***
Civil War: 1861 3.3.4
HexWar Games Ltd
Civil War: 1861 covers the opening battles of the American CivilWar. The game covers both the small and large actions of thatmomentous year, starting with the battle at 'Big Bethel', on to thecomparatively vast engagements at 'Bull Run' and 'Wilson's Creek'.In 1861 both sides have plenty of volunteer recruits who, thoughenthusiastic, lack battlefield experience. On the weaponry sidemuch of the equipment still belongs to the Napoleonic Era with aplethora of muzzle loading, smoothbore artillery. Many of thecommanders, who most would identify as the leaders the civil wararmies, are still junior officers in the engagements recreated inthis game. Command the Union or Confederate forces in these keybattles. Can you change history? Good luck and on to battle! ● 8Mission Tutorial Campaign ● 3 Mission Opening Shots! Campaign ● 4Mission Conflaguration! Campaign ● 4 Mission Total Resolve Campaign● Includes battles based on historic events. ● Play the missions aseither Union or Confederate. ● 8 Unique Civil War Units: - Infantrywith Muskets. - Infantry with Rifled Muskets. - Artillery. -Generals. - Dismounted and Mounted Cavalry. ● Changeable unitformations and tactics. ● Generals can attach to units to increasemorale. ● More capable Veteran units and unreliable raw units. ● 3difficulty settings. 

● Detailed Combat Analysis. 

 ● FlankAttacks

 ● Map Zoom

 ● Strategic Movement. 

 ● Hours ofGameplay! Find us on Facebook - facebook.com/HexWar
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Tank Battle: North Africa 3.9.2
Take command as the British Commonwealth and U.S. forces fighttheGermans in the North African theatre and lead your battaliontovictory in challenging tactical battles. Fight for control ofNorthAfrica during WWII. Utilize new mechanics, such as flanking,'moveand shoot', troop transports and veteran units. With 36 unittypesTank Battle: North Africa is an epic strategy gameincludingdetailed battles that will keep you coming back for more!Takecommand as the British Commonwealth and U.S. forces fighttheGermans in the North African theatre and lead your battaliontovictory in challenging tactical battles. Fight for control ofNorthAfrica during WWII. Utilize new mechanics, such as flanking,'moveand shoot', troop transports and veteran units. With 36 unittypesTank Battle: North Africa is an epic strategy gameincludingdetailed battles that will keep you coming back for more!Key GameFeatures Over 36 unique units. - Features British, AmericanandGerman forces. - Four troop classes; Raw, Average, VeteranandElite. - Advanced tactical features including flankattacks,airstrikes, strategic movement, indirect fire and mountinganddismounting from vehicles - Detailed combat analysis - see howthedifferent factors such as terrain and armor affect thepotentialoutcome. - Help covering each unit type including statsandinformation. - Charts covering terrain effects, shootingmodifiersand ranged weapons. - High Definition World War IIGraphics. -Hours of gameplay. 10 Campaigns - 7 Mission First StrikeTutorialCampaign covering all the basics. - 8 Mission InvasionBritishCampaign. - 8 Mission Hope and Glory British Campaign. - 8MissionStars and Stripes American Campaign. - 8 Mission LightningWar!German Campaign. - 8 Mission Sledgehammer! British Campaign. -8Mission Resurrection German Campaign. - 8 Mission TurningTideBritish Campaign. - 8 Mission Allied Storm American Campaign. -8Mission Road To Victory British Campaign. Over 30 differentuniqueunits, including: - M3 light and Medium tanks - BritishCrusader IIand III - British 2pdr anti-tank gun and 2pdr Portee -Jeeps andLRDG trucks with 0.5" MG - American Bazooka Team - GermanPanzer I,II, IIIJ and IVf1 and IVf2
Fire and Fury ECW 1.8.5
HexWar Games Ltd
Fight the various battles of the English Civil War betweentheParliamentarians and the Royalists. Each campaign is themedaroundfights between these two factions during various differentyears ofthe campaign. Capitalize on strategic advantages to turnthe tideof war in your favour; ride down your foes with valiantcavalrycharges, hold the line with bristling ranks of Pike and Shotorstrike from afar with musket fire and huge pieces ofartillery.Will you emerge victorious or become another casualty ofwar? KeyGame Features: - High Definition Graphics. - 7 MissionTutorialCampaign. - 4 Mission 1642 Campaign. - 8 Mission 1644Campaign. -All missions, except the tutorial, can be played as bothsides. -Over 30 Unique Units. - Detailed Combat Analysis. - FlankAttacks.- Strategic Movement. - Hours of Gameplay. - DetailedReferenceCharts. - Map Zoom. Purchasable Content: - 8 Mission 1643Campaign.- 8 Mission 1645 Campaign.
Wars of the Roses 1.7.6
HexWar Games Ltd
Fight the various battles of the Wars of the Roses throughouttheMedieval ages. Each campaign is themed around fights betweentheLancaster and Yorkist houses during various different periodsofthe countries rule. Capitalize on strategic advantages to turnthetide of war in your favour. Ride down your foes withheavilyarmoured knights, hold the line with bristling ranks ofbillmen orstrike from afar with the famed English longbow and hugepieces ofartillery. Will you emerge victorious or become anothercasualty ofwar? Key Game Features: • High Definition Medieval EraGraphics. •7 Mission Tutorial Campaign. • 4 Mission Tudor Campaign.• 8Mission Lancastrian Campaign. • All missions, except thetutorial,can be played as both sides. • Over 30 Unique MedievalUnits. •Detailed Combat Analysis. • Flank Attacks. • StrategicMovement. •Hours of Gameplay. • Detailed Reference Charts. • MapZoom.Purchasable Extra Content: •8  MissionYorkist Campaign.
