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com.twopm.ninja 3.2
Jumping Ninja 2 Player Games requires two players and onedevice(phone or Tablet). Match up with a friend who's the bestninja with 4 Ninja games. + 4 Ninja Games to PLAY - Jumping Ninja :Jump to the top - Jumping Ninja Fight : Defeat the approachingenemy - Jumping Ninja Shuriken : Reflect the flying Shuriken. -Angry Ninja : Throw the weapon at your opponent quickly. + Features- Simple one touch, one tap controls - 2 players can play using thesame device - 4 different games - Challenge your friends and familyThank you for playing! **If you have a new ninja game idea, pleaseleave it in your review.**
God of parachute 1.3
▶ Free to Play !▶ Quick touch!▶ No time to blink!▶ Live. Have tolive!Rescue everyone who falls from the sky!
Bump Crash 1.2
Bump the car! Crash the car! Does it look easy? Challenge now!Download FREE now! Avoid ordinary games that just avoid cars! Takecontrol of a fiercely driven car and defeat it! Collect gold andchallenge the world's best score with various vehicles!
BallExit 1.5
The best free game you do not know how to go! Do you playbilliards? Show me your skills here! The rules are simple. 1.Predict 2. Aim 3. Escape It's easy, but never easy!
Punch! The Hole! 1.12
This is Very Creative game !!Very Simple & Fun !!Play for FREE!!How to Play1. Watch out Upcoming block2. Touch the Brick andPunch THE HOLE! 3. That's it !!Over 300 Wall are Waiting THE HOLEChallenge it over the World !!
Jumping Ninja Fight : Two Player Game 1.9
Free & Simple & Funny Two Player Game !!Play with youfriends !Who's gonna win ?JUST !!! TOUCH !!!
Jumping Ninja Shuriken : two Player game 1.4
Free to Play with Your Friends !! Challenge with your friends ,Give it back that shuriken !! Who's gonna win??
com.highscoregames.ProductName 2.0
Play for Free !! !NEW! Series of 1,000,000 Downloaded Game "JUMPINGNINJA" The Best of Growth game EVER !! are you steel play the gamejust Touch without meaning? are you steel play the game just Watchwithout meaning? Here is Brand NEW Style of clicker game. Easy toPlay! Protect Ninja village from Bad Enemys Just Drag and Drop.Merge Same Ninjas. - Drag and drop a ninja onto the same one -Collect a New ninja! - Place the ninja against the Enemy!
Jumping Ninja Battle - Two Player battle Action 3.5
Fun Ninja Games! Do you want to do it alone or with a friend? Withonly one smartphone (tablet) with a friend, you can enjoy fun Ninjagames. When you're playing alone, try playing 3vs3 team battle withother players. + Introducing Game Mode   - VS Friends: You canplay 1vs1 with your friends.   - World Battle: Battle withninja masters all over the world.   - Survival: Be the lastsurvivor!   - Team Battle: Build a ninja team and play 3vs3showdown. - TRAINING Tower: Get a reward by placing a ninja in thetraining tower. + Features   - Simple one-touch, one-taboperation.   - Two players can play games using the samedevice.   - Play with your friends and family. Thank you forhaving fun! ** If you have any new ninja game ideas, please leavethem to review. **
com.HighScoreGames.NinjaHelix 1.2
Brand NEW Jumping ninja series coming up now! The excitingadventure of the Jumping Ninja through the Obstacle Tower Just onetap easy to learn controls, various characters include. easy toenter, but not easy to escape. !!
Cut the line 1.3
Cut the Line as many as you can!!! The cut line game has evolvedinto a hyper-casual game that anyone can enjoy. Cut the line bypulling it with automatic moving scissors. Enjoy addictive gamesfrom simple control and exciting beats Achieve your best score![Game Features] - Simple Rules of Hyper Casual Games - Playanytime, anywhere with no time limit! - You can play withoutinternet. - Feel free to download with a low capacity game of 30Mor less! - Tablet support - Google leaderboard function support[Precautions] 1. Data is initialized when the mobile phone isreplaced or when the application is deleted. 2. Partial Paid Itemsand Ads. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiscoregames
com.Highscoregames.Gemfighters 1.1
**Pre-Register Coupon** Character Coupon : getfreecharacter GoldCoupon : gold1234gold1234 ** Do not wait for your teammates, butjoin the Gem competition. Compete with 8 Gem Fighters, take yourGem, and keep your Gem. Take advantage of all your Gem fighters towin the battle! [Triple Than Solo] Quickly enjoy gem fighting with8 gem fighters with solo play. [It did not finish until the end]More important than KDA is survival !! Stay alive and keep gem![Quickly Respawn] When Gem Fighter dies, return to battlefieldquickly with the new Gem Fighter! [Real-Time Ranking] Compete withGem Fighters around the world!
Escape from Nightmare - sixth sense 1.1
You have been locked in the nightmare. Find a way to escape fromthe nightmare. With your sixth sense ...! no hints no puzzle noobserve no calculate Only escape with your sixth sense!
Straight Hero.io 1.1
Welcome to Straight Hero, where exciting combat continues! Join thebattlefield with the small but ghastly guys and rob each other'sjewels to the top! You can enjoy the battle with just one fingerwithout complication! Die / survive / die / survive and constantlytake part in battle and win the final victory! Characteristic ●Battle competition in real time! ● Thrill you can feel with justone finger! ● Combat that can survive infinite by using characterswith various abilities! ● The winner is the person who has takenthe gem of another person and has the most to the end of the game!● Ranking competition with people around the world! Play it rightnow! We welcome all the players who are so tired of the obviousgames!