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HidrateSpark Water Bottle 2.1.4
*This app is way cooler when paired with your HidrateSpark smartwater bottle* Why keep track of your water intake manually whenyour water bottle can do it for you? We all know drinking water isimportant but millions of us don’t get enough to drink each day,because it’s so easy to forget and hard to track, especially in ourbusy lives. Hidrate Spark is here to change that and makedehydration a thing of the past. HIDRATESPARK SMART WATER BOTTLEGLOWS HidrateSpark is a smart water bottle that automaticallytracks how much water you drink and syncs with this app viabluetooth. This bottle will even glow from within when you need todrink more water. HYDRATION HISTORY See your hydration progressover time in a daily, weekly, and monthly view. How many days in arow can you reach your goal? CUSTOMIZED DAILY GOAL The appcalculates a recommended hydration goal based on your personalparameters such as age, height, weight and gender. It can even useyour location to determine the temperature, humidity and elevationof your surroundings to make sure your goal is customizedspecifically to you. You can also manually set your goal for healthreasons if you’d like. INTEGRATE WITH FITNESS AND HEALTH TRACKERSSync with popular fitness trackers and apps to further customizeyour goal based on your activity level. Whether you run, bike,swim, lift, do yoga, workout, or simply walk your activity levelaffects how much water you need to drink. NEVER LOSE YOUR BOTTLELosing your water bottle sucks, that’s why we made it really hardfor this to happen. When location services are turned on the appwill know the last place it was paired with your smart water bottleand show you on a map, so you can go back and get it. KEEP AN EYEON YOUR FRIENDS Keep an eye on your friends progress to make surethey are staying hydrated. Start some friendly competition to seewho can get the best streak by meeting their goal the most days ina row. FUN NOTIFICATIONS The app will also send helpful remindersand notifications when you begin to fall off track and need todrink more water. The bottle will also light up and glow as a funway to remind you to stay hydrated. Can your friends’ water bottledo that? *Drinking water is essential to your bodies health andwell being. Check out some of the areas of your life that areaffected by hydration. COGNITION & MOOD: Your brain iscomprised of 75% water, so proper hydration can have a positiveimpact on cognitive function and mood. ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Even1-2% dehydration can decrease physiological performance and 5 %dehydration can decrease your physical performance by 30%. So ifyou want to win, you better be hydrated. HEALTH: Alongside ahealthy diet and proper exercise, hydration can help dramaticallyimprove your physical health. WEIGHT LOSS: Combined with a healthydiet and exercise drinking water can increase your metabolism andhelp you avoid eating and drinking extra calories. INCREASEDENERGY: Drinking plenty of water helps with blood circulation thusdecreasing your feeling of tiredness and fatigue. AVOID HEADACHES:Staying properly hydrated can help avoid headaches. HEALTHIER SKIN:Staying properly hydrated helps your skin stay hydrated to help itlook younger and healthier. BOOST IMMUNITY: Staying properlyhydrated can help you fight off illness and infections. PREGNANCY:Pregnant and breastfeeding moms need to be properly hydrated sothey can support their new baby. Learn more about HidrateSparkproducts and services at www.hidratespark.com