Civil War: 1862 3.3.3
Civil War: 1862 is the prequel to the highly acclaimed CivilWar:1863! Relive iconic battles of the American Civil War. Takecommandof both the Union and Confederate forces in thisexcitingturn-based strategy game. Key Features: 8 Mission‘Tutorial’campaign. 5 Mission ‘Fix Bayonets’ campaign. All missionscan beplayed as both sides
 (except the tutorial). 8 Unique CivilWarUnits: - Infantry with Muskets. - Infantry with Rifled Muskets.-Artillery. - Generals. - Wagons. - Naval Gunboats. - DismountedandMounted Cavalry. Four classes of infantry – Raw, Average,Veteranand Elite. Different infantry formations: unformed, lineforshooting and column for charging! Detailed Combat Analysis.FlankAttacks
. Strategic Movement. Hours of GameplayPurchasableCampaigns: 8 Mission ‘Steel and Thunder’ campaign. 8Mission‘Colossus’ campaign. 8 Mission ‘Fresh Troops’ campaign. 8Mission‘Death and Glory’ campaign. 8 Mission 'Broken Line'campaign. 8Mission 'Shot and Shell' campaign.
Chickamauga Battles 1.0.7
The first major battle of the Civil War was fought in Georgia,fromSeptember the 18th-20th 1863. The Battle of Chickamauga wasthemost significant Union defeat in the western theatre and hadthesecond highest number of casualties of any civil war battle,afterthe Battle of Gettysburg. The army of the Cumberland underMajorGeneral William Rosecrans engaged the Confederate Army ofTennesseeunder General Braxton Bragg. In early September Rosecranshadforced Bragg's army out of Chattanooga and was followingthemsouth. Bragg in an attempt to reoccupy Chattanooga decided tomeeta part of Rosecrans army and defeat them, allowing him to movebackinto the city. On the way north he ran into the Union army.Thisgame consists of a number of missions, each of which, tackles akeypart of the overall battle. The last mission is a refight ofthewhole battle in a single game. As the total battle was foughtovera vast area this final mission is at a different scale thanthemore detailed individual actions. ‘Chickamauga Battles’consistsof; ● 7 mission ‘Tutorial’ campaign, played as the Union. ●4mission ‘Opening Shots’ Campaign. Key events from action on19thSeptember. ● With the exception of the tutorial all missionscan beplayed as either side. ‘In-App‘ purchases are available ● 4mission‘Engagement’ Campaign. More key events from action on19thSeptember. ● 4 mission ‘Deadlock’ Campaign. Key events fromactionon 20th September. ● 4 mission ‘Twilight’ Campaign. More keyeventsfrom action on 20th September. ● A single mission ‘The BattleofChickamauga’. A large-scale mission to refight the whole battle.
Civil War: 1864 3.4.3
Civil War: 1864 is the latest addition to our Civil Warstrategyseries, bringing you the ferocious battles from 1864.Experiencethe American Civil War like never before with with over40missions; including 20 detailed historical battles. Get agreaterview of the battlefield as you lead your force to victory,with ournew Map Zoom feature. 1864 saw the Union army makesubstantialgains against the Confederate forces in the AmericanCivil War.Grant, replacing Halleck, took the risky gamble ofattacking theConfederates on three different fronts. While Grantfailed to gainany significant tactical advantage in any battleagainst Robert E.Lee, he succeeded at depleting Lee’s forces. Onthe Western front,Sherman was able to capture Atlanta and seizeSavannah. The Union’scontrol of the railways and waterways gavethem an immenselogistical advantage, which would become vital tothe North’seventual success. The Confederacy was ultimatelyfighting andlosing a defensive war. Key Features: - New map zoomfeature. -High Definition Civil War Graphics. - 7 Mission‘Tutorial’campaign. - 4 Mission abstract ‘Division’ campaign. - Allmissionscan be played as both sides
 (except the tutorial). - 8UniqueCivil War Units: - Infantry with Muskets. - Infantry withRifledMuskets. - Artillery. - Generals. - Wagons. - Naval Gunboats.-Dismounted and Mounted Cavalry. - Four classes of infantry –Raw,Average, Veteran and Elite. - Different infantryformations:unformed, line for shooting and column for charging! -DetailedCombat Analysis. - Flank Attacks
. - Strategic Movement. -Hours ofGameplay. Purchasable Campaigns - 7 Mission ‘Cold Steel’campaign.- 7 Mission ‘Duty and Pride’ campaign. - 7 MissionBlockadecampaign. - 7 Mission ‘Freedom Calls’ campaign.
Ancient Battle: Alexander 2.7.7
Ancient Battle: Alexander delivers a unique wargaming experienceonAndroid. Use Macedonian Phalangites, Greek Hoplites,IndianElephants, Scythed Chariots, Persian Cavalry, Catapults,Archers,Slingers, and many other unit types to engage in classicbattles.Based upon, and a major upgrade to, the game systemdeveloped forAncient Battle: Rome. A game that was the No.1strategy game on theApp Store in 8 countries and reviews included:"Delivers everythingone can expect from a strategy title" - ArcadeSushi "Smart,challenging, and surprisingly substantial strategygame" - PocketGamer Included in this version are three campaignsthat allow youto refight Alexander’s battles in and around Greeceand Macedonia,including the battle of Chaeronea. The secondcampaign follows hispush to conquer the Achaemenid Persian Empire,while having to dealwith rebellious Spartans in Greece. FinallyAlexander’s campaign inIndia, ending in the epic battle ofHydaspes, with the MacedonianPike Phalanx versus the masses ofIndian Elephants. Major gamesystem improvements on Ancient Battle:Rome include improved A.I.,improved combat analysis system, betterflank attack logic, betterline of sight logic, Elephant Generals,and Greek Hoplites. KeyGame Features: • High Definition Ancient EraGraphics. • 7 MissionTutorial Campaign. • 4 Mission Agnostos Thulecampaign. • 8 MissionGreece Campaign playable as the Macedonians ortheir opponents theAthenians, Thebans, Illyrians, Getae, Thraciansand Triballians. •7 Mission Persia Campaign playable as theMacedonians or theiropponents the Achaemenid Persians and Spartans.• 5 Mission IndiaCampaign playable as the Macedonians or theiropponents theClassical Indians and Scythians. • 48 Unique AncientUnits. •Detailed Combat Analysis • Flank Attacks • Hours ofGameplay. Findus on Facebook - facebook.com/hexwar Follow us onTwitter -@HexWarGames Game Forum - forums.hexwar.com
Ancient Battle: Hannibal 1.9.5
Experience the magnificence of the Punic Wars, as youfollowHannibal on his crucial campaign against Rome. Fight thebattles ofthe Second Punic War between Carthage and Rome. Eachcampaign isthemed around battles between Hannibal's armies andtheir cunningopponents in the four geographical regions of Italy,Spain, Sicilyand Africa. Hannibal's inspired tactics and leadershipmade him oneof Rome's most dangerous enemies and possibly thegreatest generalof all time. Can you match his achievements on thebattlefield? KeyGame Features: - High Definition Ancient EraGraphics. - 7 Mission'Tutorial' campaign ending with a uniqueskirmish battle. - 4Mission 'Sicily' campaign, featuring battlesfrom the First PunicWar, including the battle of Bagradas. - 8Mission 'Italy' campaignfeaturing the decisive battles of LakeTrasimene and Cannae. - The'Africa' and 'Spain' campaigns areavailable via in-app purchase. -All missions, except the tutorial,can be played as both sides. -38 Unique Ancient units includingRoman Hastati, Spanish Scutarii,Bolt Throwers and Elephants. - Fourclasses of infantry: Raw,Average, Veteran and Elite. - DetailedCombat Analysis. - FlankAttacks - Strategic Movement. - Hours ofGameplay. PurchasableExtra Content: - 4 Mission 'Africa' campaign,featuring Hannibal'smajor defeat at the great battle of ‘Zama’. - 6Mission 'Spain'campaign, ending the with battle of Ilipa.
100 Years' War 1.9.7
HexWar Games Ltd
Fight the various battles of the 100 Years Was throughouttheMedieval ages. Each campaign is themed around fights betweentheEnglish and French during various different periods ofthecampaign. Capitalize on strategic advantages to turn the tideofwar in your favour; ride down your foes with heavilyarmouredknights, hold the line with bristling ranks of billmen orstrikefrom afar with the famed English longbow and huge piecesofartillery. Will you emerge victorious or become another casualtyofwar? Key Features: - High Definition Medieval Era Graphics. -7Mission Tutorial Campaign. - 4 Mission Bretton SuccessionCampaign.- 8 Mission Edwardian Phase Campaign. - 8 MissionLancastrian PhaseCampaign. - 8 Mission Loire Campaign - Allmissions, except thetutorial, can be played as both sides. - Over30 Unique MedievalUnits. - Detailed Combat Analysis. - FlankAttacks. - StrategicMovement. - Hours of Gameplay. - DetailedReference Charts. - MapZoom.
Tank Battle: Normandy 2.4.3
Land your troops on the beaches of northern France, lay bridgestocross flooded enemy defences, avoid tanktraps, clear the areaofdangerous minefields, overcome the enemy and claim thebeachheadfor the Allies! Tank Battle: Normandy is a historicalwargamethemed around the Allied invasion of Axis held in Europe onthe 6thof June, 1944. Play as the Allies, British or Americans asmany newunits enter the theatre for the first time. Or, play as theGermansas they use their impressive arrays of heavy tanks,bunkeremplacements and artillery to repel the invasion forces.Theinvasion missions are a careful recreation of the naval landingsatOmaha, Utah, Sword and Gold beaches. The other missions areamixture of themed and historical battles that challenge eventhemost skilled wargamers. From the lush and forested bocageandfortified beaches of Northern France where tank is king, totighturban environs where infantry units can rule all, TankBattle:Normandy requires the player to be at the top of their game!EnjoyAirborne Landings, bridge-laying tanks, mine-clearing tanks,bunkerassaulting AVRE's, Fireflies and Kangaroo’s. Typicalmissionobjectives include; escorting units, holding positions,capturingpoints, repairing units and, the ever-popular, destroy theenemyarmy. The game system represents a major upgrade of thealreadysuccessful engine used throughout the Tank Battle series andenjoysa number of new features and refinements. Key Game Features:● HighDefinition World War II era graphics. ● 23 Missions toplaythrough, including 4 large-scale beach invasions. ● Play astheBritish in the 8 Mission ‘First Strike’ tutorialcampaignintroducing off-screen bombardment and landing craft.Includes afull-scale mission. ● Play as the Americans in the 4Mission‘Invasion’ Campaign. ● Over 100 unique units! ● SpecialistD-Day'Funnies' units including: Churchill Bridgelayer, M4 ShermanCrabminesweepers, M4 Sherman DD floating tanks, ● LCT and LCVPlandingcrafts. ● New defensive German units including: bunkers andgunemplacements. ● High Definition grassland and beach terrains.●Four troop classes; Raw, Average, Veteran and Elite. ● OtherGameFeatures; detailed combat analysis, flank attacks,strategicmovement, indirect fire, mounting and dismounting fromvehicles,multi-level hills, minesweepers, bridge-laying. ● Hours ofgameplay. ● Map zoom. ● Additional Purchasable Campaigns.PurchasableExtra Content: ● 6 Mission ‘Assault’ Campaign, playingas theBritish. ● 5 Mission ‘Counterattack’ Campaign, playing astheGermans. ● 8 Mission 'Breakout' Campaign, playing as theAmericans.● 8 Mission 'Pursuit' Campaign, playing as the British. ●6 missionOverlord! campaign, playing as the Americans. ● 6 missionNoRetreat! campaign, playing as the Germans. ● 6 mission TearsandSweat! campaign, playing as the British.
Tank Battle: 1945 2.4.3
The end is near for the Third Reich, masters of Europe for toolong!In Tank Battle: 1945 you will fight some missions as theGermanArmy, in its last efforts to prevent the Allied advance. Inlatercampaigns you will be the British, American and Soviet Alliesasthey crush the Axis opposition. The ‘Bonus’ campaign andupcomingin-app purchases will include ‘what-if’ campaigns as theU.S.A. andU.K. where the Russian armed forces decide not to stopat Berlin andpress on to conquer Europe. Key Game Features: HighDefinition WorldWar II era graphics. 6 Mission “Red Storm”campaign, playing as theRussians. 4 mission “Counter-Attack”campaign, playing as theGermans. 6 mission “America Triumphs”campaign, playing as the US.Four troop classes; Raw, Average,Veteran and Elite. Other GameFeatures; detailed combat analysis,flank attacks, strategicmovement, indirect fire, mounting anddismounting from vehicles,multi-level hills and minesweepers.Hours of game play. Map zoom.Purchasable Extra Content: 6 mission“Albion’s Revenge” campaign,playing as the British. 6 Mission “RedStorm” campaign, playing asthe Russians.
Civil War: 1863 4.5.4
Relive iconic battles of the American Civil War. Take commandofboth the Union and Confederate forces in this excitingturn-basedstrategy game from the developers behind theinternationaltop-selling Tank Battle: 1944 and Ancient Battle:Rome. Newfeatures for version 2.0 include combat analysis,strategicmovement, map zoom and combat improvements. Key Features:- 8Mission ‘First Strike’ Campaign. - 5 Mission ‘To Arms!’Campaign. -Includes battles based on historic events. - Play themissions aseither Union or Confederate. - 7 Unique Civil War Units:- Infantrywith Muskets. - Infantry with Rifled Muskets. -Artillery. -Generals. - Wagons. - Naval Gunboats. - Dismounted andMountedCavalry. - Changeable unit formations and tactics. -Generals canattach to units to increase morale. - More capableVeteran unitsand unreliable raw units. - 3 difficulty settings. -DetailedCombat Analysis. - Flank Attacks
. - Map Zoom
. -StrategicMovement. - Hours of Gameplay. - High DefinitiongraphicsPurchasable Extra Content: 6 Mission ‘Stalemate’ Campaign.8Mission ‘Hoorah!’ Campaign. 8 Mission ‘Rebel Yell’ Campaign8Mission ‘Victory Road’ Campaign 8 Mission ‘Last Stand’ Campaign.8Mission ‘Grand Command’ Campaign. 8 Mission ‘Leviathan’ Campaign.8Mission ‘Arsenal’ Campaign. 8 Mission 'Chickamauga' Campaign.
Civil War: 1865 4.0.4
HexWar Games Ltd
After Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, fell to the Union,inearly 1865, Jefferson Davis belatedly handed over thesupremecommand or the army to General Lee. This could not stop theUnionarmies pressing on through North Carolina, capturingFayetteville,Bentonville, Goldsboro and Raleigh by mid-April.Exhausted by theUnion siege of Petersburg and Richmond, Lee'sforces made a lastattempt at resistance, attacking and capturingFort Stedman onMarch 25. A rapid counterattack reversed thevictory, however, andon the night of April 2nd the Confederate armyfinally evacuatedRichmond. For most of the next week, the Unionarmy pursued theConfederates along the Appomattox River, exhaustingany chance ofescape. Grant accepted Lee's surrender at AppomattoxCourt House onApril 9th. Sherman accepted Johnston's surrender atDurham Station,North Carolina on April 26th, finally ending theAmerican CivilWar, and to slavery in the United States of America.● 7 MissionTutorial Campaign ● 5 Mission Twilight Campaign,including thebattles of; - Fort Fisher - Monroe's Crossroads -Averasboro -Bentonville - Fort Stedman ● 5 Mission DissolutionCampaign,including the battles of; - Lewis Farm - White Oak Road -Selma -Sutherland Station - Namozine Church ● 1 optionalhypotheticalmission based on a break-out from Richmond! ● Play allbut thetutorial missions as either Union or Confederate. ● 8 UniqueCivilWar Units: - Infantry with Smoothbore Muskets. - InfantrywithRifled Muskets. - Artillery. - Generals. - Dismounted andMountedCavalry. ● Changeable unit formations and tactics. ●Generals canattach to units to increase morale. ● More capableVeteran unitsand unreliable raw units. ● 3 difficulty settings. 

●DetailedCombat Analysis. 

 ● Flank Attacks

 ● Map Zoom

●Strategic Movement. 

 ● Universal App (Works on iPhone&iPad)! ● Hours of Gameplay! Find us on Facebook-facebook.com/HexWar
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Medieval Battle: Europe 2.3.6
HexWar Games Ltd
Fight various battles across Europe throughout the medievalages.Each campaign is themed around battles between France and someofits various enemies in Flanders, Navarre and Aragon. Capitaliseonstrategic advantages to turn the tide of war in your favour;ridedown your foes with heavily armoured knights, hold the linewithbristling ranks of pikemen or strike from afar with crossbowsandthe famed English longbow. Will you emerge victorious orbecomeanother casualty of war? Follow the treacherous scheming ofCharlesII of Navarre (known as Charles the Bad) as he attempts togainmore political power in France and for his KingdomNavarre.Flanders has a blood-soaked history with France, featuringmanydifferent wars, battle, revolts and rebellions. Join thesetwonations through the Franco-Flemish War (1297 to 1305). JointheCrown of Aragon as they defend against the French throughtwodifferent crusades before taking the fight to them duringtheconquest of France’s ally Navarre. • High Definition MedievalEraGraphics. • 7 Mission Tutorial Campaign. • 4 MissionNavarreCampaign. • 8 Mission Flanders Campaign. • Purchasable 6MissionAragon Campaign. • All missions, except the tutorial, can beplayedas both sides. • Over 50 Unique Medieval Units. • DetailedCombatAnalysis. • Flank Attacks • Strategic Movement. • HoursofGameplay. • Detailed Reference Charts. • Map Zoom.
Tank Battle: Pacific 2.0.3
Ask most historical strategy gamers about World War Two and notmanywould have thought there were any tank battles in thePacificTheatre of World War Two. They did happen, and they happenedoften,but they never matched the scale of the Western Theatre.Startingin China in the 1930’s the Chinese engaged the JapaneseusingRussian T26’s and German Panzer I’s. The Japanese foughttheRussians in 1939 and 1945, the Soviets with the one of theworld’sgreatest generals, Zhukov, in command! In 1941 the FrenchinVietnam briefly fought the Japanese with World War One eratanks.In Burma and India, British Commonwealth forces regularlyengagedin battle using equipment that would have been consideredobsoleteon the West Front. Finally the titanic struggle betweentheJapanese and United States of American resulted in dozens oftankengagements. Even the Island War battles saw some engagementswithover 30 Japanese tanks in a single mass assault. TankBattle:Pacific attempts to create many of these battles with amixture ofhistorical battles and themed scenarios that capture theexperienceof being a tank commander in the Pacific Theatre in WorldWar Two.Fight battles between Japan, France, China, Russia,BritishCommonwealth and The United States of America. The game hasa widerange of features from the tank battles of Northern Manchuriatothe battlefields of Burma and the landings on the PacificIslands.The game even includes a what-if scenario for OperationOlympic,the invasion of the Japanese homelands. Key Game Features:- HighDefinition World War II era graphics. - 15 Missions toplaythrough, including 2 large-scale beach invasions. - Play astheJapanese in the 8 Mission ‘First Strike’ tutorialcampaign,concluding with a full-scale mission. - Play as theChinese versusthe Japanese in the ‘Bonus’ Campaign (1 Mission). -Play as theJapanese versus the French, then Chinese, the Americansin the 3Mission ‘Rising Sun’ Campaign. - Over 123 unique units!-Specialist units such as LV’Ts (Landing Craft Tank),LVCP’s(Landing Craft), Engineers and the ubiquitous LVT (LandingVehicleTracked) - Japanese bunkers and other fortifications. -JapaneseInfiltration units. - Japanese ‘Nikuhaku’ anti-tank suicideunits.- High Definition grassland and beach terrains. - Fourtroopclasses; Raw, Average, Veteran and Elite. - Other GameFeatures;detailed combat analysis, flank attacks, strategicmovement,indirect fire, mounting and dismounting from vehicles,multi-levelhills and minesweepers. - Hours of game play. - Mapzoom.Purchasable Extra Content: - Play as the Americans versustheJapanese in the 3 Mission ‘Eclipse’ Campaign. - Play astheJapanese versus the British Commonwealth in a 5 mission‘Empire’campaign. - Play as the British Commonwealth versus theJapanese ina 5 mission ‘Commonwealth’ campaign. - Play as theSoviet Unionversus the Japanese in a 5 mission ‘Red Bear’ campaign.
Tank Battle: 1944 4.2.3
Instantly get involved in the action by joining the Alliedinvasionof Europe during the Second World War. Take command of anAmericanbattle group during WW2 in this turn based strategy wargameandhelp liberate Europe from the evil Axis power-base! KeyGameFeatures: ● 8 Mission Rising Storm Campaign. ● 13 Unique Units.●High Definition World War II Graphics. ● Hours of Gameplay. ●12Pass & Play Multiplayer Scenarios. ● Purchase ExtraCampaigns.Purchasable Extra Content: ● 12 mission AmericanCampaign. ● 12mission German campaign ● 12 mission Bastognecampaign. ● 12mission Northern Front campaign. ● 12 mission IronCross campaign.● 12 mission Bombardment campaign. ● 12 missionJuggernautcampaign. Thank you for supporting our games!
Hold the Line: The American Revolution 1.0
HexWar Games Ltd
Hold the Line covers battles fought during the AmericanRevolution.This game is a careful conversion of the board game ofthe samename developed by Worthington Publishing. Jump in and takecommandof the American or British forces during this pivotal momentin thehistory of nations! Featuring an addictive “Action Point”system,you have a limited number of orders to dictate to yourtroops eachturn. You must decide where to attack, who to rally,where to moveand who to sacrifice to achieve your goals. Eachscenario featuresunique objectives for both sides and can be playedas either.Double the challenge! Replay the engagements ofCommander-in-ChiefGeorge Washington and British General WilliamHowe and see who hasthe strategic might to gain the upper hand forthe control of theburgeoning United States of America. KeyFeatures: - 13 uniquescenarios playable as either the Americans orBritish - 7 scenariotutorial teaching the main principles ofgameplay - 4 campaigns,play a series of scenarios in succession fora combined score -Faithful recreation of the original board game -Choose where todeploy your army - Bring in reinforcements when youneed them
Peninsular War Battles 2.3.6
Peninsular War Battles places you at the forefront ofNapoleon’scampaign to conquer Portugal and Spain. Play is possibleas theBritish, French or Spanish across 5 campaigns with a total of40missions. Peninsular War Battles is the most advanced wargamefromHexWar yet! The missions represent well researchedrepresentationof the major battles of the period with a full rangeof tacticaloptions available to all the commanders. There are 64differentcombat units, each in an accurate depiction of theuniforms,colours and flags of the period. The in-depth game systemsallowsinfantry units to form line, column or square while lightinfantryunits may skirmish in open order. Victory in most battleswill goto the commander most able to utilize the combined armsbenefits ofinfantry, cavalry and artillery to the best effect. KeyFeatures: -5 Mission ‘Tutorial’ Campaign​ - 3 Mission ‘Invasion’Campaign​ -All missions, apart from the tutorial, can be played asboth sides​- 53 different historical models representing 66different unittypes. - Four classes of infantry – Raw, Average,Veteran and Elite- 12 different troop classes with infantry, lightinfantry,riflemen, light cavalry (light dragoons and hussars),lancers,dragoons, cuirassiers, 4pdr, 6pdr, 8pdr, 9pdr and 12pdrartilleryand horse artillery. - Detailed Combat Analysis​ - Mapzoom - FlankAttacks​ - Strategic Movement​ Purchasable Campaigns -8 Mission‘Assault’ Campaign​ - 8 Mission ‘Conquest’ Campaign​ - 8Mission‘Engagement’ Campaign - 8 Mission ‘Hammer’ ​Campaign
Ancient Battle: Rome 2.4.5
Designed from the ground up Ancient Battle: Rome gives auniquewargaming experience. Use Roman legionaries, elephants,catapults,heavy and light cavalry, archers, slingers, fanatics andmany otherunit types to engage in classic battles. The new Androideditionincludes purchasable campaigns such as the invasion ofBrittaniawith the highlight of Queen Boudicca's demise at thebattle ofVerulamum, and Germania with the Roman massacre atTeutoburgerWald. Key Features: ● High Definition Ancient EraGraphics. ● 7Mission Tutorial Campaign. ● 8 Mission Gallia Campaignplayable asthe Romans and Gaul. ● 32 Unique Ancient Units. ●Detailed CombatAnalysis ● Flank Attacks ● Hours of Gameplay. ●AdditionalPurchasable Campaigns. Purchasable Extra Content: ● 8MissionItalia Campaign playable as Caesar and Pompey. ● 8MissionBritannia Campaign playable as the Romans and Britons. ● 8MissionGermania Campaign playable as the Romans and Germans. ● 8MissionPontic Campaign playable as the Romans and Pontic ● 8MissionParthia Campaign playable as the Romans and Parthians ● 8MissionTerra Incognita Campaign playable as the Romans
Civil War: Bull Run 1861 2.3.5
HexWar Games Ltd
Bull Run recreates the first major battle of the American CivilWarbetween the Union and Confederate armies. Take command of anUnionarmy of Northeast Virginia or the Confederate army of PotomacandShenandoah and engage in the largest battle fought on Americansoilto date. This game covers the Battle of Bull Run in full,featuringthe whole battle as a single mission, focus missionsrecreatingsignificant points in the fighting such as Henry HouseHill, andmissions covering the smaller engagements in the run up tothebattle. Key Features: - Historically accurate game play. -6scenarios covering the battle of: - Bull Run - Blackburns Ford-Buck Hills - Henry House Hill - Big Bethel - Bloody Hill -AccurateCivil War Units; - 8 different types of artillery. - 5differenttypes of cavalry (mounted & dismounted). - 3 differenttypes ofinfantry. - Four categories of unit quality. - Fourcategories ofgenerals. - Different types of formations. - Detailedcombatanalysis. - In-depth reference charts. - Advanced tacticalfeaturesincluding: - Map zoom. - Strategic movement. - Flankattacks. - LowAmmo. - Hours of Gameplay.
Ancient Battle: Successors 2.4.5
HexWar Games Ltd
Ancient Battle: Successors is the latest edition to theAncientBattle series for Android. Alexander the Great died on 13June 323B.C., leaving no heir. Perhaps foreseeing the many greatconflictsthat would follow his demise, he left the MacedonianKingdom 'Tothe best man'. These lands, spanning most of the knownworld, weredivided between his former generals, who saw themselvesas rightfulSuccessors (or 'Diadochi') to the Kingdom. TheSuccessors plungedinto a maelstrom of epic conflict as they foughtfor power andglory. Now you have the opportunity to reign supremeover yourrivals, if you can first defeat them on the battlefield.Use unitssuch as Greek Pikemen, Macedonian Pikemen, Spearmen,Archers,Indian Elephants, Chariots, Cavalry, and Javelinmen toengage insome of the largest battles of the ancient world. KeyGameFeatures: • High Definition Ancient Era Graphics. • 7MissionTutorial Campaign. • 6 Mission Wars of the SuccessorsCampaign;Featuring the battles of The Hellespont, Cretopolis,Paraetacene,Gabiene, Salamis and Ipsus. Bonus Mission (Availablefor free byregistering) • 1 Mission Ptolemies Campaign; featuringthe battleof Gaza. • All missions, except the tutorial, can beplayed as bothsides. • 66 Unique Ancient Units. • Detailed CombatAnalysis •Flank Attacks • Strategic Movement. • Hours of Gameplay.• MapZoom. Purchasable Extra Content: • 5 Mission Pyrrhic WarCampaign;Featuring the battles of Siris River, Heraclea, Asculum,AsculumSatrianum & Beneventum. • 5 Mission Ascent of RomeCampaign;Featuring the battles of The Aous River, Cynoscephalae,Magnesia,Pydna & Corinth. • 5 Mission Eclipse Campaign;Featuring thebattles of Thermopylae Plain, Lamia, Crannon, Sellasia&Raphia. Thank you for supporting our games! © 2019 HexWarGamesLtd. All Rights Reserved.
1812: The Invasion of Canada 1.3
HexWar Games Ltd
Overview The year is 1812. Great Britain and her allies arebattlingNapoleon for control of Europe. In response to Britishseizure ofAmerican ships and goods, the young United Statesdeclares war onBritain and invades Canada. You and up to 4 otherplayers takecommand of the armies of the British Redcoats,Canadian Militia, andNative Americans, or of the American Regularsand American Militiato decide the fate of the Americas. The actiontakes place on a hugehistorically accurate map that spans theUnited States and Canadafrom Detroit to Montreal. Players fromeach faction cooperate togain control of key towns and forts.About the Game 1812 featuresfast, intuitive and fun gameplay thatinvolves teamwork andstrategic planning in a historic andeducational setting. This isTHE GAME for people who want anenjoyable and manageableintroduction to historic/conflict basedgames. In 1812 - TheInvasion of Canada, players take on one of theroles of the majorfactions that took part in the War of 1812. Onthe British sidethese are represented by the British Regulars(Redcoats), CanadianMilitia and Native Americans; and the AmericanRegular Army andAmerican Militia comprise the American players.Players for eachside will cooperate with each other in order toplan and conducttheir campaigns. Each side will attempt to captureObjective Areason the map. When a truce is called, the side thatcontrols the mostenemy Objective Areas wins. Key Features - 3Scenarios – 1812, 1812(Short) and 1813. - Play solo vs. 3 AIdifficulties - 60 Cards(Movement & Event) - Cross-platform 2player online play or upto 5 player hotseat multiplayer. -Faithful conversion of theoriginal board game.
Civil War: Gettysburg 2.4.4
HexWar Games Ltd
The Battle of Gettysburg was fought from 1st to 3rd July 1863,inPennsylvania. The battle resulted the largest number ofcasualtiesin any battle of the entire war, and was the turningpoint of theAmerican Civil War. Over three days General GeorgeMeade’s Army ofthe Potomac defeated the Confederate army of GeneralRobert E.Lee’s, ending Confederate attempts to invade the North.The firstday ended with the Confederates in control of the townofGettysburg but they had failed to push on to take the highground.Day two was a day of a series of actions at both ends ofthebattlefield at Culp’s Hill and Little Round Top. Day threeendedwith the disaster of Pickett’s Charge. Key Features: -Historicallyaccurate game play. - Three day ‘battle’ game. -‘Twilight’scenario covering the key actions from the 2nd and 3rdday of thebattle. - Three massive one-day scenarios for each of thethreedays. - Five scenarios covering the battles of: - ThoroughfareGap- Furr Farm - Goose Creek - Ewell’s Chapel - Marsh Cree -LittleRound Top - Accurate Civil War Units; - 8 different typesofartillery. - 5 different types of cavalry (mounted&dismounted). - 3 different types of infantry. - Fourcategories ofunit quality. - Four categories of generals. -Different types offormations. - Detailed combat analysis. -In-depth referencecharts. - Advanced tactical features including: -Day and Night. -Map zoom. - Strategic movement. - Flank attacks. -Ammo. - Hours ofGameplay.
Commands & Colors: The Great War 1.9.45
HexWar Games Ltd
HexWar Games has partnered with Plastic Soldier Company to bringyoua digital version of Commands & Colors: The Great Warboardgame. The game allow players to portray importantengagementsthroughout WWI history. The battles focus on thehistoricaldeployment of forces and important terrain features oftrenchfighting in scale with the game system. The scale of the gameisflexible and varies from battle to battle. For some scenarios,afew infantry units may represent an entire wing of a largerbattle,while in other scenarios a unit may represent just a fewbravesoldiers going over the top. The Command card systemdrivesmovement, creates a “fog of war” and presents players withmanyinteresting opportunities; while the battle dice resolvecombatquickly and efficiently. The Combat cards add an elementofsuspense and will challenge players to coordinate their use inatimely manner. Overall, the battlefield tactics players willneedto execute to gain victory conform remarkably well to thestrengthsand limitations of the various types of WWI units, theirweapons,battlefield terrain, and written history. Key Features -15scenarios set during the most infamous battles on the westernfront- Over 50 unique combat and command cards to simulate tacticalandstrategic choices - Make strategic choices faithful to the erawithmachine guns, trenches, riflemen and bombers - Lay waste totheWorld War 1 era battlefield with artillery strikes - PlayasGerman, British or Canadian combatants Scenarios - CommandsandColours - Opening Action 1 - Commands and Colours - OpeningAction2 - Loos (2nd Division Diversionary Attack) - 25 September1915 -Loos (Hohenzollern Redoubt) - 25 September 1915 - Loos(GermanCounter-Attack) - 27 September 1915 - Loos (Fight for TheTrenches)- 29 September To 3 October 1915 - Loos (Renewed BritishOffensive)- 13-14 October 1915 - Somme (Hawthorn Ridge MineExplosion) - 1July 1916 - Somme (Mash Valley & La Boisselle ) -1 July 1916 -Somme (Sausage Valley & La Boisselle) - 1 July1916 - Somme(Mametz) - 1 July 1916 - Somme (Mametz Wood) - 7-10July 1916 -Vimy Ridge (1st & 2nd Canadian Infantry Divisions) -9 April1917 - Vimy Ridge (Hill 145) - 9-10 April 1917 - Vimy Ridge(ThePimple) - 12 April 1917 - Vimy Ridge (Bois-En-Hache) - 12April1917
Tank Battle: East Front 2.8.2
Tank Battle: East Front is an exhilarating turn based strategygamefrom the creators of Tank Battle: 1944 and Civil War: 1863. Usehexbased tactical combat to dominate foes on the Russian front oftheSecond World War. Fight as the Germans or the Soviets in aseriesof ever more complex missions. The Eastern front of World WarIIsaw some of the most ferocious fighting, as the Red Army andtheWehrmacht pitted ever more powerful tanks against each other.Whilethe early years of the war saw the Soviets struggle towithstandthe German Blitzkrieg, the later stages saw the RedArmycounter-attack in great force. Missions vary fromstraightforwardwipe out the enemy scenarios, to capturing keyobjectives, toprotecting vital supply convoys and constructingbridges to assaultthe enemy. There are a whole range of objectivesto reflect thetactical complexity of warfare on the Eastern Front,and conqueryour enemy with over 110 historical units. Key Features- HighDefinition World War Two Era Graphics. - Play as the Sovietsin the7 Mission ‘First Strike’ learning campaign that ends withtwoin-depth missions. - 6 Mission Pheonix Campaign - 78differentGerman units - 34 different Soviet units - Six commonunits;Flamethrower, HMG, Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Mortar,SupplyDump, Truck. - Hi-definition summer and winter terrain. -Fourtroop classes; Raw, Average, Veteran and Elite. - OtherGameFeatures; Detailed Combat Analysis, Flank Attacks
,StrategicMovement, indirect fire, mounting and dismounting fromvehicles. -Hours of game play Purchasable Campaigns - 8 MissionBlitzkrieg,1941 Campaign - 8 Mission Onwards, 1942 Campaign - 8Mission LastThrow, 1943 Campaign - 8 Mission Collapse, 1944Campaign - 8Mission Victory, 1945 Campaign
Lightning: D-Day 1.2
HexWar Games Ltd
This 1 on 1 card game recreates the drama of the day Alliedsoldierswent ashore in occupied France, 6 June 1944. Each of thehistoriclanding beaches - Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah - isrepresentedby its own card, as are the defending German divisionsand attackingAllied units. The Allies must marshal their resourcesto gain andsecure control of as many beaches as they can by day'send: arun-through of the 110-card deck. However, the Axis has thestartingadvantage; the Allies need to avoid being caught dead inthe water.Although most units are preassigned to a beach, eachgame is won orlost by the placement of cards that provideadditional forces orsupport. Not only is the state of each beachimportant to considerfor these decisions, but also the geographyof the coastline - aftera beach has been won, the victoriousforces can flank adjacentbeaches. Both players must always bethinking ahead, looking forways to best utilise their cards downthe line. Key Features - Playas the Axis or Allies. -Cross-platform online play.  - Playsolo vs AI. - 2 player hotseat multiplayer. - A faithful conversionof the original cardgame.
Battles of the Ancient World 2.3.9
HexWar Games Ltd
The ‘Battles of the Ancient World’ game system is atacticalsimulation of some of the greatest and most importantbattles from1457 B.C. to 378 A.D.. Each scenario features one ofthese greatbattles and players may play as either side. Each unitin the gamerepresents an actual unit that participated in thebattle, eachwith an actual strength between 250 and 1,200 men. Themaprepresents the actual terrain over which each battle wasfought.The game has been designed to ensure maximum playabilityandhistorical accuracy, in that order. There are over 55differentunits across all the missions, ranging from eliteRomanLegionaries, to Persian Scythed Chariots. Each unit has itsownunique ability that you need to take advantage of in order towineach battle. Key Features: - High Definition Era Graphics. -Allmissions, except the tutorial, can be played as both sides. -3levels of difficulty. - Over 50 Unique Units. - DetailedCombatAnalysis. - Flank Attacks. - Strategic Movement. - HoursofGameplay. - Detailed Reference Charts. - Map Zoom. Maps: -Arbela(331 B.C.) - Cannae (216 B.C.) - Pharsalus (48 B.C.) -TeutoburgerWald (9 A.D.) - Issus (333 B.C.) - Metaurus (207 B.C.) -Carrhae(53 B.C.) - Idivisto (16 A.D.) - Boudicca (60 A.D.) -Megiddo (1457B.C.) - Kadesh (1275 B.C.) - Lake Trasimene (217 B.C.)- Munda (45B.C.) - Adrianople (378 A.D.) - Marathon (490 B.C.) -Granicus (334B.C.) - Zama (202 B.C.) - Chalons (451 A.D.)